Her New Life

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Emily threw on the stereo and started straightening her home. Her kids were gone for the week so she picked up all the stray toys and put them away in their bedroom. Her hopes for this evening did not include kids. She loved her kids very much, but tonight was different.

After Emily finished the cleaning, she stood at the doorway looking into her home, as if she was just walking in. She imagined the man she wanted, walking through the doorway and stepping into her home. She wanted nothing to make him uncomfortable. She did the same at the doorway of her bedroom. She began to visualize them together. She felt herself getting excited and her temperature rising.

“Stay focused,” Emily told herself.

It was time to shower and Emily went into the bathroom and began to slowly take her clothes off. She studied herself in the mirror. She took her blond shoulder length hair out of its ponytail and shook it out. She ran her hands down her body, touching her breasts, then down to her slim hips and round ass.

The yoga Emily practiced daily kept her figure very well, and even though her breasts had gotten smaller from her pregnancies, they were firm and perky and she could go braless now. Sometimes she would envy girls with large breasts, but she would remind herself that all men were different. Some were breast men, and some were ass and legmen.

Emily turned on the shower and let the hot water run over her body. It felt so good she could have stayed there forever. She washed her hair, and as she shaved her legs she ran her hands over them, feeling their smoothness. Then she ran her hands over her freshly waxed pussy.

“Nice and smooth,” she said to herself.

The light touch of her hands started the familiar aching feeling between her legs and her thoughts turned to him, and his kiss. She began to touch her pussy as she thought of him inside her, wondering what he would feel like. She imagined running her hands up and down his thighs, feeling their strength. His legs always looked so strong.

Out of the shower, Emily applied a vanilla scented lotion all over her body, and dried her hair. Her long bangs fell past her blue eyes and helped to hide some of the desire within her body. She finished her makeup and put on a short sundress. The weather had been nice, and she had gotten some sun lately making her shoulders and chest lightly bronzed. she slipped on her sandals and looked in the mirror one last time. She hoped he would like what he saw, and her mind started to wander again, to thoughts of him.

She wanted him so badly.

Emily wondered how her overwhelming desire for this man had happened, but at the same time, she was thrilled to feel such a powerful desire for someone again. It was the kind of desire that only certain people can awaken within you. Her skin tingled with electricity that made her feel alive. One kiss had awakened a primal spot where logic and better judgment are thrown out and all you feel is the craving for your chest against theirs, skin against skin.

“This is not good,” she thought to herself, her better judgment trying to peek through. She felt a little out of control.

But there was no stopping this kind of desire. Emily had only felt this way a handful of times, though she had been with more men than that. She could quickly recall them, her first lover, an old co-worker, and her ex-husband. With them she had felt this feeling. The one where you have trouble concentrating, and the simplest thoughts about them make you come close to orgasm.

Emily understood this passion all too well. Her husband had fallen in love with someone else shortly after the birth of the children. Not just fucked someone else, fell in love with someone else. It had happened because of this kind of desire, or so he told her during the unsuccessful marriage counseling. She had wanted to have this feeling for someone in her new life. But now that it was here, she was overwhelmed.

This new man was not actually new to her, and was well known by many women. Younger than Emily and very confident, Matt was literally the third new person she met on her first night out as a single woman. Her old co-worker friend introduced her to him at the local beach bar. In those first moments she could feel his presence as his eyes pierced through her, and she knew right then that he was very sexual, and a little dangerous. At the beginning of her new life, things were very crazy and she had no intention of acting on her sexual curiosity about him. She considered him a bar friend.

The following year, on a very rainy night, Emily was trying to keep her shoes dry, and off of the flooded bar floor, so she scooted along the bar stools to get to the door to leave. When she got to where Matt was sitting, she jokingly climbed on the back of his chair, putting her arms around this neck, her chest pressing into his back. In this quick moment she had felt him. An intense heat had penetrated from him into her chest and breasts. The sensation caught her off guard, like someone hitting you from behind. The escort ataşehir feeling was that unexpected and tangible.

