Honeymoon in Hawaii Ch. 07

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Honeymoon in Hawaii is the second part of the continuing saga of Brooke and Brad. The first part of their story was captured in Couples Camp. Although this is a stand-alone story, I highly recommend reading the first part too. A word of warning, both Couples Camp and Honeymoon in Hawaii contain elements of: cuckolding, chastity, BDSM, and sharing. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 7

The rays of light beamed in through the shear curtains welcoming Brad to the early morning paradise. His phone’s alarm rang softly buzzing on the nightstand next to him. It was ten minutes until seven when he was scheduled to go for a morning run with Max and Logan, so he pulled himself up quickly tossed on some clothes.

“Morning buddy, you ready?” Max energetically asks as Brad entered the kitchen.

Logan handed Brad a cup of coffee as he stood there sipping on his.

Brad reached out taking the steaming offering. “Yeah, sure,” Brad responded, mustering all the enthusiasm he could.

“Oh come on, you got this buddy. I cup of coffee and you’ll be good to go.” Logan barked, sensing Brad’s apprehension.

Brad sipped at his cup while Logan and Max discussed the morning plans. They were going to take a run along the beach and stop for a bite to eat at one of the food trucks up north along the coast. After that they wanted to run into town to do something before returning home.

“So did you guys decide? Are you and Brooke gunna work with us?” Max questioned Brad.

The coffee was slowly working it’s magic and fueling Brad’s synapsis.

“Yeah we talked about it and Brooke is concerned about our safety, and I can’t say I’m not worried a little bit about that as well, but we’re both on board.”

“Don’t worry man you two are naturals, I think you’ll do just fine.” Logan said consoling Brad, as he gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

All Max said was, “Excellent!” as he set his cup down on the kitchen counter.

Brad finished his coffee and set his cup down before the three men left for their morning run.

An hour up the sandy beach and they reached a small cove where there was a food truck parked in the parking lot steps from the warming sand.

“You’re gunna love this place man, they make the best spam and eggs on the island.” Logan announced.

“Three spam and eggs,” Logan proclaimed as he looked for agreement from his two friends.

The lady on the truck wrote down the order and quickly handed Logan a ticket.”

The three men sat down at a small plastic table under a banyan tree alongside the parking lot where the truck was parked and waited for their number to be called. A few minutes later and the cheerful Hawaiian lady called out their number.

The three men sat there eating their breakfast and enjoying the scenery as people walked up to fill themselves up on the delicious food and soak in the amazing Maui atmosphere.

“After breakfast Brad, you’re gunna have to head back on your own ok?” Max proclaimed.

“Logan and I are headed into town to do something really important, and if you don’t mind we would like to do this alone.”

Brad sat there feeling like a third wheel again, not sure if he should take offence at being excluded from whatever it was they were about to embark on. Logan could sense Brad’s uncomfortable response and interjected.

“Listen bud, it’s nothing against you. It’s just something I really need to do with Max to honor my brother.” Logan explained.

“I’m getting a tattoo to remember my brother and I really need you to cover me, OK?”

“Michelle would be pissed if she knew I was getting this so, don’t tell her ok? I know her and she will probably push you to try to get you to tell her but please don’t, ok? This is just something I really need to do and I don’t need her bitching at me about it right now.”

Brad’s feelings of hurt from being excluded from their plans quickly flipped to a feeling of duty and honor in being included in the intimate homage to Logan’s lost brother.

“I won’t say a thing bud I promise. “

“Trust me Michelle will push man. Just stay strong and don’t tell her ok.” Max interjected.

The three men finished their breakfast before getting up and parting ways.

“Don’t forget man, no matter what; don’t tell Michelle what we went to do ok? We’re counting on you bud.” Max reminded Brad as he and Logan walked the opposite way through the parking lot towards town.

“No worries guys. I got your back.” Brad reassured as he headed towards the sandy beach and began his long run back.

Brad made good time on his run back. The difference between his physical fitness now and a month ago was night and day. He thought back to the first run around the lake and how he struggled for air and the ease of his hour long run in the sand now and was proud of himself and the improvements he had mad. Along with quite a bit of weight loss and a tightening of his physic he was certainly improving his overall health and strength.

