Her Awakening Ch. 13

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From the writer: Thanks to all of you who asked about this series and wanted me to write more. Hope this chapter is to your liking



The day after Victoria’s big night, Penny awoke brimming with confidence. Her plan had worked out perfectly. She would soon be appointed Secretary at the club, and the climb to her real goal of becoming President would start soon after that. She got out of bed and needed a shower. She wanted Victoria to come bathe her, but realized that Victoria needed the rest after such a wild and fulfilling night. She watched as Victoria slept at the foot of her bed still dressed in the outfit from the night before. Penny was proud of herself and how she had turned Victoria into such a willing participant in all her sex games. She recalled how the prim and proper Victoria used to be, and how she had now become her cum hungry, cock loving, pussy craving, ass licking slave. The best part was that Victoria loved it, and because she was a willing participant, she was open to anything Penny had in mind. She would be a priceless asset in Penny’s climb to the top at the club.

Penny disrobed and headed for the shower. As she soaped her magnificent body, she remembered that she would be having a visitor tonight. Aaron, Victoria’s son would over at 9:00. If his eagerness yesterday was any indication, he would probably be there closer to 8:30. She began to form a plan for the evening as she continued to wash herself. Oh the thought of that young virile boy made her pussy tingle. She knew, just like Jake, he would be good for many times tonight. However, unlike with Jake, she would be in charge. The possibilities were endless.

The thought of this caused her to began fondling her own body. She squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. She removed the showerhead from the hook. Aiming it at her clit, she turned on the massage setting. The powerful jet of water stimulated her arousal, and she slid two fingers into her pussy. She fucked her pussy fast with her fingers and placed the showerhead inches from her clit. Soon her body was shaking and she was cumming all over her hand. She recovered and washed the rest of her body. She could not wait for this evening.

About this time at Victoria’s house, Aaron was thinking about the same thing as Penny. His lotion covered hand slid up and down on his hard shaft as he remembered the events of yesterday. He could not wait for tonight. He imagined Penny’s perfect body and how he would be fucking it later that night. The thought took him over the top. He let out a loud grunt and ejaculated all over his stomach and hand. He got up and headed to the bathroom to shower.

Penny was feeling generous, and decided to let Victoria sleep. She went to the kitchen and had some breakfast. A bit later Victoria finally woke up and made her way to the kitchen. She was a little sore from the double penetration, but it was a good sore. She sat down and had some breakfast. Penny informed her that she did not need Victoria today and to go home and relax. She told her she had a friend coming over tonight, and that Victoria should enjoy a nice quiet evening.

Penny became aroused as she told her about the visitor she would have, knowing it was Victoria’s son she would be ravaging tonight. The whole idea of keeping it from Victoria was exciting, just like before when she was fucking Preston behind her back.

Victoria finished her breakfast, dressed and headed home. When she got home, Aaron was already gone. She spent the day quietly relaxing. That evening she drew a bath and languished in it for a long time. Then she put on a movie and cuddled up on the couch and watched it until she fell asleep.

Penny on the other hand spent the day preparing for Aaron’s arrival. She had everything ready when he pulled up about 8:45. Aaron knocked on the door and was blown away by what greeted him when the door opened.

Penny was dressed to the nines. Her five inch burgundy heels engulfed her black nylon covered feet. The nylons were held by a black lace and burgundy satin garter belt. The matching thong panties stopped at her smooth flat belly and the matching half cup bra displayed the most perfectly huge tits he had ever seen. The full length black satin robe hung open for him to gaze at its contents. Leaning against the door, she invited him in.

Aaron’s cock was hard on the way over, now it was already leaving a stain in his underwear from the precum oozing out of it. He moved into the house and continued to stare the whole time.

Penny had it all worked out, and Aaron was following the scrip perfectly. The way he was staring at her, she knew he would do what ever she told him too. He had never seen a real woman’s body like this one. She opened the robe wide and spoke.

“You like what you see?”

Aaron was speechless. He could only nod. His mouth began to gape as he felt the heat in his body rise.

“Well, this is how things are going to work” Penny told him. “You will do as I say, or play time casino şirketleri is over. Get it?”

Again Aaron nodded.

“You will worship this body as I see fit, understand?”

“Uh huh.” Aaron answered, feeling the dryness in his mouth. His cock was painfully hard already.