When Emily walked to her car that night, she felt her pussy heating up, soaking her panties. For the first time, she began to wonder what it would be like to be with Matt, to wonder if fucking him could be a real option. The divorce had left her alone and horny most of the time, and while she masturbated regularly, she longed for a real man to touch her. She was not ready for a relationship, but she craved raw sex, and she found it hard to find. She got offers, but she could get herself off easily, and wasn’t looking for just a fuck or warm body, she wanted a sensual experience, a memorable encounter with the other person. There were things that she liked that she could not do sexually for herself, like kissing and talking dirty. She would sometimes invite a potential lover over for a kissing session to see if they could heat up the room and make her pussy drip with desire. Kissing was her true test, and it was critical to making anything further happen. It was a deal maker or breaker. If the kiss was not there, she sent them home.

Another year passed and a beautiful sunset started the weekend for everyone. Fridays were always one of the better nights to hang out at the beach bar. It seemed everyone came out to have a few drinks and shake off the workweek. At the end of the night, Matt asked Emily for a ride home. He had come with friends earlier but they had left. This was not the first time he had asked for a ride home, and they had become friends over the past couple years. Little conversations here and there had built a casual friendship, but she still wondered what he was like in bed. Her gut told her he would be great, but maybe she was wrong. She had decided at some point to ignore it, like you would try to ignore the temptation for something forbidden. He was a forbidden fruit, something to admire from afar. His gaze was still piercing and sometimes she would find it hard to look directly into his eyes when they spoke, for it felt like he could see through her, to her curiosity about him.

They drove to Matt’s home and he invited Emily in for one more drink. He did this each time she gave him a ride home, and she always knew there was some danger to being alone with him, but they had done it before. She kept herself in check and so did he.

As usual she thought to herself, “Drink your drink quickly and get out.” She did not want to risk being captured by his gaze.

They stepped into Matt’s kitchen to make the drinks and Emily noticed that he had a bulb out in one of the overhead lights. She wanted to check out the shape of the lights. She stepped closer to the light and while moving forward lightly brushed her arm against his. She thought these were the same lights she had had in her old kitchen, and might have one laying around to give to him. She turned around to tell him about her discovery and before she could utter her sentence he stepped toward her and kissed her. Strong yet soft, she was in shock and instinctively pulled back from the surprise of his kiss.

Matt did not let go. He pulled Emily closer to him and kissed her again. This time he used his tongue to slowly part her mouth and kiss her more deeply. Her immediate shock began to melt under his soft, sensuous kisses. She relaxed into his arms and began kissing him back. Their mouths tasted each other while their tongues touched and pleasured the other. Her desire began to heat up and was quickly melting her , making her let her guard down.

Emily thought to herself, “What a great kisser, just like I had always suspected.” In Matt’s arms, she could now also smell his wonderful scent, musky and manly. A heat was radiating between their bodies. It was just like the feeling she had on that rainy night in the bar.

Matt’s hands then began to slowly move down Emily’s body, touching her flat stomach and slim hips, and moving down to her ass. He explored her body with his hands, continuing to kiss her passionately. She returned the touches. She began to feel his stomach and arms. They were muscular but not overbuilt and they were around her waist, holding her tight pulling her in, closer and closer to him. He stopped kissing her lips, pulled her close against his body and began kissing her neck and around her ears while his hands continue to rub up and down her body.

Matt then whispered into Emily’s ear, “It’s late, stay here tonight.” But the sound of his voice shook her out of her kiss-induced coma. Her mind began to race, remembering where she was and who she was kissing, and realizing how wet and flush she was.

Emily pulled away, feeling out of control and vulnerable. She had not expected this. Not his kiss, and certainly not this weak-in-the-knees feeling she was having. She stepped back, almost falling under her wobbly legs. With her heart beating a million times a minute, she looked straight into Matt’s eyes, “I have to go home.”

“You don’t have to,” Matt said softly as he stepped kadıköy escort closer to Emily. He began kissing her again, his soft lips touching gently against hers before opening up into a sweet, wet kiss. He felt so good to her, his body, his touch, and his kiss. His hands explored her body again, but this time he worked his hands under her shirt. She felt his bare hands now directly on her body and they sent waves of heat through her.