It was around 10am when Brad swung the back yard gate open and walked kastamonu escort past the pool. He was surprised that the house was quiet, expecting to see Michelle Brooke and Ron stirring around. Brad made his way upstairs to take a shower and was again surprised to see the bed empty, now wondering where Brooke was off to.

Brad figured Brooke and Michelle had gone into town with Ron as he jumped in the shower and lathered up. It wasn’t until he was drying off that he heard a noise downstairs figuring the three had returned from their excursion.

Brad got dressed and made his way downstairs as he once again heard a noise coming from down the hall, seeming to be coming from the Dojo. As he made his way down the hall to investigate he noticed the door to the Dojo slightly open and peaked in to see what was going on.

There was Leilani bound and hanging like a human mobile. Swaying helplessly like a dangling toy to be swatted at. Ron and Michelle stood by patiently watching as Brooke inflicted stinging bites to every inch of her reddening skin with a thin leather whip.

“That’s it Brooke, warm her up. Light her tan Hawaiian skin on fire.” Michelle evilly encouraged.

Brad was surprised at Brooke’s skill with the harsh leather as she continued to redden the skin of Leilani’s helpless body.

It wasn’t long and Brad could feel the heat emanating from the scene in front of him, finding its way to his swelling excitement.

“Oh good your back,” Ron announced as he looked over to the partially opened door.

“Please, come join us.” Ron requested.

Brad was embarrassed. He had been caught spying on their activities but tried not to look guilty as he slid the door wider and entered the sacred space.

“Looks like you’re enjoying the show.” Ron pointed out obviously noticing the bulge in Brad’s shorts.

Brad walked forward trying to ignore Ron’s uncomfortable observation.

“Where are the boys?” Michelle immediately questioned.

Brad was expecting that question but not this soon. It caught him off guard coming so quickly and so bluntly.

“I don’t know.” Brad responded, trying to sound believable.

“What do you mean you don’t know? Didn’t you go running with them?” Michelle continued her inquisition.

“I’m not sure, after breakfast they just said they would meet me back home and I left em there.” Brad explained as he tried his best to sluff off her questions.

Michelle looked at Ron, making it obvious to him and anyone else that she was annoyed. It was apparent she knew something was up and was annoyed Brad was attempting to hide it from her.

Michelle quickly returned her annoyed gaze to Brad as Ron moved to whisper something in Brooke’s ear, and retrieve the whip from her hand.

Brad tried to avert his eyes from Michelle’s laser like stare and watched as his wife relinquished her tool to Ron. Brooke made her way over to him, smiling at the sight of her loving husband.

“Good morning baby, I’m glad your back.” She purred as she approached and placed a welcoming kiss on his cheek.

“Come with me honey; let’s give them some time alone.” Brooke suggested as she took Brad’s hand in hers and led him to the back of the Dojo.

Brad welcomed the request, glad to get away from Michelle’s piercing stare and the impending inquisition he felt about to take place.

Brooke slid the partition aside and welcomed Brad into the normally hidden portion of the room.

“You obviously liked what you saw. How would you like to do that to me?” Brooke seductively asked as she slid the rice paper door closed behind them.

“If you would like me to, sure.” Brad responded with a little giggle.

“Well here, try this.” Brooke said as she handed him one of the crops dangling from the plethora of choices on the wall.

Brooke leaned over placing her upper body on a black bench pushing her bare ass high in the air on display, and giving Brad a well-defined target. Brooke stood there completely naked, silently waiting for her husband to slap her skin and awaken her nerves.

Brad started off gently tapping her with the wide leather crop tenderly working his way around her round ass. Brooke’s gentle moans encouraged Brad and slowly he increased his strokes. Brooke increased her sexy encouragement as his strokes got harder and harder reddening her ass and filling the room with the sounds of the leather as it exploded on her skin.

The sight of Brooke’s reddening ass was having just as much effect on Brad as it was on Brooke. Brad’s stiffness was pushing against his shorts as the sounds of Brooke’s moans mixed with the smell of her wetness, now wafted up and filling his nose with desire.

Brad continued slapping her ass again and again, alternating between her cheeks and widening his target to spread the bright red spot across her entire back side. He found himself swatting her harder and harder as Brooke gasped for breath and her body jerked, conflicted between the desire to feel the sting of the crop and the screaming internal voice escort kastamonu to run away. Brad watched as Brooke’s ass darkened gradually changing from bright red to a deep almost purple glow.

