Happy Ending Ch. 11

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This is a work of fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending 11 – Raina and Gil, Michele and Michael, Ami Meets Barry, New Guy Brad **

Raina showed up bright and early for her first day full time at Foothill Therapy, excited about that; but a little apprehensive about taking on Gil Cyrus for LSR therapy. She had noticed his occasional ‘looks’ at the Wellness Center. Fuck it she thought. This is therapy, not sex. she told herself.

“Morning sunshine.” Michele said, smiling broadly at her newest employee. “You feeling good about today sweetie?” she asked, knowing it was also her ‘Gil’ day.

“Oh I’ll be okay, thanks.” Raina responded. “Oops.. almost forgot…” she said, rushing into the office to grab her prep tool. She did away with her panties, lubed and inserted the tool, then pulled up her shorts and returned to the lobby.

“Everything alright? You have plenty of time, let’s go have some tea and fresh air.” Michele suggested. “You go ahead, I’ll bring the tea and muffins.”

Raina went out to the patio and sat down. Michele joined her and poured her a cup of tea. “Thanks boss.” she said with a giggle.

“You’re welcome, now let’s talk about something to take your mind of this Gil thing, shall we?” Michele suggested. “You mentioned you were thinking of trying a three-way, so… did that ever happen?” she asked.

“Um… yeah!” Raina replied, getting back her smile.

“And how was it?” Michele pursued. “Details girl.”

“Well… I suggested the idea to Bill, we talked about it and agreed we’d both like to try it – even agreed on the guy. He’s this great looking, rugged, manly dude Bill works with named Jerry. We’d met a few times, had drinks together, and he was a huge flirt.” Raina laughed. “Um… long story short, Jerry came over and brought this board game called ‘Menage’. We played the game and were having nasty fun inside of forty-five minutes.”

“Wow, sounds like it was good then.” Michele said.

“ELEVEN orgasms between us for the evening.” Raina laughed. “Five for me personally.” she added.

“Oh… well those boys treated you well than… good lads!” Michele chuckled. “Any anal in there?” she pursued.

“Only once, with Bill.” Raina replied. “We agreed ahead of time that Jerry wouldn’t be putting his dick up my butt.” she laughed. “Of course then he drew a card that said ‘anal intercourse with your chosen partner for five minutes'”

Michele laughed. “So what did you guys do?”

“I agreed he could fuck my pussy and put a finger in my ass.” Raina chuckled.

“And….” Michele pursued.

“And then Bill put his dick in my mouth, Jerry had his thumb up my butt, and we all had a nice time together.” Raina giggled.

“Sounds like a wonderful time sweetie. I’m glad you tried it, and it worked out so well.” Michele said. “Any chance you’ll do it again?”

“Oh I’m sure we will some time.” Raina replied. “We kinda talked about that.”

“They’re men. You know Jerry is gonna come back as many times as Bill will let him, or at least until he gets into your ass.” Michele laughed. “And now he knows Bill gets it, so…”

Raina scrunched up her face. “Yeah… he might just be the next one in there…”

“Well… aside from clients…” Michele said, winking. “Speaking of clients, there’s Gil” she added, getting up from the table.

Raina glanced around, returning Gil’s wave from his truck as he drove up. She followed Michele inside, then went into the therapy room to double-check her preparations. She wanted no slipups during this session. When she emerged Gil was in the lobby with a big smile on his face. “Come on in Gil” Raina said, waving him to the therapy room. “Shower if you like, and I’ll be in when you’re ready.”

Gil Cyrus gave Michele a wave then went into the room, closing the door behind him. He’d just taken a shower, so he stripped and climbed onto the table to await Raina’s arrivel. His loins tingled at the thought… then a knock came at the door. “Come on in” he said, perhaps a bit too eagerly.

Raina took a deep breath and walked in, closing the door behind her before walking up next to the table to rest her hand on his back. “Any areas that need special attention today Gil?” she asked, beginning her usual search for tight spots.

“Mmm… nothing that comes to mind, thanks.” Gil replied, his body relaxing as her hands worked their magic. Raina’s massage technique mirrored Michele’s, which was superb. Both ladies – and Ami as well – seemed to have a sense for muscle tension deep within the body, and would seek it out and drive the toxins from those nodes until it was dispersed. “Mmm… feels so wonderful” he mumbled.

