Homeward Bound

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Although I love flying I tend to get a little claustrophobic if I am not sat in a window seat; hence my dismay when Adele and I checked in at Mo’bay airport to find that our pre booked seats had not, after all, been pre booked. An argument with the large native girl at the check in didn’t help and so we boarded the 747 with me feeling a little dismayed that our holiday had not gone 100% perfectly. Our stay at Hedonism had been ace and both Adele and I had had our fill of cock and pussy licking and had left the hotel bow legged. Ok so that’s an exaggeration but it had been a wonderful, sexy 2 weeks. We had both found time to go scuba diving every day, between the drinking and the fucking, but had wisely omitted the diving on our day of departure. Not a good idea, as anyone who knows about scuba diving will agree, to go diving just prior to flying at 30,000ft. So we had limited the diving on the final day to some muff diving on each other after the guys had left our room that morning.

On reaching our allocated seats my hopes rose a little regarding the window seat as it was occupied by a handsome looking dark guy, wearing a tight T shirt and shorts, and I was sure I could persuade him to swap to the aisle seat so that I could sit at the window and Adele next to me in the middle.

Putting on my sexiest voice and making sure my short skirt was even shorter by subtly turning over the top I leaned over and politely asked him if he would mind swapping seats?

“I’m sorry babe” came back the unmistakable West Indian accent. “But I much prefer to sit by the window.”

Not giving up hope I settled into the centre seat while Adele sat in the aisle next to me. As I got myself comfortable I made sure that my skirt had ridden up as high as possible. So much so that my red panties were almost visible at the crutch. I smiled to myself as I noticed the sideways looks I was getting from the guy at the window. Even on a 747 the seating is small enough to allow my naked leg to touch his. Glancing down at his crutch I could see a small bulge beginning to form.

I often, during sex, love to act out the roll of a slut, and decided that, on this occasion at least, I would actually become one in order to get my window seat. Leaning across so that I could whisper in his ear, and ensuring my leg pressed even harder against his dark, naked skin, I whispered sexily;

“Have gaziantep escortları you ever had sex at 30,000ft hon?”

Even with his dark skin I could see his ears turn red; as well as see the bulge grow even more.

“No babe I havn’t”

“How about we slip into the wash room once we have taken off and then you sit in the aisle when we return?” I replied back.

His answer was even better than I had hoped for.

“Do we have to wait until we have taken off?”

I smiled at him as I placed my hand on his growing cock.

“Seat belt sign is on hon. Be patient.” I smiled at him as the tip of his now very hard cock poked out from below his shorts. My pussy tingled in anticipation of the delights that his massive tool was going to give me.

Turning to Adele I kissed her and told her that I had arranged for us to swap seats later. Knowing me as well as she does she knew exactly what I meant and smiled. “You wicked little minx.” She said as we kissed again. I knew that the guy next to me was watching us and also knew that his cock would be getting even harder watching Adele and I kissing.

Ten minutes later the aircraft began to taxi down the runway and then slid gracefully into the air and continued to climb as it followed the Jamaican coastline eastwards before changing course to head on it’s journey up towards the eastern seaboard of the United States.

No sooner had the seat belt sign clicked off than I was on my feet and headed towards the toilet behind us with the dark guy close behind. As he locked the door behind him he told me that his name was Calton Brown.

“I’m Linda. Nice to meet you Calton.. but even nicer to meet this..” I pulled his shorts down to his ankles as I spoke and gasped at the size of the big, black cock that now pointed towards me. In the tight space I managed to drop to my knees and before he knew what was happening Calton’s cock was in my mouth and I was sucking it greedily as far up the thick shaft as I could. There was no way, even by deep throating, that I was going to get all of the giant cock in my mouth but I was determined to have as much of it as possible.

Calton began to moan softly and his breathing became heavier as he placed his hands on my head, gripped my flaming red hair, and slowly began to move his hips back and forth. I stopped bobbing my head in and out and just let him fuck my mouth while he held my head firm. I began to gag as he tried to force his throbbing cock deeper into my mouth but I soon relaxed my throat muscles and took even more than I had thought I ever could. I tasted his sticky pre cum as his balls began to slap against my chin even though there was still a couple of inches of cock that would not fit into my waiting mouth.

