How to Stop Smoking Ch. 11

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The next day, I took my car in for service. As I was standing there, waiting on the Service Manager, this chick came in to pick up her car.

She had been promised that it would be ready and it wasn’t. Boy did she put up a howl. I didn’t blame her. A promise is a promise.

She was cute with a little turned-up nose, big tits (I guessed 38DD) and a firm tight ass.

As she stormed off to the office to give someone hell, her ass had a swaying movement that was a pleasure to watch.

The Service Manager came over and I told him what my car needed. While they were servicing the car, I headed to the lounge to wait. Anyone that’s ever had a car serviced knows what that’s like. I had gotten in early, though and they could surprise me.

As I was thumbing through a 4 year old edition of Car & Driver, she bounced into the lounge.

Her jeans were so tight you could count her pussy hairs. The tee shirt told me that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her tits pointed directly at my face and the nipples dared me to touch them. There was also a logo on the T-shirt – “HORNY.” So was I.

I introduced myself. Finding out that her name was Billie, I asked if she had gotten the problem resolved with her car. She said that she hadn’t and was going to call a taxi.

I said I’d give her a lift if she didn’t mind waiting until my car was serviced. Just as she was saying that I’d probably be waiting ’till 5 o’clock, they paged me. Billie looked surprised as though I was a special customer or something.

She tagged along as I went to pay the bill. When they drove the Silver Cloud up, her eyes got wide. I asked Billie if she had ever ridden in a Rolls. She replied “not yet,” opened the door and slid in.

I climbed in, put it in gear and asked “where to?”. Billie asked if we could just drive around a little. She wanted to see how it felt riding in a car this luxurious.

Since it was rather warm out, the service department had started the car and let the air conditioner run awhile. The climate control was set on 67 so it was quite cool inside.

Billie settled back against the soft leather seats and I could see the effect the cool air had on her nipples. They began to swell.

Seeing my glance, Billie raised her hands to her breast. Taking a nipple in each hand, she pinched them and rolled them around. Then she cupped her palms over them.

When she saw that I was still watching, she explained that she was self-conscious. When her nipples stuck out, she tried to warm them. I remarked that the only cure for hard nipples was a warm mouth. She laughed and agreed.

I turned on the radio and tuned in some soft rock. Listening to the beat, we cruised around. After a half hour or so, I asked Billie if she wanted to lunch with me. She asked where and I told her that I was going to a seafood place down the coast. It was about an hour drive. Billie accepted so I headed for the freeway.

As I turned south, I gunned the Rolls so I could ease out into the heavy traffic. I could see that Billie was turned on by the power of the big 12 cylinder engine. She hadn’t seen nothing yet.

About 15 minutes later, the traffic began to clear. With no more than two or three cars on the road, I pushed the pedal down. The big engine responded. The nose of the Rolls came up and we were slammed deep into our seats as it began to gather speed.

Quickly the speedometer climbed to 150. Billie saw the speedometer and remarked that I should get it fixed. I told her that we were really going 150 and she couldn’t believe it. That Rolls sure is smooth on the highway.

Pretty soon we arrived at the restaurant. Billie asked if I had an extra jacket or something that she could use. When I asked what for, she looked down at her crotch and mumbled something about cumming twice on the trip down.

There were a couple of rain jackets in the back, so I found one and handed it to her. Billie put it around her waist and tied the arms so they would drape over her wet crotch. Then, we went in to eat.

As we entered the cool air of the restaurant, her nipples did their magic act again. This girl had “super sensitive” nipples. I couldn’t wait to suck on them. The oysters we ordered didn’t take long to arrive and we dove in.

Our mutual taste in food provided our conversation topic as we ate. Watching her suck the oysters out of their shell was very erotic. She was causing my cock to swell.

I mentioned the legend about oysters being good for one’s sex life. Billie said that she didn’t have a sex life and my cock stiffened even more.

The waitress had seated us in a booth in the back. Since the place wasn’t very crowded, we had plenty of privacy.

Billie and I teased each other with little innuendoes about sex while we ate. With a twinkle in her eye, she slipped off a shoe. Tracing the outline of my leg, she rubbed her bare foot up and down until she reached my lap. As her toes sought and found the outline bareback studios porno of my cock, her eyes widened in surprise.

