His Apology

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This is my first submission and one of my first erotica stories. Please leave me comments and suggestions. Thanks for your time and opinions!


Dave steps out of the house and looks across the yard. He isn’t sure where Carri is, but her truck is here so she can’t be far. Maybe she is gone for a horseback ride. She is probably off working somewhere. Carri is one of the hardest workers he has ever met. So the barn is the first place he is going to look. There is always work to be done in there. As Dave steps off the porch and starts towards the big building he smiles. He has some apologizing to do.

‘Asshole’ is the only word he can think of when he considers his recent behavior. He hasn’t been easy to live with. He knows that. Showing appreciation or affection are not his strong suits. He wasn’t raised that way, but still, he should try harder. She works her ass off to make him happy and he often takes it for granted. He is going to have to put forth an effort to show her how much he appreciates everything she does. He knows what she likes.

Carri has a lot on her mind as she works. She often uses chores around the small hobby farm as time to think. It’s easy to get lost in her thoughts and get shit done at the same time. The animals take a lot of her time and attention. She loves them all; animals are easy. There often just isn’t enough time in the day to finish everything she would like to. An argument that her and Dave had yesterday is fresh in her memory. Some bullshit about dusting around the house. She acted more upset and hurt then she really was. A tactic that often ends stupid arguments when her and Dave have both had a long day.

She effectively ended the argument with, “Your fingers aren’t broken.”

A small smile spread across her face as she thought, “Men are easy too.”

As Dave steps into the barn, all of his senses take in his new surroundings. The smell of fresh hay, the bright sunlight squeezing between the boards, the warm, calm air on his skin and the peacefulness of an almost empty building. With all of the animals outside he can hear the sounds of hay bales being stacked in the loft. The ladder is close, and as he nears the top, she comes into view.

Dave loves looking at her; especially when she doesn’t know he is there. Carri is dressed in faded jeans and an old flannel shirt. She is about 5’6″ and has an ass that was made for jeans. The tight denim hugs her curvy hips and stretches across her tight round ass perfectly. Her shirt is loose, but Dave knows the top few buttons will be open and show her small firm breasts straining against her t-shirt. She is stacking bales in the far corner of the loft. He quietly walks towards her as he watches her work. She is nearly finished with her chore and doesn’t acknowledge him.

“How’s it going?” Dave asks from just a few feet away. Carri jumps ever so slightly, he is pretty graceful for such a big man, almost 6’3″, and she hadn’t heard him until he spoke.

“Good, I’m almost done. I’ll be in soon,” she replies.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Dave says as he places his strong hands on her hips and pulls her to him.

He kisses her gently on the lips and moves his hands to her shoulders and neck to deepen the bond. She places her hands on his chest and pushes him away. “What is this all about?” Carri asks.

He looks into her eyes and says “I’m sorry, I was an ass.”

A laugh escapes her and a sly smile appears on her face as she sees a confused look on his face. “You’re a man, I know what to expect by now.” she laughs.

“Oh really?” he says, “Maybe I still have a few tricks you haven’t seen yet.” Her smile turns into a big curious grin.

Dave places his hands on either side of her face, pulls her to him, and kisses her passionately. As his fingers caress her cheeks and neck, his tongue teases her lips. He starts slowly, easing her into the deep kiss. Soon Carri is fully engaged, and wraps her arms around his neck. He can feel how warm she is from her hard work and decides that she needs a break.

Moving his hands down her neck through her short dark hair to her collar; the buttons on her shirt offer little resistance as he pulls them apart on the way to his reward. He bends down to kiss the base of her throat and across the top of her breasts. Such a beautiful sight. He wants to enjoy all of her. Spinning her around and pushing her up against the stack of hay he easily unhooks her bra under the back of her shirt and offers them the support of his hands bursa escort instead. They are the perfect size; just enough to fill each hand.

While kissing the back of her neck and shoulders he teases her small pink nipples with his fingers and enjoys their immediate reaction to his attention. Stripping her loose clothing off of her and dropping it to the floor, he works his hands down her back and over onto her hips. Dave pulls her towards him and uses her denim covered ass to massage his own restrained excitement while his left hand moves to her throat and his right hand travels down between her legs.

While using both hands to hold her tightly to him he kisses the right side of her neck and face; Dave realizes he doesn’t have enough hands to touch everything he wants at one time. His left hand stops to caress her breasts and lightly pinch her nipples on its way to meet his right hand at the button and zipper which stands between him and his deepest desire. Undoing the fasteners offers just enough room for him to pull the final barriers from her hips and thighs. He quickly slips her out of her shoes and the last bit of her clothing, until she stands facing away from him completely exposed. He slowly kisses his way from her calves up to her neck without letting his lips leave her skin even for a moment. Reaching down, he pulls his own shirt up and off over his head and tosses it aside. Now his strong, hairy chest is free to touch her smooth, hot skin.

“One of us is over-dressed,” Carrie whispers to him.

