Her Dirty Doctor Dreams Come True

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In the months after my ex left me, I dealt with the rejection by escaping into a fantasy world where I was again an object of desire. But these vivid scenes starred someone all too real, my OB GYN, a man I had developed the fiercest crush on over the past years, one that intensified exponentially immediately following this latest trauma. While the year’s daydreams served a purpose, they also made my upcoming appointment with Dr. Marco emotionally charged.

I was hesitant to talk about the changes in my life and my bruised ego, even though he had known me quite a few years and delivered my children, which of course were some of my fondest memories. I also hadn’t been with a man in a year, and the thought of being on display in this way was angst filled and strangely exciting at the same time. My heart began to race as I lay back on the exam table and settled my heels into the stirrups. In he came.

Dr. Marco was very tall. At least six foot three, maybe more, with a slim but pleasantly muscular build. Good shoulders, a strong nose and wavy brown hair. The fact that he was probably in his early fifties and about 20 years my senior made him that much more attractive to me as there was something even more illicit about my feelings. Perhaps it also had something to do with his sophistication and cool confidence. He had style; you could almost see your reflection in his shiny brown Ferragamo shoes. A pristine, well coordinated shirt and tie were always peeking out from his white lab coat.

He was so proper, in fact, that I decided he must be hiding ragingly dirty side underneath. He was a GYN after all. How does a man become drawn to that profession? Not to mention, how intriguing would it be to experience such an intelligent man whose entire life was dedicated to being a student of the female body? Thousands upon thousands of women. What secret spots did he know about that your average man on the street did not? My mind ran wild with this thought in particular.

During a few past visits, I’d seen him in his short sleeve scrubs and sneakers. These were my favorite days, as you could clearly make out his bulge beneath the thin green fabric. He’d look uncharacteristically rumpled and slightly sweaty, probably fresh off a double shift of bringing new babies into the world, adding to his superhuman mystique. On those occasions I would lie back and enjoy watching his well-defined bicep dance a little as he used his fingers to navigate my body, his eyes darting side to side as he observed me intently from beneath the paper draping.

He didn’t wear a ring and never shared his story, but he had an air of loneliness about him that made him all the more complex. I wanted to break down his icy exterior and I wanted to know him. Did he notice how I’d tried to look my best, putting an extra effort into my makeup and being sure that my long brown hair had just the right amount of body? My inappropriate feelings had the happy effect of melting away all the usual doctor anxiety in favor of the butterflies you get from your high school crush. I felt ridiculous of course, but he really was, in a word, intense.

I wasn’t the only one Dr. Marco made nervous. I had seen entire rooms of people freeze as he entered. Nurses and even other doctors would stand up straighter in his presence. He was clearly an expert in his field and someone who effortlessly commanded respect, even a little fear, perhaps. The owner of a thriving practice and a bigwig at the hospital, you just could never get a read on him. I’d find myself comfortable in his presence, but never too much so. Maybe it was the Patrick Bateman gone 50-something vibe he had working that kept you feeling on edge. Still, he could be suddenly warm. The kind of guy who makes you wonder if he’s going to murder you or make love to you.

A little wider please” he said as he gently coaxed my knees apart. “Now a little cold, a little pinch, good girl.”

The last part made me tremble.

When he looked up his gaze was, as usual, steely. What was this man thinking? Could he feel that he’d been the subject of my fantasies for the better part of a year now? That many nights I’d fall asleep after getting off to thoughts of him taking me from behind over his exam table, his pants just barely unbuckled from the urgency of the encounter. I had so much pent up frustration that I was sure he could hear my thoughts. So I started rambling. I told him everything. How my husband had suddenly left last last year. I even told him that he said it was because I didn’t feel the same to him after our kids came. Before I knew it, a few tears had rolled down my face onto the table.

“I’m sorry for your pendik escort troubles,” he said dispassionately as he rolled backwards and snapped off his gloves one by one. Standing now, he brushed his large hand over his chin as if thinking carefully about something, then he glanced for a split second towards my still partly opened legs. “You know that ethically I can only respond as your clinician, but I will say that I hope some day the world realizes how beautiful and powerful women’s bodies are, particularly after they’ve given life. You don’t get into this business if you can’t see the allure in that.” Allure. His words made me feel better.

“You’re doing great, sweetie,” he said as he gave me a sudden, now fatherly, peck on the forehead, making me feel oddly kinky for my obsession. Then, blinking through his hooded emerald green eyes that lent such a unique contrast their black eyelashes and his lightly tanned, olive skin he said, “I’ll look forward to seeing more of you next time.” More of me. Hmmm. Not so fatherly? A shiver went up my back.

The following week I did the impossible and, for the first time since my ex took off, parked the kids with family and made evening plans with a friend. I had no idea what to do as a new single, but it was finally summer and I reasoned that I deserved some fun. I was pleased by how my old favorite red slip dress looked on. It was just short enough to be sexy but not over the top, and paired perfectly with my very high nude sandals. I’d somehow found the time to properly prepare for anything, and down to the shimmery bronzer on my legs, I decided I was ready to stick it to my ex if a worthy option presented itself.

