Holiday Gift Exchange

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It was at the holiday party that John would hatch the plan, the plan to get his special friend pregnant. He had quite a fetish for the curves it gives the body, and she was on the cusp of wanting but not sure yet. They had talked about it before, so John set the plan in motion.

– – – – – – –

5 days before the party

“You’re going right?” John fired off the message to Kelsie.

“Yes, I will be in a reindeer sweater.” She replied.

“Awesome! I have something for you, it’s quite the surprise, will make the night so perfect!” He messages back and set his phone down.

He looked at everything he had set out; red sweater with various colored Christmas lights attached that could light up with the flip of a switch, red velvet wrist restraints for some naughty fun, and condoms, because if he had fun with any others he wanted to be prepared. He wasn’t planning on wearing one tonight with Kelsie, as if his calculations were right she would be in her most fertile time the night of the party.

His phone squealed to life with another message, “oh? I can’t wait to see!”

He thought to himself, “I bet you can’t.”

He packed everything into a small backpack and put it off to the side. He dropped his pants and boxers and laid down on the bed, flicked his phone on, and found the pictures he had of her and set himself into a frenzy. His hands gripped his meat and jerked feverishly, stroking the whole shaft with reckless abandon. The thoughts going through his head made short work of his impending orgasm. After a short time, his cock erupted rope after rope of cum.

“The next load will be saved for you,” he said out loud while still thinking of Kelsie, “I’m saving it for the next few days, I hope you are ready.” He grinned while cleaning up.


3 days before the party

“How’s work?” The message popped on Kelsie’s screen.

“Going good, watched a few videos at work, can’t get this mood of mine to end. Good thing I am almost off, I’m so wet.” She replied.

“Getting antsy I see, can’t wait for the surprise?” He replied back.

Kelsie smiled and her fingers flew across the keyboard as she responded, “you know I hate surprises, so this better be good!”

“Oh it will be, loads of fun!” John shot back, “See you there!”

John spent the rest of the day cleaning the house, washing dishes, and literally anything to keep his mind off the growing bulge in his pants. He didn’t want to touch or relieve himself until the party.

His phone flickered to life and the familiar sound of a notification dinged. He ran to his phone to check, only to be met with a picture of Kelsie completely naked, wrapped in Christmas lights. The way the cords wrapped around her amazing figure, lit up her tantalizing and large breasts, and wrapped between her legs across a sexy set of panties just lit him on fire. His cock yearned for that body, grew bigger than he thought it could, and tented his shorts.

“Damn woman! That was mean, but I so like it! So fucking sexy!” He fired back.

“She sure is making this hard to save up the Christmas filling!” He said to himself. He hurriedly busied himself with some things around the house to keep him occupied.


Night istanbul escort of the party

The day had arrived. John was more than ready. He hadn’t come in days, and he could feel the build up. He knew this was his chance and he was going to make sure it worked perfectly.

He arrived at the house, very festively decorated and fired off a text to let her know he was there. He went inside and started to scope out the place, trying to find the best room for the fun. Many rooms were decorated to the max with wreaths, lighted garland, colored light strings, and much more.

“So many choices, so little time,” he thought to himself.

John walked around and talked to people, made sure to let the host know he was here and started to enjoy the night with a Smirnoff Ice when his phone lit up.

“I’m here,” Kelsie said.

She came in and looked around. Mingling with others and grabbing a drink for herself, she finally made her way to the kitchen where John was talking to the host about some card game.

“The new set coming out will be amazing! I can’t wait!” John said.

“Right? The zombies will be lit!” Ty replied, “I need them for my deck!”

“I can’t wait to play against it once you get them,” John said.

“You boys talking cards again?” Kelsie joked.

“Yup, but now that you are here, it looks like the fun will begin.” John replied and turned to Ty, “If you will excuse me.”

Ty nodded and said “Have fun!”

“Oh I plan to!”

John turned to Kelsie and smiled. “You ready for some fun?”

“Is or the special kind?” She asked with a grin.

“You know it!” He responded and the led her to one of the empty bedrooms.

Once inside, he locked the door and turned around to see Kelsie had removed her sweater and jeans and was standing there in a sexy red bra that strained to keep her large breasts inside and panties that just barely covered anything.

“So what’s this surprise of yours?” She quipped.

Without hesitation, John undid the button and zipper on his jeans and dropped them to the floor. His cock was already rock hard and tenting his boxers. He removed his shirt hastily and threw it across the room. Moving swiftly to Kelsie, he wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her close.

“You ready for a big surprise?” He grinned.

“Very much so,” was all she could answer before he started to kiss her neck. Soft kisses lead to nibbles and bites on her neck and ear lobes. She moaned softly knowing full well he knew what it did to her.

“You did.. bring condoms.. right?” She asked between breaths.

“Of course,” he replied between bites. He slid his hands up and unclasped her bra, pulling the shoulder straps down, and released the soft and large globes from their prison. They bounced a little with their freedom. He moved his lips down to one breast and ran a tongue around the areola and then flicked it across her nipples.

A soft moan escaped Kelsie’s lips as he did it again before he took the nipple into his mouth and gently began to suck. John bit down just a bit before he returned to flicking his tongue across the sensitive nipples.

“Oh.. escort istanbul that’s.. so.. good..” Kelsie moaned.

Using his free hands, he hooked his thumbs on the straps of her panties and slowly started to pull down. As he moved them down, he released the nipple from his oral prison and kissed her stomach moving down. The fabric slowly revealed a very well trimmed bush. He made his way down to her awaiting bush and smelled the wonderful fragrance coming forth.