“Now, down on your knees and lick my panties.” She ordered.

Aaron immediately dropped to the floor and began to lick the slick satin material of her thong.

Penny’s pussy became soaked as she soiled her silky thong that Aaron was so eagerly licking.

“Oh yes, lick my panties you nasty little man.” She coaxed him on.

She moved back and lowered her thong to the ground and stepped out of it. Placing it near his face she teased him. “Would you like to taste my pussy?”

Aaron nodded.

“I can’t hear you.” She said.

“Yes.” He answered.

“Yes what?” she demanded.

“Yes please.” He answered.

“Yes Please Mrs. Charles.” She corrected him. The thought of this young boy calling her by her proper name really excited her.

“Please Mrs. Charles.” Aaron returned.

This made Penny’s pussy tingle. Placing the material closer to his nose she said, “Smell it.”

Aaron breathed in deeply. The fragrance was mesmerizing. His already hard cock began to throb. Penny told him to lick the panties. Aaron stuck out his tongue and she wiped the moist material on it. Aaron sucked in his tongue and delighted in the flavor. Penny fed him more. Then she stuck them in his mouth and he sucked them clean.

Penny spread her legs and pussy lips as she commanded him to lick her pussy. Aaron dove in. He had licked pussy before, but this was the sweetest tasting one ever. Penny grabbed the back of his head and pressed his face into her folds. Aaron was so turned on by this experienced woman that he began to rub his cock through his pants. Penny noticed and told him to take his cock out. She did not allow him to take his face from her dripping cunt. He took his cock out and stroked it.

“Lick my cunt. Yes, make me cum. You are a bad boy. What if your mom saw you like this.” Penny was turning herself on knowing she was getting another one of Victoria’s men without her knowledge. She moaned and groaned as she pushed his face into her crotch harder. Aaron let out a muffled grunt and came all over himself and Penny’s leg and shoe.

Not long after she felt the warm sensation on her shin, Penny screamed as she had her first orgasm, “That’s it, you are making me cum! Lick my cum you naughty boy.”

Penny stood there as her orgasm subsided. She could feel the warm sensation of Aaron’s cum as it slid down her leg. Looking right at him as he knelt in front of her, she lifted her cum covered leg and high heel and ordered him to clean it with his tongue.

Aaron hesitated. Penny gave him a stern look and reminded him of her earlier instructions, “You will do as I ask or you will leave, never to enjoy this gorgeous body.”

Aaron slowly began to lick his seed from her sexy leather shoe. The salty pungent taste, and gooey consistency made it hard to swallow, but he wanted to be with Penny more, so he did as he was told. As he did it, Penny lowered her foot to the ground, causing him to follow with his tongue. Soon he was laying flat on his stomach worshipping her foot and licking his own cum from her.

When he had cleaned her leg and shoe to her satisfaction, Penny told him to stand and escorted him to the “play room.” Penny laid him on the bed and seductively secured both his hands and feet to the posts. Aaron was so turned on by her that he didn’t even resist. His cock quickly regained its rigidness and Penny walked to the closet for some toys. She returned hold a riding crop, and a leather flogger. She teased him by running the flogger over his already stimulated body. She draped the leather straps of the flogger over his cock, causing it to jump. She ran it up and down his legs as she seductively asked him if he enjoyed it. Of course he answered yes. Then dropping it next to him, she grabbed the riding crop.

Penny climbed onto the bed and facing his feet, she straddled his face and lowered her aroused pussy to his mouth.

“Lick Mrs. Charles’ pussy.” She demanded.

Aaron eagerly obeyed. Holding the riding crop in her hand, she placed the business end on his stomach. Then she slowly ran it down to his cock. She teased his cock with the crop as she ground her dripping pussy on his face, as his cock jumped from her play; she raised the crop and sharply brought it down on his thigh.

Aaron yelped into her pussy. Penny smacked his other thigh. Aaron screamed again.

“Lick me faster!” she ordered, then another smack.

This time Aaron didn’t reacted verbally, he just devoured her cunt more aggressively. Penny smacked him again, then again, each time pushing her steamy sex down onto the feverish assault from his tongue.

“Like father, like son.” Penny told him. “Your dad also likes it when I use my crop on him while casino firmaları he eats my pussy. Keep going you naught boy, I’m going to cum soon.”

