Hannah Expandah

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Chapter 1

Hannah Michaels and Brenda Gutierrez each stood behind two seated girls, both draped in a protective apron with their heads hanging above a sink. Both beautician students held a slinky movable faucet head in their hands, rinsing the treatment off their volunteer subjects with warm water as they massaged their clients’ scalps with their free hand.

Their instructor Ms. Buckland came by and nodded approvingly at Brenda before moving onto Hannah. She gave Hannah a glare and adjusted the water colder. She looked as if she had some choice words as well, but not wanting to upset the client, bit her tongue.

After the two volunteer clients made their way out, Ms. Buckland finished the training for the day.

“Good work Brenda. Hannah Michaels, haven’t I told you to use colder water over and over!? You are training to satisfy highly wealthy clients, and one mistake like this will get you fired immediately! And your bedside manner! You need to fix your attitude immediately! These volunteers will be nothing like the pampered, spoiled socialites that you are seeking to work for! If you can’t keep your mouth shut for hundreds of thousands of dollars, I don’t know what else would make you!”

Hannah began to retort, but Ms. Buckland cut her off.

“See?! Already you’re talking back! I don’t want to hear it unless it’s an apology!”

“I wouldn’t work for some sort of prissy bitch celebrity anyway! I’d find better clients!”

Ms. Buckland sighed.

“Why are you even here then? You should think about if this is what you really want to do. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and money. This class is over.”

Brenda and Hannah made their way back to their dorm on the breezy, sunny Spring day. Hannah surreptitiously kept glancing over, stealing every opportunity to catch a glimpse of Brenda’s bountiful bosom, simultaneously admiring and envious of her best friend’s good fortune.

“You know, Hannah, all you really need to do is turn the water down… we both know you know this.”

“It was down! That big titted bitch just has it out for me! She thinks she’s better than me just cuz she has bigger boobs!!”

Brenda sighed and tried once more. “We all know Ms. Buckland really knows this business. She’s worked on all of the big celebrities who sign under Buckland Agency… she’s not better than you cuz she’s bustier! She’s our teacher, for gods’ sakes!”

Brenda was forgetting to keep a cool head in her attempt to steer Hannah right. She continued.

“And what does her boobs have to do with it!? You’re so weirdly obsessed with them!”

“Well, what would you know about it anyway?!” Hannah went on the defensive. “You’re big too! Not flat like me!”

“Hannah, what the hell! You’re so pretty already! You could be, like, a fashion model! Or a runway model! Not all women have big breasts! And they’re so heavy and uncomfortable sometimes. Your daddy is rich as fuck, you’re beautiful and strong cuz of all your gymnastics training… you should be grateful!”

“GRATEFUL!? Of this totally flat chest?! Now you sound like Ms. Buckland, the stupid fucking cow!”

“Yeah, the cow that you’re so jealous of!”


The two girls took separate paths back to the same dormitory.

Hannah holed up in her room, not wanting to talk to anyone. She hoped that her roommate, Kayla, wouldn’t be back anytime soon either. That girl’s seemingly perfect short curls, combined with her beautiful ebony curves and generous chest always made Hannah feel uncomfortable and inferior. She was really nice, too.

Too nice, Hannah reminded herself. Just to have something to hold against Kayla should the girl betray Hannah’s trust.

A little bloop and a pop up chat message appeared on her phone screen.

“Sorry about earlier. Still don’t know why you’re so obsessed with boobs. Wanna go eat?”

Brenda Gutierrez

Hannah swiped the notification away, not wanting to acknowledge that she’d read it.

She started looking into breast enhancement surgery for the hundredth time. Surprisingly, a new clinic was at the top of the list. She clicked on it.

BetterBeauty Inc.

Look your best! All the time, all the time! We at BetterBeauty, Inc. are dedicated to painting you at the peak of your potential! Smoother skin, brighter eyes, bigger bust! To help you reach the ideal potential that you always had within you!

New experimental method devised! Mesmerize your audience with the new, improved you! No one will be able to resist!

No scar tissue, minimally invasive procedure, reduced healing time! Clearer skin, brighter eyes, longer legs, larger bust. And a winning smile!

Side effects may include drowsiness vomiting nausea bleeding dry skin short term memory loss diarrhea constipation irritable bowel syndrome brain fog brain sluggishness generally heightened irritability dry eyes headaches lupus migraines excessive urination hair loss erectile dysfunction lowered libido heightened libido loss of balance dizziness sore muscles dry mouth runny kütahya escort nose lazy eye blindness saggy face and unwanted pregnancy. Do not undergo this surgery if you are allergic to peanuts tree nuts all nuts pollen dust dirt people dog hair cat hair dander outdoors indoors. Please see a doctor if effects last for more than 4 hours.

