Houseguest Turns Homewrecker

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This story contains: Cheating, Anal, Panty-Sniffing, Rimming, Squirting, and Cumplay

My wife Stacy and I have been married for a couple of years at this point and we couldn’t be happier.

Ok… maybe we could be happier, but couldn’t everyone? What had once been a very adventurous sex life had become a little monotonous and scripted leaving more than a little bit of frustration in its wake.

That frustration was exacerbated when my wife asked me a very simple question that I wholeheartedly wish I had answered differently: “Hey, babe? Lexi has to move out of her apartment at the end of the month but her lease at the new place won’t start until the end of next month. Can she stay with us?”

All it would have taken was a simple, “I’m not sure that’s such a good idea,” and everything might be different.

Maybe if I had just said that I wouldn’t be balls deep in my wife’s best friend while the love of my life puts on her makeup just a few feet away from us.

That took a very dramatic and swift turn, and so I’ll run it back a couple of weeks to give a little bit of background.

First, my dumbass did not say no.

I said, “of course babe,” and before I knew it, Lexi was unpacking boxes into our guest bedroom.

Lexi had always been a stunner. She was the Maid of Honor in our wedding and every single guy (even the married ones) couldn’t take their eyes off of her.

She is tall, around 5’8, but that’s never prevented her from wearing heels. When some guys say they’re “ass-men” or “boob-men,” Lexi has the gaul to answer that particular multiple choice question with “all of the above.”

She keeps her blonde hair cut relatively short, and her blue eyes are piercing, but the sexiest thing about her may be her flirtacious personality.

She’s got a smirk that would make Natalie Dormer blush and if you ever say something clever around her that makes her laugh, she gives you the most effortlessly sexy wink you’ve ever seen.

So yeah. That’s who I had just agreed to cohabitate with over the next month.

A lot of times in stories like these people will say “it started off fine,” but in this case that would be a lie. It started off terribly and only got worse.

As Lexi was moving she was wearing a tight white tank top and shorts that made a Hooters uniform look like church attire. I assumed that the ensemble was just what she wore for a physically strenuous activity like moving, but over the next week she somehow began wearing less clothing rather than more.

It became the norm for her shorts to be gone altogether as she wore large tee shirts and cheeky boy short style panties around the house. I found myself in a constant state of arousal and Stacy was no more willing to satiate my needs than she had been before Lexi arrived.

This morning was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. I woke up before Stacy, and made my way to the bathroom for a morning release to try to start the day on the right foot.

As I made my way through the hallway I noticed that Lexi’s door was slightly ajar and I couldn’t help but think with the wrong head as I peaked in.

There she was, seemingly asleep on her stomach, blankets cast aside leaving her completely bare body in my view. I’d seen most of her body over the last several weeks but to finally glimpse her completely nude tanned ass on full display for me was a literal dream come true.

Perhaps if I had experienced sexual release last night when I tried to seduce Stacy this would have played out differently. However, I decided to press my luck and opened the camera app on my phone and took a couple of pictures of Lexi to use in the bathroom.

Satisfied with my haul, I opened the bathroom door Disney plus izle and was greeted with a second lovely surprise provided by Lexi that morning. The reason her body was bare was because she had left her tee shirt and bright pink thong on the floor of the bathroom when she had showered last night.

Perhaps if I hadn’t been so horny I would have thought to lock the door prior to picking up her panties, but alas, I was thinking with the wrong head once again.

In one motion I reached down to snatch the panties off the floor with one hand and pulled my throbbing hard cock out of my boxers with the other. I held the panties to my face, inhaling the aromatic scent of the forbidden fruit as my hand rapidly pumped my dick.

I began to consider what she must taste like but before my tongue could extend to the fabric I heard the door handle turn and a gasp from behind me.

As quickly as I’d snatched the panties and withdrawn my member, I did the opposite. I tried to hide my rock hard erection behind the flimsy fabric of my boxers and slowly turned around to find Lexi standing in the doorway looking shocked.

“Hey Lex!” I tried to say confidently, “I was about to do some laundry and needed to see if these were clean or dirty.” I said, surprised to have come up with an even remotely reasonable cause for sniffing my wife’s best friend’s panties.

