I’ll Take The Uglier One

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This is the fourth installment of an ongoing series. Please refer to Wrestling on the Third Date, Hiking with Nicole, and Waiting for Alice for the previous stories, in that order.


Cue the music. I’m thinking Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees. I’m strutting down the street, buttons undone on my shirt, gold chains tangled in my chest hair. Yeah, I’m that guy, and it feels good.

Family, friends, and co-workers attributed my abundant happiness to the fact that my relationship with Nicole was going well, and that was true as well. Any fears that I had about Nicole’s relationship with Alice putting an end to ours quickly evaporated. I didn’t tell anybody about Alice, though. I wasn’t ashamed, quite the opposite. I just didn’t think that it was my secret to tell. Their sexuality was their own business.

Nicole, of course, was the one who was really enjoying our new arrangement. She rarely slept alone anymore. I was there a few nights a week, pretty much whenever I didn’t have my daughter. Alice was there often as well. Occasionally we would both be there. Maybe once or twice a week, we would find ourselves together for some amazing three-way sex. Well, Alice still hadn’t allowed me to fuck her, yet. For the most part we would share Nicole. Nicole and Alice would kiss and fondle each other, lick and suck and bring each other to orgasm, while I would watch them and jerk off. When Nicole was ready, I would step in and fuck her while Alice watched us and masturbated. Alice and I occasionally kissed and touched each other, but it usually didn’t amount to much.

Nicole and I talked about it one night when it was just the two of us. “Does it bother you that Alice doesn’t let you have sex with her?” Nicole asked.

“No,” I said, “We have a good thing going. Why ruin it by pressuring Alice into doing something she’s not ready for?”

“I would just think that you’d be dying to fuck her by now,” Nicole said.

“Well, yeah,” I said, “She’s hot, and naked most of the time I’m around her, doing things I only ever used to see in pornos,” I laughed, “But I’m quite happy to fuck you silly and let you and Alice do whatever you want.”

“I wonder about her, though,” Nicole said, “I think something may have happened to her, you know, in her past, that she’s afraid to let you inside her. She doesn’t talk much about her past.”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” I said, “Not everybody likes to talk about their past.”

“I know,” Nicole said, “I’m just worried about her, I guess. Maybe I can’t figure out how somebody can just watch you fuck me the way you do and not want to try it out for themselves.”

“Maybe she doesn’t see it the same way you do,” I said. I thought about some of their exploits that Nicole had told me about, “Maybe she enjoys being fucked with a vibrator more than a real cock. They’re bigger, harder, they vibrate, and they don’t shoot cum every few minutes.”

“Mmm…” Nicole said, reliving the memory, “Vibrators are great. They hit all the good spots. When there’s no man around I’ll use my vibrator and have huge orgasms. But that’s no substitute for a good, hard cock, and the physical contact that goes along with it.”

“If you say so,” I said, “But I’m just saying that maybe Alice sees things a little differently.”

“Okay, I won’t argue with you,” Nicole said, “Now come over here and fuck me with that nice, hard cock.”

A few nights later the three of us were together again. I watched Nicole and Alice as they kissed and undressed each other. They climbed onto the bed and lay beside each other, Nicole with her leg draped over Alice’s, and reached over with a hand to touch each other’s pussies. It was unbelievably hot to watch them, naked, splayed out across the bed and touching each other. I stripped out of my clothes and stood in front of them, stroking my cock. This three-way masturbation was a typical way for us to begin our group lovemaking sessions.

Nicole was definitely looking to get me more involved tonight. “Why don’t you come up here and touch us?” She asked.

I looked over at Alice. She didn’t look like she was about to object, so I climbed up onto the bed and knelt over them as they explored each other’s pussies. I leaned forward and took a breast in each hand, one of Nicole’s, and one of Alice’s. I fondled them gently, caressing around their breasts and their nipples with a feather-light touch. I would make one nipple hard and move on to the other one.

After a few minutes Nicole reached up and took both of my hands in hers. She guided one of my hands to her pussy, and the other to Alice’s. Alice and I had kissed, we had touched each other, but I had never penetrated her before, even with my fingers. I looked at her again, and she seemed okay with it. I let Nicole guide me along both of their clits, and then Nicole left my hands there to turn and fondle Alice’s breasts. Left to explore on my own, I slid my fingers along both of their clits, long strokes down through the folds of their pussies, bahis firmaları gathering their wetness and spreading it around, pressing two or three fingers lengthwise along their slits. Both women were enjoying the attention, spreading their legs more and beginning to move their hips along with my fingers.