Hannah read the first three paragraphs and couldn’t resist this time. No other ad ever promised this much before! She inputted her daddy’s credit card, all sixteen digits memorized (plus CCV of course) and signed up for their first available slot.

Chapter 2

“Ms. Jill Johnson?”


“Oh sorry, let me check again. Paula Brown?”

“No! Hannah Michaels! I signed up on your website after I saw the ads!”

“Sorry, our scheduling system doesn’t work very well. Hannah… Michaels, you said? I don’t see you on the list.”

“You take my money and I show up on the right day, and you don’t even have me in the system?! What the hell kind of a clinic is this!?”

Hannah had completely ignored the dingy interiors and dilapidated furniture. She had paid her money, and she expected to receive what she was due.

“Umm… Doctor Dunn? Can we schedule her for like… now?” the airheaded receptionist shouted into the back.

A tall man in a wrinkled button down shirt and some jeans came out. He pushed up his glasses and looked at the waiting room.

“Is there anyone else waiting?” he asked in his deep baritone voice.

“No, I don’t think so. I don’t see a Jill Johnson or a Paula Brown here.”

“That’s because it’s my turn! Hannah Michaels!”

Dr. Dunn shrugged. “I’ll go see if Doctor Davis is ready. Miss, you understand this procedure is highly… experimental?”

“I don’t care if it’s experimental, as long as I get what your website promised! I just want to have big, beautiful boobs so all the girls will stop looking down at me!” Hannah shrieked.

Dr. Dunn and the receptionist exchanged glances, then shrugged again.

“Okay, let me talk to Dr. Davis.”

While Hannah glared daggers at the receptionist who was now trying to avoid her gaze, the beautiful, delusional girl could hear a female voice from the back. The pair of doctors came back out, Hannah admiring Dr. Davis’s impressive bust, but simultaneously on guard should she disrespect Hannah in any way.

“Alright, you understand the risks involved?” the female doctor asked.

“Like, duh!” Hannah spat back. She would not be spoken down to… even if she didn’t.

“Whoa, okaaaay…” Dr. Davis muttered.

“I know what I signed up for!” Hannah lied. “I totally read, your like, experimental warning things! I don’t care as long as you give me some nice boobs so other people will stop looking down on me!”

Dr. Davis and Dr. Dunn looked at each other.

“Okay then.”

They put Hannah in a surgical gown and lay her on an operating table. The room looked far less than professional. Monitoring machines were unplugged, their plugs just hanging around helter skelter. One of the fluorescent tube lights overhead was flickering, and yet the glare was still intensely harsh. Hannah squinted her eyes as Dr. Davis began to put a gas mask over her face.

“You won’t feel a thing…”

Hannah awoke in the recovery ward a few hours later. Where was she? She didn’t recognize her surroundings. This place was shabby as hell! Nothing compared to her lavish bedroom in her father’s mansion, or even her tastefully decorated dorm room.

She climbed out of the high rickety bed before realizing that she was in a hospital gown. Oh right! She’d come in for an operation. Peeking around, she checked for privacy before dropping the peeling the medical garment off of her upper body and checked herself out in a small mirror tucked away in the corner of the room.

I don’t look any different, she thought. Still short, despite her long looking legs, still sporting her signature strong core from years of gymnastics, and still flat as a… flat as a B cup. Hannah brought her elegant fingers up and squeezed her own flesh. They ached as she massaged them. It was quite a foreign… sensation… no, this was just normal.

“Urgh!” Hannah stomped the floor in anger. “I look exactly the same as before!”

Dr. Davis and Dr. Dunn heard the outcry and walked into the room. They found the spoiled brat standing partially nude in the corner of the room.

“Are you satisfied with the changes?”

“Satisfied!? You guys didn’t change anything!”

“Ms. Michaels,” Dr. Davis approached her. “You’ve grown significantly since the operation. And we expect you will continue to grow too. This is the experimental phase of our treatment.”

“Yeah, I know it’s experimental! Why do you keep saying that like I don’t get it! What I’m saying is, I’m not any larger than before! Look!”

Hannah hefted her new, budding breasts in her hands and pointed the perfect, pink peaks at the pair of doctors. They both flinched for a moment as they felt a twinge escort kütahya of lust, those rounded spheres of Hannah’s luscious female flesh overpowering their professionalism, such as it was. They’d never felt anything as powerful or overwhelming as that before!

