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In my hobby of photography I have told stories about doing erotic photos for escorts and females wanting to give sexy pictures to their husband or boyfriend. Most of my clients come from word of mouth. Occasionally when things are slow I will search the internet of local escorts and look for ones that do not have very good photos. I will then contact them about getting photos and tell them my rates.

One evening I was going through local escorts to see who I could possibly get as a new customer when I came across an escort that was visiting the area. She looked like a perfect 10 to me. She was from Brazil. Long blonde hair that went down to the small of her back. Beautiful flawless skin. Her face was perfection. Cute little nose, full lips with straight white teeth showing an amazing sexy smile. Her stats said she is 5′ 6″ tall, 115 lbs, D cup enhanced breasts.

Obviously she was gorgeous. But three things stood to me that I love. First was her perfect smile. Second were her nipples as her areolas were a light brown and her nipples looked a bit hard. Third and my favorite were her tan lines. The contrast between her white breasts and dark tan was like art. Even the tan lines from her bikini bottoms were perfect. From some pictures if I zoomed in I could see her pussy was clean shaven. I guess I should have expected a Brazilian from a Brazilian woman!

I could feel my cock getting hard just looking at this beautiful woman. I wanted to meet her just to see her in person. Then I thought heck I could even have sex with her!

I scrolled down to see her rates. GFE (Girl Friend Experience which means romantic kissing and cuddling after sex) $400. PSE (Porn Star Experience which means pretty much anything goes) $500. This is just for one hour.

Desire took over common sense. I knew I had an extra $1,000 in my checking account for emergency purposes. I looked at this as a once in a life time experience. Of all the gorgeous celebrities I have never seen one that could hold a match to this lady. Her name she went by was Daisy.

I made the decision, I am doing this. I called the number on the ad and got a friendly lady who handled the bookings. She said first I had to be verified. I could give her 2 escort references or provide them with my driver’s license, linkedin picture and a picture of my business card. I gave her names and numbers of two escorts who I regularly did photos for. She took the information along with time and date I would like to meet Daisy. She said she would text me back when I was verified.

Twenty minutes later I get a text saying, “You have been verified. Do you have any questions?”

I had been going through her photos admiring her. Even her ass was perfect shape. I am not much of a butt man, but her ass even turned me on. I had started thinking; I had never had anal sex but sure wouldn’t mind doing it with her.

I texted back, “Yes I do have a question. It says PSE. Does that include a trip to Greece? (Code used for anal.

I get a reply back, “Daisy loves trips to Greece and its beautiful islands.” Code for YES!

I was scheduled to see her in 4 days at 5:30 after work. The days slowly went buy with anticipation. I started to wonder if she really was that good looking. They could have done some photo pendik escort editing as I have done with some of my customers.

Finally the day arrived. Getting up in age I thought what if I can’t perform. My last trip to Mexico I bought some Viagra for a friend. I had not yet given it to him. I brought a box along with me to work.

The day couldn’t go any slower. I figured it would take me half an hour to get there. I read the directions for Viagra and said it will take 20 minutes to half an hour to start working and can last up to 4 hours. At 4:40 p.m. I took 50 mg pill to make sure I didn’t have performance issues. At 5:00 I left work. I was thinking, I don’t feel any hornier and it’s been half an hour. I decided to take a second pill.

Traffic was good and I made it there at 5:20. I text the scheduler I am at the hotel. She text me back the room number.

Walking down the hallway to her room I could feel my cock starting to grow. I wasn’t sure if it was the Viagra or just the excitement of knowing what was about to happen.

I knocked on the door and it slowly opened. I saw her fingers but not her as she hid behind the door. I stepped in and the closed behind me.

There stood Daisy in a lacy black bra and panties, black high heels looking exactly like her pictures.

She stepped forward and said, “Hello I am Daisy (in a thick Spanish accent.)”

I introduced myself and she moved in and kissed me. I about melted as our kissed went on and on as our mouths opened and our tongues teased each other.

By now my cock was ¾ hard and wanting to get out of my pants. While we kissed Daisy slid her hand down and gently played with my cock.

Her touch got me fully hard. I let her gently touch my cock as I slid down her bra straps from her soft shapely shoulders. I gently pulled on her straps and the cups of her bra slid down giving me a great view of her white globes highlighted by her dark tan. Her nipples were exactly like the photos. They were hard with excitement waiting for my touch.

I cupped her right breast as I kissed her neck causing her to moan softly. This was when my only disappointment was. Her breasts were very hard from plastic surgery. Other than that she was perfection.

I worked my kisses down her neck to her breasts as I kissed them and slowly worked my way to her nipples. As I rolled one nipple between my fingers I sucked and nibbled the other. They both got really hard as we both were enjoying the foreplay.

She broke our embrace and in her Spanish accent said, “You got to many clothes on. Also you have money?”

I reached into my pants and pulled out the money. She didn’t bother counting it and just put it on the counter. We both undressed. She was undressed first and got onto the bed.

I got on the bed next to her and we continued with the foreplay. I reached down and squeezed her perfect ass and pulled her close to me. Moving my hand from her ass I traced her pussy lips slowly. Occasionally I would slide a finger into her. She was wet and ready. I started to circle her love button. I left one finger inside to work her G spot while I rubbed her clit. Not sure if she was faking it or not but in 30 seconds she came hard saying “Ooooh Baby yessssss.”