“Inside me,” Nicole breathed, and I gave her one more good, long stroke on her clitoris before I slid my middle finger into her pussy. Whatever I was doing to Nicole I was also doing to Alice. I didn’t even think to look at her for approval this time; I simply repeated my actions with my other hand and penetrated her. I looked at her belatedly and she was leaning back on the pillow with her eyes closed while Nicole suckled at her breast.

I had a middle finger inside each of their pussies, and a thumb against each clit. Nicole rolled onto her back and began to knead her breasts with her hands. “More,” she whispered, “I want more.” I slid my ring finger inside of her along with my middle finger, and copied my movements with Alice. Nicole was closing in on her orgasm, she moaned and said, “Fuck me, fuck me with your fingers.” Her hips began to shake, and it was all I could to do to keep my hand inside her as she began to thrash around as she orgasmed.

I lost track of Alice for a moment, but as Nicole came down from her orgasm, I noticed that she had replaced my thumb with her hand and was frigging herself as I penetrated her with two fingers. I think Nicole may have set her off, because within seconds she also began to shake and thrash. Alice gave a girlish cry as she orgasmed, and then was still. I pulled my fingers out of both of them and brought them to my face to see how wet they were.

Nicole leaned over and grabbed me by my cock. She pulled me forward a bit until I was between her and Alice, and then she sat up and took me in her mouth. I was really turned on myself at this point, and didn’t think I would last long in a blow job.

In my peripheral vision I could see that Nicole was trying to pull Alice up off the bed. Alice was resisting her. Nicole stopped sucking me. “Come blow him with me,” Nicole said.

I looked at Alice. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” I told her.

Alice looked from Nicole to me, and smiled. She slowly sat up beside Nicole and reached out to touch me. She slowly moved her head until her mouth was just inches from the tip of my cock. She stuck out her tongue and slowly ran it along the pink head of my cock. She turned to Nicole and moved me with her hand, an invitation to join her. Nicole smiled and moved to the other side, and suddenly I was getting a double blow job. Both women ran their tongues along the sides of my cock, and then took turns sucking me. Nicole would suck me a few times, and then Alice would. Thank goodness for the frequent wild sex I’ve been having, I thought to myself, or this would’ve been over already. As it was I didn’t last for very long, and I found myself bucking my hips into Nicole’s mouth. She took her mouth off of my cock and stroked me as I shot my load onto the bed between Nicole and Alice. When it was over I fell backwards off of my knees and onto my ass, spent. I forgot where I was momentarily and very nearly fell backwards off of the bed altogether.

“Thank you,” I said, “That was amazing.”

“No problem,” Nicole said, “But I think these sheets need to go in the wash.” Alice laughed. We helped Nicole gather up the soiled sheets and throw them in the wash and remade the bed. We climbed into the bed, still naked, and arranged ourselves so that Nicole was lying between Alice and me.

We basked in afterglow for a few minutes, and then Nicole said, “So Alice, do you have any fantasies?”

Alice was silent for a while, thinking. “Not really,” she said, “I don’t have much of an imagination. I’m amazed at some of the things that you come up with.”

“Thank you,” Nicole said, and paused, “But Fred here is the one with the really dirty mind.”

“Oh?” Alice asked. “Tell me about some of your fantasies, then.”

“Well, frankly I’ve lived quite a few of them out recently,” I said, and I told her about our wrestling match that turned into our first sexual encounter, and our outdoor exploits, and our experiments with food and light bondage. “And then, of course, having two women at once, and the double blow-job I just had,” I added, laughing.

“But you haven’t fulfilled all of your fantasies yet, have you?” Nicole asked.

I sensed that Nicole was going somewhere with this, and I figured it was another attempt to get Alice to have sex with me. “Well, no, not all of them,” I said, “But I’m in no hurry.”

“Well, don’t you want to see us fighting?” Nicole asked.

“What?” Alice asked. “What?” I asked.

“Don’t forget, I went on your computer,” Nicole said, “I know about all of the websites you visit. You have a cat fighting fetish.”

I groaned, “Just because something turns me on, doesn’t mean that I have any desire to kaçak iddaa act on it, or have anyone else act on it, for that matter.”