I asked her what was wrong. She said that the feel of my big cock had been enough to make her cum. Her pants were wet again. At this point, I told Billie that, if she didn’t remove her foot, I was going under the table. Then, I was going to take her pants down and suck her pussy.

With that, she stroked my cock a couple more times and I saw her shiver. She had cum again. Damn, four times in less than an hour and without any foreplay. This could be a fantastic fuck.

We finished eating and went back to the car. I asked “where to” and Billie said, “let’s drive down the coast.”

She said that she knew a secluded beach where we could swim. When I pointed out that neither of us had a bathing suit, she responded, “So what? We can always swim in the nude.”

I cranked the Rolls up and we headed south. When I found out that it was 15 minutes away, I floored it.

When I slammed the pedal down and the Silver Cloud responded. In no time we were above 150 and climbing.

Glancing at Billie, I noticed a glazed look in her eyes and her jeans were soaked again. She was mesmerized by the power of the Rolls. I wondered how many times she’d cum before we got there.

A few minutes later, she motioned me to slow down and pointed at the access road leading to the beach. Her orgasms had her so choked with emotion that she was unable to speak. I parked the car and got out.

Then, I noticed that she was still sitting there. I went to her side of the car and opened the door. She just sat there. Pretty soon, she moved and I helped her out. As we arrived, she had started cumming and she wanted to let it run it’s course.

Her legs were wobbly so I helped her to the beach. We picked out a spot and she collapsed in the sand.

I’ve known a few women, but I had never met one that could get off with mentally orgasms. This girl had a strange metabolism.

We rested awhile until Billie got her strength back then decided to go for a swim. The place was deserted, but I felt shy about undressing in the daylight and going skinny dipping. Billie convinced me that it would be O.K. and we began to undress.

Billie removed her pants and her panties were wet. Her cunt hairs were plastered to her skin and the lips of her pussy were plainly visible.

When she removed her tee shirt, the cool breeze made those nipples get even harder. She had large dark brown areola. They must have been 2 inches in diameter.

As she turned sideways, I could see that her tits were “double-tiered.” There was the normal breast. Then, swelling out from each tit was the areolas, forming the second tier. Topping the areolas off were her big nipples.

I was so caught up in watching her undress that I was lagging. She chided me for it. I still had my pants on. As I removed my shorts, I watched Billie’s eyes. Her gaze never left my crotch, staring at my massive cock. Then, raising her eyes to meet mine she said “Let’s fuck.” Nothing fancy, just “Let’s fuck.”

I asked if she wanted to swim first. She said that she intended to swim. That’s where she wanted to fuck – in the water. When we first jumped in, the shock of the cold water caused goose pimples all over us. My cock decided that it was too exposed and it started to shrivel.

Billie placed my cock in her mouth to warm it making sure it would be ready. We lay at the water’s edge. My cock in her mouth and two fingers of my right hand buried in her pussy. This gal had some juice. In no time she was cumming all over my hand. She was sucking me fast now. Trying to make me cum.

When I reached a “false cum” and didn’t spurt any cum in her mouth, she looked confused. I told her she shouldn’t worry, that always happened the first 7 times. I thought she’d faint.

Actually, I had one at the restaurant. This one caused my cock to reach it’s full 12 inches and I felt my ball sac tighten. I hoped it wasn’t because of the cold water.

I rolled Billie onto her back, got in position and inserted my cockhead in the folds of her pussy. As I started to ease my cock into her, she began to cum. Her cunt was tight, but the copious flow of pussy juice allowed me to bury my cock deep inside her.

I began taking long deep strokes, in and out. Every couple of strokes caused her body to quiver as she came. I had never met any one that could have this many orgasms, but she met my thrusts with her own. Soon we were cumming together. My cock began spurting cum deep inside her with every stroke. Spurt after spurt until my ball sac emptied and my cock started to get soft.

We lay there for awhile resting. When I pulled my cock out of her, it came out with a little ‘plop’.

We swam, using the ocean water to cleanse us, then decided to get dressed.

