Halala of My Virgin Cousin 07

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Then Sarah said – Aamir, what are you waiting for, why don’t you fuck Zarina again.

Zarina said softly- Yes Aamir… Please fuck me once more. I want it once again.

I picked Zarina in my arms and lay her on the bed. I started kissing Zarina like crazy and said- My Zarina, I have become crazy about you at first sight.

I lay down on her and started playing with her boobs and slowly started squeezing them. Zarina’s breath was getting faster. I started pressing her nipples with my teeth.

If she used to get loud, she would jump. Her arms were rubbing my back and she was touching me. I slid down a little and came between her thighs and started licking her pussy. I put my tongue in her pussy and sucked it hard.

As soon as I started licking her pussy, Zarina went mad- Oh Aamir! What are you doing? I have never experienced anything like this before. Oh, Allah! I feel very good, She was screaming in excitement. I turned Zarina’s knees on her chest, which raised her pussy up. Her pussy opening was small. I started thrusting my tongue in and out of her pussy.

Oh, Aamir! Zarina collapsed for the second time saying this and released her juices. I kept on licking her pussy and playing with her tits.

In a few moments, due to this double attack on her pussy and tits, Zarina became hot again, Zarina started halkalı escort pleading – Oh Aamir, do not tease me more, please put your cock in my pussy quickly! Come, Fuck Me.

As soon as I was about to invade her pussy, she said fearfully- Aamir… Please Insert it slowly; I am afraid of your long cock.

Looking at Sarah laughing, I Inserted my full cock in her pussy in one stroke. I said – you mean quickly like this?

“I am going to die of pain, you are very bad. When I asked you to put your cock slowly, why did you inserted it so fast and hard, it is hurting.” Zarina was crying in agony.

Sorry, darling, you are new to sex, I thought you wanted it in one stroke, is it hurting very much? I said and made a hard push forward.

‘Oh! Aamir…I am now enjoying it. I am having a lot of fun, Please don’t tease me more, do it fast and hard, Aamir today I came to know what real fucking is. Yes, Raja… comes fuck me hard, yes like that. “Zarina was screaming in excitement and bouncing her hips in sync of my bumps.”

Sara had told the truth, Zarina’s pussy was tight in true sense. It seemed that as if, I was fucking her anus. I was fucking her very hard and was reaching my climax very fast.

Suddenly her body trembled and she said olgun escort ‘ Aamir, I am Cumming …’

After saying this she froze. I also tried to release my cum in her pussy after two to three blows, but at that very moment Sarah Intervened – the first time was your first meeting, so I did not stop, now only I have right on your Cum .

She pulled my cock out of Zarina’s pussy and inserted it into her pussy and started banging. I also caught her and kept pushing her tightly and discharged my Cum inside Sara.

Both of us were breathing fast. All three of us were tired and were lying down in each other arms.

Sarah Said – Aamir you can continue to have fun with Zarina.

I started caressing Zarina with one hand and Sara’s with the other and kissed Sara.

Zarina said in a while -Sarah has always been very considerate towards me. Come, Aamir fuck me again.

Zarina once again dragged me over her saying this.

She extended her face towards me waving her tongue on her lips. I also moved towards her and put my lips on her lips. Holding my face tightly, she put the pressure of her lips on my lips and started sucking my lips. Both of us opened our mouths and our tongues started playing together. şişli escort Both of us were getting breathless.

She sobbed – oh Aamir!

I too moaned – Oh Zarina!

She said in an intoxicating voice – Aamir kiss me once more, don’t you!

I put my lips on her lips and started sucking her lips. Now we moved slowly to the sofa and then lay down on the floor. I was lying on her. She was rubbing her boobs with her hand and was also moaning loudly.

She said – Oh Aamir. It feels so good.

“Oh, Zarina… You are so beautiful. Your body is so cute! “Having said this, I started sucking her boobs and repeatedly biting her nipple with teeth.

She was moaning loudly, ‘ Oh Ah, what have you done? Feels great… yes go

I was moving downwards kissing her. Her lovely pussy looked very good. Her pussy was clean. I started licking her pussy. she started moaning with pleasure.

As soon as I started rubbing my tongue on her pussy hole, she pressed my head hard on her pussy. I started fucking her pussy with my tongue. Zarina moaned very fast and her pussy left the water.

Zarina took hold of my hair and took me up on her and said- Aamir fuck me, tear my pussy today,.

I put my cock on the mouth of her pussy and asked – Zarina, do you want to fuck?

She screamed in excitement – Yes… Now don’t delay and put your cock in my pussy, Come fuck me!

I slowly started putting my cock in her pussy. Her pussy was very tight. Then pulled it a little and hit a hard push and my cock penetrated her to the root of her pussy.



This story is not meant to offend or an attack on Muslims. It is my way of putting a twist for fun and enjoyment.


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