Hit Me Up!

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I wanted to fuck and that was all. It’s hard to find a woman who just wants to do that and nothing more, no strings attached so when I reached the club I suspected I’d be soon heading home to entertain myself. It was as I turned to leave that I saw her enter alone.

She was dressed in a black skirt, it barely passed her butt cheeks. Tight, I spotted no imprint of panties beneath. Passing my tongue over my lips I pursed them and watched her as she came towards me not really seeing me, rather walking to let herself be seen.

The top she wore was purple, deep purple and could have been a bra if nothing else. Her breast overflowed in the fabric, begging to be set free, bouncing with each step she took, like chocolate mountains, to be climbed.

Two feet from me I took a breath when I exhaled we were driving together in my car into the country.

It was around one in the morning but neither of us was tired and since neither of us attended church we didn’t have to worry about waking early.

Finding a secluded spot off the road, I shut the engine off and we got out. Hand in hand we started to walk.

At the club our conversation was brief and somewhat to the point.

Wide hips and a large rear I watched her as she moved ahead of me. The moon was full and gave perfect illumination for the mood to come.

Still holding bursa escort her hand I pulled her roughly back towards me spinning her.

She was in my arms. Her body was so soft, so hot as I pushed her back until she was against the tree. We kissed, or I should say I kissed her, ravaging her with rough kisses, my tongue probing the depths of her mouth while my hand slid under her shirt and seized one breast while the other hand snaked down her skirt, over the warm web of pubic hair, between her legs and into her pussy, causing her to arch her back and gasp.

“You wanna fuck?” I growled, before I bit on her earlobe, nibbling on it then sucking on it.

With her head back and her body pushed against me, her pelvis rubbing against mine, she hissed, “Yesssss!”

Lifting her shirt off and casting it aside I did the same with mine. The pants followed quickly. Her skirt was next. I tore at it roughly as if I did intend to rip from her.

She kicked it aside. I pushed her back against the tree, still kissing her, my hands both on her breasts while I rubbed my hard dick against her, teasing her with it, making her want it, yearn for it inside her.

Forsaking her lips, my mouth moved down to her breasts. I took one in my mouth and began to suck hard while I squeezed the other. I sucked it as a child sucks on a pacifier, hard and deep, bursa escort bayan teasing the nipple with my tongue, teasing it by flicking the stiffened tip across the nipple.

She shivered under me, her hands scratching my back, the nails she wore easily tearing the flesh.

The next breast I ignored, going directly to the meat. Moving down, down her stomach with my tongue, my hands sliding down the sides of her body, then inside her legs forcing them apart, opening them so my head would fit.

I slipped my tongue between her wet lips and flicked it against her clit.

She gasped, whimpering like a dog.

Parting the lips with both hands I then stuck it in, moving it stiff around inside her flicking it against the clit before taking it in my mouth and sucking on it. Sucking on it as she would suck on my pulsing dick.

Fingers inside her hot wet pussy I pumped her while I sucked her, thrusting the two fingers harder and harder in her, motivated by the sluttish cries rising from her slender throat.

Wet hot juices from her pussy running under my chin I wanted to be in her. I could feel her shivering more and I wanted to be in her and even though I knew she liked the feeling of my mouth against her pussy I wanted to be in her.

Standing, one, hand on my dick, the other still in her hole, I found it quickly and escort bursa shoved myself in her.

She wrapped her hands around my neck.

My hands free I grabbed her legs in hand and hoisted her up, using the tree for support as I began to pump her with my dick, riding her hard and fast against the tree.

Legs wrapped around my waist, her hands tightened around my neck as if she wanted to strangle me, tightening with each thrust into her pussy, each thrust deeper into her hot hole.

I closed my eyes and pursed my lips as I pushed her against the trunk harder and harder each time going deeper inside her, knowing I was going deeper because each cry from her lips was louder and each gasp was deeper.

Her pussy engulfing my dick was hot and wet and getting tighter, squeezing me as her climax approached.

She cried out. “UHHHH! UHHHH!” Cum rushed down my dick as if a dam was released, exploding inside her pussy.

“Yesssss!” She hissed. “Yessss!” As the last of it oozed inside her, forced out by those contractions that sends shivers through my body though, no match for the shivers she felt during the orgasm, shivers that for her seemed to remain forever and that were so intense that tears rushed to her eyes.

I could feel them on my neck as she placed her head on my shoulder.

Driving back in silence she passed her number to me, slipping it in the glove box. I glanced at her. I’d already given her mine but I didn’t expect she’d give me hers. In clarifying her gesture she said, “Next time you need some, hit me up. I mean it… hit me up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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