Helpful Lola Ch. 02

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Her eyes opened to the darkness of her room, tired but not asleep. She checked the clock on her desk. It was close to one in the morning now. What Dave did to her on that chair had left Lola as anxious as she had ever been in her life. The feeling of his cock poking inside of her was so unbelievably good. She never knew anyone could even get that deep into her. She recalled how she rode him up and down, then how Meg got behind her and squeezed her breasts.

And how it was all ruined when Haley and her mother got home.

The moment she decided to go to bed she got out her long and pink vibrator and tried her best to get her rocks off but the entire time her mind was elsewhere, specifically Dave’s cock. The thought of his throbbing member inside of her did help her reach an orgasm after a while but she still wanted more. She wanted his cum inside too.

“Damn it…”

And this kept her up the whole night. And she needed to sleep soon. That huge cock of his was still banging away in her head, wanting to stick itself inside her channel and fuck her brains out. She crossed her knees and touched her clit. She began to massage it but it was still driving her crazy. She wanted his cock so bad, yearning for him to come back and stick it in her again. She slipped her hand into her underwear and set her fingers on the nub of her mound. The sensitive nerves slowly came back to life as she moved her fingers one way in a circle. She did it slowly, picking up speed slowly. It did send waves of pleasure throughout her groin.

She sped up.

She bit her lip when she remembered how deep his penis had been inside her. She could remember how its entire length had slipped into her body, all the way into her. She stopped caressing and slipped some of her fingers into her snatch. In her mind it was his cock, pushing forth past her pussy lips, trying its best to slip past them and into her and through her cervix. She loved how it felt and its huge head probed her cervical canal and began to poke into her womb.

Then he would draw his hips back, pulling his cock back through the canal and leaving the head between the folds of her where it would be rubbing her clit. Then he would push forward slowly again, trying to get use to her tightness, back into her channel. Then he would pull it back out again, even slower than the first time. And without warning, he would ram his head back into her, forcing her pussy to take it in one go. Then instead of slow and gentle fucking, he would plow into her mercilessly.

She would open her eyes and see his. Bright blue and slightly hooded and crazed with animal lust. She would watch him make an angry, lusty face. She would look deep into his eyes and reach up to touch his face, hold it and bring it down to hers. She would open her mouth and force hers onto his. But instead he would be doing the forcing, penetrating her mouth with as much ferocity as his feverish fucking. Her hips would buck with his as she orgasmed. But even after she finished, he would keep going. And going and going until he himself felt his own orgasm building inside of himself and with that he would tense up and transmit his orgasm into her wet and waiting snatch. Remembering how impressive his balls were, she knew he had a lot to give her and she wanted to feel his hot sperm filling her up.

Back in reality she groaned and her body grew rigid. She came again. Her underwear got soaked nicely from fucking Dave in her mind and wanted that to happen in real life. She hoped that her sleeping family didn’t hear her come.

But she wanted to sleep now. She already had an orgasm earlier so decided sleep was needed. So she then decided to go downstairs to get a glass of milk. She tossed her sheets and got off the bed. She wore a sleeveless shirt and white panties. She walked barefoot down to her kitchen tiredly with Dave’s dick on her mind.

She got into the gloomy and dry kitchen and opened her fridge and pulled out a carton of milk. The light from the inside of the fridge was the only light to illuminate the kitchen. She opened up the carton and sniffed to see if it was still good. It was so she made her way back and sat on the breakfast table and drank.

“What a day,” she said and drank some more. She took a peak in the fridge and saw that there were no snacks, almost nothing. Looks like mom did not get enough time to buy all their groceries. She sighed and continued to drink.

“Got anything to share with me?” Dave said from one of the chairs next to the table.

She spat the milk out in shock and leapt onto her feet, fully alert now.

“Jesus!” she barely saw him as he was shrouded by shadow. “What are you doing here? How did you get in?”

“I have my ways.”

“Christ! What the hell are you doing here?”

He laughed once then was silent.

“And?” she asked.

“You don’t want to finish what we started earlier?”

“Of course I do…” she was still nervous from the initial shock of finding him here. “But… What? ataşehir escort bayan Do you mean now?”