His moans became louder as he fucked my mouth even harder until he realised that maybe other passengers would hear him; he then kept his moans to a low volume even though most of the passengers had seen us both enter the cubicle.

I had my hands on his hips as he continued to thrust his cock into my wet mouth and I allowed my teeth to scrape the thick shaft and that sent a wave of even more pleasure through his now sweating body. On and on he plundered the depths of my throat until suddenly, without warning, he pulled his cock from my mouth and, with one swift movement, pulled me to my feet and lifted me onto the narrow shelf that housed the tiny sink. My legs spread either side of him and I braced my feet against the wall behind him. Next moment he was on his knees and pulling the elastic of my panties to one side. When his hot tongue entered my cunt I almost screamed in pleasure. Gripping the sides of the shelf for support I I opened my legs as wide as I could to allow this wonderful guy better access to my now very wet womanhood.

At first he just used his stiff tongue to ream in and out of my slit like a baby cock fucking my depths. After a little while he then relaxed his tongue and began to lick up and down my slit, pausing for a brief while on my clit to give it a suck, before returning to the licking of my juices that were flowing freely from me. Calton was taking me to heaven with each touch of his wonderful tongue. I knew it would not be long before an orgasm wracked my body and, keeping my voice low I moaned;

“Get some fingers in my cunt. Finger fuck me while you lick me outtttt ohhhhhhhhhhhh godddddddddddddd.”

Two thick fingers were suddenly rammed into my pussy and I began to jerk my hips against them as his tongue flicked over my clit, sucked at it, licked my wet hole then returned to my waiting clit. It was as much as I could do to stop myself from screaming out in pleasure and I could taste the tiny drop of blood that came from my lip where I was biting it.

I came. My body jerked, my head went back and hit the mirror and my hips shook against Calton’s face as his tongue licked at my clit and his thick fingers felt the spurt of my juices as my orgasm hit. For a good 10 seconds I just continued to orgasm but before it had even stopped Calton pulled his fingers from my cunt, stood up, pulled the elastic of my now wet panties to one side again and, without warning, thrust his massive cock deep into my wetness. This time I screamed. Not too loud but a scream non the less.

In and out Calton fucked me. I don’t know if I took the whole length of his cock but it sure felt like it as I wrapped my legs around his waist and gripped his head tight to my face. Our tongues entered each other’s mouth and we went crazy as he continued to thrust deep inside me. I knew I was about to cum again and my orgasm started just moments before I felt his cock stiffen that little bit more. Still shaking with my orgasm I told him to stop and again slid to the floor and wrapped my mouth around his throbbing cock. Five seconds later he erupted into my waiting mouth and I delighted at the taste of his hot spunk as it shot hard against the back of my throat. God knows when Calton had last emptied his balls but I have never known so much cum spurt out at one time. My mouth became full within seconds and I felt the warmness of the sperm as it slid down my throat; some even dripped from my lips where I could not swallow fast enough. On and on he pumped his hot semen into me. My body was still shaking from my 2nd orgasm as his cock eventually stopped pumping it’s load and he slid his softening shaft from my mouth.

Adjusting my soaking wet panties we left the small cubicle and we both knew that many pairs of eyes were watching us as we headed down the narrow aisle. Settling myself next to Adele as she slid into the centre seat, while I glanced out of the small window at the billowing clouds beneath me, I made sure I didn’t swallow the last drop of cum that I had kept in my mouth.

“Don’t need to ask what you been up to Princess.” Smiled Adele as I turned towards her. Smiling back I leaned sideways and kissed her on the lips and delighted in the smile that I felt as we pressed our lips together and I allowed the remaining cum in my mouth to slide into hers.


I hope you enjoyed my latest story. Please feel free to e mail me any comments.

Stay Safe readers.

Sweet Linda

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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