The night ended up amounting to just some girl talk and too much wine, so when my friend headed out, I found myself not quite ready to go home. My feet seemed to be carrying me to this townie haunt at the top of the cliff that overlooked New York City from its vantage point across the Hudson River.

The red dress scored me the requisite validation I’d been drunkenly hoping for, but as I took my place at the corner stool, I quickly realized I was going to be getting a lot of unwanted attention. Still, when you’re slumming it you can’t go wrong with a decent tequila on the rocks. I’d drink my courage and befriend the bartender in case anyone creepy decided to bother me. I’d no sooner placed my order than I fixed my gaze across the rectangular bar to a tall figure leaning over with a drink in hand.

It was him.

I could see him do a double take, having only seen me in a paper gown for most of our encounters. Once an expression of recognition crossed his face, he stalked right over to me and pulled up the next chair. “Tequila, huh?” I was just drunk enough not to faint.

“What are you doing here?,” I said.

“Well hello to you too,” he replied, suddenly casual, punctuating the last word by landing his eyes right on my very pushed up breasts. “You do know the hospital is a few blocks away? This my local bar. Just got off shift for the week. ” He was wearing those scrubs I loved so much.

Alright time to act cool. “Oh yes, of course! How silly of me. Crazy night out right around here, just thought I’d grab a nightcap.” There was a long, awkward pause as he appeared to take everything in, nodding his head up and down slightly.

I attempted to make more small talk but he interrupted me rather suddenly, his speech far less measured than usual. “You know,” he breathed, “I wanted so badly to say more to you last week.” He paused for what seemed like an eternity before continuing. “I wanted to tell you how hot you looked all spread out on my table, and how I thought about your body for days afterward.” My mouth began to drop. “I wanted to wipe away your tears and tell you how I how I started to get hard the minute I slipped my fingers inside of you. That I wished I could take off my glove and really feel you. That it took all my concentration to control my erection after that. Oh, and your ex’s comment about your body, don’t even get me started.” He took my hand and gently placed it on his thigh where I could feel his huge cock which was now also clearly visible.

“You are perfect, and I can pretty much guarantee that if you were to let me inside of you, there would be no complaints. But I’m your doctor, and I can’t say such things.”

My expression must have told him all he needed to know, and with that, he leaned into me and swept his hand under my dress, slid my thong aside with his middle finger, and slipped it and his pointer inside of me. Rapt in his paralyzing gaze, twenty seconds must have passed in a mere heartbeat. He slowly maltepe escort brought his hand to my mouth where he met my lips with his in a kiss.

The bartender, not realizing we were already acquaintances, was quite impressed by the speed with which the doctor had snared me. For my part, I was hoping he’d only observed the second half of the advance. “You, Sir, deserve a free drink for that move.” One more tequila on the rocks and I’d be ready for whatever was to come. Or so I thought.

As both of us became increasingly bleary eyed, Dr. Marco whispered to me that his apartment was just a few blocks away. I’m not sure what came over me because I surprised even myself with my response. “No,” I said, the word freezing him in his place.

The next phrase took a little courage but I choked it out. “Take me to your office.”

We went up the back stairs just to be safe. He flipped the light on and led me to that familiar exam table where he kissed me for several minutes, feeling my body all over, and grabbing at my ass with a firm grip that left my skin stinging a bit with each touch. He slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders and dragged it down my torso, descending with it to his knees, my nipple in his mouth, then the other.

It just felt so good to have a man’s hands on my body again, especially this man, this incredibly elusive, complex, masculine figure. Up until this point, he had only existed within the confines of my imagination. But this was now. He was here and he was mine.

Next I knew he was kissing my hip bone, and taking off my panties with his teeth as he knelt before me. “Please lick my pussy,” I thought, but did not say. I could feel all my blood rushing there. I worried I would cum without him even doing it. Instead, I felt him get behind me and he turned me to face the table. I heard him unbuckle his belt and take down his zipper.

Why had he turned me around? I wanted to get a look at this cock that I had been dreaming about for years. I’d felt it but I wanted to see it. Still, I let him lead. His hands on my shoulders, he bent me forward so that the top half of my body was resting on the exam table, my feet on the ground. I braced for his giant cock to enter me from behind. To my surprise, I felt it moving up and down gently between my ass cheeks but not inside me yet, his balls grazing my butt with each stroke. His hot breath was on the back of my neck, a sensation I’ve always found intensely arousing and predatory.

The feeling of his wet mouth now on the nape, he kissed me, ever so slowly, continuing all the way down the length of my back. Everywhere his mouth touched left me tingling with anticipation. I had to remind myself that this was not a boy, it was a man, and he was going to take his time and do everything right. I’d stop rushing this and just enjoy. By the time he reached around to my pussy and entered me with his fingers, my body was in such a state of arousal that I was shaking like I leaf as he continued to trace my body with his lips.

It took another several long minutes before I felt his tongue slide between my ass cheeks. I instinctively arched my back so that it was finally on my aching clit as he ate me out from behind. My head spinning a bit from the alcohol, I can still vividly recall the intense pleasure he was bringing me, his fingers penetrating me from behind, moving rhythmically inside of me as I dripped with wetness, feeling sensations in parts of me that I almost couldn’t place.