“When else?”

“I don’t know… Tomorrow? It’s Saturday, isn’t it?”

“That’s too long for me.”

She looked at him in disbelief, wanting to laugh at him for what he had said. So she said, “I thought Meg would have helped you with that.”

“She did, once down the street in my car and later at her place.”

“And you still want to fuck me?” she was still using her incredulous tone.

“Of course,” he got without a sound, only his silhouette being visible to her. He started approaching her slowly, his hands doing something around his waist but she couldn’t tell.

“What are you doing?” he was so close to her when she asked that.

“Don’t you want this?” he said that and she heard his zipper lower.

She looked down and saw the shape of his long, thick member in his hand. It was coming back to life, stiffening in front of her as he pointed it at her. She was suddenly losing her breath, her heart thumping harder and harder as she began to relive what had happened earlier that day, only this time he was actually in front of her with his enormous penis being held out for her and her alone. There was no Meg here tonight. She would like to see Meg fuck this thing and also lick her own pussy as Dave did either one of them but now she had it all to herself. She moved her hands forward slowly because she was nervous from the fact her mother and her sister were upstairs asleep and also that she could hardly see anything in front of her. He felt her hands groping around his stomach and then his groin for his penis and when she found it she gasped and rubbed it and stroked it like she had never felt anything like it before even though she had both sucked it and fucked it already.

“Oh my,” she whispered.

She stroked it with both her hands, only the sounds of their breathing and their skin on skin exploits. He lowered one of his hands and let his fingers linger on her wet crotch.

“You know I could smell you when you came down here,” he said.

“Am I really that obvious?”

“Very,” he cupped her chin and kissed her.

“Oh, god…” she moaned as his lips left hers.

“I think we could put all this natural lube here to good use,” he suggested.

“Huh?” she was too preoccupied with his dick to hear what he was saying.

“Come here,” he got a hold of her wrist and took her over to one of the chairs in the kitchen. He found it in the darkness and began unbuckling his belt.


“Just take off your underwear,” he got rid of his pants and boxers and ran his hands over her curvy hips.

“But …” she tried to protest, but he kissed her again.

He sat on the chair as she peeled off her soiled panties and he held her head locked down to his and worked her ass onto his lap. She was squirming on top of him like she was apprehensive of something but thrilled at the idea that they were going to have sex here at this time of the day with her mother and sister in their rooms upstairs.

She pulled away and said softly, “What if-“

“Your mom will never hear us and neither will Haley,” he whispered in her ear before sticking his tongue into it. Her hands were on his chest like she was holding herself up, waiting for him to help her insert his cock into her as she kept herself on her knees. He had his hand between her legs and around his penis, trying to find the opening of her pussy in the dark. The head brushed across her clitoris and she flinched with a gasp he was sure Haley and her mother would hear. Finally, she decided to reach down between her legs to help him guide the head to her opening and she did. He let go and put his hands on her hips and let her do what she wanted to do. He was happy enough to let her handle the situation. She was just that eager.

She slipped the head of his cock between the lips of her pussy and arched her back forward then made it straight to push herself down on his member. Soft, wet, squishing sounds were made from his cock’s intrusion as it was slowly swallowed up. He could hear a groan from her, so he calmed down on her mouth with his hand. She gyrated her hips when its head met the beginning of her cervix, moving her hips in gentle circles. She halted when it was only halfway inside her.

Feeling this, he held her hips and pulled her down the rest of the way as he pushed up slightly. He was in all the way now. She collapsed on top of him, whimpering.

“Oh my God,” she whispered weakly as she continued where she ha d left off that day.


The fact Meg was here earlier with her older sister made her so very jealous. Lola was getting all the action while poor Haley still had her hymen intact. Just knowing that the sultry Meg was here, lavishing her devilish tongue over her redheaded sister’s voluptuous body, made her greener than the Incredible Hulk with envy. She had seen Meg countless times before. escort kadıköy Oh that girl had a great, lean body with plump breasts that were perfect in shape. Sure they weren’t as big as Lola’s but they still looked very soft and nice. And she loved Meg’s raven black hair and tan skin. She was so beautiful. Haley found her even more appealing because she could get almost every man she had set her sights on. Both her and Lola went about fucking all the jocks and other cute guys around the school. Them and their friend, Sophie, who was hot too and equally admirable with her skills at getting guys. Haley groaned and needed that cherry popped and she wanted it done by a boy who was worth her time before she went on to see what Meg would have to say about her body.