“What about cat fighting turns you on?” Alice asked. She didn’t sound disgusted, merely curious.

I took a deep breath. “I’ve been asking myself that question for years,” I began, “Considering that I’m a pretty docile, pacifist fellow, why would I enjoy seeing women fight each other? Of course the internet runs the gamut on the genre, everything from half-hearted nonsense to violent, bloody fights, to ‘sex fights’ that are just an excuse for two women to strip naked and rub up against each other. I’m disgusted by the violent stuff. I really just want to see women rip their clothes off and rub up against each other. I found that there is a degradation/humiliation wrinkle to my kink, but I have no idea where it comes from. I could probably figure it out with years of intense psychotherapy, but when it’s all said and done it’s easier to just use the internet to get off and then go on with my life.”

“So, it’s not the fighting so much as it is the degradation of the act,” Nicole said, “Being stripped and humiliated against their will. Maybe being aroused despite themselves, otherwise straight women being coerced into lesbian acts?”

“Yeah, something like that,” I said.

“What do you think, Alice?” Nicole asked.

“Sounds kind of hot to me,” Alice replied.

“Really?” Nicole asked.

“Yeah,” Alice said, “Well, maybe because I wouldn’t object to being coerced into lesbian acts, but the idea of the two of us ripping each other’s clothes off and wrestling around, rubbing up against each other isn’t unappealing to me.”

“What do you say, Fred?” Nicole asked. “Do you want to see us fight?”

I sat up; shocked at the way the conversation was going. I hovered over Nicole and Alice and realized for the first time that they both had a hand in between their legs and were lightly stroking themselves. “Well, how can I say no?” I asked. “But I don’t want either of you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, or to hurt yourselves.”

“Don’t worry,” Nicole said, “We’ll be fine.” She reached over and took a hold of my cock, which had grown rock hard. “Now come over here and fuck me.”

I rolled over and began to make love to Nicole, missionary style. Alice stayed in her customary position beside us, watching and touching herself. I say making love instead of fucking because it was a long, slow lovemaking session. I was distracted by our conversation. Were Alice and Nicole really going to stage a cat fight for me? One of the downsides of acting out your fetishes and fantasies is that it can turn out to be disappointing. Nothing that Nicole and I had done to this point had been a disappointment, except for one time we brought a bottle of maple syrup into bed with us and it spilled all over the sheets. But I got the feeling that this would be a different story. If they weren’t really committed to it, it was just going to be silly, and if they got too much into it, well, I couldn’t imagine them getting angry or really trying to hurt each other, but you never really know, I guess. I was thinking about all of this while I was having sex with Nicole. She had her legs wrapped around me, pushing me into her as deeply as she could. Alice was on her back beside us, watching us with a hand between her legs. I thrust myself completely into Nicole and stopped, letting her clench and unclench her inner muscles around me. She started bucking her hips as she brought herself to orgasm. I resumed my thrusting and eventually had my own orgasm. Alice came last, whimpering beside us as she frigged herself. With everybody satisfied, we staked out our spots on Nicole’s huge king size bed and went to sleep.

A couple of weeks went by, and I started thinking that the whole cat fighting idea had been dropped. I figured it was for the best, not every fantasy was meant to be lived out, you know. But as usual, I was wrong.

We went out to dinner on Saturday night like we usually did as long as I didn’t have my daughter. I was becoming aware that I was getting a lot of ‘looks,’ like who was this broke, aging shlub of a divorced father hanging out with not one, but two beautiful women? I could feel eyes on me, on all of us, trying to figure out our relationship. Brother-sister-friend? Husband-wife-little sister? Was he running a cult and these were his brainwashed disciples? I hated getting attention from strangers, so in the beginning I did my best to ignore it, but after a while I figured, what did I have to hide? When I caught people staring at me I would stare right back at them. Yeah, we’re all about to get naked and have a wild threesome, I thought at them with a smirk. Envy me.

This particular evening we went to a steakhouse chain, and there was one guy in particular sitting at the bar who couldn’t take his eyes off of us. I stared him down once or twice but after that I just ignored him. After dinner I excused myself to go to kaçak bahis the bathroom and he confronted me.

“Yo, dude,” he said.

“Yes?” I asked wearily.

“What’s up with you and those hot chicks?” He asked.

I decided to play dumb. “What do you mean?” I said.

