I Always Keep My Promises

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I don’t really want to see this movie, but I know you do, and because you’re excited and asked me with that smile you know I can’t say no to, we’re sitting here in the back row, teasing each other and waiting for it to start. The theater is relatively empty, though there are a few people scattered here and there.

The room darkens, and I feel something fall down the front of my top – you’re throwing sweet-tarts at me already. Dork. I dig it out and shove it down the front of your pants and laugh. You tell me it’s okay, because I’m just going to have to find it later. I rest my hand on your crotch, rubbing softly every once in awhile, and I feel you get slightly hard. Something about that always makes me wet because I love to know you’re turned on and I shift a little in my seat. The movie’s starting and you put your arm around me – thank god for movie theaters with flip-up arm rests – I cuddle closer to you.

I can feel your fingers resting lightly gangbang porno on my breast and I can’t concentrate on anything but that. I’m trying to distract you a little, but you’re watching the movie, so I figure I’ll just amuse myself. I turn slightly, spread my legs and slide my hand down, gasping slightly when I find my clit, and start rubbing little circles. I’m breathing a little faster, but you still don’t notice – or at least you’re pretending you don’t. Something about being in public masturbating next to you is really hot, turning me on more than usual, and I’m getting close to orgasm much faster than I normally do. I know you’re paying attention now because your fingers reach over and pinch my nipple, then you’re rubbing it with your thumb and that was the help I needed. I’m trying to be quiet as I come, but tiny little moans escape and you put your hand over my mouth.

I realize in all the time we’ve been czech harem porno together, I’ve never kept that promise and gone down on you in a movie theater, and figure hell, why not start now? I reach over and undo your belt slowly. You look over at me questioningly, but I’m watching the movie and you must figure I know what I’m doing, because you look away. I wait a few minutes, then reach over and unzip you. You look at me again, but I’m still not looking at you. I wait a little while longer, until you’ve forgotten and are engrossed in the screen again, then I slide out of my seat and down onto the floor in front of you. You look down at me, wondering if I really will do it, just as I’m reaching into your pants and pulling your cock out.

I lean forward and take you in my mouth, I can feel you getting hard on my tongue, and I’m licking you, sucking a little harder than I normally would. I’m so turned on at the idea of czech mega swingers porno this that I want you NOW. My mouth is really wet, and I’m slurping noisily – you whisper to me to be quiet because a couple of people are trying to look around and see what’s going on, but I’m too involved in it and I don’t care, I want to make you come. I pull back and look up at you – your eyes on mine – and slowly and deliberately take your cock in my mouth again. This time I’m only using one hand – the other is between my legs. I really want to fuck you right here and now, but neither of us can wait for that.

Your hands are on my head now, pushing me down on your cock, fucking my mouth so fast I can hardly catch my breath and you whisper to me that you’re gonna come. I grab your hand and make you stroke yourself with it, and pull up my top and show you my tits and you’re coming – all over me. I take you in my mouth again, lick up the last of you, kiss the head, do your pants back up and sit back down beside you, your come drying on my skin.

I look over at you to see if you’re still watching the movie, and you are – sort of. You look a little dazed though – did that really just happen? I’m already thinking about the movie I want to make when we get home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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