I HAVE To Tell You What Happened –

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Quick Flash – I HAVE to tell you what happened this morning!

I HAVE to tell you what happened to me this morning!

I really didn’t have time to stop for coffee, but you know me without coffee…a bitch without caffeine is a supreme bitch.

So I ran into my local coffee shop, you know, the cute little place at the corner where we had coffee last time? Anyway, I ran in and thankfully there wasn’t a line. So I go up to the counter and I order my latte, or whatever it was that I ordered. I can’t even remember right now even though it was the most important thing to me two hours ago.

I was standing in line and I started to look around while I was waiting for my coffee to be made and I see this gorgeous guy. He looked more delicious than all the chocolate covered pastries that were in the display cases.

He was wearing shorts and a V-neck T-shirt. His hair was cut short and he had blue eyes with dark hair. Thankfully, spring is finally here so I was able to see his muscular arms and shoulders. (Drool) It was obvious that he took care of himself and he was healthy.

I was wearing that cute short, yellow flounce skirt that I bought when you and I went shopping a few weeks ago, and I was late so I just grabbed a white tank top, but it was the one with the thin straps over the shoulders. I had on my wedge heels that you love to steal every change you get.

Anyway! I only tell you all that so you can picture what happened next. I get my coffee and even though I was late for work, I decided to go sit down next to Mr. Adonis that was sitting in the corner. He was reading an actual newspaper. I didn’t think anyone read those anymore, but I thought, “Whatever, it is cool that he is a bit retro.” He was reading the financial section, which surprised me. He looked like an athlete so I fully expected him to be reading the sports section.

I started to sip my coffee and I was trying to figure out how I was going to catch his attention. I tried dropping my napkin but that didn’t work because it went under his table. Lame. I looked at my watch and I knew I had to hurry this along so I asked, “Are you reading the Fashion section?” I don’t even know if the paper has a fashion section, but who cares, I wasn’t going to read it anyway.

He said no without even looking up and then started to sort through the rest of the paper that was on his table. He found the Lifestyle section which he probably figured was close enough and he looked up to hand it to me.

Girl, I know I looked good when I left the house today, but I didn’t think I looked THAT good. He just stared at me, with his mouth open a little. It was as if his brain just locked up at the sight of me. It was kinda cute.

I took the newspaper and smiled. He finally smiled in return. He apologized for being rude and then he stuck out his hand and introduced himself. His name is Adrian and he is going to school to be a filmmaker or director or something. I don’t know, the conversation was great but in the back of my mind I knew I had to get to work.

So I was sitting there, fidgeting, trying to hurry but wanting to stay there all day. I looked around and everyone else had left the coffee shop so it was just Adrian and I, and two girls that worked behind the counter. Then, I did the grup porno craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

I stood up and I said I really enjoyed talking to him but I needed to go to work. I asked him if he would walk with me. He banged his leg on the table he jumped up so fast. We took two steps toward the door and then I stopped, turned, grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bathroom and locked the door.


Poor Adrian had the strangest look on his face. I’m sure he thought I was nuts but I didn’t care. Carpe Diem, right? You know that is my motto. Even though that is what my head was thinking, my heart was still beating out of my chest.

I whispered to him that I thought he was the most attractive man that I had ever seen and I wanted him, right there, right then. And then I KISSED him.

His lips were warm and soft and (Thank you, Jesus!) he is an amazing kisser. We kissed for a few minutes and all these crazy thoughts were going through my head, so I stopped for a second and asked if he had a girlfriend or wife. He is SINGLE. (Thank you, Jesus x 2!)

I couldn’t get enough of him. His arms felt so strong as he held me, and his kisses were making me crazy. Even though I had just met him we fit together perfectly. It was like we had been a couple for years.

My body was craving to be touched by him so I turned around, with my back pressed against his chest. I reached back and held his hips and I started to grind my ass against him. I looked up and saw his face in the mirror. He looked shocked. I was just as shocked that I was doing it!

I could tell he was cautious and I perfectly understand why. This crazy woman just pulled him into a bathroom to kiss him and now she is all over him. I reached out and grabbed his hands and put them on my breasts and I then continued to grind up against him. His hands massaged my breasts for a few minutes and then I whispered, “Touch me.”

Slowly, his hands moved down my body and then under my shirt. His skin touched mind and then time seemed to slow down.

His strong, warm hands touched my skin and I exhaled. I leaned my head to the right and he started to kiss my neck tenderly. A kiss behind my ear, and then a kiss on my ear that gave me goose bumps. He then kissed slowly down my neck and then all the way down to my shoulder.

I bit my lip.

My ass could feel him getting harder and harder. I was already aching for his hot cock, but Adrian patiently went back to the strap of my shirt and grabbed it with his teeth and then slowly dragged it over my shoulder.

I then leaned my head to the left, and he did the same thing on the right side. A kiss behind the ear, on the ear, slow soft kisses down my neck to my strap, and with his teeth he dragged the strap over my shoulder. My top fell down and was only being held up by breasts. That top has a built in bra so I moved my shoulders together, letting it slide over my breasts, and fall down around my waist.

He held my breasts in his hands and I rolled my head back and put it on his shoulder and closed my eyes and let him massage my breasts for a few moments. This was all so sudden but the amazing thing was that all of his movements were slow and deliberate. He wasn’t rushing through everything hd porno like all the other guys I’ve been with. It was as if he was…savoring me.