“Oh ok,” she said, relief appearing on her face. “That’s so good,” she said, walking into the room and closing the door behind her.

“Because what I thought you were doing,” she said as she locked the door that I had failed to, “was stroking that big fat cock while you sniffed my panties and looked at pictures you just perved off of me.” She said, holding up my phone that I’d placed on the counter with the pictures I’d taken still pulled up.

“And that would be so bad…” She said as she closed the gap between us, now just inches away from me. “Because I haven’t had any good dick since I moved in and if you wasted it on your hand I’d be so sad.” She finished with sexiest pout I had ever seen before standing on her tip toes and planting a deep kiss on my lips.

I was frozen momentarily before giving in to my desires and kissing her back. I kissed her passionately allowing my tongue to slide into her mouth in the same way it had been about to taste her remnants on the fabric of her thong when she had interrupted me.

She embraced my tongue, sucking it hungrily before breaking our kiss and slowly dropping to her knees and picking up her panties.

She stood back up and whispered into my ear “you might need these in order to stay quiet so you don’t wake Stacy for this next part.”

She then took her panties, stuffed them into my mouth, and winked at me as she smirked and slid down to her knees and withdrew my throbbing cock from the hole in my boxers.

She did not ease into it. She acted like a starving animal as she dove down the full length of my shaft and took the head all the way down her throat. She was right, I needed those panties because the moan that I made would have woken the neighbors let alone my wife.

She looked up at me, those sweet blue eyes welling with tears as she gagged around my cock, before winking again and beginning to bob up and down my length.

Soon I felt my orgasm rising, but for the second time this morning it was ruined by a woman at the bathroom door. Stacy knocked and said “Hey babe! I need to get in there and get ready, can I come in?”

Lexi froze cartoonishly with my dick in her mouth but I thought quickly. I pulled the panties from my mouth, turned on the shower, effortlessly picked Lexi up and placed her in the shower, unlocked the door and got in Exxen izle the shower myself before closing the curtain.

“Come on in babe,” I yelled and looked down at Lexi who had a devilish grin on her saucy face.

I held a finger to my lips to tell her to stay quiet and then she took that finger and proceeded to suck it in the same way she had been sucking my dick moments before.

My cock throbbed and dripped precum as I watched her sultry lips envelop my finger and take it all the way down her throat before removing it again.

“Hey babe, which lipstick do you think?” I heard Stacy ask and I leaned forward to open the curtain just enough for my head to stick out.

I looked my wife over. What the hell was I thinking? Here she was looking as good as the day I married her in a short black dress, black stockings and red high heels and I was getting blown by her best friend in the shower.

As I contemplated my infidelity I felt a new sensation.

Fingernails… first on my left, then my right ass cheek. Then suddenly I felt both hands close around me and pull my cheeks apart displaying my (to this point) virgin rosebud to my new partner.

I tried to hide the shock at this new level of intimacy while helping Stacy choose her lipstick but suddenly I was taken to a level of pleasure I had yet to feel in my life as Lexi’s tongue wasted no time lapping at my asshole.

My eyes fluttered and I stifled a moan as I tried to sell it. “Good God babe you look spectacular…” I nearly groaned in response.

I felt Lexi smirk against my ass at how her oral talents were impacting my dialogue before she went back to work, this time darting her tongue into my asshole and plunging her face in and out as she tongue fucked me.

My eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head as she worked my ass over but eventually I told Stacy I liked the red lipstick to match her heels and she blushed before coming up to me and kissing me. “Maybe you can see what else it matches tonight.” She whispered in my ear before going back to the mirror, implying that beneath her short black dress she was wearing my favorite red panties.

What the fuck was happening? My wife is talking dirty to me while her best friend rims my ass? What did I do to deserve this life?

“Well I can’t wait to see it babe, what time do you think you’ll be home tonight?” I asked as I dipped my head back behind the curtain and somehow pulled Lexi away from my ass.

“Your turn,” I mouthed at her before bending her over as she rested her hands on the faucet.

Stacy proceeded to talk about everything she’d need to do today but I didnt hear anything. Instead, I leaned forward and ran my tongue slowly, tenderly, from Lexi’s clit all the way down her drenched slit to her tight little puckered asshole. She was completely hairless and somehow her pussy was even cuter than I could have expected.

