Hotel Hot Tub

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We arrive at the hotel, I have you blindfolded, it’s a surprise where I’m taking you. I carry you up the stairs into the suite and sit you on the couch. It’s a nice size suite, a large living room area with a fireplace, huge kitchen that I plan on making you dinner in, enormous bedroom with a fireplace and a cozy bathroom with a nice 4 person hot tub. I know you’re probably peeking, you’re curious by nature! I pour you a glass of wine (I know you don’t drink, but please make an exception), and bring it to you.

I pull off the blindfold and offer you a drink. As you’re drinking, I pull open the floor to ceiling drapes so that we can watch the sunset over a distant hill. The sunset is nearly as beautiful as you ;), but not quite! After the sunset, I make you a nice dinner, I hope you like spaghetti (that’s all I’m really good at LOL). I clear away the dishes as you go to the bedroom to change for dessert.

You call me into the bedroom after a few minutes, my jaw drops as I enter the room. You are sitting on the bed, your hair is down, your arm is extended, your finger motioning me to come nearer to you. The outfit that you are wearing is a matching white lace bra and thong panties. My mouth is still on the floor, I pick it up and follow your beckoning finger to the bed. I go to get onto the bed and you frown and ask me to bursa escort take off my clothes. I do so fast that my pants are barely on the floor when my shirts already coming off. We sit on the bed drinking wine, softly kissing, fondling each other’s bodies, when you whisper in my ear those words you love to use so much, “LICK MY CLIT, BITCH.”:D

Well, who am I to argue, I get between your legs and pull those nice lace panties aside to see your wet pussy. My tongue goes to it quickly and begins to lick up and down it until your legs slide farther apart. I spread your lips apart and lick your clit, looking into your eyes as you rub your nipples. I put my hands under your ass lifting your pussy to my waiting mouth, burying my tongue between your lips. I push my tongue inside of your pussy for just a second, but you obviously like me licking your clit better. I continue to suck, lick, and nibble on your clit until your body tenses up, I know you’re scared, you don’t want to do something embarrassing, but I lick harder anyways and send you over the edge, as you cum long and hard. Your pussy has gotten my face all wet, and I slide a finger inside of you as you finish your orgasm.

You grab me by my hair and pull me up next to you on the bed, kissing me deeply, pushing your tongue inside of my mouth. Without a word you get up bursa escort bayan and walk into the bathroom and start the hot tub, I see your bra and panties come flying into the bedroom one at a time.

I waste no time getting into the bathroom to find you standing in the hot tub, bending over, so that I can see you fingering your pussy from behind. I get into the tub and go to help your fingers with my tongue, and you lightly slap me back. You turn and ask me to sit on the edge of the tub. I do and you get between my legs, and begin to kiss my medium length, but extra thick cock. You have positioned yourself above a jet, it’s stream of water pushing against your pussy lips. You moan as you engulf my cock into your mouth, I can tell you are going to cum from the water washing over your pussy, and the sensation of my cock in your mouth.

As always my first orgasm comes quickly, but that’s ok because the next one will most likely be a long wait, with me remaining rock hard in between. You pull back and jack me off will my cum flies and lands on your tits. The whole experience is too much for you and you cum again. You take a finger and scoop some cum up and put it into your mouth, licking your finger clean. Then you pull me down into the water with you. We kiss again, you sitting on my lap, but then you turn around escort bursa and grab some soap, you take it under the water and begin to soap up my still hard cock. I ask you what you are doing but you just kiss me for my answer.

Your soapy hand jacks off my rock hard cock, then without warning, you turn around and sit on my cock, the head of my cock is pushed to the pucker of your asshole. Slowly, you pushed your ass down on my slippery cock, the soap makes it so very easy for my thick cock to slide inside your extremely tight ass. You tell me to hold still while you get used to the feeling of my cock inside of your ass, I reach around and rub your nipples and your clit to relax your body even more.

We rock up and down with each other, you squeezing me with your ass, until I cum hard deep up inside your ass. I pull out and you use the soap to clean me off before you sit back down facing me, sliding my still hard cock up inside your pussy. I reach down between us and rub your clit as my cock slides in and out of your tight hole. I pull out far enough that the head of my cock is out of you, then pushes back into you.

My lips lock on your nipple and suck hard while we thrash the water of the hot tub sending waves out of the tub, and sending waves of pleasure through your body. For the second time in your life you have an orgasm, one that rocks your body, and causes my own orgasm.

Slowly we pull our bodies apart and we get out of the tub, dry off and retire to the bed, where we watch the fire dance in the fireplace and…..well that’s another story. 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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