How Girls Night Changed My Life Ch. 03

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I didn’t think the day could get any better after the ultimate fantasy of having my dick in Lexi’s ass happened. But the rest of the day was defiantly not a let down. We replenished all the energy we exerted that morning with a good lunch.

After eating I said, “Want to go for a swim and relax?”

“Yes! My body needs to relax and recover from what you did to me.” Lexi said.

Neither of us wanted to put any close on so we lay out and swam naked. The pool was very relaxing. That did not stop us from being all each other. Something about skinny-dipping makes any situation even more sexual. After swimming and frolicking in the water for a while, we made our way to the shallow end. I swam behind Lexi. Picked her up in my arms. Our bodies were pushed together. My hard dick poked her ass cheek. I kissed her neck and then her ear. Lexi loved the ear, one of her favorite spots to be kiss.

“Sit on the top step.” Lexi told me.

I was in about eight inches of water. The water was just high enough to run over my legs and only my hard cock was left protruding from the water. Lexi took me in her mouth, coating my dick in her saliva. Lexi then lowered her pussy on my wet cock. After changing positions a few times we ended in my favorite of the afternoon which was me standing to my stomach in the water. Lexi’s legs were wrapped around my waist as she bounced on my cock. The combination of the extra buoyancy from the water and the splashing was great.

We finished the fuck in the lounge chairs. It’s a good thing we have a big secluded backyard. Privacy is not a problem. Even though no one can see in our backyard, they can still hear. We were fine till Lexi got quite vocal. Some of our neighbors might have gotten an ear full.

After lying out for a couple more hours we made our way inside and had some dinner. Our dinner conversation was mostly normal until Lexi said, “Once we finish how would you feel about watching some porn?”

To the best of my knowledge Lexi had never really seen porn other than the picture of me and her or me with Kim. Unless just recently she had been viewing some. Nothing should really surprise me at this point but the thought of watching porn with my wife was hot.

I said, “That kind of sounds fine. Where did you get this idea?”

“I got so turned on from our pictures and even more turned on by you with Kim, I thought it could be fun to watch some people fucking with you.” Lexi said.

“That’s a good enough reason for me. Lets do it.” I said.

“Great! What really turned me on was seeing you with Kim. Knowing it was your dick inside Kim was so hot but I think watching some porn could be really fun too. It just seems naughty to be watching it together.” Lexi said.

“I need to get better video equipment. Then we can make better quality videos of our own, maybe a few with Kim too. For now what do you want to watch?” I said.

“I love that plan. I’m excited to see what we can make. Porn wise I don’t really know what I want to watch. Can we click through some to find what we want?” Lexi said

“Yeah I think so. Let me get it setup and see what we can find.” I said. I linked our tablet to the TV so we could have a good screen. I found a site and we sat on the couch and started going through videos.

After a couple videos and caressing each other Lexi asked, “You want to try a little masturbation?”

“What do you mean honey?” I asked.

“You play with yourself and I play with me. It was such a turn on when you jerked off all over me in the shower this morning. I want to watch you stroke your dick some more.” Lexi said.

“Alright sounds good to me. Can you get my dick nice and wet for me?” I asked

“With pleasure.” Lexi said as she leaned over and took my dick into her mouth. She left plenty of moisture on the shaft for me to stroke with.

“I want you to sit facing me with your legs spread wide so I can see everything.” I said.

Lexi turned and leaned back against the arm of the couch. She put one leg up on the back of the couch behind my head and the other across my legs. Her legs were wide open giving me a wide-open view of her sex. Looking back and forth from the porn and Lexi was a great stimulator.

Lexi brought her hand to her pussy. Slowly she rubbed from her clit to her ass. The moisture from her open slit was very noticeable as her ass and pussy began to shine. I could not take my eyes off of her and the porn became secondary. She then inserted a couple fingers into her pussy and started fucking herself. I wanted to reach out and touch to help but I kept working myself because Lexi’s eyes never left my dick.

“Fuck Steve. Watching you stroke that dick is making me so hot. I could cum any second.” Lexi said. “When your ready I want you to shoot your cum all over me.”

“OK baby. I’m trying to last as long as I can but you are so fucking sexy. I only have a couple more minutes.” I said.

“I want you to straddle me Steve. I want that dick closer to me.” Lexi said. canlı bahis şirketleri

I moved and straddled her right under her tits.