Dr. Davis handled it fairly well, shaking off the lust inducing effects and clearing her throat. The sound brought Dr. Dunn back to reality. He shifted uncomfortably, trying to hide the sudden erection that was tenting his slacks.

“Uh, yes Ms. Michaels. Why don’t you go home and get some rest? I believe you will feel better in a few days.”

“I don’t want to feel better! I want my boobs to be bigger!”

She squeezed and massaged that soft flesh. Dr. Davis barely held on, while Dr. Dunn was clearly having trouble. His entire vision was filled by those modest, perky orbs. He wanted to do nothing but stare at that electrifying flesh, feeling the flush of arousal coursing through his trembling body, yearning to suck on those hard, pronounced tips of Hannah’s perfect femininity…

“We expect your boobs to get larger, Ms. Michaels. Over the next few days. Like I said. Good day.”

“You can always schedule a follow-up appointment!” Dr. Dunn interjected, desperate to see their patient again.

Dr. Davis looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Tch. As if I would pay for this scam again. You’re going to hear from my lawyer!”

Hannah put her robe back on and stomped out of the room.

“Excuse me…” Dr. Dunn mumbled to his colleague as he made his way to the bathroom.

Chapter 3

Hannah drove back to Mesmerize and Enchant’s campus and parked outside her dorm. Her breasts had been tingling and aching throughout the entire trip. Hopefully it was nothing. Just some stupid experimental side effect or whatever. Those scam artists!

She hoped her father wouldn’t find out about her little ten thousand dollar purchase. He usually didn’t notice such small expenditures anyway.

But what a gyp that had been! That was the most frustrating part. Hannah wouldn’t even have anything to show her father for it. Usually he forgave her trespasses after she convinced him that what she’d purchased was worth it, but this? This was nothing!

She peeked down the second floor hallway and around corners, checking if Brenda was around. Hannah wasn’t in the mood to confront her friend at this moment. She rapidly made her way to her own room on the bottom floor and fished for her keys.

Unfortunately for Hannah, it sounded like Kayla was in. She wasn’t looking forward to her black roommate’s attempts to cheer her up once she’d realized Hannah was in a bad mood. She was always trying to make everyone happy. It was so spurious!

She opened the dorm door and prepared for a barrage of speech from her talkative roommate.

“Hey Hannah, you’re back! I heard you had a rough time.”

“Rough time?! Who told you! Don’t doctors have some sort of… confidentiality thing!? Or whatever it’s called!”

“Doctors? No, with Ms. Buckland! She can be pretty mean, I know.”

“Ms. Buckland?” Hannah searched her thoughts. Oh right. “Who told you about that?”

“Brenda. She wants to talk to you, you know.”

“Ugh! Well, I don’t wanna talk to her. I just wanna go to sleep. Stupid operation…” she muttered.

“You really should talk to your friend,” Kayla continued to nag, ignoring Hannah’s petulance.

Meanwhile, Hannah was undressing. “I said I want to go to sleep!”

She pulled off her t-shirt.

The sight of Hannah’s breasts battered Kayla, clawing and tearing right in her soul. The inexorable, lustful gravity of those perfectly formed breasts, their impossible perkiness, the smooth, silky skin yearning to be fondled and caressed drove Kayla absolutely mad with desire. Thanks to those gravity defying spheres, Hannah’s generous cleavage looked absolutely inviting, forming a perfect, sexy canyon of female flesh that she wished she could bury her face in and never leave.

“Kayla? What are you staring at? Is it my small boobs?”

Kayla could only drool as the fire in her womb burned ever hotter.

“It is, isn’t it! We can’t all have boobs as big as yours, okay! Stop!” Hannah brought her arm over her nipples, brushing them gently and shivering from the shockingly sensitive sensations before covering them up fully.

“Nooooooo!” Kayla whined. “Please, let me see them again!”

“You’re not making fun of me?” Hannah asked cautiously.

“Nooooo! Pleaaaase! I need to… unnf… god, you’re so sexy!”

“Okay…” Hannah obliged, still distrustful.

She brought her arm down slowly, revealing her new, improved chest to her roommate once again. Kayla gasped as her eyes glazed over, marveling at how Hannah’s breasts didn’t sag at all, even with her arm no longer supporting them. Hannah’s breasts asserted their dominance over Kayla’s mind once again, drilling pure bliss and obedience into her vulnerable, spotty thinking.

The black girl’s leaking sex was kütahya escort bayan staining her jeans. Her arms and legs felt weak, her fingers trembling. Her vision was beginning to spin and blur, multiple images of a faded Hannah rotating around, with only her breasts remaining solid and constant.

