Great Mom Pt. 9

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Big Tits

It was Friday when my sons and daughter would be going over to spend the weekend with their father. I was feeling kinda bad because I had been so busy this week I had not had much time to have some fun with Hunter and Ryan. Today was going to be no different although I did have a small amount of free time between jobs I had to go to. I called my son’s while I was driving around to see if they wanted to meet somewhere to have a quickie. I knew of this place, an out of the way field we could just meet out there and have sex in the car or just outdoors. Ryan answered the phone and I told him what I had in mind, he was of course very into it. I heard Hunter in the background giving his approval too. Then Ryan said they had something to ask me, they wanted to know if they could bring a friend along. I was very hesitant, I was very afraid of it getting around my incestuous relationship with my sons. Ryan and Hunter both pleaded with me, they said they knew this person would not say anything. I asked who it was and they told me Duane. I knew who that was; he was a black friend of my sons. His mom was a model and his father did sub-contractor work for my boss. I was intrigued by this, I never have been fucked by a black guy and I was curious about what it would be like and of course how big his cock would be.

“How do you know he won’t tell anyone and how do you know he would even want to join in?” Ryan snickered, “All of our friends want to fuck you mom. They all say you are one hell of a MILF.” Hunter had gotten on the other line, “Also he has said to us he would love to fuck you. He hinted around about if we would ever fuck you if we could and he said that he would love to fuck his own mom.” I thought about it for a few moments, “You are not lying to me about this are you?” They both said no, they were telling the truth. Then I said, “You boys just really want to see me get gang banged and want to watch me getting fucked don’t you?” They both said ‘yeah’. I reluctantly agreed and told them they better be sure he would not tell anyone, we would all get into huge trouble.

I was actually feeling excited about my rendezvous with my sons and their friend. My mind wandered to thoughts of how big of cock would Duane have. I was the first to get to the out of the way outdoor meeting spot so to make things go quicker I slid my panties off and took my bra off as well leaving myself in my brown sundress. I saw their car coming down the road to where I was anxiously waiting for them. With their tinted windows it was hard to see who was in there and I could see who was in the back seat. They pulled up and very quickly my sons got out of the car along with Duane and Duane’s father! Oh my god I could not believe it! I was so busted and felt about an inch tall. Duane’s father, J.B. had a huge smile on his face, “So this is the great pussy you were taking my son to get.” They all approached me and out of all four of them I think J.B. was the most excited, he circled around me checking me out. “Well, well, well Katie. So you fuck your sons…never thought you would be into incest.” I was so embarrassed all I could do is plead with him not to tell anyone. J.B. looked at me as my son’s and his surrounded me.

“Do you know how much I have wanted to get me a piece of your ass? In fact Katie my whole crew wants to fuck the shit out of you. None of us has ever had some blonde white chick pussy.” His crew of workers he was referring to were from out of state and all black guys. “As long as I get some of your pussy I don’t think I will tell anyone that you fuck your sons.” I felt a bit at ease but I knew I better make this everything he wanted it to be, I knew I had to be an incredible cock slut for him. I just stood there; my sons knew that they could do whatever they wanted to me. Hunter got down on his knees in front of me, “Hey Duane come down here and take a look at my mom’s cunt, it’s the best.” Duane got down on his knees and they both pushed my dress up to reveal my bald pussy. “Shit, would you look at her cunt dad! It is fuck’n shaved smooth.” J.B. looked down at my pussy and said, “You know Katie we all thought you shaved your nice little pussy. I can’t wait to find out how it tastes and how tight it is.” Ryan stood on my right side and J.B. stood on my left. “You think our mom’s pussy looks good; take a look at her tits!” At that moment Ryan grabbed the straps of my dress and pulled them down just far enough to uncover my tits. J.B. let out a ‘damn Katie! Your nipples are fucking huge!’ Both him and Ryan grabbed my tits and began to fondle them. Ryan wasted no time in leaning down and a bit and began to suck on my right tit.

J.B. kept squeezing my left tit and pulling on my nipple. I began to moan as all the sensations hit my pleasure center. Hunter and Duane started taking turns licking my pussy and clit. “So what size are your tits?” J.B. asked me. I moaned out 36C. He commented that they were a good size to put a cock between and then he asked my sons if they had fucked my tits. Both of them happily responded yes and told him how they would cum all over them and watch me lick their cum off of them. J.B. then said in a very happy, surprised voice, “You swallow cum?” I just nodded yes as the pleasure was taking my voice away. Then J.B. started to suck on my other tit. I was in hot passion filled moment standing there getting both of my tits sucked on and fondled as my cunt was getting fingered and ate out. Four guys taking their time to have their way with me and I was loving it. They kept this up for maybe five minutes before switching. J.B. took the first taste of my cunt ramming his tongue deep inside of me. His son and my youngest son went wild sucking on my tits. As this went on my own curiosity took over and reached down with my hands and undid Hunter and Duane’s’ pants then slid my hands down them to feel their hard cocks. I let out an ‘oh my god’ as I grabbed Duane’s huge and I mean huge prick. He smiled at me and pulled his pants down showing off his huge 11 inch black cock! I gasped as I saw it, I though my son’s would feel inadequate when they saw his huge prick but I was wrong.