“Holy fuck babe. Fuck you look good. I can’t wait to have your cum all over me.” Lexi said.

“Give me some more lube Lexi.” I said and leaned forward to shove my dick down her throat. Then back in my hand.

“I’m cumming Steve. Shit I’m cumming.” Lexi said. I could not see her hand in action but her arm was moving fast and her body was tensed as her orgasm continued. “Shoot your jizz all over me Steve.” Lexi yelled.

That was all the encouragement I needed. She was coming off her high as mine started. The first shot plastered her face and missed her open mouth. I didn’t care about aim. I just wanted to see her coated in my sperm. Next few shots found her chin and lips. The last couple and less power and landed on her tits.

I fell back on the couch and looked at my cum-covered wife with a huge smile on her face. She then spread her legs wide, scooped up the cum from her tits in one hand. Lexi brought the hand to her pussy and massaged my cream onto her pussy. Lexi’s other hand was pushed any cum on her face to her mouth. She really was a cum lover now.

“You look so sexy honey.” I said.

“Thank you. Your cum is so hot and tasty. I love it.” Lexi said as she continued to work her pussy with her cum soaked hand. “I think I have one last orgasm left me. You up for watching one more?” Lexi asked.

“Of course honey, I could watch you all day.” I said. I laid back and enjoyed to show. She alternated from fucking herself with her fingers to rubbing her clit. Lexi’s other hand playing with her tits and pinching her nipples.

“Can I video you? You look so fucking good and I know I want to watch this moment again.” I said.

“Yeah honey, it’s a little weird by myself. You were in all the other ones we took but I think it could be hot.” Lexi said.

I grabbed my phone and started the video. “You look so good just close your eyes and enjoy yourself.” I said.

It only took a few seconds for her to let herself go and forget about the camera. She continued to fuck and rub herself for about ten minutes. She would take herself right to the edge of orgasm by finger fucking her pussy hard or by rubbing her clit. Once while she was on the verge she stopped and slowly rubbed up and down her pussy and crack. I was going crazy watching her and was amazed by her control.

“Let me see you cum baby. Let it go this time” I said, never moving the camera from her.

Lexi took her hand from her tits and put it under her ass. Her fingers touched her little asshole. The cum soaked pussy hand fingered her canal. Both hand on their respective holes. Lexi slowed the hand rubbed her ass and started to push just the tip of her finger into her ass. She pushed till the second knuckle disappeared. Lexi fucked her ass slow as the other hand worked feverously on her clit.

A few seconds later, Lexi was deep into the pleasure of an orgasm. It was more than a normal orgasm. It was strong and hit her hard. All the teasing she gave herself compounded and turned into something she had never experienced.

“What the fuck is happening. Oh shit Steve. Am I squirting right now? Lexi said.

I didn’t know what to say. I was shocked to see her squirt. I sat quiet not saying anything.

“Fuck it feels good. I can’t believe I am squirting. Fuck!” Lexi said “Oh my gosh. That was a good orgasm. I don’t know what came over me.”

“That was absolutely amazing honey. I can’t believe you squirted. I am going to be watching this video a few times a day.” I said.

“I think the fact of you watching me, finger in my ass and masturbating on camera took me over the top and my pussy responded.” Lexi said “Can you grab me a towel so we can wipe this up. Then lets take a shower and take care of you one last time.”

I cleaned her up and wiped off the couch. Glad we had leather for an easy cleanup. Then we headed to the shower to finish our day.

Once we were both clean Lexi said, “The last fuck of the day Steve. Maybe after this your dick will finally go soft.”

“Not with you naked. Now come here and make love to me.” I said.

The day was full of crazy sex, hard fucking and new experiences but to end the night I wanted passion and love. I wanted to make love to my beautiful wife. I wanted to make sure that she knew I loved her.

I pulled her into a kiss. The kiss was passionate and loving. Our hands roamed each other’s bodies. My hands found her ass and I picked her up off the ground. We were now looking eye to eye. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I pushed her against the shower wall. I moved to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear knowing she loved both. Then I lifted her higher so my face was at her breast. I gave each breast and nipple ample attention. Lexi was so turned on that I could feel the heat of her pussy on my stomach.

“I need him in me Steve and please let pleasure canlı kaçak iddaa you honey. You treat me wonderful and I want to show you how much I love you.” Lexi said.