Brooke had finally had enough and stood up turning to face Brad.

“Ok, my turn.” She declared as she stepped forward and took the crop from his hand.

Brad was apprehensive and had a look of surprise on his face as Brooke authoritatively removed the leather crop from his grasp, but relinquished his grip just the same.

“Just relax,” Brooke said in a trusting tone.

“I’ll be gentle.” She continued, as she motioned for Brad to take her place on the bench.

Brad hesitated, but was drunk on arousal and trusting his wife as he did took her place on the padded black table, assuming the same position she had just been in.

“That’s it; stick that ass out there for me.” Brooke sang like a siren from the deep calling her sailor down.

Brooke did indeed start out gently patting his extended rear with her leather crop, taking her time to awaken the nerves in her husband. In fact the rhythmic strokes where more like a massage than anything and soon Brad realized the surprising joy that came from a well performed spanking.

“That’s it baby, just relax, and let me do my magic.” Brooke purred.

Brad felt the force and tempo of her swats increase but held his position, now open to the feelings it invoked. He could feel his skin warming and imagined the same redness he had witnessed on Brooke and Leilani.

“Steady yourself baby. I want you to hold still for me.” Brooke seductively whispered in his ear, as she took a break from slapping his ass to gently rub it with her hand.

When Brooke returned with her leather assault she quickly ratcheted up the intensity of her strokes. Brad couldn’t help but flinch when Brooke’s firm blows landed on his heated skin.

“Stay still, or you could get hurt.” Brooke caringly announced.

Two more firm thumps on Brad’s ass, and he felt the fire from the tip burn through him. Once again Brad flinched, this time much more than the last as he let out an audible whimper.

“I just can’t have you moving around like that.” Brooke said playfully, as she stepped around to the front of the table.

Brad watched as Brooke pulled a short length of chain that had been dangling down the side of the table, revealing a leather cuff that was at the other end.

“This might help a little.” Brooke romantically cooed as she buckled the leather around his wrist, and leaned in giving him a peck on the lips.

Brad knew she was playing with him. Brooke was smiling and obviously having fun with his position. Her fun loving nature was beaming from her face as she reached over and secured the second buckle on his other wrist. For a split second Brad was afraid of being restrained like this, but quickly realized the way he was cuffed would have little effect on his ability to move his ass away from her onslaught. This was nothing more than play time for Brooke, and Brad was more than happy to play along.

Brooke went back behind him, and Brad could hear her retrieving something from the wall of toys. Brad tried to look back to see what she was doing, but the restraints she had put him in prevented him from turning around far enough to see.

Brad could hear Brooke’s footsteps returning and could hear the jingle of what sounded like belt buckles, as they clanked against one another.

The next thing Brad knew he could feel the firm stiff leather belt as it wrapped around his ankle and pulled his foot wider and closer to the table than was really comfortable. The fun playful aura was quickly overtaken by a panic as he felt his other ankle pulled out and buckled tight.

“What are you doing?” Brad fearfully inquired as he tried to remain calm. After all this was his wife. She wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. Would she?

“I told you to stay still, now you’ll have no choice but to remain still for me.” Brooke chuckled.

Brad felt another leather strap tighten around his leg just above his knee as Brooke pulled out the slack and pinned his leg against the side of the table. Brad stood there unnaturally slumped over as he felt first one leg than the other be immobilized. There wasn’t enough slack in the chains holding his arms forward for him to even push himself up on his elbows and get a good view of his own stiff reaction to Brooke’s control.

“There we go, much better.” Brooke announced, as she pushed the tip of the leather strap through the last buckle and fastened it.

“I was going to ask you how you feel, but I can see the answer to my question already.” Brooke giggled.

Brad felt her gently slap the tip of his rock hard cock with her hand. He felt a bit embarrassed at his own excitement, even though they were in private, the undeniable truth of his excitement left no doubt he was ok with her taking away his mobility.

