I Married a Bisexual Man

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A lot of folks seem to think that when you’ve hit a certain age, everything starts to go. Well, I’m here to prove them wrong. My name is Electra and my husband Jason and I have been married for quite some time now. When we met, I was a twenty-year-old college student and he was a nineteen-year-old Corrections Officer at the State Prison. Twenty five years later, he’s the Director of the State Department of Corrections and I am a sociology professor at the same college I once attended.

We’ve had some glorious years together. Heck, we’ve explored just about everything that couples can explore together. When we met, Jason was a stern, distant and somewhat secretive man. He wasn’t a bad guy, no way. He simply didn’t open up to people too easily. You see, he was a closeted bisexual and had these affairs with both men and women that he kept hidden from the world. Plus, Jason was a strapping, handsome black man back then. Six feet three inches tall, broad-shouldered and muscular. He had dark brown skin and kept his head and face shaved. Yes, he attracted both men and women but was secretive about it since homosexuality is not tolerated in the black community.

I’m of Greek descent, so my people are very open-minded when it comes to sexuality and they are quite tolerant of those who are different. If you read Greek mythology, you will find out that many of our heroes were bisexual. Hercules, reputed to have been the strongest man in the ancient world and the son of Zeus, the mighty war-like god who ruled Mount Olympus. This macho hero was also a lover of both men and women. Among his loves were Moctod, the legendary Queen of the Amazons, those fearsome female warriors who ruled the regions near the Black Sea and Hylas, a handsome bahis firmaları young Greek adventurer. I was very accepting of my husband when he revealed himself to me.

Of course, back then, I wondered if I would ever be enough for him. Most men would say that I didn’t have to worry. I was six feet tall, a bit thick and curvy, with long black hair and dark bronze skin. My eyes were a pale golden hue and they are still that way now. Voluptuous women are considered beautiful in Greece. It’s only in America that anorexia is considered beauty. Yes, Jason and I fell in love. We came from two different worlds but we still managed to make things work.

Even back in our thirties, we were already swingers. One time, we met this handsome young Latin stud named Hector and invited him to our house for a night of fun. Hector was an adventurous guy exploring his burgeoning bisexuality and we were a perfect match.

I remember undressing Hector as my husband Jason watched. Hector had a nice body. He was a great kisser too. He knew how to please my body. He licked my pussy the way I think a lesbian might do it. I don’t know where he acquired his skills but he was pretty good. He licked and teased and proved my pussy until I came and screamed. Then, he fingered and licked my ass. The stud then put on a condom and entered me. Swiftly, he thrust his cock into my pussy. As Jason watched, Hector fucked me hard. I came several times that night, thanks to his expert Latin lovemaking.

Once Hector was done with me, my husband Jason had a go with him too. The sight of two handsome men kissing each other was a major erotic thrill for me. Especially a dark brown stud like Jason and a golden one like Hector. First, Jason sucked on Hector’s kaçak iddaa smooth Latin cock and licked his balls. Hector stroked my husband’s head, leaning back and enjoying what was going on. Then, he returned the favor.

Hector sucked on Jason’s hard dick and licked his balls. Not an easy feat considering Jason’s length and girth. Yeah, Jason was gifted in that area, and many others. I watched as Jason positioned himself behind Hector, and took him. The sight of a handsome black man taking another man, this one a Latin stud, was intensely erotic. I masturbated to that vision of beauty and strength, which was compelling and disturbing, all at once. Jason placed his hands on Hector’s hips, and thrust into him.

Hector grunted and stroked himself as Jason took him. I dipped my fingers into my pussy and licked them as I watched them go at it. Grunting and thrusting, at times tender yet rough, it was so erotic and beautiful. I’ve watched men make love to men, women make love to women and men make love to women. By far, I prefer to watch men make love to men. There’s an intense honesty to male-male couplings, especially when they are engaged in erotic games. Nothing fake about it. Simply raw sensuality. I’m glad I married a bisexual man. I don’t think I would have been happier with a straight guy. I need someone different. Yeah, it was hot. They continued to make love, coming time and again. I joined them, and sucked Hector’s cock as he came. He tasted wonderful. Later, Hector took his leave from my husband and I. like many of those young bisexual men, he led a straight lifestyle, complete with the token girlfriend and the macho buddies. That’s how my Jason was when we met. He’s still very much the same, as unchangeable as ever. kaçak bahis I am now the sexually adventurous yet loving wife, not the token girlfriend who gets left at home while her man parties with the men.

Yes, we had some good times, Jason and I. As I stand in the kitchen, wearing a T-shirt and panties, looking over a brew, I hear him coming beside me. He’s just come home from work. I lean back, making sure my bottom sticks out. I know exactly what I am doing. He could never resist my butt. Jason likes butts. He doesn’t care if the butt in question belongs to a male or a female. By far, he prefers mine. Well, today, I hope this works. I’ve been home for hours and sex toys can only do so much. I need him inside of me.

Jason comes, and puts his arms around me. He pulls me, and I feel his breath on my neck. He wants me. I laugh haughtily. Yeah, I’m a naughty girl and I’m going to get what I deserved. His hand roughly pulls down my panties. My butt is exposed. I feel his hands cup my butt cheeks for a moment, caressing them. The caress ends, as he pulls my butt cheeks apart. I feel something wet and slick being applied against my butt hole, followed by something hard.

Jason thrusts into me, burying his cock deep into my ass. I cannot scream. I can’t say anything. It hurts. It hurts like hell. He slams into me, and I can’t take it anymore. A scream escapes my lips. Holding my hips, Jason fucks me. I feel his cock inside me. Hard and quick, going in deep. It hurts so good! As he pounds away at me, I slip onto the floor. He holds me, preventing me from falling, and impaling me upon his member. I lie on the floor, as he holds me into place and pounds my butt. Suddenly, his massive body trembles. I know what is coming. He came, sending his seed deep inside me. Tears flow freely from my eyes, but they are tears of joy. After more than twenty years of marriage, the passion is still there. And I scream in wild ecstasy, I hope it never dies.

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