Hot Pizza Delivery

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“Yes, oh fuck yes, ram me, make me cum!”

Amy’s urging powered Brian along, he could feel his balls swollen up, ready to dump a hot load. Amy’s legs were around his waist, he felt her legs tighten up, then the grip as Amy’s pussy clamped at him, pulling hard, spasming wildly, and her shriek as she climaxed took him with her. He let out a loud grunt as his prick exploded, pumping rapidly.

Amy felt the rush of hot spunk blossoming deep inside her, oh yes, the warmth spreading out, filling her needy heat with hot sperm satisfaction, ahh that felt so good.

Brian’s cock finally squirted out the last drops, and he sagged down, pleasantly drained, Amy had the sweetest cunt he’d ever had, a gripping, eager tightness that he’d never had before, and he was hooked.

Amy was feeling kinky and naughty, she wanted to try something that she’d thought of, but never tried before. How to ask Brian, how would he react, fuck it, just tell it bluntly.

“Let’s order a pizza, and if the delivery guy is cute, I’ll be his tip! I’d like to answer the door, totally naked, and tease him with my nude body to lick me and fuck me! Can you handle watching another guy lick my pussy, then ram my cunt and fill it with a hot load?”

Amy held her breath until she saw his cock rising up beneath the sheets, and she giggled and cooed, “I take that as a yes!”

It was perfect. Brian’s house had one of those surveillance cameras at the front door recording the comings and goings around the front porch. They could see who would be delivering, Amy hoped he would be cute, so he could make an extra delivery to her tight pussy.

Amy said, “You call up, make it a mushroom, ham, and green pepper.”

After the call, Amy strolled around totally naked and laid out her plan.

“Brian, you will be over where the living room has that doorway into the hallway, if you turn out the light in the hall, you can stand in the dark and watch. Now, I must ask you, are you totally sure you can handle watching me with another man?”

Brian knew that he would say yes, he would not give up Amy, she was far too fine, and he said, softly, “Oh yeah baby. I can handle it!”

Amy smiled and cooed, “After the delivery guy’s gotten his tip, it’ll be your turn lover!”

Fifteen minutes later, they were both eagerly watching the camera feed, and they saw a car park at the curb, with the pizza company’s lighted display topper on the car’s roof. They saw the driver get out, and walk up towards the door.

Amy purred, “Oh yeah, he looks so nice. This is it, lover!”

Brian quickly scuttled back to his assigned watching spot, and when Amy heard the doorbell chime, she hurried over, clicking on the light right above her so he would get a great view. She took a deep breath, aware of how naked she was, and opened the door.

The delivery guy started to say Good evening, and he fell silent as he was confronted with the view. Holy fuck, a hot naked blonde babe was opening the door to him!

She smiled at him he was wearing a name tag that said Jim and she cooed, “Umm, that was so fast eryaman escort bayan Jim, I’ll bet it’s all hot and juicy!”

As she rummaged in her purse, Jim couldn’t tear his eyes away. He quickly sized her up, wanting to commit her sexy shape to memory for masturbation fodder. Five-foot seven, about 130 pounds, shoulder-length golden honey color hair, jade green eyes, nice smooth complexion. His eyes took in the firm, upright breasts. Nice, grapefruit-sized mounds, he saw her nipples jutting up. Her tummy was flat, her hips had a sexy curve, her pussy was waxed bare and smooth, sleek, full legs, and from watching her as she turned to get her purse from the door side table, he had observed how her rump had a graceful curve, perky and smooth.

When she handed him the cash, she cooed, “Jim, I know something else that’s hot and juicy. Instead of some cash, how would you like me as your tip?”

She saw his cock tenting out his pants, oh he looked big, and Amy pressed her advantage.

“Follow me Jim, and do exactly what I tell you.”

She led him to the living room, she smiled as she looked over to the dark corner where her boyfriend was, then she brought Jim around.

“Now, on your knees Jim, I’m going to stand over you, and I want you to lick my tight little box. Do it well enough, and you’ll get a bonus.”

Amy watched the exciting sight of Jim taking the position. She moaned, then gasped as he thrust his face against her, his tongue sliding out to rim all over her pink lips.

“Ummm, Ummm, nice” she cooed.

Jim drove his tongue into her as deep as he could, and he tasted a rush of the load that had been pumped into her pussy just a short while ago. It hit a kink button, licking a just fucked pussy, and he sucked hard, wanting to drain her pussy of every drop of the mingled cum. Fuck, she tasted so fucking delicious, and he went after her box with vigor, enjoying her grunts and growls of pleasure, he slid a finger inside her pussy, wanting to get it as wet and slippery as possible.

Amy was feeling her body light up, Jim knew exactly how to service her sizzling fuck-hole, and she looked forward to getting him to stuff her box. His tongue started to lash at her clit, and she could feel her orgasm building.

“Yes, oh yes, oh my god, feels so good, make me cum Jim!”

Jim grabbed her ass cheeks, spread them apart, and the tip of his finger started to run all over her tight, puckered ass hole. Amy growled, it gave her orgasm a huge push, and as the tip of his finger probed her, then sliding in to the first knuckle, her pussy exploded in a wash of hot juices, she let out a full-throated shriek as she came in a face washing rush. Her pussy spasmed hard, over and over, she rode a massive wave as Jim’s face was soaked.

She felt the last spasm shake her and saw Jim’s face grinning at her, it looked like he’d just got caught in a torrential downpour.

Getting her breath back, she cooed, “Ummm that was such a great pussy licking, you’ve earned the other part of the tip. The tip of your prick opening up my cunt, I want ankara escort you to ram me until your ready to explode, then I want to ride you like a cowgirl, and feel all the hot spunk filling me up!”