She just wanted to get into bed with all three girls.

And now she needed to get back to sleep. With a fresh need for some sleep inducing milk, she threw off her sheets and headed downstairs in her pajamas. As she put on a pair of soft slippers, she noticed Lola’s door was left open. She took a peek inside and saw no one was there but thought nothing of it and made her way down the stairs.

Halfway down, she heard something. She froze up and thoughts started going through her head. Was someone in the house? An intruder of some kind? Or was it Lola moving about down there. Not wanting to stumble into something unfavorable, she crept her way down and ventured to the edge of the kitchen. She peeked in and saw something that made her gasp.

It was Lola and some big guy who was sitting in the kitchen, holding onto Lola as she removed some garment from her hips. Then she lifted her leg and mounted him. She then slowly but surely began moving up and down on his lap.

She was having sex with some guy! she thought, shocked by what was happening. She had to do something and something had to be done. But right then and there, she did not know what to do. Did she have to go down there and break them up, did she have to go down there and join them, or did she have to go to her mum and tell her what was happening? She simply did not know. Thoughts raced through her head as wondered what to do, paralyzed with indecision.

So in the end, she did do something.

She watched.

Dave had heard a door upstairs open and wondered who was coming downstairs as Lola rode him obliviously. He listened as the steps of a person made their way down the stairs and he saw it was Lola’s little sister, Haley. He guessed it was Haley from the size of the figure’s head and the hair style. Lola’s mum had short hair while this person had a ponytail. It had to be Haley. He had seen pictures of her earlier when he was inside the house doing a recon. She was very cute and matur enough for him to find attractive. He liked the idea of her watching him and her older sister have sex. He was sure she could not see the smile on his face as he glanced at her with shadows on his face. He slid his hands up her shirt and found Lola’s breasts, pinching one of her hard nipples with the same movements her hips had made before she had to stop and gain his assistance.

He ran his right hand along the back of her left thigh to the bend of her knee, which was squeezed in against his side. His hips rose and fell and hers rocked with them. Her labored breath was loud in his ear. Every time he pushed his hips up he heard a quiet yelp from her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her down tight to his chest. He turned his head to find her mouth and kissed her when he did. Her tongue was eager to find its way into his mouth. He took her jaw in his other hand and she opened her mouth wide to allow him to plunge it in without any obstacle.

Haley tried to be a statue, her eyes transfixed on the two figures having the animalistic sex she wanted herself. She was astonished as her sister was moaning and her big boobs bounced with each stroke that the man drove into her. He was fucking her with the same long, pounding strokes that Haley wanted a man to use on her to pop her burden of a cherry.

The swift movements of both their sex organs had already began to build up Lola’s orgasm. It was coming and coming and coming and coming and then it came. She shook in his hands, shaking with a rigidness that made him hold on to her. Fluids from her channel leaked around him shaft and onto his lap. She was going to scream when Dave shut her mouth with one of his hands. Her screamed was muffled and strong but not loud enough to wake her sleeping mother. Her violent ministrations built his own climax and he began to thrust uncontrollably into her. He lifted his ass and her off the seat with one hard thrust and finally shot his cum into her. He forced her down his prick, sending his seed into her womb, putting what should have been put there when they were fucking on the patio. But he liked it just as much because he found Haley’s presence to be more stimulating.

They finished, Lola resting her head on Dave’s shoulder, panting maltepe escort hard and slick with sweat. She took in as many breaths as she could. He got up with her attached to his cock, carried her to the kitchen counter, lifted her off and placed her on it. She leaned back looking at him with a dazed expression on her face before taking a look at her crotch, seeing a trail of his sperm leak out of her snatch. It kept flowing and spread onto the counter. The smell was so strong even the observing Haley could smell it.