I lowered her down and kissed her again then said, “I love you Lexi”

“I love you too.” Lexi said.

Lexi reach down to find my dick. She pointed him up to find her waiting pussy lips. The tip pierced her slit and I slowly lowered her down the entire shaft. From there it was a passionate fuck. Our lips were lock and hot water was streaming down out bodies. The steady pace kept us going for a good fifteen minutes.

“I want you to cum deep inside me Steve.” Lexi said.

I increased the pace just a little and I moved back to kissing the side of her neck.

“Oh Steve, I’m cumming again. Oh don’t stop baby! Keep going” Lexi said.

Once Lexi was done she said, “Ok now it’s your turn. Cum in me baby. Fill me up.”

Lexi picked up the pace and focused on my neck and ear. Lexi softly nibbled on my ear and whispered her love in my ear. Her pussy clung to my dick like it was trying to milk the cum out of me. I could not last any longer. My dick erupted in her pussy. The feeling of dumping my seed deep inside my wife was always amazing. It was a perfect way to celebrate a great day.

We finally got in bed still naked. Not wanting the day to end since we had to go to work in the morning. We reminisced about the day and our new life. I shifted how I was laying and my hard dick bumped into her leg. Lexi looked down at my hard dick.

“Is he really still hard. How is that possible? I think I am going to be sore for days after what you have done to me.” Lexi said.

“I don’t know. It’s just being with you and how amazing you make me feel. Plus, today has been so special. Thinking about everything is just too hard to control.”

“That’s nice to hear. I’m glad you like me.” Lexi said with a coy smile, “I don’t think my pussy can take any more.”

“I really don’t need anything honey. He’s just a product of your sexiness and you have done more than enough.” I said.

“Well I can’t leave him like that. Maybe just one more blowjob.” Lexi said.

“You really don’t have to.” I said.

Lexi ignored my last comment and move between my legs to start the blowjob. I think she learned and improved from each blowjob she has given me. She could take me deeper with not as much effort. Her hand motion with each stroke became more rhythmic with her blowing. Inside her mouth her tongue danced around my cock in continual licking and caressing. Fortunately from my many orgasms throughout the day I felt like I could control my excitement and when I would cum. I let her do the work and I enjoyed the show.

Lexi’s small mouth stretched around my shaft each time she lowered herself down my nine-inch cock. I could feel my cock enter her throat with each bobbing motion. She would remove my cock from her mouth and turn her attention to my balls. Lexi tenderly licked, kissed and loved each one of them all while jacking me off. She continued to switch back from my testicles to deep throating my cock.

After about 10 minutes of this routine I said, “Not to much longer baby, I am almost there.”

With those words Lexi changed her plan of attack. She placed both hands on my shaft and starting jacking me much faster than her previous motion. Her head lowered to my cock but only to take the mushroom tip into her mouth. She treated the tip like it was a lollypop. Circling her tongue around and around while sucking with a good amount of pressure. My sensitive tip could only handle so much and with the two-handed hand job I was ready to spew.

“Its almost here. Keep sucking me like that. Jack me faster.” I said, “Oh shit I’m cumming. Fuck that feels good.”

Lexi continued to jack and suck me till she got every last drop of cum out of my dick and I turn too sensitive to her touch.

“That was fun.” Lexi said.

“It was amazing.” I said.

“I love you Steve. I guess the blowjob didn’t help that much.” Lexi said.

” I love you too. Now lets go to bed. I think were both exhausted.” I said.

We fell asleep spooning and her hand wrapped around my still hard cock. Seriously if he didn’t go down I thought I might need medical attention like the Viagra commercials that say if you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hour seek medical help. My erection lasted all day but it felt great.

The next day was hectic. Both of us slept late. We rushed out the door to get to work. We barely had time to kiss each other goodbye. Work was plenty busy but I still had time to watch Lexi’s video a few times. Lexi was in the same state of mind because she kept sexting me and sending naughty pictures of herself throughout the day. We both were ready to see each other by the end to the day. I got home just after Lexi and when I walked in the door she had already shed her work close for her birthday suit.

“I need to come home to a naked wife everyday.” I said.

“Hurry canlı kaçak bahis up and get your cloths off. I have been wet all day. But we have to be really soft. I am so sore from yesterday. I don’t know if my pussy can take your dick.” Lexi said.