Brooke went back to her timed swats now working her way down the back of Brad’s legs as well kastamonu escort bayan as continuing to punish his ass. It didn’t take long before Brooke’s swats once again intensified and stung sufficiently to cause Brad to jerk in his restraints. Brad’s ego prevented him from letting out sounds of approval. Neither moans or pleasure or cries for mercy made it past his lips, yet he was unable to refrain from gasping to catch his breath as Brooke worked her crop into a rage. As Brad attempted to buck and jerk his way free his dick bounced up and down his hanging testicles brushing the cold black vinyl of the table he found himself imprisoned on.

Brad was focused on processing his own pain, and trying desperately not to cry out like a little bitch, when his mental focus was jolted by a voice.

“Ahh, very nice, You ready to talk yet?”

Brad was so wrapped up in his own predicament he wasn’t able to process the question. The fire burning on his ass was spreading throughout his body causing his grasp on reality to fade.

“You ready to tell me where Max and Logan went?”

It was Michelle. She was interrupting the private activity of a husband and wife’s kinky activities to find out where Max and Logan were off to? Brad pulled himself together, remembering he had promised not to divulge their whereabouts to Michelle.

“I told you, I don’t know where they went.” Brad gasped. Trying to sound as firm as he could, considering his position.

“We will see about that,” was all Michelle said in response.

It felt like hours as Brad waited to find out what she meant by that. He tried to compose himself and brush off the fire burning throughout his body. The desire to break free and distance himself from this uncomfortable position was immense, but Brooke did her best to console him and keep him calm.

Brooke moved around front again running her fingers through Brad’s hair.

“That’s it baby. Catch your breath and stay with me.” She quietly instructed as she moved her face close to his.

Brad almost had his breath back when he felt the fire bolt hit his ass.

“OW!” Brad yelled.

Before the sound of his scream was able to reverberate and return to his own ear, another bolt of lightning struck his other ass cheek.

“Where did they go?” Michelle angrily asked.

Before Brad even had a chance to answer, another shock hit him and again another. The crack of her whip was loud and the sting of her punishment was immense. The pain overtook any pleasure Brad had felt from Brooke’s rhythmic swats and his bouncing boner quickly withdrew.

“You think you can lie to me? Do you? You want to work for me, but you want to lie to me?

Michelle’s words pierced him almost as badly as her whip. Was he supposed to be loyal to Max and Logan, protecting their secret, or was he supposed to be loyal to Michelle and divulge their plans?

Brad was determined not to break. He was gasping for breath as the first tear escaped and fell from his contorted face. His wife held his face in her loving hands as she whispered in his ear.

“I’m here for you baby. I’m always here for you.”

Brooke’s words washed over his sole like a soothing gel on sunburn, removing the sting instantly and offering hope to a hopeless situation.

“Maybe I’m going about this all wrong. Maybe you would be honest with me if I made you feel pleasure rather than pain.”

Michelle’s words barely registered with Brad. He was focusing on Brooke lovingly stroking his face as her words of encouragement calmed him.

Brad felt the familiar cold of a chastity cage as his balls were pulled one at a time through a tight steel ring. Before he knew it the top piece was slid over his now shriveled up member. The familiar feeling was soon replaced with a much tighter and more confining feeling than he had felt in the past.

“Remember when you agreed to wear this?” Michelle laughed as she pushed the cage tight against Brad’s body trapping him inside.

The click of the lock was followed by a victorious pat to the balls as Brad was once again held hostage.

Brad thought back to his promise the night before. He had said he would accept the cage again, so in some sense this should have been expected. What wasn’t expected was the slick wet feeling that was to follow.

Brad felt a strange sensation on his ass. The fire burning on his cheeks was in stark contrast to the now soothing feeling on his asshole. What was Michelle doing? What was she trying to do to him?

“Maybe you will tell me what I want to know if I push the right buttons, ehh?

Brad felt the slick wetness on his ass only to be replaced quickly by the firm pressure of a hard object.

“You agree to a lot of things if you’re asked at the right time, don’t you?” Michelle once again laughed.

“Try to relax Brad. It will be much easier if you just relax.” Michelle unapologetically instructed.

The pressure on Brad’s asshole increased as he felt the hard object push its way past his resistance. Michelle continued to push as Brad felt himself forced open to receive her. The sensation of pressure soon gave way to a painful feeling of fullness that Brad couldn’t pull away from no matter how hard he tried. Yeah he had agreed to let her fuck him, but it was in a highly sexual situation, and he thought that was mostly just fantasy talk.

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