Her 21st Birthday Present

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My girlfriend Jamie and I have been dating for just over three years now. We just completed our junior year of college. This was the first long-term relationship for both of us, and neither of us had any sexual experience before each other. Up to this point, we have not had intercourse. We slowly, but surely have been working up to it. Neither of us was in a rush, but tonight I have a special evening planned for her birthday. Since she’s turning 21, I figured we’d celebrate with a bang!

When we first started dating, we took things very slowly, since we were new to it all. It wasn’t until about a year into our relationship that I actually touched her pussy, or she touched my dick. The first year was spent with a lot of making out, a lot of fondling, and a lot of dry-humping. I was content with this. I knew I could always jerk off, so what was the point of rushing? I knew how to take care of myself, so why start trouble, is how I felt about it.

I was in heaven when I finally got her clothes off. The first time was on a golf course. We had gone drinking with a bunch of our friends. Since we were underage, we had to hide and the golf course was our usual hangout. Jamie and I went for a walk to have some time to ourselves. Once we got out of our friends sight, we started kissing. It started out as the usual making out, with me rubbing her tits. I was pretty buzzed at the time, and she must have been too, because when I stuck my hand up her shirt, she didn’t slap it away. Soon I had her shirt and pants off, rolling around with her on the 15th green. I got her bra off, but she balked when I tried to remove her panties. I was content though with fingering her under them. She was enjoying that so much that I was afraid someone would hear her yelling. For the next year we moved into a routine of her giving me a hand job and me fingering her. Then on the night of her 20th birthday, we moved into a blowjob and me eating her out. This was great as far as I was concerned, even though she started off by giving me some pretty bad blowjobs. Over the next year, I had her trained to use her tongue more and to not just ignore my balls. In her defense, I doubt I’m a pro at eating her out. To be honest, I don’t care for it all that much. I don’t really enjoy the taste, or the thought of what it is I taste, but hey I can’t be too selfish. I want her to enjoy herself also. So for the past year, we’ve been casino şirketleri doing everything except having full sexual intercourse. I decided it was time to change this.

For Jamie’s 21st birthday, I had a spectacular romantic evening planned. I decided to take her to Washington D.C., which is about two hours from where we live. First we would go to dinner at a fancy French restaurant. Then I had tickets to see Miss Saigon which was in town for the week. Then we would retire to our room at one of the city’s fanciest hotels. When I told Jamie what her gift was, she was ecstatic. She couldn’t have been happier.

The drive to D.C. that night felt 3 times as long as normal. I had even bigger plans for this evening than she knew. When we checked into the hotel, they gave us a huge corner room with a great view of the city. I was dressed and ready to go when Jamie emerged. She looked stunning! She had on a tight-fitting blue, button down shirt, a black skirt that ended at her knees, about an inch above her black fuck-me boots. She was also wearing a pair of thigh highs, which always drives me wild. I had on a pink button down dress shirt and tie, and a pair of black dress pants. I knew she’d be getting all the attention tonight though!

Dinner went well. Now I’m not a fan of fancy restaurants, especially French ones, but she seemed to love it, and was really impressed that I’d brought her here. From there we walked a couple of blocks to the theatre. Now I’m not a fan of plays either, but again she loved it. I knew that she was really enjoying her gift, which made me feel good. After the show, she suggested we stop at some swanky bar. Now I of course wanted to get back to the room, but I agreed, thinking that a drink or two for both of us, might relax us a bit, and it did. We stumbled back to the room and fell onto the bed together. We were both fairly buzzed, but neither of us was drunk. This was working out well. I had enough of a buzz to not be too nervous, and I figured she’d be a little more agreeable in this condition. I decided it was time to go for it.