Aaron heard what she said about his dad, but just ignored it because he was enjoying his pleasures so much.

After about ten more smacks, Aaron’s legs were bright red, but he was so turned on by the sheer eroticism of the situation, that he just continued to eat Penny’s pussy until she screamed out and came all over his face. He just licked and cleaned all the cum from her as she encouraged him on.

When she had recovered again, she rose up and turned around so she was straddling his stomach. Placing her big beautiful tits in his face, she ordered him to suck her nipples. Aaron obliged and as he enjoyed that pleasure she again spoke. “Would you like to fuck me?”

Aaron removed his mouth from her tit and said, “Yes please Mrs. Charles.”

Penny was delighted with his answer. He not only asked please, but he called her Mrs. Charles. The control was intoxicating.

“Well, you have been a good boy by making me cum twice already, maybe we can make you cum again.” She told him as she slowly slid down his body toward his aching, rock hard cock. She reached down and guided his cock into her velvety smooth love tunnel.

Aaron moaned with appreciation of the feeling. Conversely, he was definitely not prepared for what Penny said next.

Penny continued to slowly fuck Aaron’s rigid young cock. She was very turned on, she had now fucked all three Mueller’s, and she was hot as she thought about her conquest.

“You are quite the good little pussy licker Aaron.” She told him as she methodically stroked his cock with her pussy. She again manipulated his orgasm, enjoying his shaft deeply and slowly.

“You are even better than your dad. He doesn’t have the enthusiasm you do.”

She was now beginning to move faster on his pole, grinding her ass into him with each down stroke. Aaron was in heaven, and then came the bombshell.

“However,” she began, “I don’t think you have the technique your mother does.”

Aaron’s face went blank. Did he hear her correctly? Did she say his mother had eaten Penny’s pussy better than him?

Before he could shake the surprise from his thoughts, Penny confirmed his disbelief.

“Yes, I did say your mother.” She said mischievously. Not wanting him to have a chance to be have a reaction, Penny started fucking him harder and faster. “She is the best pussy eater I have ever had.”

Aaron couldn’t react. He was approaching orgasm and didn’t have any control over his body anymore. He just watched as the sexiest woman he knew fucked him silly and talked nasty about his mom.

“Does that turn you on Aaron? Thinking about your mom between my legs lapping up the same pussy juices you just did?”

Aaron was breathing heavy and bucking against Penny’s movements.

“It sure feels like it turns you on, your cock is about to explode isn’t it?” She teased him.

His balls began to rise in his sack as his orgasm rushed to the surface.

“Sometimes she even licks my asshole.” Penny teased again. “She has a very talented tongue. You could learn a few things from her. Now fuck me hard with that big, hard, young cock.”

Penny could see he was about to erupt, so she stopped and pulled his cock from her. She took her tits totally out of her bra and began to stroke his cock with her hand.

“You have not earned the privilege of cumming in Mrs. Charles pussy yet. You need to earn that. However, I am going to let you cum all over my tits, would you like that?” She asked.

“Yes please Mrs. Charles.” He answered.

It did not take long before he was cumming and Penny aimed it for her magnificent chest.

Aaron grunted and moaned as his cock covered her mounds with his hot sticky jizz.

Keeping with the domination theme of the evening, Penny turned around again and straddled his stomach as before with her tits hanging in Aaron’s face. The cum ran down them and began to drip from her dangling breasts.

“Now clean up your mess you naughty boy” she scolded him, as she lowered them to his mouth. Aaron licked and sucked as Penny mashed her tits on his face making a mess of him, as he cleaned the spew from her soft round globes.

Aaron finished his task, and Penny released him, telling him to go home. She said she would call him if she ever needed his services again.

When Aaron arrived home, he opened the door in fear that his mom would be awake. Thankfully she was not, he was glad, he was not sure he would ever be able to look at her the same again. He showered and retired to his bedroom for the night.

* * * *

Penny had settled into her position as Secretary of the club. Things had been normal. Victoria serviced her daily and happily did all that Penny demands of her. All the decisions up ’til now on the board had been unanimous. However, things had hit a snag. I decision on how to spend a donation to the club güvenilir casino had split the board. Penny and the auxiliary members had been asking for new office space for the women for a number of years, but the four other members were men and they wanted to spend the money on fixing up the bar and lounge. Penny had gotten them to table the vote for another couple of weeks, to give her time to gather support from the other members. Penny tried to garner support, but since most of the members were men, she was getting nowhere. She was in her office one day with Victoria dictating to her a letter to the board about the situation.

