Hope and Joy – Act 01 Scene 03

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Author’s note – “Veni, Vidi, Vici” verses “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck”. What you see here is two short stories — 3 words each. The first story – “Germany Laid Bare” – appeals to the mind, the second – “Caesar Crosses the Tigress” – appeals to the gut. I had thought to write a character driven sex tale that appeals to the thinking reader. Well it didn’t fly, so I will publish these last two scenes of Act 01 and set the half written Act 02 action scenes aside. Me, I will go back to my science fiction novel that I temporarily set aside when the idea of Hope and Joy came to me. Good luck to all of you.

Please note — All the actors in this play are of consensual age and are consenting participants.

== A Meeting of Minds ==

RECAP: In Scene 1 we met Jessie, an older man, and Hope, a young pixie, and learn of their mutual want of sex. Scene 2 introduced Joy who turns out to be brasher and bolder than her friend Hope and is also a bit manipulative. Scene 3 returns us to Jessie’s house where a deal is struck and the decision made to have sex.

For thirty odd years Jessie had watched girl-women much like these two pass through his life, all the while holding tight to the academic en loco parentis creed. For thirty odd years he had stayed true to himself, to his wife and to his job. Standing here now with temptation at his fingertips he asked himself, could he really set those thirty years aside as easily as the university set him aside. Damn straight, he answered. He deserved a break.

Hope stared sullenly at the floor. She was embarrassed for both herself and her friend. Good girls don’t show up in slinky party dresses begging for sex. Where’s the love and romance in that? The hell of it was she wanted this to happen. With his statement of eternal love she wanted it all the more. ‘You’re a stupid girl and a hopeless romantic,’ she bursa escort chided herself. ‘Stupider yet because you knew all along you were going to spread your legs.’

Across the room Joy smiled thinly at the quiet drama playing out between Hope and Jessie. She had brashly brought them to the edge and knew any more words from her would most likely queer the deal. The air was electric with sexual excitement, both hers and theirs, for in truth there was a good ten seconds when Joy considering claiming Jessie for herself. Bright guys were hard to find and she was weary of hiding her mind behind this bimbo act. Okay so he wasn’t Hollywood handsome, nor a B-Ball hall of famer, but there was this an inner strength in him she found appealing. It was the kind of strength she’d seen in her mother’s boyfriends. You had to be strong to deal with mom. Leaning back against the wall Joy tried willing one of the two to act.

Reaching out Jessie laid a soft hand on Hope’s shoulder, but was taken aback by the tear running down her cheek. “It’s okay, sweetie,” he said softly, “we don’t have to do this.”

A soft moan escaped Hope’s lips, “But I want to,” she sniffled. “I want you to make love to me, and me to you, but it’s just …” The tears had seeped into her words. “I never did this before and I am afraid I will mess things up.”

‘Damn,’ Jessie cursed. He really hadn’t thought this through. Both Huong and Esther, his two lost loves, had known their way around the bedroom. If anything they showed him the hows and whys of making love. ‘You can do this,’ he told himself. ‘If you can teach Bio 202 to a pack of giggling nurses, you can certainly teach this girl about sex.’

“Do you trust me,” he asked her.

“Yes,” Hope answered in a strong, but trembling tone.

“Okay then, the first right hand door at the stair top is the bath, bursa escort bayan the second is my bedroom. The opposing rooms are currently empty. I will be in my room waiting for you. Take your time.”

Jessie watched the two girls grab their bags and hustle away. All asses and legs they bounced energetically up the stairwell and left him sighing. Was he ever that eager. The next question being did he also want to do Hope’s friend, the long legged Joy? He imagined her legs wrapped to his butt and smiled his affirmation.

The bath looked to be a recent remodel, a medium sized bedroom converted to address the needs of a disabled person. The room had all the bells and whistles — a highboy john with handrails, a Jacuzzi tub big enough for three, a zero clearance shower stall with handrails all around and enough floor space for an electric wheelchair to do a jig.

“Damn,” Joy muttered,” do you suppose he did all this for his wife?”

“Seems logical,” Hope answered, digging thru her bag. “If that’s the linen closet, find me a towel. A pre-sex shower seems like an appropriate first step. Do you think I should douche?”

“God NO!” Joy snapped back. “No guy wants to chew on a pussy tasting of a disinfectant wash.”

Hope gagged on her toothpaste. “Good god, do you think he will want to eat me?”

“You betcha, babe,”Joy laughed. “Oh my,” she added a minute later, extracting a cardboard box from the linen closet,. “Bio 202 is chock full of birth control stuff. There is even a few sex toys.” Joy started chuckling, “I think this vibrator fits over the guy’s dick. Damn, no batteries.”

“He was a professor type at State. Those were probably teaching aides.”

“Do suppose he gave private lessons,” Joy answered, laughing all the harder.

“Shush, he’ll hear us,” Hope fired back.

“Oh my,” Joy laughed again, escort bursa equally loud. “YKK butt fuck gel. You my dear are in for the ride of your life.”

“No you are,” Hope laughed back. “You’ve got the bigger butt.”

“All part of the package, honey. Big breasts for sucking, Big ass for fucking and a big mouth to wrap around a guy’s dick. I’m a walking, talking, sex machine.”

“Hand me that soap,” Hope instructed, stepping into the shower.

Watching Hope lather up and wash down, Joy felt the uncomfortable tinges of jungle fever sweeping across her body. Her groin tingled, her tits hardened and she was almost panting for breath as she fought back the desire to to cup her friend’s perky breasts, stroke her boyish hips and finger her near bare pussy. Joy loved everything about Hope and more.

“Fuck this shit,” Joy grunted, “I’m no homo! I’m my mother’s daughter.” Then again she was an untested hetro. She didn’t just want this guy Jessie between her legs, she needed to know if a guy could get her ticker going the way Hope did.

Joy sagged tiredly atop the john stool as Hope draped her long hair strategically down her front side before strolling naked out the door. That’s my girl, Joy grinned. Picking up Hope’s discarded party dress, she neatly folded it and laid it atop the vanity. She then did the same for Hope’s lacy undies and her thigh high socks. The shoes she set on the floor facing the clothes. She had been doing for Hope almost forever, well back to second grade anyway.

Not a bookworm like Hope, Joy strolled down the stairs to fully explore the house and all its treasures. She didn’t see a TV, but there was a computer and there’s where guys keep their porn. She was wondering what kind of girlie pictures turned him on. Vietnamese babes, she would guess. Vietnamese babes getting banged by Vietnam guys. Along the way she checked her pepper spray and cell phone. At the first sign of trouble she was going to be double quick up the stairs with her spray in hand and cell phone dialing. No one was going to abuse her best friend.

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