We were lying on the bed side to side when I rolled over on top of her and started to kiss her. While we kissed, I reached down and fondled her tits through her blouse. I was surprised to sense that I was still pretty damn nervous. I sensed that maybe she was becoming disinterested, so I reached down and started casino firmaları unbuttoning her blouse. She was wearing a sexy black bra that I had never seen before. I think it was a push-up bra, because her small boobs were busting out the top. I kissed around her chest and belly before removing her skirt. She had on a pair of lacy, black boy-short panties that matched the bra. I decided that I wanted to leave on her thigh highs and boots. She looked so damn sexy in them that I didn’t want to take them off.

Soon she took charge and rolled me over onto my back. She rubbed her panty-covered pussy over my crotch for a while before she helped me out of my clothes, leaving only my boxers on. She went back to dry-humping me until I flipped her off of me so I could get at her boobs. I undid her bra and began to encircle her nipple with my tongue while pinching and squeezing the other with my fingertips. She was really into it and was very vocal. Again I was feeling a little nervous and spent a while playing with her boobs. I guess she had had enough, because she started to push my head lower down her body. Now I love her cute stomach and took my time kissing and licking my way down.

When I reached her crotch, I licked her pussy through her panties, making her beg me to remove them. When I relented I very slowly pulled them down. She was soaked and her panties clung to her pussy, which I always get a kick out of. I think that’s incredibly sexy. Now like I said before, I don’t really care for eating pussy, but tonight I was really into it. I held her nylon covered thighs up over my shoulders as I went to town on her pussy, licking, sucking, and nibbling for what must have been an eternity. Jamie loved it too. She was moaning and groaning much more than usual. She also was thrusting her sex up into me and grinding her hips in a circular motion over my lips and tongue. This was by far the hottest, wildest time we’d ever had together. When she finally came, I thought her shriek would break the window. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved it right up into her box, my nose penetrating her, as she covered me with her juices.

As she came down from her orgasm, she reached down and pulled my boxers off, exposing my cock. She started to tug on it, until I pulled her off and up towards me. I looked deep in her eyes and gave her a sexy, wet kiss, before telling her that I felt it was güvenilir casino time for us to go to the next level. Much to my delight, she agreed completely, and asked if I’d brought a condom. I reached for the nightstand drawer and pulled it out.

She took it from my hand and ripped off the wrapper. She kissed her way down my body, licking and nibbling her way to my dick. She placed the condom on the tip then slowly rolled it down my length, looking deep into my eyes the whole time. Damn she looked sexy! This was so hot! I don’t know what it was though. I don’t know if it was the pressure, or if the condom was too tight, or what, but I couldn’t get hard enough to penetrate her. I was mortified. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me! She was great about it though. She grabbed hold of my dick with one hand stroking it to life as she played with my balls with the other hand. With this attention, it didn’t take long for me to get hard again.

When she sensed I was ready, she climbed up on top of me and started kissing me while rubbing her pussy over my shaft. I was more than ready now! I moved on top of her and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussyhole. As I rubbed my tip back and forth across her lips, I asked if she was ready. Instead of answering, she reached down and grabbed hold of my cock, stopping my teasing and putting me right her opening. As I pushed into her, she let out an even louder scream than before. This time, the person in the next room banged on the wall. We laughed and went right back to it. She was so tight. It felt incredible. After only a couple of strokes, her cherry popped, letting out a small stream of blood. I asked if she was okay, and again she just thrust into me. She was screaming and thrashing on the bed as I pounded into her.

She had her legs wrapped around me, with her heels pushing me into her. I was doing my best to hold out, but I knew I wasn’t going to last too long. Luckily she wanted to try another position, so this prolonged it a bit. She got on top of me and positioned herself over my cock. She closed her eyes as she lowered herself down on top of me. This felt even better, allowing me deeper penetration. Not too long after she started riding me, she yelled again as her pussy quivered around my dick. This was too much for me to take, and I blasted my spunk into my rubber. As she came down, she collapsed on top of me. She looked so beautiful covered with sweat, her hair all mussed.

I felt amazing. I had such a sense of accomplishment. As we laid there exhausted, she thanked me for giving her such an incredible birthday. “Just wait until next year”, I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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