Reaching back, Carri caresses his erection through his jeans with both of her hands. She turns around and pulls the buttons of Dave’s jeans open. The sight of his circumcised 7″ cock straining against his boxer briefs stirs a shiver of excitement deep in her pussy. She returns the favor of removing his last bit of clothing with a hand on each hip and pulling them down to his ankles. She begins kissing the front of his thighs and slowly works her way up from side to side. Her left hand gently embraces his manhood and moves it to the side so she can kiss the tender skin all around and up to his belly button. She loves teasing him and building her excitement.

Gracefully she stands up and guides his cock so that the head of it slowly slides down her neck and chest finding just a bit of resistance between her breasts as she straightens her legs. Now as she leans forward to kiss his chest she can feel his thick prick pressing up against her stomach, hard and willing.

Dave places his big left hand at the base of her throat and pushes her up against the hay pile once again. The hay feels rough and exciting against her bare skin, and she loves his rough handling. So strong; she looks forward to what he wants next.

“Don’t move,” he says “this will take only a moment.”

Carri watches him as he walks naked across the loft to where some horse tack is stored on the wall. He glances back at her as she slides her hands up over her breasts and caresses her left calf with her right foot while rubbing her thighs slowly together, never taking her eyes off of him. She would have to be patient as he prepares the next part of his apology.

As he turns back to the wall he spots the items he is looking for. A long leather strap and a short piece of heavy rope. He returns to where Carri is still leaning against the hay and drops the items on the floor next to her. She looks up at him, but before she can speak he kisses her again on the lips and slides a hand between her thighs and teases her clit until he coaxes a happy moan from her.

“Remember, I said don’t move,” he tells her as their lips part.

She has no idea what he is doing, but she is willing to wait and find out. Working quickly beside her he takes three of the hay bales and stacks them on the floor, the bottom two running North to South and the top one opposite, pointed East to West. He then retrieves her flannel shirt and lays it across the top bale like a small blanket. He has made what looks to be a small platform. She looks on with delight and expectation, her imagination working with the possibilities. Returning to her side, he picks her up easily off of the floor as if she were one of the bales and steps over to his new creation laying her on top of her shirt.

Stepping back, he admires Carri lying naked before him in the warm subdued light of the loft. She is a little self-conscious of her nudity like this and she pulls her knees up to her chest. She is a mother and childbirth has left a few reminders bursa escort bayan on her body.

He knows what she is thinking and says, “You are absolutely gorgeous, and I’m going to show you how much I appreciate everything about you.”

A moment later Dave is standing in front of her and places a strong hand on each of her calves. He straightens her legs and rests them against his chest. As he reaches down and grabs his erection he turns his head and kisses her ankles on either side of his face. Slowly, he slides the tip of his cock across her swollen pussy lips and up over her clitoris, resting it on her well maintained bikini line.

With a hand on each ankle he pulls her legs up slightly to give him a better angle. Pressing against her legs with his chest he grabs her hips on either side and now controls her with his chest, arms and hands. Slowly he starts moving his hips back and forth, sliding the smooth underside of his cock across her pussy lips and clit. Pulling back until the head rests at the opening, he applies just enough pressure, and then tilts his hips so that he slides up and across her pussy rather than in.

This teasing is having its desired effect, and Carri reaches down to guide him inside of her. He pulls back and smacks her playfully on the ass.

“We’ll get there soon,” he says with a smile.

Dropping to his knees, he kisses and nibbles the backside of her hips and thighs. Slowly he runs his tongue up one side of her labia, making gentle circles around her clit before sliding the underside of his tongue across it and working his way back down the other side. Dave pulls her repeatedly back from the edge of her first orgasm, by placing his kisses on the back of and inside her thighs. Slowly and gently he slides a single finger into her wet excited pussy.

Carri gasps and arches her back slightly to better enjoy Dave’s efforts. She reaches down and grabs his head with a hand on either side and pulls him in tight to her pussy. She breathes out, “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

With the underside of his tongue, he works her clitoris back and forth and introduces a second finger to steadily massage her G-spot with his right hand. His left arm is wrapped around her hips and holding her tightly so he can feel her every movement. With firm pressure and a steady rhythm, he is soon rewarded with her first orgasm. Dave enjoys the smell and taste of the woman he loves as she cums on his face.

Carri reaches down and pushes his head away from her. Dave knows that she is now too sensitive and needs a moment to recover from his direct stimulation. He stands and positions himself as if to massage her with his cock again, but this time as he pushes forward he does not tilt his hips, and his swollen and throbbing cock slowly disappears into her tight wet pussy.

Carri tilts her head back and enjoys the moment as much as Dave. He watches every inch of progress until he has no more, and feels his balls press up against her ass. Dave builds up to a steady rhythm of easy thrusts to push her towards her next orgasm.