Billie was 23. She worked at a private men’s club in the czech amatör porno swank part of town. I had heard of the place – in fact had been asked to join. I had turned it down on the excuse that I didn’t have time to devote to it. Now I began having second thoughts. Billie said that she had to go home and get ready to go to work.

She said that she could get me another invite. If I’d play chauffeur, she’d get me admitted for the evening.

We drove to her place. A small house in a good neighborhood and I waited in the living room while she dressed.

When she came out, she was a knockout. She had on tight red leather pants and a tight red leather top that had been custom fitted to her large tits. The top had a low cut square neckline that showed off her big tits with plenty of cleavage.

Billie laughed when she saw the look on my face then reached over and wiped some imaginary drool off my chin. I told her to get in the car and let’s go before she never made it to work.

Billie worked the 3 to midnight shift at the club. There were other girls that came on at midnight until closing. They made the most money.

By closing time, all the guys were so horny, they’d pay anything for a fuck. I asked Billie why she didn’t work that shift.

She responded that anything that couldn’t be displayed on a grocery store shelf shouldn’t be sold. Besides, she was selective about who she fucked.

I dropped her off, telling her that I’d be back around 10 and headed home to have a nap. I woke up around 8. After I had a bite to eat, I cleaned up and headed for the club.

The place was a lot livelier now than it had been earlier. The parking lot was so crowded I had to park way in the back.

When I got to the entrance, a big black doorman stopped me. He was just about ready to give me the heave-ho when one of my neighbors, Jack Wilson, came by.

Jack and I exchanged hellos and he invited be to be his guest for the evening. The doorman growled something, but let me pass anyway. After we got inside, Jack told me that I didn’t have to hang on his coat tails and to please look around. He asked if I had reconsidered his previous offer to sponsor my membership. I told him that I had, but wanted to look around some. With that, he said to go ahead and headed off to the bar.

I wandered around, taking in the sights at the roulette wheel, poker table and other gambling areas. A private club could get by with this even if it wasn’t Vegas. At the other end of the gaming room was the billiard room. I wandered in, spotted a waitress and ordered a drink.

She handed me what looked like a beeper and said that she’d be right back. She told me that, if I decided to move to another room, just press the beeper and she’d find me. She had a small locating device built into her tray. What will they think of next?

While I was waiting, I watched a couple of guys in a heated argument about whose turn it was. They had lost track of whose shot it was. They were either very stupid or very drunk. I decided on the latter.

When my drink arrived, I drifted out the far door. The waitress said I should press the beeper when I got dry and she’d bring another one.

The club was a surprise. It was made up of a several small activity rooms around the main ballroom. The room I entered this time was dark.

As my eyes were adjusting, I saw a television screen covering one wall. The picture wasn’t what your PG rated TV though. After watching awhile, I was getting horny. The channel was the XXX rated channel out of New York. The only one still in existence that showed fuck movies without any cutting. Most of the other channels had the cocks, pussies and most of the fuck action cut.

I drifted out the far end into another room. There was a floor show going on. Judging from the noise, it was a good show.

The stage was sunk below floor level and you couldn’t see anything. I waded through the crowd and found a spot along the rail so I could watch. The stage turned out to be a mud pit. In it were four women Amazons having a free-for-all. The amount of tit and ass being displayed would get any normal club shut down, but this wasn’t a normal club.

I watched for a while, then headed for the next room to see what it had to offer. As I entered, I punched the beeper. I watched the show while I waited for my drink. Shortly, the waitress appeared with it on her tray. Modern technology is marvelous, isn’t it?

The show I had been watching was a stripper. When she finished her act, she was replaced by a couple. They danced a little while he fondled her ass. In turn, she was grinding her pussy into his crotch. Then, they got down to business. They both were wearing “tear away” clothing, so it took no time for either of them to strip the other. Kneeling on the stage, he started sucking her pussy. After he got her hot – he stood up. The woman squatted and began giving him head. The czech bitch porno squat position spread her pussy lips and her swollen clit was visible. After she got his cock hard, she lay back on the stage and he mounted her. Nothing fancy. Just a “friendly fuck” in front of about 30 guys, that’s all.