“Are they your sisters, dude?” He asked. He struck me as inebriated, and not too bright.

“No, they’re my girlfriends,” I answered.

“Yo, they’re hot,” he said.

“Thanks,” I said, and started to walk past him.

He reached out and grabbed my arm. “Dude,” he said, “Can you introduce me?”

I pretended to consider it, but I got the feeling the subtleness of even pretending for his benefit would be lost on him anyway. “No, sorry,” I said.

“Dude,” he said, “Don’t be a hog, dude. I’ll take the uglier one. Whichever one you’re not fucking.”

I got right up into his face. “I’m fucking them both,” I said, and I walked away from him.

I was afraid he was going to get really belligerent, but as I reached the bathroom I heard him say, “Dude, that’s hot! You go bro!” Luckily he didn’t bother us again.

Alice and Nicole were watching from the table, and asked me to tell them what happened when I got back from the bathroom. I recounted the story to them, and we all had a good laugh.

We paid the bill and left, got into our separate cars, and went to Nicole’s apartment. It wasn’t a long trip, but I somehow managed to lag behind Alice and Nicole in their cars. I got stuck at a traffic light or something, and I ended up showing up a couple of minutes later than they did. As I knocked on the door I could swear I heard shouting coming from inside Nicole’s apartment. Nicole opened the door for me and didn’t even acknowledge me. “He was talking about you!” Nicole shouted.

“You must be blind!” Alice shouted back. “There’s no way that he could have meant me.”

“Who meant what about whom?” I interjected, momentarily forgetting about everything except for the fact that they were yelling at each other.

“That guy at the restaurant,” Nicole said, glaring at Alice, “He said that he would take the uglier one. He meant Alice.”

“No, he meant you,” Alice said.

“Fine, we’ll ask Fred,” Nicole said, “Fred, which one of us is uglier?”

Speechless, I looked from Nicole to Alice. Nicole was 5’7, 140 lbs, wearing a tight white blouse with the top button undone, showing more than a hint of her C cup cleavage. She was wearing a long, flowing brown skirt that went down to her calves. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Alice was 5’9, 160 lbs of shapely woman, dressed in a flowery semi-transparent blouse underneath which you could make out her bra covering her enormous breasts. She was wearing a frilly skirt that barely reached her knees. Her shoulder length blonde hair hung around her shoulders. They were both tall, statuesque, physically fit, beautiful women, and I was certain that my head would explode before I would ever be able to choose which one was more attractive. I just continued to look from one to the other, silently pleading for them to stop fighting and forget about asking me to choose.

“You’re such a gentleman, you don’t want to hurt Alice’s feelings,” Nicole said.

“He’s afraid to tell the truth, he doesn’t want to lose out on an easy fuck,” Alice said.

“Are you calling me a slut?” Nicole shouted. She started to move closer to Alice.

“I am, slut,” Alice shot back, drawing out the word slut.

“I’d rather be a slut than a fucking prude!” Nicole screamed.

“What do you mean?” Alice said in a low, menacing tone.

“It’s been two months already,” Nicole said, “And you still won’t let Fred fuck you. What’s wrong with you?”

I tried to cut in at this point to remind everyone that it didn’t matter to me and that it was completely up to Alice when and if she would ever give herself to me, but I was being completely ignored. It seemed to strike a nerve with Alice though, “At least I’m not a slut!” She screamed, and closed the rest of the distance between her and Nicole. She gave Nicole a shove on her shoulder.

“Prude!” Nicole yelled, and shoved Alice back.

“Take it back!” Alice yelled, shoving Nicole harder. Nicole fell backwards a step.

Nicole lunged at Alice and grabbed her in a bear hug. They staggered around the living room. I watched them with my mouth hanging open. I know we had just been talking about cat fighting, but if this was being staged for my benefit they were both much better actresses than I would have ever given them credit for.

One of them stumbled, and they both fell to the floor. They rolled back and forth along the floor, each one trying to gain the upper hand. I didn’t know what to do. Do I stop them? For now they were just wrestling. I resolved that if it got more viscous that I would step in and break it up. I knew from my previous experience with Nicole that she was competitive and she wouldn’t give in easily, but she was at a similar height and weight disadvantage with Alice that she was with me.

Eventually Alice was able to roll on top of Nicole and stay there. She put her hands on Nicole’s shoulders to keep her pinned. “Slut,” Alice said.

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