She lay back, eagerly spreading her thighs in wanton invitation as Jim dropped his pants, he was big, bigger than Brian. How big, 9 inches, 10? Her mind spun with the idea of taking that big a dick, and her pussy was dripping with anticipation.

Jim grinned, his 9 inches was going to stuff her sweet pussy, and he nudged the tip of his dick against her.

“Oh yeah, give that big thick cock, drive it in!”

Her eyes widened as he did just that, his thicker prick spread her open, fuck it felt so good having her tight walls stretched, and his cock went beyond what Brian’s 7 inches could fill.

“Ummmm, unnnghhh, unnghhh, oh fuck,” Amy growled, as she felt her pussy being opened deeper than ever, the twinges and sizzles of her previously unopened tunnel being spread made her body light up, and she felt him bury it, she was supremely stuffed, he let out a loud grunt as his balls smacked against her ass.

“Oh yeah, so big, so hard, fuck me, Jim.”

Jim was happy to do so, pulling back then driving back in. Oh yeah, she was tight, wrapped around his cock, he knew from the feeling that his was the biggest cock she’d ever had. Oh yeah, he loved getting it into tight pink holes that hs never gotten a big dick to open them up, he felt her legs wrap around his waist, hungry for every bit of his prick.

Amy’s cunt stretched out to take this welcome intrusion, oh god, it was amazing. His cock was thumping against the fluttering back wall of her cervix, feeling him so deep whipped up her lust and drove her on. She wondered how Brian was reacting to seeing her like a lust-driven slut.

Brian couldn’t take his eyes off the scene. He had wondered, idly, what it would be like to see Amy in action with another guy. His cock had soared back up, he’d never felt harder. Amy’s cunt was being fucked by another guy, she was going to take another man’s spunk, kept zipping through his mind. He wanted to fuck her while she was still flooded, his mind relished the idea of reaming her while she still had another guy’s cum deep inside her.

Amy grunted, “Yeah, oh fuck yeah, so deep, let me have it!”

Jim was happy to do so, shafting her sweet fuck-hole to the max every time, her grunts and loud cries of pleasure urging him on. He felt his balls churning, he was quickly reaching the brink.

“Grab me, baby, and hold on!”

With her body wrapped tightly around him, he rolled them over and enjoyed the sight of Amy now taking the lead. She moved above him with expert strokes, pumping her hips, eager to make both of them explode.

“Oh yeah Jim, I want your hot cream, give it to me!”

She reached behind her, grabbed his balls, and started to gently squeeze them.

Jim felt his cock jerk, swelling up, and a loud cry from Amy as his cock wedged into her womb. As Amy shrieked, shuddering in orgasm above him, Jim’s cock let loose, he sincan escort bayan grunted as his spunk started to spray, pumping his hot seed to paint her womb, her pussy milking at him, eager for every drop.

When the last spasm had rippled through her, Amy lifted up, and her mouth descended, eager to taste the results of their fucking. She licked his cock clean, then ran her mouth up and down a few times, to taste every last bit. She felt his cock stiffen up quickly, growing back to full, and she wanted to finish what she started. She had him stand, she liked to suck cock the right way, on her knees in the classic subservient cocksucker position. She clamped her lips around his shaft and used her tongue to swirl around his cock.

Jim grunted, god, what a talent she had. A body made for fucking, and a mouth made for cock sucking. Her boyfriend sure is a lucky guy, ran through his mind, as he felt her blowjob rhythm, a swirling, sucking, cock hungry vortex eager to milk the cum right out of him.

“Oh yeah baby, keep sucking my prick, make me flood your mouth!”

He delighted as Amy picked up the pace, looking down at the ball stirring sight of her head of blonde hair bobbing back and forth on his prick. She looked so hot, her full red lips stretched around his shaft, cheeks hollowed out as she sucked like a Hoover, oh fuck, he felt his cock being swallowed completely, hot damn, his cock slid down her throat until his balls touched her chin, she was making swallowing motions around the head of his cock, holy fuck, that felt incredible. She pulled her mouth back halfway, then swallowed him again, deep throating him with a talent that no other woman who had sucked his cock had ever displayed.

Amy was fingering her dripping cunt wildly with her right hand, while her left hand grasped his balls, giving him a little squeezing action, she wanted a mouth-filling rush, she felt her orgasm rushing at her, his cock jerked and swelled up right down her throat, and her mouth tightened up as she tumbled into orgasm, muffled squeals of pleasure vibrating his cock.

Jim growled, “Oh fuck, yeah, YEAH!,” and he let out a loud grunt as his cock blew, the first rush of hot cream was fired straight down Amy’s throat, she pulled back and let his cock spew the rest of his creamy load all over her tongue, Ummm, the taste was delicious, and she kept her lips tight around his cock, letting her tongue paint his cock head, not letting him go until she pulled back with a tight grip, hungry for every drop.

Jim was in a daze as he pulled his clothing back on, he might get canned for being away so long, but fuck it, he had just gotten the best tips ever. He got a sizzling, tongue-filled goodbye kiss at the door. and he felt her hand stroking at his crotch.

“Next time you want to get off Jim, think about what we did while you stroke that prick!”

When she closed the door, Brian appeared, his cock was as hard as steel, and he carried her back to bed where he drove his swollen prick in, reveling in the mixed cums surrounding his cock. Amy went into multi-orgasms, cumming over and over until Brian let out a roar and flooded her with his built-up load.

Later, as they were eating the re-heated pizza, Amy smiled, with every bite of pizza she took, she was thinking about how Jim used her holes and flooded her with his cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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