She found herself immersed in her craft, feeling the small hot spots in his body through her fingertips, kneading the paths that lead to those spots. She worked her way down to find her hands just above his trim buttocks, took a deep breath and continued. She heard his soft moans as her hands kneaded his butt cheeks, deliberately moving his hips from side-to-side to add stimulus canlı bahis to his penis. The motion of his hips told her she needn’t ‘check’, and she continued down his thighs and calves to his feet before lifting the sheet. “You can turn over now Gil” she said softly. She glanced down, noticing his partially erect penis as he rolled to his back. She moved up to begin at his neck, going back into ‘autopilot’. “How am I doing, Gil?” she asked.

“Mmm… your hands are wonderful Raina. As good as Michele.” Gil replied, opening his eyes for the first time since the massage began. Yep, it’s still her he thought, looking down at the barely discernable shapes under her loose-fitting shirt, and further down to her bare thighs extending from the cotton shorts. Damn… she always looked so hot at the Center… that cute round butt… he thought. Her hands and fingers quickly detouring any lusty thoughts he may have had.

She proceeded down his torso, ‘testing’ his condition through the sheet as she moved down to his legs. Still there! she thought, kneading the muscles of his thigh on her path to his foot, then the other foot and back up the other leg. As she made it to the top of his right thigh her fingertips reached up to tease his testicles, bringing a low grunt from her client. She eased the sheet up to uncover his genitals, fondling his balls the whole time. “Mmm…. he’s a happy camper today Gil…” she said, lowering her head to swirl her tongue around his crown. “Mmmm…. very happy…” Raina told him, taking his organ into her warm mouth. She worked her lips down to his root and sucked, extending a finger below his testicles to tease at his anus. His hips jerked at that tease, his cock instantly growing to full readiness in her throat. She deftly reached down to pull out her tool and bring up the lube bottle, flipping open the nozzle with her thumb. She lifted her head, releasing his penis as her fingers wrapped around the shaft, leaving the bulbous head exposed. She poured plenty of lube onto his crown, using her hand to carefully coat his entire shaft, then quickly wiped her fingers and climbed onto the table straddling Gil Cyrus’ loins. “Okay Gil, here we go… just relax…” she said softly, reaching between them to position the head of his cock at her little pink ring. She used her sphincter to nibble at his glans, bringing groans from Gil’s throat. “Eeeeasy now…” she whispered hoarsely, gently bringing her hips down to capture half of his dick inside the heat of her bottom. His penis twitched and Raina deliberately relaxed all her muscles, easing her smooth channel down his organ until her cheeks rested on his hips. “There we go… Nice and easy…” she cooed, her outer ring clenching gently at his root.

He couldn’t even think about the fantasy now, her anal passage surrounding his meat in an exquisite velvet glove. “ohhhhhhgawd… sooonice…” he moaned. He felt the clenching around his root and was grateful for the pressure as it seemed to act as a deterrent to his excitement. Then the clenching eased and he sensed her sheath moving gently up along his length. “ohmmmmmm…” he groaned, his hips trembling as the silky channel eased back down to his root. And this is the ass I’ve been admiring for months! he thought.

Raina let him relax for a few minutes, then began the ‘penis massage’ technique, her rectal net working his dick as if it were the world’s warmest and softest hands. “Yesssss Gil… relax… I have control…” she whispered, laying her palms on his chest as her ass worked his organ. For ten minutes she was able to work on his cock before a sudden spasm triggered her relaxation response. “Eeeeasy…” she cooed; but it was too late. “okay now Gil… let it go…” she told him, sliding her smooth sheath up and down as she sensed his proximity to climax. “yesssss…” she whispered, responding to his spasm by stroking down his length and beginning her final muscle work. “there we go… let it all go now Gil… reeeleeease….” she said, convulsing the network of muscles in her bottom as he began splashing her insides with his semen. She could feel the hot fluid coating her insides, oozing down his shaft. As always it felt wonderful. She let his breathing calm, his spasms subsiding as her asshole caressed his organ. “Mmm… this is nice Gil…” she whispered, feeling his organ softening until it slipped out of her butt. “ahhhhh… there you go..” Raina said softly, climbing off the table to grab a wipe for each of them. She carefully covered Gil with the sheet, tugged on her shorts, found her tool and gave his thigh a squeeze. “No rush Gil. I’ll be outside when you’re ready. Just relax.” Raina said, heading out and closing the door behind her. She gave Michele a thumbs up and headed to finish her cleanup and put her panties back on.

Gil emerged from the therapy room smiling as he approached the desk. He pulled his wallet out and handed Michele his card.

“How’d it go Gil?” Michele asked.

