Hot Couplings – Erotic Reversals

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Author’s note: Jake and Traci are together again, more passionate and charged than ever. This is a true story.


Jake had had it. It was a non-stop stream of people coming into his office, needing his opinion on this, his permission on that, his signature on that document, his okay for this project. No matter where he turned or what he did, he was constantly in demand, constantly having to make decisions.

Just once, he thought, I would like to be able to sit back and not have to be the one who controls everything. Just once, it would be nice to let someone take charge so I could just relax and enjoy the moment.

At that same time, Traci was dealing with her own demands: walk the dog, take her mom to the doctor, visit a sick friend. For her, it was a non-stop day full of having to respond to all of the demands placed on her. For once, she thought, it would be nice to call the shots and be in control of what went on around her.

Jake and Traci, although living very different lives at the moment, really were cut out of the same cloth. They both had this instant and crazy attraction to each other. Jake loved Traci’s gorgeous body: her firm tits, her full ass, her beautiful smile. Traci loved Jake’s hardbody and his wicked sense of imagination. She never knew anyone who could think of as many fun and wicked things for them to do as a couple.

While they each appreciated different aspects in each other, there was one way where they were both wickedly the same: they both loved to explore and exploit each other. Jake loved ravishing Traci’s perfect body; her firm tits, her tight ass, her beautifully shaved pussy, while Traci loved the length, width and taste of Jake’s perfectly sized cock. Together, they reveled in exploring and abusing each other for their own twisted delight.

Today, Traci wanted to take control of some aspect of her life and she thought she’d start with Jake. As soon as she arrived home, she went straight to the liquor cabinet, found her favorite tequila and had a couple of quick shots. Nothing made her relax or let loose like tequila did. With the drinks warming her, she headed off upstairs and began to undress. As she admired herself in front of the mirror, she thought with a body like this, I could control some men; that would be a start. Touching her nipples, she had to admit she did like her body and knew men did too. This would be where she would start tonight.

She moved from the mirror and went into the closet where she found the thigh-high boots she had and a riding crop. Slipping on the boots, she found a tiny black thong and a tie of Jake’s she slipped on. Dressed as she was, she made her downstairs and sat on the couch, in the dark, waiting for Jake.

Jake was feeling the exact opposite. Today, he just wanted to come home, have a drink and disengage from the world. He didn’t want to be the corporate leader; he just wanted to fall pendik escort into the ebb and flow of whatever came his way.

Jake made his way to the liquor cabinet, found his scotch and walked into the living room so he could just collapse on the couch and relax. That’s when Traci flipped on the light.

Jake was speechless. There Traci was, dressed as slutty as he has ever seen her, one foot up on the couch, showing her glistening pussy covered by the tiniest of things. Once he managed to tear himself away from that view, he saw his favorite tie nestled snugly between her beautiful tits. And she had a riding crop that she just slowly bounced in one hand.

“Get over here, you worthless slave,” she barked.

Jake was jarred from the view by the harshness of her tone, but did exactly as she ordered.

“Get down on your knees and lick my boots,” she commanded.

Jake had never seen this side of her before, but had no desire to disobey, so he knelt down and began licking the tops of her boots.

“Good little slave, now stand up and strip.”

Jake did as he was told, standing up and slowly removing all of his clothes. As he bent over to remove his undies, he heard the swing of the crop before he felt it. “Thhwwwaccckk!” It exploded on his bare asscheeks.

“What was that for?” Jake howled.

“You were too slow. When I tell you to do something, I expect it done quickly. Now get over and lick this pussy.”

Without thinking, Jake fell to his knees and immediately began mouthing her cunt through her thong.

Thhwwwaccckk! Another slap of the crop on his bare ass.

Jake looked up, confused, yet strangely aroused.

“When I want a pussylicking, I want my pussy licked, not my thong washed,” she purred.

With his eyes still locked on Traci, Jake roughly pulled her thong down and immediately buried his head into her wet cunt, licking and tonguing like a madman.

“Oh baby, that’s it…..keep it up….good fucking slave,” she trailed.

After a few minutes of pure enjoyment, Traci lifted one boot and pushed Jake back so he fell right to the floor. As he lay there, he could see Traci’s glistening cunt and saw that look in her eyes; the look she had when she was hot and wanted cock. Knowing that, his own cock stiffened until he had a full hard-on, waiting for he knew not what.

“Oh, my nice little cockslave,” Traci teased. “What would my baby like to do with his hardcock? Does he want to fuck this hot….wet…cunt?”

Hearing that teasing rhythm in her voice, Jake could barely get out his own words, “Yes baby, I’d sooo like to fuck you.”

Without seeing it coming, Jake felt the riding crop again, this time on the outside of his asscheek. Thhhwwwaccckkk!

“My disobedient little fucking slave,” Traci growled. “When you talk to me, you call me Mistress. Understood, fucktoy?”

“Yes Mistress,” Jake replied, fearing another hit to maybe something more sensitive and escort pendik vulnerable.

“Good little fucktoy, now lie still and let me play with you.”