Emily felt her body begin to tremble and pulled away again. Her mind was spinning. She had decided long ago that he was off limits and being with him was not an option. Unsure of what she wanted to do, she blurted out the only clear thought that she could muster for the occasion.

“You are a great kisser, and I’m tempted to stay, but…can I have a rain-check?” Emily asked, smiling. She hoped he did not think she was being a smart-ass. It was the honest-to-god truth. She wanted an extension of time to consider whether she wanted to fuck him and she wanted his offer to stay on the table.

“Yes, of course,” Matt said, “but you’re free tonight, your kids are gone for the weekend, and I know you need this.”

‘Oh God, do I have a sign on me that says Divorced Single Mom in a Dry Spell?’ Emily thought.

Emily responded, with a tone of submission to her voice, “My kids are gone till next Friday, can I please have a rain check until then?” She knew she had been called-out and exposed. She felt strangely liberated yet scared at the same time. She had always felt that if she looked Matt straight in the eyes he would see through her, but now he had kissed her and felt her desire. The cat was out of the bag now and there was no going back.

As Emily drove home that evening her mind was on overload. She could still smell him on her clothes and her panties were soaked. She could not decide if she wanted to shower, or not wash her shirt. Her legs shook as she drove, thinking about his hands on her bare skin and the heat she felt. Chemical.

Even as Emily dressed she was still questioning her decision. Matt went to the same bar as she and knew the same people. That’s how they met. Now, she had to decide if the risk of him kissing and telling was worth the sex that she knew now would be great. She knew she would continue to see him there regardless of what happened. It was the locals’ bar, within a short walk down the beach, and a great place to watch the sunset. That was why she was a regular, but so was he.

Emily’s body, however, was guiding her now, and it was overpowering reason and logic. The temptation generated from their kiss had pushed her over the edge. She had to go further. From his reputation she knew it would be a one-night stand, and she was ok with that since she was not ready for a relationship. One night of incredibly hot sex sounded like what she needed.

“Oh, God, I must be crazy,” she said excitedly as she walked out her front door for the bar.

Emily waked into the bar and said hello to the other regulars. It was a beautiful evening and the sun would be setting soon. The beach was beautiful and the sunlight glistening on the flat water helped to calm her. She took a deep breath and then turned to get a drink. She scanned the room, then the patio deck, and sure enough Matt was there. Sitting at a table on the patio deck with some friends, he was wearing a dark green shirt that contrasted with the white beach sand, blue sky and water. She was happy he was there.

“Hey, Emily,” said Brad the bartender, “Absolut and tonic with a lime”?

“Yes, thank you,” she replied.

Maybe Matt had heard her voice, because he turned and looked her way. His dark, piercing eyes caught Emily’s and they stared at each other for a moment before he smiled. She smiled back. She saw the look in his eyes still, the dirty mind look. She was sure she was giving it back.

Emily sat at the bar watching the sunset and trying not to look anxious. As the sun sank completely into the water, the bar broke out in applause as usual to acknowledge another beautiful day. She looked toward where Matt was sitting. To her disappointment, his chair was empty. She turned around and found him standing at the bar on her other side.

“What’s going on?” Matt asked Emily.

“Not too much. Sunset, you know,” replied Emily.

“It was a great one tonight,” said Matt.

“Beautiful,” Emily said smiling and looking directly into his eyes. “What’s going on with you?”

“Same thing, sunset and cocktails” Matt said. His brown eyes stared through her. “You look great tonight.”

“Thank you,” Emily said. Her mind was racing. She had to choose her words carefully so she wouldn’t sound pushy. To her, Matt seemed like the type of man that needed to be in control, his choice, but she was not timid, either. She needed to let him know she was interested in continuing their hot kissing and more.

“Well, when you’re not busy sometime, I would like to use that rain-check.” Emily said in her most seductive voice. She felt exposed and vulnerable, but maltepe escort bayan she also felt a rush of adrenaline and a hot warmth between her legs. Just saying the words excited her, but she tried to look cool as she searched his face for a clue as to what he was thinking.