“Don’t worry honey. How about a little 69 action and I will be really soft.” I said.

“I could go for some of that.” Lexi said.

“Good, lets both have a good orgasm then I want to take you out for a nice dinner and shopping.” I said.

“Sounds like a wonderful night. You really know how to treat me right; orgasms, food and shopping are the perfect way to my heart.” Lexi said.

I took her to our bed. Lexi lowered her perfectly smooth pussy down to my face. I licked the entire slit and ass to get a good taste of her sweet nectar.

“Wow, pleasure and pain. My pussy is so sore. Your big dick really worked me over yesterday. I’m so sorry but I don’t think we can fuck today. Fuck! I’m so mad. I was looking forward to this all day. I can call Kim to see if she can come fuck you.” Lexi said.

Lexi’s willingness to please was such a turn on and the thought of fucking Kim again was enticing but I said, “No honey. I just want to spend time with you. Just being next to your naked body is enough. Plus your blowjobs are great. I will be soft and I know I will get you off.”

“Are you sure baby?” Lexi said.

“Yes I am positive. Now get ready for a good orgasm.” I said.

I did not want to give her any pain so I focused on her clit while she turned her attention to my waiting cock. Not much later we were both basking in the euphoria of orgasm.

“That was pretty good, wasn’t it?” Lexi said.

“I could lick your pussy for days. I love everything about your pussy, the perfect shape of your lips, the taste, and how smooth it is. She really is perfect.” I said.

“Oh Steve stop it, your making me blush. My pussy doesn’t compare to your dick. Your dick is just…” Lexi said.

“Wait let me stop you right there. Nothing about me compares to you. The female body is art compared to a male body. How about we go get dressed and head to dinner. Even though I just ate I am still starving. I guess pussy just doesn’t fill me up.” I said and we both laughed.

“Sounds great but what should I wear?” Lexi asked.

“I was hoping you would say something like that because I actually bought you something today. Can I pick out your underwear too?” I said knowing she wanted to start dressing sexier.

“Sure honey. Let me see what you bought. I feel like all my cloths are not that sexy and with my new mindset I feel so much more comfortable in my body I want to show a little more.” Lexi said.

“I know you were feeling that way so I went shopping. I just hope the cloths fit.” I said as I pulled out a pair of cut off jean shorts that looked tiny in my hands and a classy white tank top that on the store manikin showed a lot of cleavage.

“They look cute and small. I don’t think I have ever worn anything so revealing in public. I’m a little nervous. Let me put them on but first I need some underwear.” Lexi said.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot.” I said as I ran into the closet. “You pick out a bra. Those things confuse me.” I found what I was looking for in a drawer that Lexi kept all the lingerie and gifts she had gotten way back from her bachelorette party. I had forgotten they existed till I was thinking about tonight. One of her friends bought her a super sexy pair of crotch less thong panties. Lexi never dared try them on so they sat unused for years until tonight. I came out of the closet holding them for her to see.

“Oh shit, I can’t wear those in public.” Lexi said as her old conservative mindset was returning.

“You can and you will. You already said I could pick out your panties.” I said.

“Ok fine. Let me have them so I can get dressed.” Lexi said.

First she pulled on the panties and the hole in the panties perfectly outlined her clean pussy. They looked perfect on her. Then came the push up bra and the tank top, which fit her great. Her cleavage was just the right about to look good and not like a total slut. Lastly she pulled on the shorts. At first I thought I bought a size to small as she struggled to pull them over her firm ass. Until at last they were all the way up. They could have been painted on they looked so tight. She made the shorts look good. The shorts showed off her beautiful legs and ended right below the crease of her ass.

“You look amazing. Those might not be the best for trying on clothes but you look great.” I said.

Lexi grabbed some heals and I got dressed and we were out the door. It felt like a sports car type of night so I could drive with the top down and show off my wife. We made it to the restaurant that was a great steakhouse next to the mall.

“What stores are you wanting to go to after dinner?” I asked.

“I pretty much want a whole new wardrobe. Everything I have is the old me. I need to update almost everything.” Lexi said.

“I think we will be shopping all week then.” I said.

“Sex and shopping every night seems pretty good to me.” Lexi said.

“As long as I get a fashion show of everything. I will buy you anything you want.” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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