“Fantastic.” he replied. “I honestly didn’t know what to expect; but Raina was great through the whole thing.” he added as his therapist came out of bahis siteleri the office. “Hey sweetie.” Gil said.

“Hey yourself” Raina responded with a chuckle.

Gil handed held out his hand, palming two C-notes for her. She shook his hand and took the bills, giving Gil a smile. “Thanks.” she said softly.

“Thank you Raina. Fantastic massage, and even better therapy.” Gil said. “Really well done.” he added. Then he turned to Michele. “I’d like to make an appointment for my next session, and I’m happy to say that – while I would prefer Raina again – all three of you are wonderful so it just doesn’t matter.” he gave Raina a wink.

After Gil left Michele looked Raina in the eye. “Okay girl, really. How did things go with Gil?” she asked.

“He pretty much covered it.” Raina replied. “I mean there were no issues, no anxiety, just a very pleasant and productive LSR therapy session.” she added.

“So… he wasn’t…” Michele began.

“Nope. He was a model client.” Raina said.

“Excellent. I’m glad that’s over.” Michele told her. “Could have been a little… uh…”

“Uncomfortable, and yes I’m glad it’s over too.” Raina interrupted. “Moving on..” she laughed.

“Okay, well you have a bit of official paperwork to complete now that you’re full time here, so I’ll let you get to it.” Michele told her. “And I have to get ready for Michael Richards.” she added, heading to the therapy room.

Raina went to the office, opening the folder Michele had left there for her. Ugh… government paperwork. she thought, clicking the pen as she began reading the fine print.

*** Michael Richards returns ***

Michael had not been into the Clinic for more than a month after his first two sessions, having out-of-town business to take care of, so Michele figured it would be ‘back to square one’ for the man. He’d been a little tough at the beginning of his first session; but had worked out reasonably well. The second session had been a bit puzzling to her, as he never really achieved an erection; but had ejaculated in her mouth. We’ll definitely be trying the new techniques this time she thought, changing the lighting and incense to finish up after replacing the linens on the table. She went into the office, opening her personal case to pull out her chosen prep tool, lubing it before she removed shorts and panties and inserted the tool. She pulled on her shorts, carefully wiping her hands, and headed out to the patio to wait for her client.

He recalled that last session, the frustration for both himself and his therapist as she had worked so hard to stimulate an erection. He’d achieved a climax, emptying his load into Michele’s mouth; but it had been dissapointing. The woman is willing to take it in her ass, the least you can do is get hard! he thought, hoping for a better session as he rolled onto the gravel driveway and up to the clinic. He climbed out of the car, and noticing Michele out on the patio he smiled and waved. Michael watched her get up and head for the door. and there’s that cute little butt of hers… he stared until she was in the building and out of sight. He walked into the lobby and was greeted by the cute blonde, Raina.

“Good morning Mister Richards. It’s good to see you again.” Raina said, flashing him a smile.

“Good morning Raina. I’m here to see Michele.” Michael told her, his eyes drawn to the firm little globes of Raina’s breasts under her snug-fitting shirt.

Raina noticed his gaze and giggled. “Um… she’ll be along shortly. I think the room is ready, so can go right in. Shower is available – and recommended.” Raina told him.

Michele emerged from her office and smiled. “Good morning Michael. Come on in and have a shower.” she told him, waving him into the therapy room.

He showered, washing his genitals thoroughly before drying himself and climbing onto the table under the sheet. Michele quietly entered a minute later, letting her fingertips glide along the back of his leg, over his backside, and up his spine. “Mmmm…” he moaned, already beginning to relax at her touch.

“Michael… we had a bit of an issue the last time, and I just want to make sure we do better this time.” Michele told him, her hands gently kneading his back. “I want you to focus on absolutely nothing. Just relax and let your tensions go…” she said softly. She reached for the bottle of aeromatic oil and squeezed a healthy dollop into her palm, setting the bottle down and rubbing her hands together. “Ohhhkayy…” she whispered, folding the sheet back and applying her hands to his back. She sensed the stress leaving his body, oozing out of his pores as her fingers kneaded his frame.