I get bored quickly if I’m not involved so I left to find Billie. Checking the time, I discovered that it was past 11 already. An hour had passed and I hadn’t found her. If I had remembered to ask what kind of work she did, I wouldn’t have this problem. Deciding on the easy way – I pressed the beeper.

When the waitress arrived, another drink in hand, I asked her if she knew Billie. At first she wouldn’t talk to me. After I convinced her that I was Billie’s friend, she took me to her. Billie was tending bar. If I had gone with Jack, I’d have found her right away. And I probably would have been smashed by now too.

I slid onto a stool with my drink in hand and waited. Pretty soon, Billie spotted me and came over wearing a big smile. She stretched herself across the drink cooler, showed me a lot of tit and said hello. I stared at her cleavage and my cock began to stiffen.

I croaked “Hi.” I thought that we had done all right this afternoon. Suddenly, I discovered that I wanted more. Leaning over where she could hear me above the noise, I asked if she had a way home. She said that she did, laughing as my face fell. Then she said that she was going home with me. This girl had a sense of humor.

She wandered off to wait on someone else while I sipped my drink. About 11:30, I ordered another one to hold me until Billie got off work.

When we went out to the car, Billie took my keys announcing that she was the “DD.” As she climbed behind the wheel, I asked how she planned to get me home if we were going to her house. She said that we weren’t going to her house – we were going to mine. Armed with my directions, she took off.

Within minutes we were pulling into my drive. I didn’t live that close to the club – she drove like hell getting there.

Billie made coffee telling me that I probably wouldn’t be worth a fuck with all I’d had to drink.

She was going to try to sober me up. She said, “if I couldn’t get it up, I could always suck her pussy.” She obviously hadn’t noticed my raging hard-on.

I let her pour two cups of coffee in me. When she headed for the pot to pour another one, I called a halt.

Taking her hand, I dragged her down the hall. When we reached the bedroom, I started taking off her red leather outfit.

The jacket was simple, one small zipper in front that ran from the tits to the waistband.

The pants were unusual. They came away in two pieces. There was a zipper down the outside of each leg. After unzipping them, they just dropped to the floor.

Billie wasn’t wearing either a bra or panties. She was naked under the leather suit.

I reached for a tit and she pushed me away saying it was my turn. After she removed my shirt, she knelt in front of my fly. Taking the zipper in her teeth, she proceed to undress me. Using only her teeth, she unzipped my fly, managed to get the clasp undone and gravity did the rest.

After I stepped out of my pants, the shorts were next. Still using her teeth, she proceeded to pull my shorts down, nibbling at my cock in the process.

It was fantastic. By this time, she knew there was not going to be much sleep tonight. She could tell my cock was ready and she wanted all of it.

We hit the bed and she squealed with delight. She had never slept on a waterbed let alone fucked on one and she was in heaven.

After some heavy petting (her sucking my cock and me eating her pussy) we were both in a fever pitch.

I rolled over on my back and she climbed aboard. Stuffing my cock in her pussy, she started slamming her ass up and down right away. This was the hottest woman I’ve ever met.

She rode me right straight through 3 “false cums” without missing a beat. When my cock stiffened and began spurting cum in her pussy, she continued fucking me until I was drained.

We rested for awhile, showered (with some extra foreplay thrown in) and hit the sack to sleep. We’d had a busy day.

I woke up to find my cock buried deep inside her. She was insatiable. Somehow she managed to get me hard without waking me.

She was just rocking gently back and forth through the full length of my cock and the feeling was great. Her pussy felt like a warm mouth, sucking the entire length of my cock.

Pretty soon, I felt my balls tighten and I began to cum. I was surprised I came so soon. My cock spilled all my hot cum inside her cunt. She continued the rocking motions until my balls were empty.

After washing up, we lay on the bed talking and I wondered aloud what had happened to the “false cums.”

Billie informed me that I had them while I was still asleep. Seven of them this time.

Dr. Mai Ling and I were going to have to talk about those. The number wasn’t staying very consistent and it had me worried.

Billie called the dealership to see if her car was ready. It was, so we went to breakfast. After eating, I dropped her off and headed home. I still hadn’t made up my mind to join the club.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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