“Dear board members, I would like to once again state my position on this donation and the use of it.” She said as Victoria typed away.

Penny was lying back on her couch in her office. Her legs were slightly spread. She had on her usual short skirt and of course was not wearing any panties. Victoria could see her smooth bald pussy. Penny’s plunging neckline was doing nothing to help Victoria concentrate either.

“I feel that we need to provide the ladies of the auxiliary with some much needed office space so they can perform all the duties they provide in a professional manner.” Penny continued.

Victoria was not typing. She sat still just staring at Penny’s magnificent body. No matter how many times she pleasured Penny, it never seemed to be enough for Victoria. She lusted after Penny’s body constantly. With her pussy in plain sight, Victoria could not think straight. Penny continued to dictate, but noticed that there was no sound of keyboard strokes and looked up to see Victoria’s eyes transfixed on her crotch.

“Vicky! Are you getting this?” she snapped.

Victoria snapped to attention. Penny looked at her own position and realized what Victoria was looking at.

“I’m sorry Penny; I lost my train of thought. What was that last line?” Victoria stammered.

Penny immediately took advantage of the situation.

“Is my little nasty tramp looking at my smooth pussy?” she teased as she spread her legs farther apart.

Victoria just nodded. Penny slid her skirt up and spread her pussy lips with her fingers.

“Would you like to eat Penny’s pretty pussy?” She asked.

“Yes please.” Victoria replied.

“Come crawl over here and lick me you naughty little slut.”

Victoria’s pussy began to tingle and she lowered herself to the floor and did as she was instructed.

Penny slouched down on the couch so Victoria could get her face deep between Penny’s legs. She slowly began to lick the puffy slick lips of Penny’s pussy, enjoying the sweet flavor.

“That’s my good little tramp.” Penny purred as the feel of Victoria’s soft tongue massaged her moistening love tunnel. “Lick my pussy like a good little bitch. That’s it; you know how much you love to worship my pretty pussy.”

Victoria just moaned as Penny’s nasty talk aroused her more. Penny grabbed her head and gently ground Victoria’s face into her crotch. Victoria took the clue and began to quicken the pace of her tongue. She found Penny’s clit and sucked it in.

Penny moaned her approval, “Yes, you horny slut. Suck on my clit. Bite it. Make Me cum.”

Victoria again sped her motions up, licking and sucking and nibbling.

Penny was becoming very aroused now. She wanted to cum and she pushed Victoria’s head harder between her legs. Suddenly she got a great idea. She reached behind her and lifted the phone off the table and dialed Ken, the president of the club’s office number.

While Victoria continued her duties she spoke on the phone, “Ken, this is Penny, could you come to my office, I have something I want to discuss with you.” Then she hung up the phone.

A moment later the door to her office opened and Ken entered to quite a sight. There in front of him was Victoria’s round ass sticking up in the air and her face buried between Penny’s legs.

“What are you two doing?” he said as he quickly closed the door behind him.

Penny just smiled at him and said, “What does it look like? I wanted to see if I could change your mind about the donation and its use.”

“You can’t make me change my mind by offering sex” He snarled at her.

Victoria was still diligently devouring Penny’s sex. Penny unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her beautiful, big, round tits out of her bra.

“Wouldn’t you like to play with my tits Ken?” She teased as she massaged them and pinched her nipples.

Ken’s cock began to grow in his pants. He tried to resist her advances. “We all think the money is better served on the lounge where more people can enjoy it.” He told her. He looked down and could see Victoria’s stocking tops below her skirt that had risen up her legs. He admired her large round ass as it strained against the leather skirt she had squeezed herself into that morning. Penny noticed his gaze and temped him some more.

“I’ll bet you would change your mind if I let you fuck Vicky’s ass. You didn’t get to enjoy that hole last time did you? Joe got that one.” She reminded him.

She was right. Joe had fucked her ass, and had bragged for the next week how tight is was and how good it felt. Ken’s cock jumped at the thought of violating Victoria’s ass.

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