“ohhhhgawd… that is so nice Michele…” Michael moaned, the fragrant oil permeating his senses as her hands drove the toxins from his body. He could feel a tingle in his genitals as Michele’s hands worked their way down his back. Then the sheet was pushed up and he sensed his bottom was exposed and heard more oil being applied. “Ahhhhhh..” he groaned as Michele’s hands began kneading his buttocks, applying enough bahis şirketleri pressure that his penis was stimulated by the motion of his hips. She worked his gluteal muscles for a few minutes, then the cool air rushed over his anus…

“Mmmm… all the stress must go….” Michele whispered, parting his cheeks to bring her tongue into contact with the wrinkle of his butthole. Her fingers, still bearing the fragrant oil, fondled his balls as she wormed her oral digit into his anal port. His hips rose in response and she took the opportunity to reach under him, her fingers gently stroking along his partially erect shaft. It’s working! she thought, hearing his muffled moans as her fingers massaged his organ. Her tongue remained just inside his asshole, wetly poking at his hole as his cock grew a bit more. He needs this confidence.. Michele thought, finally withdrawing both her fingers and tongue from his privates to continue the massage.

“ohhhhmmm.. feels so good…” Michael groaned, his dick responding to Michele’s expert stimulation. The massage continued; but it didn’t do anything to detract from his lust. He rolled onto his back when she told him to do so, his penis standing proudly from his loins. GAWD this feels good! he thought as Michele worked his upper body and his arms. She passed over his genitals, lowering her head to blow warm breath on his penis and briefly wrap her lips around the head through the sheet. “ohyeah… so nice Michele…” he grunted. Her hands moved down his thigh and calf, then kneaded his feet and worked their way up the other leg. When she folded the sheet back his dick was hard as it had ever been.

Michele chuckled softly, lapping at the head of his cock and fondling his balls. “Just a little…” her lips wrapped around his organ and rippled their way down to the root, his glans pushing against the back of her throat. “glllbphhh” she moaned, slipping a fingertip into his still-moist anal port as she sucked gently. His hips trembled as her lips moved slowly up his shaft, her digit gently withdrawing from his butt. Her fingers wrapped around his sturdy length as her mouth slipped free. “Mmm… he is back – in a BIG way Michael…” she said with a sexy giggle. “Now for the real therapy…” she whispered, reaching down to pull out her tool and grab the lube. She poured a dollop on his cockhead and used her hand to coat his organ, then wiped her fingers and climbed up to straddle his loins. “Let’s see how long we can go, shall we?” she suggested, reaching under her belly to position his crown against her pink wrinkle. She wriggled her hips, relaxing her sphincter to let the bulbous head slip past the ring of muscle, then held still to let him adjust to the sensations. “Ooooo… I think he likes it in there… ohhhhhyesss… easy now…” she cooed, her palms resting on his chest as she eased her snug channel down his meat. “ohhhyeah…. so big… so hot…” Michele whispered hoarsely, letting her asshole massage his penis on the way down to the root. Now THIS is hot… she thought, restraining herself from just fucking him with her butt. I have to get LAID soon she chuckled to herself as she began easing her rectum up and down a few inches, sensing his little twitches.

Michael was delirious with the pleasurable sensations Michele’s ass was bringing to his cock. The velvet heat of her sheath made his penis tingle with each tiny movement, and when she used her muscles it was like the best hand and blow job combination ever. He closed his eyes, envisioning Michele’s cute little derriere. and my cock is inside that sweet round butt! he realized. His cock twitched, and instead of her muscles relaxing this time she clenched the outer ring of her sphincter. “oHHHHFUCK….” he grunted, his hands inadvertently going to her lithe hips.

Michele chuckled softly; but let his hands stay on her hips this time. “Mmmm… feels good Michael… just relax…” she cooed, gently writhing her hips back to take his full length inside her ass. She relaxed her anal ring, and began using her rectal network to gently massage his organ. With each twitch of his dick she would relax for a minute or so, then resume the massage. For nearly twenty minutes her bottom worked his cock, then his body tensed. Her muscles relaxed in a reflex; but the second spasm was stronger than the first, and his grip on her hips tightened. “Easy now Michael… let me control your release… eeeeasy…” she cooed, taking his hands from her hips. Her bottom began sliding up and down as his spasms became convulsions. She felt his juices spreading their warmth inside her ass, her muscles joining his in convulsions to draw his seed. “ohhhhhhyesss… release it all… let me have every drop…” she whispered, pumping her hips now to milk him dry. She sensed his spasms devolving to twitches, his penis losing the fight now, until it finally slipped free of her still-clenching butthole. Michele stroked his forehead softly. “There we go… better than ever…” she whispered. Then she slowly climbed down, wiping herself and pulling on her shorts before she wiped his genitals and covered him with the sheet. “Just relax Michael. Nobody behind you in here. I’ll be outside when you’re ready.” Then she quietly left him on the table, closing the door behind her. DAMN I’m HORNY! she thought, wondering if Joe might be free…

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