Without hesitation, he darted a tongue inside, searching for the awaiting treasure. Flicking across the lips, he slowly moved his tongue around until she squealed with delight.

“Right on target!” He thought to himself as he flicked his tongue across her sensitive nub over and over.

“Oh! Please.. don’t.. stop!” Kelsie cried out in ecstasy.

John flipped his tongue masterfully across her clit a few more times before stopping.

“Don’t.. stop.. please keep.. going,” Kelsie pleaded.

John stood and quickly turned her around and bent her over the bed, and with a quick snap of his wrist Kelsie’s bare butt cheek lit to a nice shade of red. Kelsie gasped at the sudden smack, but it only fueled her growing wetness. A quick succession of smacks landed on her cheeks, each alternating sides. John removed his boxers and with another slap, he moved up and slid into her awaiting wet and warm hole.

A quick gasp of pleasure erupted from Kelsie as her pussy exploded in ecstasy as his rigid member filled her love cavern. John grabbed her hips with each hand and started to slam into her wet pussy, going as deep as he could with each thrust, then pulling almost all the way out before thrusting in again.

“OH.. MY.. GOD!!!” Kelsie screamed in pleasure. “Don’t.. stop!”

John kept up his vaginal assault, with each thrust going as deep as he can.

“I’m going… to blow!” John said with his continued thrusts.

“Wait!” Kelsie called out, just now remembering he didn’t put a condom on. “You… don’t have… your condom… on,” she cried out in between thrusts.

“I know… and this.. is your.. perfect time.. for my.. SURPRISE!” On the last word, he thrust in as deep as he could and exploded. Ropes of hot come blasted her insides, seeking the ripe womb. Another full blast of sticky come erupted inside of her. All the last few days of pent up orgasms were coming to a head, deep in her vagina.

“Remember.. how we talked.. about you.. getting pregnant,” John said as the last pulse of his cock spat out the last drop of come, “if I timed it.. correctly.. this should be.. your fertile time.”

Kelsie was mixed with feelings as it dawned on her what the surprise was. She had wanted a child, but was never sure when the right time was, and with her getting older, her window was closing. This was it. She wanted this. She wanted a baby, and he was trying to give it to her. With that, Kelsie’s body amplified it’s pleasure and she cried out, “Don’t stop then.. I need more of your seed!”

John was more than happy to oblige, his cock still rock hard inside her.

“As you wish,” he said as he started another onslaught on her already sensitive and filled pussy. istanbul escort bayan He grunted as she slammed his cock into her wet tunnel, her muscles clamping down with each stroke.

“Oh yes.. please.. keep.. fucking.. me!” She screamed, “Fill me.. until I.. explode.. “

Each thrust went so deep he thought he could feel her womb, pushing in deep while pulling her waist towards him, the build up was intense. He could feel his balls tighten, he know another load was coming, but he wanted to make it last.

“Please.. don’t.. stop!” Kelsie moaned, “I’m coming.. I’m coming!”

With her orgasm ripping through her body, her pussy clamped down on his cock when it was deep inside and screamed. It was too much for John and he let loose another volley of come deep inside.

“On my.. god… that was.. awesome,” John panted as his spent shaft started to shrink and with a pop, he pulled out and sat on the bed.

Kelsie stood up, her pussy dripping with a mix of his semen and her wetness, and smiled.

“Thank you.. and Merry Christmas.” Kelsie said and then grinned, “but we aren’t done yet.”

She dropped to her knees and wrapped her fingers around his spent member and softly stroked it. Her soft touch was slowly bringing it back to life. Kelsie looked up to John as she lowered her mouth to the tip of his cock and started to flick her tongue across the head and swirled it around, tasting the mix of her juices and his come.

“Tastes so good, and I want more,” she said before her lips enveloped his cock head. She swirled her tongue around the top as her hot mouth slowly moved up and down just a little, urging his cock to life. Once it was fully erect, she swallowed it whole, her mouth completely covered his cock. She could feel it at the back of her throat and loved it. Kelsie hummed while keeping it deep in her throat, knowing full well what it does to John.

“Oh god!”, proclaimed John, “You keep.. doing that.. and I won’t.. last long.”

In response she hummed again, then slowly pulled her mouth off his rigid member. She stopped just at the tip of his cock and swirled her tongue across then slid it all the way back in, sucking and humming the whole way down. John could feel his dick vibrate and his balls tighten, he wasn’t going to last much longer to her oral skills.

“Please.. keep.. going.. almost.. there!” John cried before his explosion hit bits boiling point.

“Aaaaaaagh!!!” He grunted as he grabbed her hair and held her head in place while his cock lit to life deep in her throat. A volley of come blasted from his meat stick and shot down her throat. Kelsie did her best to swallow all she could, but the load was too large and it dribbled out.

John released her hair and fell back on the bed, his body shuddered from his orgasm. Kelsie plopped his dick out and wiped the Cole off her mouth and smiled.

“Merry Christmas to you! That was the best gift exchange ever.”


About a week later Kelsie was impatiently awaiting the results of her pregnancy test.

“Hurry up will you!” She told the stick.

After a few painstakingly long moments, it showed a positive result. Kelsie was ecstatic! It finally happened and in such a wonderful way! She grabbed her phone, snapped a picture and fired it off to John with a simple message, “It worked! Christmas was a blast!”

“Awesome! I’m so happy for you! I can’t wait to see you tonight for New Years Eve! Time to ring in the new year with another bang!” John responded back.

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