Seeing them reach their raptures sent shivers down Haley’s spine. She wanted to feel a man bring her to her knees in ecstasy. But to her realization, they were about to finish their session and would soon be going back to doing what they were doing before they got to this point. That meant Lola would be returning to her room. Haley slowly crept back up the stairs and into her room.

“Oh, my fucking god…” she said hollowly as she felt and saw his sperm leak out of her. “Did you actually come that much?”


“Wow,” she laughed softly.

Then she saw something that made her even more surprised. His dick was still standing tall and stiff and seem to demand her attention. She reached over to it and wrapped her fingers around it in disbelief in order to confirm what she could see. It was a hard as it was when he had unzipped his pants in the kitchen. Meg was right, he was amazing. It was not getting any softer and it still beat with a pulse from the blood that fed its erection. She was sure she could get him to come again if she got a second chance.

“Do you still want to have a taste of my cum?” he asked.

Without another thought, she hopped off the counter and knelt on the floor, settling herself between his strong legs, and he felt her hand close around his cock again. Her face was very close to the head of it because he could feel her warm, heavy breath on the sticky, cum coated head. Then he felt her hot, full lips wrap themselves around his cock’s head and slide down the length of it.

“Oh God,” he moaned softly. She was sucking him deeper than she ever had that day. Her mouth felt smooth around him and warm and wet, all at the same time. His hips rocked back and forth as if she had pulled him back and forth just by the suction of her mouth. He gently thrust into her mouth and he reveled in the joy of fucking her greedy mouth. He wished her Haley was still there to watch him fuck her sister’s mouth. He wanted to see the look on her face if he could.

The head touched the back of her mouth a few times as she tried to swallow the head but failed. He had to admit she was good but not as good as Meg. Meg could swallow the head and have it go so deep her nose would have been buried in his pubic hair. It was such a feat that he was sure nobody else could do it with his cock. Seeing her defeat, Lola sucked even harder and faster and Dave came almost instantly. He gasped and sent his dick into the roof of her mouth and pumped an almost endless load into her horny mouth. Her eyes shot open in shock but Lola soon swallowed every drop he gave, moaning with delight at his gifts. Even with his orgasm finished, she kept sucking, cleaning the head with her mouth and released it with a load of cum still on her tongue.

He pulled her onto her feet and kissed her deeply, having her share his cum with him. They kissed for a while before he finally told her that Haley had been watching them.

“What?” she gasped.

“Oh yeah, right before you got between my legs.”

“Fuck…” she was toying with his still stiff cock, feeling how sticky it was. “I can’t believe I just had sex in front my sister. Fuck!”

“You don’t sound mad.”

“I’m not actually,” she professed. “I’m actually turned on by the fact Haley just saw me get fucked by this giant cock. Damn…”

“Yeah, I found it invigorating too.”

“Were planning on telling me sooner?”

“No, I wasn’t sure how you’d react,” he shrugged. “She seemed very interested in what we were doing.”

“That’s because she’s still a virgin…”

“Really? A sister of yours? A virgin?” he laughed. “I’m surprised.”

“Don’t be, she’s pretty shy and she’s really picky.”

“As opposed to you?”

“Any hot guy with a good dick is good enough for me… any hot girls with skills is good enough for me too.”

“Good to know,” he got up and collected his pants. His penis was still stiff but it seemed that he had enough for tonight.

“You’re done?” she asked.

“For tonight,” he put his pants back on, shoving his cock back in. “But I’ll see you again tomorrow for another session.”

“Planning on bringing Meg or Sophie?”

“No, they’re busy,” he bent down and kissed her tenderly, tasting his cum on her lips and tongue. Then he joked, “If you want you could bring Haley with you so she can watch us.”

She giggled at the thought but suddenly an idea came to mind. Haley needed something and Lola knew exactly what she needed.

“Would you do me another favor?” she stood up and asked.

“Go on.”

She stood on her toes and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a deep passionate kiss. Then she told him what the favor was.

“After this, how can I refuse such a request?” he mused.

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