Having already tasted her on her panties while she deepthroated me earlier I decided not to play with my food and went to work. I wanted to make this sexy little harlot cum as her best friend talked about work just a few feet away.

I pulled away for a moment and said “uh huh,” so that Stacy would think I was listening but then Lexi grabbed the back of my head and shoved me back into her. I sucked on her clit as I slid first one, then two fingers into her pussy.

She had one hand against her mouth to stifle the noise of her moans and I decided to put that to the test. In one movement I moved my mouth to her asshole and curled my fingers against her G Spot and I felt her legs buckle.

We were in the shower, but what I was sprayed with was not water as Lexi exploded and squirted all over my hands and face.

When Gain tv izle she had come down from her orgasm she stood up, looked me in the eye somehow even more hungrily than before, and took my hand in hers. She brought my cumsoaked fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean of her juices before bringing me in for a kiss to taste herself on my tongue.

Once she was satisfied that I had no more of her cum to feed to her she whispered in my ear, “I need this fucking dick inside of me NOW,” and with that last word she bit my earlobe.

“You can have any hole you want, just fucking get that cock in me.” She whispered again as she bent over and spread her ass cheeks to display both of her perfect holes.

“So yeah… After I finish all of that I should be home at like 6ish?” I heard Stacy finish.

“Ok babe sounds great, I’ll have dinner ready when you get home.” I said as I shoved my cock balls deep into Lexi’s dripping cunt.

“Thanks babe, well I’ve got to go, give me a kiss.” Stacy said.

I froze. This is how I’d be caught. This is how my marriage would end. Fuck it.

I leaned my head out of the curtain again, and kissed my wife on the cheek saying “I don’t want to ruin your lipstick.”

“Ok, I love you, if you see Lexi tell her I said bye.” I heard her say after I went back behind the curtain.

“I love you too babe, if I see her I’ll let her know.” I said as I heard her open and then close the door behind her as she left for work.

“Holy fucking shit that was so hot…” Lexi moaned now that we were alone again and I couldn’t disagree.

“Fuck me in the ass… fuck me in the ass like I know she won’t let you.” Lexi said, looking back at me with a face that told me she’d say yes to anything I wanted.

I didn’t hesitate. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pushed the head against her saliva lubricated sphincter which slowly allowed every inch of my cock into its depths.

“Fuck yesssssss…” Lexi moaned as I began to slowly rock my cock in and out of her ass. “Fuck me harder… fucking use my ass for your pleasure baby… fuck me like you want to fuck Stacy and tell me how much you love this ass.” She moaned as my dick impaled her.

“Fuck yes Lexi, I’ve wanted Stacy’s ass since we were dating and she’d never do it… You have such a perfect fucking ass baby and only a true fucking slut like you would let her best friend’s husband fuck it like this.”

“Fuck… I’m going to cum Lexi…” I moaned and she pulled off of my cock and got down on her knees.

To my surprise though, she turned the water off, grabbed her panties from the bathroom floor and put them over her face as she smirked up at me. “Cum all over my face baby… cum on my pretty face and on my dirty panties so that when I put them back on I feel your delicious cum against my slutty pussy all day.” She said with a wink.

Fucking her in the ass got me to the edge. Her getting on her knees for a facial and placing the panties on her face nearly pushed me over the edge. The dirty talk had me hanging on by a hair, but the thing that finally led to the torrential outpouring of cum all over her beautiful face and panties was that fucking wink.

I absolutely doused her in my seed. I painted her face and permanently stained those panties and for a moment I was legitimately concerned I may drown her in cum, but she lapped up every last drop.

Finally, when my cock was spent she enveloped it one last time into her tonils to get any remnants of cum before standing and drying off her body with a towel.

She then took her cumdrenched panties, and stepped into them, never breaking eye contact as she brought them all the way up. “You can do that laundry you were talking about tomorrow, these weren’t dirty enough yet.” She said with another smirk, as she kissed me on the cheek and made for the bathroom door.

“Maybe next time we use Stacy’s ass?” She said with a wink as she walked out the door and closed it.

To be continued?

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