Kayla couldn’t break her gaze even if she wanted to. And she didn’t want to.

Her lips went slack. She began to drool out of the corner of her mouth.

“Kayla, what the hell are you doing? Is this supposed to be some kind of joke?” Hannah was feeling self conscious again.


Kayla’s pussy was pulsing now. Her clit throbbed and ached, her spine tingled with pleasure, radiating blasts of ecstasy through her entire electrified body. All from just staring at the perfection that was Hannah’s breasts. She licked her lips, trying to imagine just how sweet her mistress’s perfume pink nipples tasted.

“M… mistress…” she spoke out loud, giving voice to the thoughts swirling in the lusty fog that was her mind. “My mistress…”

“What!” Hannah shouted.

Her subtle movement caused her breasts to bounce oh-so-barely. The erotic movement of her rippling flesh nearly pushed Kayla over the edge.

Hannah eyed the girl curiously. Nobody could put on that convincing a performance!

She cupped her girlish breasts and gave them a jiggle. Kayla’s pupils followed obediently with Hannah’s nipples, never breaking her intense stare.

“So you really like my smallish boobs, huh?” Hannah inquired.

“Y-yes… like…”

“You sound like some sort of zombie!” Hannah giggled. “You like them that much?”

She gave her breasts another slow, sexy squeeze. They bulged so deliciously.

“Mmf!! Yes!!” Kayla cried out.

“It’s like you’re totally mesmerized by them! Like our school name! You are getting veeeeery sleepy…” Hannah droned jokingly.

Kayla’s eyelids began to droop.

“Hey! Eyes open! Focus on me now,” Hannah ordered.

Kayla could not possibly disobey. Her deep-set eyes snapped wide open, but her mind was still lost in a hazy fog, full of visions of Hannah controlling her every movement, her every thought.

“Wow, you’re really playing along! Let me see…” Hannah brushed the irresistible pink bud on her breast as she brought her finger up to her chin, striking a deep-in-thought posture.

Kayla merely drooled brainlessly.

“I’ve got it! Going to sleep is boring. But instead…” Hannah smirked mischievously.

“Look at my tits,” Hannah’s voice dropped into a conspiratorial whisper. “So… large,” she choked on the word, too ashamed to be able to lie about her breast size so easily. “So round, so perky, so wonderfully shaped…”

That wasn’t a lie.

“You’re totally obsessed with them. Every second you stare at them, your mind slips away, further and further, replaced by lust and worship… you want nothing more than to look at my pretty boobs…”

Kayla gasped in arrested lust as she processed Hannah’s commands.

“Yes, that’s it… keep looking, deeper and deeper, hornier and hornier,” Hannah droned, amazed by Kayla’s convincing act. She decided to go for broke.

“They’re so wonderful, you can barely handle it! You’re going to come from just looking at them!”

“Nnng!” Kayla moaned urgently, feeling the growing wetness between her legs turning into a boiling fountain.

“Yes! You love it so much! Just looking at my boobs…” Hannah massaged those perfect spheres once more…

“Wanting to suck on my nipples…” she flicked them with her beautifully manicured digits…

“Oh, to lick and suck on them…” she jiggled her rippling flesh for Kayla’s eyes…

“It just makes you totally brainless and come all over yourself!”

Kayla choked, her throat seizing as she began to orgasm on the spot. She would have shut her eyes, but something about Hannah’s breasts demanded total obedience and subjugation. She just stared at Hannah’s lovely twin peaks and trembled violently as her love canal clenched and spurted her fluid down her inner thighs.

The intense sensations of her Hannah-induced orgasm was better than anything she’d ever felt before! Better than sex with an experienced lover. Better than playing with herself with a dildo in the exact ways she knew how to get herself off. Hannah was just better.

“Nnnng!” was the only sound that came out of her mouth as a second orgasm boiled inside of her as the first subsided.

Hannah’s eyes began to glow with power as Kayla broke under the influence of Hannah’s new breasts. Unintentionally breaking Kayla had triggered something primal inside of her that the operation had brought out.

Hannah’s own tan flesh began to smooth and even out as she broke her victim. The fine body hairs along her legs, her arms, her torso, her pussy, all fell away, never to bother her again. She shut her eyes involuntarily as she gained an inch of height, all in her slender, supple legs. And those breasts that had utterly battered and crushed Kayla into a gooey, orgasmic mess, swelled in response, growing in size before hefting up, remembering to ignore the pull of gravity.

The two girls finally came down from their respective highs. Hannah opened her new, more intense gaze and found Kayla on her knees, staring up worshipfully.

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