Hunting Trip

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Sitting around the campfire last night it seemed like a good idea. I would take Anthony with me to the big stand, the one with the two chairs since he had never been out here before. Later that day we would find him his own stand. Right now looking at his ass in those jeans, I knew I was in for a long morning.

“Hey Anthony, you ready?” I asked. “Sure am” he says. “It’s a little far, I thought we’d take my 3 wheeler.”

“Fine with me” he says with a grin. Its dark, fog is layering the ground. I get on, he gets on behind me. Oh shit this might be fun. “You need to hang on Anthony.” I say, thinking hell hang on to any part of my body. He takes a hold of my waist. I slide back a little on the seat till my ass is touching his crotch. I can feel his cock and it sure isn’t soft.

We take off for the stand, a little ways down the path I stand up to see what’s over the next hill. My ass is right in his face, yet he still holds onto my waist. Damn I want his tongue on me. I can feel the cum running down my legs. I sit back down again, my ass touches his crotch, damn that’s the biggest hardon I’ve felt in a long time. “We’re almost there Anthony” I say biting my tongue so I don’t say czech experiment porno any more. “Baby, I know I am” he says groaning. I turn to look and he has a grin on his face.

We reach the stand, and I turn off the 3 wheeler. “You go first” he says. I start climbing the ladder, all the while knowing he’s right behind me and staring at my ass. I reach the top and open the door, stepping inside. He’s right behind me, I turn to look, I can see the bulge in his pants, I can’t help but stare. “Anthony, why don’t you sit in this chair and get comfortable” I point to the chair on the left.

“I’m a little hot now, I think I’ll make myself comfortable.” I proceed to take off my shirt. Anthony’s eyes go huge in his face. I’m not wearing anything under my shirt. I step over to his chair, his eyes never leave my tits. “Anthony, would you like me to help you get comfortable” I as with a smile on my face. All he can do is shake his head yes. I unzip his pants, releasing his cock, that’s been straining to get out. I take it between my hands, lightly stroking it, my head tips down to lick the tip. He groans and takes my head between his hands. “Oh god yes” he moans. czech first porno video I lick the tip then run my tongue down his shaft till I need to return to the tip, lightly flicking my tongue over it, then slowly-slowly taking it into my mouth.

I indulge myself in sucking his cock, watching him as he strains to hold back. I release my hold on his cock enough to say, “Anthony, I’m still hot” and I finish taking off my clothes. He’s leaning back in the chair now and I step over to him, stroke his cock then straddle the chair. I slowly lower myself onto his hard throbbing cock. He reaches out and places his hands on my waist, helping me settle down on him.

“Oh god Jackie, this feels good” he moans. I place my hands on his shoulders-moving my lips to his lightly stroking his lips with my tongue. “Baby, I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I first met you” I say in between my kisses. While I’m licking and kissing him, his ass is busy working, he lifts, strokes and I stand and sit down on his hard cock, over and over again. He bends his head to suck my tits, first one and then the other.

My moans are echoing in the valley. I kiss him czech game porno again for the pure pleasure of it, if not to keep myself from crying out. “Oh god Anthony, fuck me” I plead as I lift my ass off him and drive down on his shaft over and over again. The stand is shaking and the boards are squeaking. But I don’t care. I hold on to Anthony’s shoulders and he holds onto my hips, pulling me down deeper and harder onto his cock. I can feel it throbbing. I feel the tension building in me.

“Fuck me Anthony, fuck me harder” I scream. He drives himself over and over again into my pussy. “Oh god Jackie, here it comes” he moans. I move in circles driving myself deeper onto him as I feel him pumping his juices into me. I continue driving myself onto him as I scream “Anthony” and explode with cum, gripping his shoulders ever harder. We both strain and quiver with the release. “Damn Jackie, I like hunting with you” he says grinning. “I enjoy hunting Anthony, and you” I say as I move off him to get dressed.

The fog had cleared the area, and I can finally see across the valley. I take my binoculars and see all the way across. I look over to the East, where I know the other hunting property starts. In the stand across the fence line I see our neighbor looking my way with his binoculars to his eyes, he gives me the thumbs up sign. I smile and wave back. I guess his next get together over at the local D.Q. will be interesting. He’ll have a new story to tell.

Hmmmmmmmmmm… now should I tell Anthony?

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