I know this is going to sound odd, but he was a perfect gentleman, even though we had only met fifteen minutes ago and we were now standing in the woman’s room and I was half naked. He went slow and I was initiating each step.

After he massaged my breasts for a moment, he started to tease my nipples. He didn’t just pinch them, but he softly teased them, getting them really, really hard. I wanted his mouth all over them but we were in a restroom and I needed to get to work, so I knew that would have to wait until next time.

I turned and crouched down and unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and let them fall to his ankles, I could see his delicious bulge behind his boxer briefs and I wanted it, badly. I reached in and felt his hot flesh and pulled it out where I could see it.

Oh. My. God. My Adrian has quite the package, and he keeps himself groomed nicely. My mouth started to water. I wasn’t planning on doing what I did next, but I couldn’t help myself.

I put the tip of his cock in my mouth and I sucked on him softly. I could hear him moan, but you could tell he was trying to be quiet about it. It inspired me to do more. I slowly took him as far into my mouth as possible.

His flesh was so hot against my tongue. I had just been drinking coffee, but somehow his cock felt hotter. I slowly sucked all the way down his long, thick shaft, and then let my lips rest against the ridge of his cock while my tongue slid back and forth underneath the tip.

His fingertips grasped for my shoulders and he exhaled and moaned at the same time. I guess he liked it. (Wink)


Someone tried to open the door and thankfully the lock prevented them from coming in but it made a loud noise. We both watched the door and I’m sure his heart was pounding just as much as mine was. When there was no more noise, I heard some lady grumble and walk away. I knew we had to hurry this up before an employee came in with a key or something.

I grabbed his hot cock in my hand and gave him a few more sucks, and then I turned and reached under my skirt and pulled my yellow boyshort panties (I know, not very sexy but I was running late this morning!) down to my knees and I bent over the sink counter. I looked over my shoulder at him, and then bent over even more and spread my legs. I wanted him to see how wet my pussy already was for him.

He was just standing there with his huge, erect cock either too stunned that this was happening to him or too busy staring at my pussy, or both. I knew we needed to hurry so I reached out my hand for his. He shuffled toward me and grabbed my hand. I put his hand on my hip and stuck out my ass toward him and put my hands against the mirror and arched my back.

Having his hands on my hips was the best feeling in the world.

He guided the tip of his cock to my wet pussy lips and started to thrust slowly. Within two slow, intense thrusts I was full of hot, hard cock.


He fit perfectly inside of me and I let out a gasp or whimper. I’m not sure because I had never made a noise like that before. To be penetrated and stretched and have that latin porno perfect hot rod enter me that way was so…euphoric? I don’t know if there is a word that can accurately describe it.

We heard another noise outside but thankfully he didn’t pull out. We again both looked at the door but I wanted…no, I NEEDED more. I didn’t care who was outside the door. I needed all of Adrian, right then and there.

I started to push back on him, sliding up and down his rock hard shaft and his attention was quickly focused on me again.

He started to fuck me deep and hard, but slow. I’m sure he wanted to enjoy it for a while and prove to me that he could last, but we didn’t have time for that now, as it wasn’t the right time or place for a marathon. And then he stopped.

I looked over my shoulder and looked him in the eye.

He said, “You’re so fucking hot. Stop moving or you’re going to make me cum.”

Men don’t realize that we love it when we make them cum, so I refused to stop moving, and on top of that knowing that he thought I was fucking hot just drove me wild. I replied by staying something that I knew would make him cum fast.

“I want your hot cum in me so bad.”

The next thirty seconds were a blur. He gripped my waist tightly and started to pound me hard, fast, and deep. With every thrust his balls slapped my swollen, throbbing clit. His left hand grabbed my naked shoulder and he started to thrust even harder. I felt him swell inside of me and then his hot, hot cum shot inside of me with such force that it made my toes curl and feeling all that hot cum inside of me made me cum instantly as soon as I felt it. I was shocked. I had never had an orgasm that fast before in my life, especially by having a man inside of me.

He pumped more and more cum into me and with each thrust my orgasm caused my pussy to clench down around him in perfect harmony. I wanted to scream and yell and moan, and he did too, but we were aware we were still in a public restroom. We tried our best to be quiet through it all, and when he was finished shooting his load into me, he collapsed on my back and all I could hear was the two of us breathing heavy. I felt his warm breath all of my right shoulder as he desperately tried to regain his composure.

BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM. “This is the manager. Open the door please!”

We both stood up straight and scrambled to get dressed as quickly as we could.

“One moment!” I said as I pulled the straps of my tank top back on.

I gave Adrian one more kiss and headed for the door. I opened it and said, “The zipper was stuck on his shorts and I was trying to…um…yeah.” They weren’t buying it. I wouldn’t have either. My hair was a mess and Adrian was still adjusting the bulge in his pants, trying to make it less visible.

We went back to our table and I sat down briefly. I quickly had to move to the edge of my seat when I realized how soaked my panties were with his cum. I didn’t want a wet spot in the back of my skirt so I had to sit on one ass cheek as he gave me his number.

We have a date arranged for tonight.

I’m sorry if that was too graphic but I HAD to tell SOMEONE! It was the most intense, erotic, hot, amazing ten minutes of my life and my head was going to explode if I didn’t tell someone.

I was late to work but no one seemed to care. Everyone commented on how happy I looked and two guys said they liked my outfit. I have to admit, I’m on cloud nine. I’ll call you after work.

I fucking LOVE spring time.

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