Daisy told me to maltepe escort lie down and rest while she was going to have fun with me. She worked her way down and started to lick and kiss my fully engorged cock. She looked up at me and in her Spanish accent said, “You very, very big.” I have heard this before. I am a bit long but have been told I have a lot of girth.

She teased my cock for a good 5 minutes before she started taking my shaft further into her mouth. Her skills were excellent and I couldn’t hold back and shot 4 ropes of cum into her mouth. She stood up and smiled then went to the bathroom to spit out my seed. I heard her brush her teeth quick and came back to the bed.

My cock was still hard and ready for action. Damn that Viagra was working great!

“Mmmmm you still ready for more. You want cock in pussy or butt?”

“Can I do both?’ I asked.

“Yes, yes you can. We should have time. What you want first?”

I said, “Pussy, but first I want to taste that beautiful pussy.”

I rolled on top of her and kissed her deeply then slowly kissed my way down to her pussy. I saw her use a little lube on her pussy earlier and it must have been flavored as she tasted really sweet. My tongue went to work on her pussy. I added two fingers inside her making her moan. She really seemed to enjoy it when I pushed down inside her towards her rectum.

Her hands were now holding my head tight against her pussy as I sucked her hard clit into my mouth. I didn’t have much room for my fingers in her pussy so used one finger to stroke her G spot. This must have done the trick as she moaned loudly and came against my mouth releasing a bit of fluid.

Daisy wasted no time after she came and she had a condom on my cock and climbed on top of me. I watched my cock slowly disappear inside her hot wet pussy. She started off slow riding my cock. Occasionally leaning forward so I could suck a nipple into my mouth.

I knew I wouldn’t last long and just as she started to ride me faster I filled the condom with my seed. She could tell I came because my body relaxed as warmth and calmness came over me.

My cock started to slowly go down. Daisy got up and took the condom off and went to the bathroom to through it away. She came back with a warm wash cloth and cleaned my cock up.

As she cleaned me up my cock wasted no time in getting hard. “You ready to try my butt?” She asked.

I nodded yes.

Daisy took of my condom and put on a new one and covered it with lube. She then got into the doggy position at the edge of the bed. Not being experience in anal I was nervous. I knew you had to go slow. I was trying to gently enter her ass but was not having much luck. With frustration I pushed hard against her rim and slid in with her taking half my cock inside her. She gave a little jump so I didn’t go any deeper. I slowly backed out a bit then went just as deep as I had gone before. She was so tight and felt amazing. It took all I could do from thrusting deep inside her.

As I pulled my cock out a bit she said “Stop right there for a second.” There was a tube of lube by her and she took it and reached back and squirted more on my cock and rubbed it into her ass.

The lube helped as I now slid deeper into her. kartal escort I went deeper with each thrust until my cock was as deep as it could go. Looking down I could see her perfect ass as my cock slid in and out. I reached up and took her long hair that was off to the side and put it across her back. My God she was a thing of perfection.

Taking her by the hips I started to fuck her harder and faster. She took a hand and reached back and played with my balls and her pussy. She really knew how to turn me on. I wanted to go deeper if that was even possible!

I reached up and took ahold of her shoulders and drove myself hard and fast deep inside her. I could feel my balls swelling and ready to dump its seed. In three hard thrust I came inside her filling the condom. But the Viagra was in full force as I didn’t even become a bit limp so I continued to pump her little ass.

While I continued to fuck her ass I looked over at the clock. I could see my hour was up. I hoped she wouldn’t look at the clock because I wanted to cum in her ass one more time. I fucked her for a good 10 minutes when I realized I just couldn’t get myself to cum again.

I pulled out and said, “Daisy, can I cum in your mouth again?”

“Sure you can Baby,” She answered. She quickly pulled my condom off and took the wash cloth that was by the bed and quickly cleaned me up before taking me in her mouth.

It wasn’t long before that wonderful feeling came over me as I was about to cum. But before that happened she changed things up a bit and slowly took as much cock down her throat as she could. She took 8″ of my 9″. She did this 4 times. As she pulled my cock from her throat on the 4th time I erupted into her mouth as I felt 3 jets release from my cock.

She sat up and singled Time out with her hands. Then got up and went to the bathroom to spit and brush again.

By the time she got back my cock had finally started to go limp. She cuddled up to me and gave me a couple of kisses.

“You have a good time?” She asked.

“It was an amazing time. Sorry I went over my time by 20 minutes.” I answered her.

“It okay. I don’t have another appointment for 3 hours.”

For the next 10 minutes we talked about Brazil and she told me she is a model there and was in Playboy. While talking she started to stroke my cock. My God it was coming back to life!

“I like your cock. It so big. Not so big big but thick. I think you fuck my pussy again. You got time?”

“I would stay all night if you let me.” I answered.

She pulled another condom out of the drawer and put it on me. I got on top of her in missionary and slowly fucked her. We switched to me behind her with us both on our sides. We switched back to missionary. I put her legs over my shoulders and fucked her hard and deep making her cum twice.

After a good 20 minutes I knew I was getting close. I switched back to normal missionary and gave it all I had. I didn’t cum much but it felt powerful.

I collapsed on top of her and we were both sweaty. She held me and gently scratched my back.

After I caught my breath I rolled off her. We visited a bit more. She then wrote down her phone number and said, “Next time I am in town you call me direct. I charge you half because Agency they take half of the fee.”

I got up and got dressed. Before I left she opened a drawer and pulled out a Playboy. “My gift for you. I am in this one.”

I kissed her and went on my way. Next time to Mexico I am getting my own supply of Viagra!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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