I Think I’m Ready Ch. 01

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“I think I’m ready.”

“What’s that?” Tom called back over his shoulder as he reached for the last dish in the sink.

Eva came closer to Tom, stood up on her toes while gently placing her hand on his shoulder, and softly spoke into his ear…

“I said that I think I’m ready.”

Tom, who was deep in thought as he usually was when washing the dishes, wasn’t sure what Eva was referring to at first. He was obsessively playing over in his head all the different things he should have said to his client in today’s therapy session. But Eva’s soft voice and warm breath lightly brushing over his neck as they traveled upward toward his ear quickly drew him back to their reality.


He said in a shockingly pleasant tone.

Tom placed the clean dish in the dish rack, quickly dried his hands with the towel and turned around. He leaned back on the sink and while lovingly drawing his wife closer to him; wrapped his arms around her waist as his fingers interlocked at the small of her back. Eva lifted her head that was momentarily resting on his chest and they both looked into each other’s eyes with a mixture of excitement and fear.

“Really?” He said.

“Yep. Really.” she said with a smile.

“Wow. I’m a bit shocked. I mean I know we’ve been talking about this for a while now, but…well… I gotta admit there was a part of me that never really believed you would try it.”

“I know. It’s just that I’ve been thinking a lot about it recently and I think that it’s worth it for me to at least meet Drew and see what he has to say. We’ll see from there….like I said ‘I THINK I’m ready.'”

As Eva was talking, Tom had some time to take in all that was really behind this decision of hers to possibly cross over the very dangerous line between fantasy and reality.

As his mind registered what the near future could hold for them his heart started beating faster as he could feel tremendous energy and blood flooding toward his abdomen as it instantly channeled downward toward his testicles and hardening penis.

Eva’s tight stomach could feel Tom getting hard. She certainly couldn’t blame him as she was feeling that very pleasurable tingling between her soft inner thighs.

Tom and Eva, both 35, were recently married. They have known each other since high school and have had a very complicated relationship over the years. Three short years ago, they committed themselves to really work on their issues not knowing where it would lead them. Both Tom and Eva were pleasantly surprised at the deep feelings of care and love they had for each other. Their support for one another has always been present and it was this support that allowed them both to be open and honest as possible including sharing their deepest darkest fantasies. It was this support from Tom that allowed Eva to freely think and finally decide to make this fantasy of hers a reality.

In Tom’s eyes, Eva was the most beautiful, sensual, and submissive cuckolds porno sexy woman he had ever met. The contrast between her deep blue eyes, soft white skin, and straight black hair falling over her shoulders was certainly attractive to both men and women alike. Eva’s full red lips and beautiful yet at times mischievous smile, always caused Tom to want to explore her mouth and soft wet tongue forever. Eva had a great body. Sexy and fit. Eva loved to work out and her adventurous life style has kept her in great shape over the years. Swimming, windsurfing, and mountain climbing gave her body a wonderful tone and smooth tight stomach. Tom thought that Eva had gorgeous breasts. 34c was the perfect size for him and a perfect fit for his hands. Her soft skin and eraser size pink nipples always felt wonderful under his palms and between his fingers. When wearing her low cut tops and sexy bras that would push her tits together Tom’s head would fill with lust while gazing at the sexiest cleavage he has ever seen. Eva’s smooth legs had that rare combination of soft yet strong. Her hot legs only led to the hottest ass. Round, firm, and shaped like a heart.

Tom unlocked his fingers as the palms of his hands slowly found their way to Eva’s behind and gently squeezed her ass cheeks.


A low moan escaped from Eva’s mouth as she placed her head back on Tom’s chest. Tom could feel under her tight red t-shirt her nipples getting hard as her tits pressed into his body. He could easily tell she was with out a bra. Tom continued kneading his wife’s ass increasing the strength he put into each squeeze.

“uuuuhhhmmmm.” She moaned a bit louder as her breathing started to increase.

“You like?” Tom whispered.

“You know I like.” Eva breathed back as she gently squeezed Tom’s chest.

Tom’s right hand found it’s way through the elastic waistband of Eva’s loose fitting black shorts. The mix of feelings of the strong kneading of Tom’s left hand and the light touch of Tom’s fingers on her ass cheek over her smooth sexy underwear with his other hand was turning Eva on even more. Tom knew it.

Eva’s breathing was becoming more rapid. Her eyes were shut tight. Eva spread her legs a bit more and rested her sex on Tom’s thigh.


Eva sighed as her hips started to sway, push, and gently gyrate in a circular motion against and into Tom’s thigh. Tom could feel the warmth on his thigh. His shorts rode up a bit as Eva starting deliberately rubbing herself up and down. For the first time, Tom could feel how wet she had become. Very wet.

Tom now had both hands squeezing her tight ass over her underwear. Eva reached down and hooked her thumbs in the elastic band of her shorts and slid them down her thighs to right above her knees. Tom continued to knead and squeeze her ass. His cock was hard and Eva liked it.

“mmmmmm….feels..so….hard….feels…so…good sex parties porno Tom.”