Carri’s right hand moves to her clit and rubs it in small circles while her left hand pulls and pinches her nipples. With her manipulation and Dave’s strong thighs pounding steadily against hers, Carri can feel the familiar tickle of a big orgasm starting deep in her pussy. Dave’s thick hard cock always hits the right spot, and pushes Carri over the edge of her second orgasm.

Dave can feel her pussy tighten and squeeze his dick as she cums all over it. Her big orgasm gets his cock and balls wet and slick. He continues for a short while until, on the back thrust, he allows himself to pull completely out.

“Please put it back,” she begs.

“Soon,” he replies, “come here.”

He reaches forward and takes her by the hands pulling her up and off of the bale until she is standing before him. She drops to one knee and quickly wraps her lips around his erection, working her mouth up and down his wet cock with blatant desire.

Dave stands there and enjoys this, how can he not? He is a man after all. Coming to his senses, Dave realizes that he is losing control of the situation. This will not do. This is his rodeo, so to speak. He pulls her to her feet and quickly spins her around and smacks her on the ass again.

“I’m in control here and I’m not done yet,” he says.

“Well, you can’t blame a girl for wanting to have some fun,” she moans.

Carri turns her head to kiss him. While doing this she uses her escort bursa ass to rub his hard-on. Breaking the kiss Dave pushes her down onto the hay bale so that she is bent forward over the edge of it. Reaching down he retrieves the leather strap and rope from the floor. Placing the center of the leather strap across her back just under her shoulder blades, he then wraps the ends around her sides and crosses them between her breasts and back up over her shoulders. A simple knot tied behind her neck keeps it from slipping off and gives him a good handhold. Now he takes her hands and ties them together behind her back with the short piece of rope. Nothing too tight. He wants to excite her, not hurt her.

“Wow, this is new,” Carri says. “How is this going to work?”

Dave just smiles and laughs a little bit as he pulls back on the strap with one hand and lifts her upper body off of the bale. He reaches around with the other and removes her shirt from the hay. Gently he sets her back down. Her bare breasts and nipples are now against the coarse grass. Carri loves the rough feeling against her skin and the way he manhandles her. This new twist is very exciting and her pussy aches with anticipation.

Dave looks down at her and admires the situation. His whole world right now is Carri’s shapely legs, great ass, wet swollen pussy and her bound hands. This gorgeous woman is willing to relinquish control for a while and completely trust him. Now he is going to fully enjoy her in his favorite position.

Standing behind her with his knees slightly bent, he places his erection in perfect alignment with her pussy. He places both hands on her ass and caresses it while pressing himself against her inviting lips. With the head of his cock just barely inserted, he can push her away with his hands and watch his prick appear, and then pull back with his hands and watch her envelop him again and again. Slowly, he brings his hips into play and builds a steady rhythm of pushing, pulling and slow thrusting in sync with her breathing.

Even when she gives up control, she is actually ‘in control’. He listens to and watches her carefully, letting her reactions guide his every action. He pulls his cock out and slides it ever so slightly up and presses it against her ass. Her breath catches for a second at the threat or promise of forbidden play and then he slides it back down and thrusts it deep inside of her.

Dave reaches up and grabs the leather strap where it is knotted between her shoulders and pulls it towards him. A whole new sensation of deep penetration and control come with it. Her firm ass presses fully against him as her back arches and her shoulders and tits rise up off of the hay bale. He alternates between a hard thrust and a gentle thrust with a hard pull on the strap. She enjoys the combination as well, moaning and begging him to, “fuck me harder.”

He is pulling the strap back hard enough to hold her chest off of the hay bale so that her nipples just brush its surface. Long deep thrusts and the bales rough surface bring on her third strong orgasm. He loves every convulsion and moan. He can’t stand it any longer. It’s his turn now. He is several small and three earth shattering orgasms behind now. That just isn’t fair.

He picks her up and turns her on the bale. Now her stomach and hips support her and her breasts hang freely off the other side. Pulling the top bale as close to the edge of the bottom bales as he dares, he now pulls back on the strap with his right hand and pulls the top bale with his left until it rolls back onto its edge. He controls the rocking motion with a combination of strap pulling and hard deep thrusts. Slamming his cock into her tight wet pussy quickly brings him to the verge of his own orgasm.

Letting the bale roll forward, he places his hands around her throat and holds her tightly against him as he thrusts deep into her one last time and lets his orgasm overtake him. His cock explodes deep inside of her, releasing shot after shot of hot sticky cum inside her tight convulsing cunt. His ecstasy lasts several seconds, and every muscle in his body tenses and then relaxes as he lets go of her, resting her on their makeshift sex platform.

They are both breathless and shaking from the exertion. Covered in sweat and satisfied, he covers her in kisses and caresses as he unties her hands and removes the leather strap he used to control her just moments before.

Carri kisses him and they slowly get dressed. They quickly finish the work she started earlier in the day and head inside for the evening.

He turns to her and says, “I guess it’s true, there’s always something to do in the barn.” She just smiles and takes his hand in hers as they walk into the house.

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