Her Forever Virgin Ch. 01

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A witch with mousy brown hair, twirled her wand carefully in a circular motion next to a sphere of molten metal. She spun more quickly as the heated ball began to dissipate. Faster and faster, it rotated until four items remain suspended in midair for a few seconds before dropping on the floor. They singed the wooden panels beneath them slightly but the damage was undone with the snap of a finger once they had cooled enough to be handled.

In one hand Amy held a black key and lock while in the other she held a chrome ring and phallic cage. Pride swelled up in her, she was now one step closer to becoming a more powerful witch. There was just one step left, a problem which, even with Amy’s intelligence, she could not begin to solve. She’d been so concerned with crafting the cage that she hadn’t looked for a willing participant. It wasn’t going to be easy either, for as the instructions warned, “This tool requires the devoted heart of a virgin.”

“And that’s why I’m having it appraised,” said Amy looking up at her roommate and best friend “I’d really like to use it but I didn’t think through how I’d find a virgin willing to wear it.”

“Isn’t there also the matter of your own chastity?” asked Margo as she eyed a rack of cursed objects.

“That’s not really a concern of mine.”

Margo, towering over Amy by 9 inches at 6’2 with only subtle curves, shot down a distressed look at her friend, “You can’t be serious. You’re going to go nuts with pent up frustration.”

The young women where in a store, Knocker’s, which specialized in selling and buying magical objects. Amy, being a magiccsmith, often came to Knockers to sell her crafts and buy material for her next items. Margo was there as Amy’s only confidant, a non-witch allowed insight into the magical world by a true witch. Margo often enjoyed visiting Knocker’s to browse the selection of cursed revenge items but never purchased anything, though not for lack of trying. Amy pulled a box off the shelf of cursed objects and handed it to Margo with a playful smirk.

“This is all I’ll ever need if I can find a guy to wear it.”

Margo raised an eyebrow reading the box out loud, “The Addictive Dildo, guaranteed to turn any prude into an orgasm addict,” chuckling she added, “Seems like trading one problem for another.”

“I’d be powerful enough to beat any curse bahçelievler escort if I can find a guy to wear this,” she said dangling a sack by her face, “Besides, I’ve asked the 8 ball about it and I got a ‘Definitely Yes’ so I know I can do it. All I can’t do is be ‘penetrated by a man’s member’ so I’ve still got plenty of other avenues to orgasm.”

“You really have thought of everything haven’t you. Well, everything but the guy. Have you considered asking Jake, he’s asexual so I think you’d just have to convince him to wear it? Plus, he once told me he feels really uncomfortable when he’s erect so I think you’d be doing him a favor.”

“I didn’t consider Jake but I did look into the asexual possibility,” Amy sighed, “No dice, the virgin must have a sex drive or it won’t work. If only magic allowed for loopholes.”

“How about this? What if the wearer is incapable of losing his virginity?”

“I guess that would work but what kind of guy can’t lose his virginity? They’d have to have lifelong erectile disfunction.”

“Or be a premature ejaculator,” Margo paused for a few seconds before saying in a small voice, “Like Cy.”

“Cy? Cyrus Murphy? Your ex and former side guy. But I thought you said it felt great when you guys did it,” said Amy sticking her index finger into a hole in the fist of her other hand, “for the first time.”

Even through Margo’s dark brown skin the reddening blush on her face became apparent as she prepared to lift the vail on a decades long lie, “Technically, I lost my virginity to Bruce but I was sexually active with Cy for sure. For the most part everything that happened on Prom night was like I said except for the sex. He came a little after I was undressed and I think he may have even cum in his pants during the prom. All the times he and I have been together he’s never once penetrated me, he cums too early. Plus, even if he could I’d barely feel anything cause of his small dick. It’s so small I think it’s actually considered a medical condition,” she ended with a giggle.

“So,” Amy’s faced twisted with suspicion, “you’ve known about this embarrassing secret for years and you’ve kept it to yourself this whole time? Did Margo unleash a doppelganger again?”