Matt then smiled wide and Emily saw the look in his eyes she wanted to see, interest and intrigue. She smiled back. Game on.

“Would you like to get some dinner tonight, away from this place?” Matt asked Emily confidently. His mind was clicking now and he was eager to enjoy the evening with her. He knew the rain-check involved at least kissing and he looked forward to feeling the softness of her lips against his once again. He also wanted to see what else she had in mind. He could tell from the look in her eyes, and the way she was dressed, that she wanted more than kissing, and he was ready to please.

They had drinks and a great dinner at the local sushi restaurant. The conversation flowed on, discussing lots of little things, carefully avoiding the subject that was obviously on each of their minds. Toward the end of the meal, Emily was ready to make the next move. A small gesture, a touch. She reached for Matt’s hand as she started to rise from her chair. She leaned forward to whisper in his ear, her cheek touching his.

“I’ll be right back,” Emily whispered in his ear. Then she intimately kissed his neck near his ear, lingering for a second before pulling away. As she remembered, the heat of his face radiated through her skin.

When Emily returned, Matt had taken care of the bill and was ready to leave. For a moment she thought she may have done something wrong and he wanted to call it a night, but when they got to his car, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately. His lips parted hers and he began exploring with his tongue, kissing deeper.

Emily melted under Matt’s kiss. His tongue was soft yet strong with desire. His hands held her waist tightly and she felt the strength of his hands. She responded likewise, her hands touching his shirt feeling the line of his chest and strong arms. He pressed her backwards until she was leaning against the car, his body pressing close to her. They stood there kissing, the length of their bodies touching each other. She could feel his cock growing as he leaned against her. Her own body was on fire and for a moment she forgot where she was, completely immersed.

With her body on fire and the warmth of his body there again, it was like a chemical reaction. The kind of combustion that occurs in a high school chemistry class. Two household materials stable and safe alone, yet when combined, mesh and explode to form something new and fantastic.

“Come back to my house,” Emily breathlessly spoke after a long passionate kiss.

“I would love to, but are you sure?” asked Matt.

Emily didn’t say a word, but rather leaned into Matt and at first gently kissed his lips, pulling back very subtly. He was feeling the same, and he kissed her gently, as if to prepare her for the evening to come. His kiss was long and slow, but his strength and desire began to take over.

“Get in the car!” Matt said. He patted Emily on the ass as she walked around him to get in the car.

While it was only a two-minute ride to her house, it seemed like forever. Emily thought of how she wanted to please this man. Her mind was racing and she decided it would be better to just let herself be free to feel every moment and do what felt right, to not have any plans. This was a one-night stand and she wanted every feeling, sensation, and touch to be experienced in real time.

They got to her place and she opened the door for him. Matt stepped inside and put his keys down on a nearby table.

“Nice place,” Matt said, as he began to wander farther in.

“Thanks,” Emily said, happy that she had cleaned up the place. She walked to Matt and grabbed his hand, leading him to the living room. She got a few drinks, turned on her favorite music, and they sat down on the sofa.

“Cheers,” Emily said softly but with anticipation. They clinked their glasses and the sound resonated in the air like a starting bell. For a moment they stared at one another as if to see into each other’s thoughts. Her stomach flipped a couple of times, and then she took a big sip. Gently she placed her hand on Matt’s thigh, feeling his thick muscles, then moved slowly up his sexy leg toward his crotch. The tips of her fingers grazed his cock and it made her pussy ache. She wanted him so badly.

Emily put her face next to Matt’s and whispered in his ear, “I’ve been thinking about fucking you all day.” She then kissed him passionately, her tongue finding his. He kissed her back with confidence and strength. She felt like she was on fire, her skin tingling and an incredible heat building inside her. She wanted out of her panties so bad, her pussy needed to be touched.

Matt took Emily’s drink and placed them both on the table, freeing their hands. She began to unbutton his shirt and her hands could not move quickly enough. She wanted to touch his chest and feel the heat of his skin against hers. He ran his hands up under her sundress lifting it over her head. She was naked except for her panties and he was in his jeans. She stood up and took his hand, leading him to her bedroom.

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