Tom twisted his way out from the position they were in and stood behind Eva. Leaning over Eva he placed her hands flat on the kitchen counter. Eva’s legs were spread and her ass was swaying….calling for more of Tom’s attention.

“Want more baby?” Tom whispered in her ear while caressing her sexy underwear from behind.

Eva shook her head ‘yes.’

“I can’t hear you. Tell me.”

“I want more.” Eva moaned.

Tom slowly slid his middle finger down Eva’s ass crack and over her slit. Her underwear was now very wet. Eva loved the feeling as she spread her legs a bit more.

Tom’s finger reached her clit and very lightly touched her most sensitive spot. While firmly squeezing her ass with one hand…. With his other hand he slooooowly circled her clit with his finger.

With greater difficulty Eva half whispered and half moaned….

“ohhhhgod ….Tom…..what…are…you …mmmmmm….going…….to do….. to…me??”

“You know exactly what I’m going to do to you baby.” He breathed in her ear.

Tom slid two fingers over her pussy and under her underwear. He moved the underware to one side exposing Eva’s wet lips. A third finger lightly rested between her pussy and ryhtmically pressed and depressed.


Breathing heavier now and moaning louder Tom felt Eva coming closer to climax. Tom lowered his shorts. His hard cock needed attention. While watching Eva sway and moan to his touch, Tom slowly and deliberately stroked his shaft…




Tom stepped closer to Eva.

Tom now slowly slid the finger resting between her wetness into her warm pussy.

Eva let out a deep moan.”uuuughhhh”

Tom lowered his wife’s underwear down her thighs to her knees. Eva could feel the soaked underwear as it slid down her legs. This turned her on even more.

” ohhh…god Tom…..you’re gonna….”

Before she could finish her thought, Tom placed his hard shaft between her ass cheeks.

“Touch yourself for me baby….rub your smooth shaved pussy for me…..the way you like it….that’s it…..now touch your clit the way you need it…..yessss…. go on girl….. feel your hot wet pussy as my hard cock slides up and down your ass…feel my cock baby?”

“yesssss….. I feel it….”

“You want more baby?”

Tom took his cock in his hand and slowly rubbed the swollen head down her dripping slit.


Tom’s cock was wet from Eva’s juices….He brought the tip of his cock to the entrance of her pussy. He could feel her rubbing herself now. She was close…So close.

“Fuck me Tom.”

“What’s that?”

“Fuck me….please fuck me from behind.”

“mmmmm….You like it from behind baby? You want this nice hard cock sliding into your pussy…don’t spankbang porno you? You want to feel it filling you up….don’t you?”


Tom slowly slid his shaft a bit deeper and held it there…half way in her wetness. Teasing Eva’s pussy.

“want more?”


“need more baby?”

“ohhh god yessss…. I need more….I need to cum……Fuck me!”

“like this?”

Tom slid the rest of his cock deep into Eva. Deep ’till his smooth shaved balls touched her slippery wet shaven pussy.

Eva was panting now. Sweating…..

“yesssss…just like…that…baby….Fuck me!… Fuck me …..faster….harder…please…”

Tom did.

His cock slid….





then back….


’till his balls slapped against her pussy….

The sound of Tom’s balls slapping against her pussy got her more and more wet.

Every time Tom’s cock started to pull out, Eva tightened her pussy around his hard shaft trying to suck it back in.

Tom’s firm hands grabbed her ass and held it there while opening and closing the cheeks together. Eva was pushing her ass and pussy back into him…

Fucking him harder and harder….

“gonna…make ..me…cum…..” Eva groaned.

Tom looked down and saw her tight pussy lips stretching apart and out every time he pulled his cock back ….

and then watched it thrust back in….

Tom was ready to explode.

“feel it baby…feel my cock fucking you…feel me filling your tight little pussy?…..I’m gonna cum…cum right inside your pussy…..you want it?”

“Yessss….cum for me…..in my pussy!”

Eva was rubbing her clit at tremendous speed….

“That’s it girl…rub that clit…cum with me baby…feel my hot cum shoot up inside you!”

Eva was fucking his cock….hard.

Tom could feel it happening….he clenched up….his balls tightened and hot strong streams of cum shot out of his cock….

Eva could feel the cum shoot up into the deep walls of he pussy. She was on fire……

Tom kept thrusting in and out harder and harder…..





Eva kept fucking her pussy back into Tom….

“ohhhh….feels soooo amazing.”

Tom’s thrusts started to slow down as Eva started catching her breath.

Eva stood up as Tom’s cock was still in her. Tom wrapped his arms around her. His right hand on her stomach and the left hand underneath her tight t-shirt gently cupping her left breast. Eva turned her head back towards her husband and as there tongues met they kissed deeply for a few long moments.

Eva broke the kiss as Tom’s semi-hard penis slipped out from the mix of his cum and her juices.

“Love you Tom.”

“Love you Eva.”

” Tomorrow I’ll go see Drew and see what he has to say.”

“Want me to come with you Eva?”

“No. I thought about it. I think it’s a good idea if I go alone. I’ll be more comfortable.”

“No problem. I’m really excited.”

“I know you are. I am too.”

To be continued…………

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