“Very funny, but I learned my lesson the first time,” Margo rolled her eyes bahçeşehir escort as the memory flashed in her mind, “Despite Cy’s problems he’s really,” she repeated louder, “really eager to please in other ways,” Margo’s face twisted into a smile looking back on her memories, “and he’s great at it so I told myself that just this once I’d keep the details to myself for him. Feels good to finally tell someone.”

“Didn’t he move to the other side of the country for a job or something?”

“He found a job back here and moved into his new apartment yesterday. I thought I told you, me and Jake are the ones who helped him move in and then we vaped pot. You didn’t notice I was gone all day?”

“I was a little busy yesterday, remember,” dangling the bag again.

Margo pulled her phone from her pocket, “Let me send you his new number.”

“Wait! What!” a mild shock of terror crossed Amy’s face, “I don’t know about that.” It occurred to her that not only had she not thought through finding a virgin to wear the damn thing, she didn’t think through how she’d broach the subject. What would she ask Cyrus? I heard you’re to premature to ever lose your virginity so wear this to make me more powerful. That wasn’t going to fly. She considered abandoning the idea right then and there.

“Why not try?”

“Even if it’s true asking a guy to give up masturbation for the rest of his life is asking a lot.”

“You’re getting cold feet, aren’t you?”

“No,” responded Amy in a voice so meek she couldn’t even convince herself, “I just…” There was a long pause that seemed to last an eternity as Margo seemed taller than ever looking down at her with a raised eye brow.

Luckily a hero came to Amy’s rescue. The loud speaker said “Number 34 to appraisal.”

“That’s me!” said Amy relieved to have found an escape from this conversation. Then Amy put on a stern face in an instant and with a motherly waggle of her finger she added, “And please don’t bother Ye…” and in a puff of smoke she was completing her sentence to the appraisal witch, Minvera, “…nessa. Oh sorry.”

“It’s fine dear. I think the transporter spell was set a little faster than usual today. Have more cups?” asked the older witch, “We ran out last week.”

“I do,” Amy and unslung a messenger bag from her shoulder bakırköy escort and placed it on the table patting the deceptively large storage unit, “100 exactly. I also had something else I want appraised. One of my finer works.”

“Always happy to see what kind of items you come up with.”

Amy loosened the pouch and shook out the contents. Minerva rubbed her chin with interest, she blinked her left eye and her iris was replaced by what looked like a crystal. She began by picking up the key and bringing it to her bedazzled Eye, “feels like it’s made of dust, ready to fall apart at any moment,” she grabbed it by the handle and tapped it hard against the table, “but as solid as a diamond,” then she examined the lock, “I can see this is the magical center point of your item,” she picked up the cage and base ring at the same time each with one hand. She put the ring to her eye and did a 360 examination and then looked into the cage before setting them down, “a one-size-fits-all enchantment, no way of knowing if it works until you test it but judging by my site and your talent, I can only assume it works with near or absolute perfection.” The older which leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms, “I’ll be honest with you. Whatever I tell you this is worth you could still haggle me higher. This is only the fourth cage of its kind that I’ve ever seen and I’ve only ever heard rumor of it being used successfully. But It’s still a highly valued collector’s item among the elite witches. Most aren’t talented enough to build it, magic only lets you make it once, and hardly a man alive could ever commit to that kind of confinement.”

“Well, I mostly just wanted to have it looked at,” Amy blushed a little thinking about how foolish her plan might be now, “I am hoping to find someone willing to wear it.”

The crystal iris somehow made the witches stair seam sterner that it was perhaps supposed to be but Amy could tell there was some amount of disappointment in her, “Alright. Don’t be afraid to come back if,” Amy could tell she meant when not if, “you change your mind, I’m guessing that’s why you’re getting it appraised.”

“Don’t worry, you know you’re the first person I’ll come to sell it to. You always are.” Said Amy with a nob, her voice slightly shaky from the embarrassment of admitting her plans. Amy’s face suddenly lit up as she remembered she brought a second new item to ease the expected awkwardness. Unzipping a pocket from the messenger bag she pulled out a mug that had no earthly business being stored in the pocket with little room, “here’s my latest prototype, Favorite Flavor Mug, for hot beverages.” The older witch took it for examination with a smile.

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