The man was an artist, his tongue now inside me as his fingers quickly caressed my engorged clit in the most toe-curling way. “Anatomy class pays off,”I thought. In what seemed like seconds, I’d yielded to the most intense, crashing orgasm I had ever had. But he wasn’t done.

My upper thighs utterly soaked, I turned around abruptly to beg him to have mercy and let me collect myself a minute. I hung my limp arms around his shoulders and kissed his chest, my legs so weak from cumming that they felt like they would collapse beneath me. He looked pleased but not surprised by my reaction to his sexual prowess. He fondled my breasts, his arms outstretched, while giving me, finally, the warm smile I’d always wanted from him.

It was then that it occurred to me to finally look down. His erection was huge and the sight of it alone was so arousing that it was nearly unbearable. I needed to please him whether he’d let me or not. I pushed him back across the table and dragged his pants off completely. His thighs were spectacular. I love strong thighs. I began kissing inside them, hovering around his balls but not touching, letting him long for the feeling kartal escort of my tongue. His penis was bobbing a bit as he involuntarily flexed his muscles in response to my licks.

Once I had teased him enough, I drew a deep breath and opened my mouth as wide as I could to finally taste his huge, thick, cock. He was as hard as rock. There was no way I would get it all in my mouth but I was able to choke down about half of it, massaging the base of his penis as he groaned. I got it nice and wet with saliva before sliding it between my breasts. It was so long I could take the tip into my mouth easily while fucking him with my tits. As I returned to giving him my most enthusiastic blowjob, I could feel he cock throbbing with rushes of blood.

Should I finish him? His hooded eyes were nearly slits, staring me down like an animal as I slid my mouth up and down on it, my tongue tickling the tip. He was definitely on the verge.

“Wait,” he breathed, sitting up abruptly. He wrapped his large hands around my neck. He was back to his serious self, and it scared me for a second. “You’re a naughty girl fucking your doctor like this, and you suck cock just as well as I imagined you would. I’d love to let you do what you do best, but I’m not finished with you just yet.”

“Please fuck me, please,” I begged.

He obliged, but not before putting my feet back into those familiar stirrups. “I am going to go slow on you, little girl. I don’t know that you’re used to a real man.” As if enjoying my torture, he traced my lips and clit with the bulbous head of his cock, sliding it all over. I could see cum slipping out of it. I wanted to taste him again but I still had yet to feel his stiff penis splaying me apart. He tapped at my clit with it, and even wedged the head inside a few times, smiling. Still using himself like a wand to caress the outside of me, he said,

“I am going to fuck you within an inch of your life and you’re going to love every second, but first, tell me one thing you want.” This was easy. But could I say it? But this really was my fantasy come alive.

“I want your cock in my pussy and i want you to stuff me full of it, but then I also want you to put something in my ass, so I can feel what it’s like to be completely taken by you.” This idea clearly delighted him, as he began stroking his cock with an urgency I’d never seen. “

“Tell me that again?” He growled. “You’re a very bad little girl, you know?” Pulling some sort of dildo from the drawer, presumably a medical probe or implement, he reached for his exam lube, slid it on, and gently penetrated my ass. I breathed in deeply, trying to relax. “Now, you reach down and hold that, ok?” he instructed professorially, “now I’m going to finish you off.” I prepared to be further filled by his monster. As it slid inside me, I closed my eyes, feeling as if I were about to split in half. Never had I felt such heaven, such complete and utter lust. I was was gushing by now, just enough to barely accommodate this giant, stiff snake.

He thrust carefully at first, tickling my nipples and bending to down to kiss me tenderly. Then as he got into it, things became much rougher. He dug his hands firmly into my hips, drawing me towards his thrusts with great force. His cock going deeper and deeper still felt amazing. Could I handle it all? “We’re going to go for it,” he said, somehow finishing my unspoken thought. I inhaled, and by some miracle, he fit the last few inches in, until he was balls deep inside of me. “I know your pussy so well,” he grinned.

He did. And I could have let him stay there for ever. He fucked me intensely for another several minutes, pushing hard into my pussy and wiggling the dildo inside my ass, leaning in closer and closer until we were nearly one body. I felt his warm sweat and hot breath, his teeth on my neck as he was and telling me good l felt, and how he was going to fill me with cum.

The orgasm triggered by his punishingly deep thrusts began like a slow burn in my G spot then radiated out to my clit, which was erect and being fully stimulated by his grinding pelvis with each earth shattering dive of his cock. It continued up and down the outside of my pussy before finishing with an indescribable shiver, just as I went limp in his arms and wilted onto the table. He kissed me passionately, but then his voice changed again, the booming, dominant tone creeping into it. “Take that dildo out of your ass, little girl. I want you to concentrate so you can feel me cum.”

I would do anything this man said. I’ll never forget what it was like watching as he lowered his impossibly thick cock into me over and over, his balls slapping against my ass cheeks, the room vibrating as he shook into orgasm. The gush of cum felt like a fire hose went off inside me. And I was full in so many ways.

One thing is for sure, everyone deserves to play doctor at least once in their life.

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