With that, Traci moved over to him and straddled him so her wet cunt was directly above his straining rod. She slowly lowered herself towards him, her legs brushing against his straining cock. For every brush against her leg, Jake let out an involuntary moan, as he mindlessly raised his hips to find her wet pussy.

“Oh no, my little slave, I’ll tell you when I’m going to fuck you,” she whispered. And with that, she lowered herself even more, so her wet pussy brushed his cum-leaking cock. With their eyes locked, she lowered herself even more, as she took his hard dick in one smooth stroke, all the way up into her hungry cunt.

“Does my baby like this wet cunt? Does he love fucking his Mistress?” she cooed.

“Oh baby, you know I love…..” As soon as he said that, he realized he’d forgotten to call her Mistress. With that, he tensed up as she pulled away from him, fully expecting another reminder of his disobedience.

Instead, she laughed. “Oh, my poor silly slave. You sooo need to be taught a lesson.” With that she extended a hand and pulled him toward the couch.

“Now, stay on your knees, bend over and put your face on the couch seat.”

Jake shuffled over to the couch, and lay face down on the couch seat, his bareass sticking out.

“Don’t peek. Close your eyes, my fucking boytoy,”

Jake closed his eyes and gripped the couch cushions for some reason. He could just imagine her giving him a hard whack for being so thoughtless. While he waited, he could hear her moving about and rustling things, but didn’t know what was happening. Within a minute, he felt her move in behind him and felt this warm goo running between his asscheeks. As it ran down over his asshole and towards his balls, he felt her hand rub his ass, then felt her finger find his hole and penetrate it.

“My poor baby needs some discipline and he’s going to get it. Now just relax lover, and let mommy take control.”

At that, she slid her finger deeper into his asshole and pumped him with first one finger, then another and another, until she had three fingers fucking his ass.

“Yes baby, let mommy fuck her boy. Just relax….,” And Jake did just that, relaxed while Traci finger fucked his ass. As he enjoyed the rhythm and feel of her deep caresses, he felt her pull out. After an awkward shuffle behind him, he felt a new probe at his asshole, one bigger and one more insistent than that of her fingers.

“It’s okay baby, mommy is going to fuck her little slave with this cock. Just let mommy in and she’ll fuck you good.”

With that, Traci slowly but insistently pushed her jelly cock deep inside Jake, until she had her strap-on buried up to the balls, deep in his ass.

“You love this, don’t you baby? You love mommy fucking your ass. Tell mommy you love having this pendik escort bayan cock in your fucking ass.”

Jake could barely think, feeling this hardcock in his own ass, sliding back and forth, deep inside of him.

“Yes…..Mistress. I love having you fuck me. I love getting fucked by you. Fuck me more, please. Fuck me harder….”

As Traci picked up the pace, Jake actually enjoyed not only having this cock in him, but he loved being vulnerable and not in control; exactly what he wanted.

Traci was loving this moment too. Here was her powerful man, reduced to a begging fuck, wanting his ass drilled by her, letting her dominate him in this special way. She actually loved it more than she knew, for she could feel her own pussy getting so wet, watching her jelly slide in and out of his stretched ass. She was getting to the point where she wanted some cock and the time was now.

“Okay, my slave fucker, now it’s your turn to fuck. Give me some cock, fuck me and ride me like you want me. Give mommy your big fucking, hard, dripping cock, baby.” And with that, she backed away and lay face down on the couch beside him, this time her ass being the one sticking out.

It only took Jake a few seconds to recognize the gift offered beside him. The assfucking he had gotten had made his own cock hard, so he was more than ready to now have the chance to ream her. And jump on her he did. With her ass sticking out, Jake slid in behind her and stabbed her dripping cunt with his rock hard dick, going balls deep in one smooth stroke. He loved how wet she got and how easy it was to drill her cunt in one strong push.

“Uuunnnngggh,” Traci grunted, as she felt his hard dick spear her dripping wet pussy. “Oh god, mommy loves that hard cock! Fuck me baby, fuck mommy with your dick! Give it to me baby, fuck me and ride me hard!”

Hearing that, Jake literally lost control. He knew she knew how turned on he got when she offered herself to him. Hearing her asked to be fucked was the only prompt he needed.

“Yes baby, here is some cock for you…you want this hardcock, then I’m going to fucking ride your wet cunt, you fucker….” With that, Jake picked up the pace and they both knew what was soon going to happen.

Jake kept pounding her dripping cunt, his balls slapping against her engorged pussy lips, sending her closer to her own edge of consciousness.

“Yes baby, ride me, fuck me, cum deep inside me…fuck mommy hard baby, fuck me fucking good!…” she trailed off, an incoherent slut, legs spread wide while her lover pounded her soon-to-explode cunt.

“Yes baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming deep, baby!….” And with that, Jake bucked wildly as he delivered his own cum juice, deep inside her quivering cunt.

As they both collapsed into the couch, their breathing slowly returned, and they rolled off the couch and onto the floor, arms enveloping each other.

“So, does my fucking slave love his Mistress?” Traci whispered, as her finger traced a path across Jake’s chest.

“Yes Mistress, you can be my master anytime.” And with that, they tightened their embrace and drifted off, wrapped in each other’s arms and each other’s love.

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