Ryan got up, went to the car and pulled out a blanket. He put on the ground as J.B. lapped at my wet cunt and I stroked his son’s and Hunter’s pricks. Ryan then pulled me away from them and started to push me down on the blanket. “Come on mom get down on your knees. I want to see you suck on the big black cock!” Duane stood in front of my and I grabbed his huge prick like a real slut as I took as much as I could into my mouth. His father was undoing his pants and commented how much of a cock slut I was and this must be the first black I ever had. He pulled out his massive shaft which was dripping pre cum. His cock was probably 10 inches as he held it in front of my face. “Come on Katie, suck it! Suck on these two black cocks you little slut.” I grabbed his cock and worked it into my mouth. I tried sucking both of their pricks at the same time but I couldn’t get them into my mouth so I had to quickly go from prick to the other one. My sons got naked and started jacking off as they watched me sucking on these two huge pieces of black meat. Duane then said “I want to see you suck your son’s cocks!” They stepped back to let my sons have their turn with my mouth. I hungrily sucked on their pricks. Duane and antalya escort bayan J.B. stood on either side of them close enough for me to jack them off as I sucked on my son’s pricks. Hunter looked at Duane, “Man there is nothing like getting your cock sucked by your mom!”
My hungry mouth worked on both of my sons pricks for awhile as I kept stroking my two huge black pricks. After a while my sons pulled away from me, Hunter said he wanted to watch me suck some black for a bit. So Hunter stepped back to allow Duane and J.B. to take their places and I very happily began working on those two long black cocks. Ryan on the other hand had another idea. He moved around behind me and ordered me to stand up. I did as he told me and my son very quickly stripped me naked to everyone’s delight. “Ok mom, now get the fuck down on your hands and knees!” Him and Hunter both placed their hands on my shoulders and pushed me downward. J.B. and his son both got down on their knees in front of me offering their throbbing cocks to me. Of course I opened my mouth and just let them fight over who got to feed their cock to me first. Ryan got down behind me and I felt him slide his cock into my pussy. Then he began to just pound his hard prick in and out of my cunt. I looked up into Duane’s and J.B.’s eyes and I could see the wild enjoyment they both had watching my oldest son fucking me. “You guys are going to love fucking our mom, her cunt is so tight and wet!”

Ryan pulled out of my pussy which surprised me I figured he would blow his wad inside of me first. “Hey Hunter do you wanna a turn at mom while she sucks cock?” he asked. Hunter nodded his head yes and moved behind me while I kept working on these two nice long pieces of black cock. “Hey mom I know you don’t want to take those pricks out of your mouth but I want you to roll over so I can fuck you.” J.B. and his son pulled their pricks out of my mouth and flipped me over onto my back. I spread my legs for my son and he happily inserted his cock into my wet pussy. Before he began to pleasure himself with my cunt he looked at his friend, “I love fucking my mom where I can see her tits bounce. I love watching them bounce around as I fuck her and I love blowing my spunk all over them!” As my son fucked me hard I spent some quality time with each of my new cocks, slowly sucking on them and licking them all over. J.B. and his son reached down to pull and pinch on my long erect nipples as I sucked them off. “Too bad none of my crew could see this Katie; they would be so jealous and fucking horny too.” Hunter went wild fucking me in front of his friend but he too didn’t cum inside of me. He pulled out before he got to the point of no return.

“OK, do either one of you want to take a turn fucking her?” Hunter said to Duane and J.B… J.B. looked at his son, “Go on and fuck her. I want to spend some more time with my cock in Katie’s mouth.” Hunter stepped back and stood off to the side with his brother, both jacking off while watching me getting fucked by two black guys. Duane held his 11 inch cock in his hand. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a blonde white chick and I have wanted to fuck you since I first saw you. Ever had a big black cock before?” His father pulled his prick out of my mouth. “No…no I haven’t.” “Go on son, give her your cock. I want to hear this slut moan with each inch.” I let out such a loud groan of mild pain with mostly delight as he slid his long piece of hard meat into my small tight pussy. “OH god! OH god…it feels so good…fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock!” My sons and J.B. stood around in me in a circle watching Duane fuck me, listening to me moan begging for him not to stop and jacking off as well.

Hunter suddenly yelled out loud, “I can’t take this!” I saw him out of the corner of my eye feverishly stroking his cock. I was moaning as loud as I could as my son knelt down next to my head. He grabbed my right tit just as he stroked his cock to a cum explosion. He had just enough time to put the head of his prick into my open mouth before his spunk shot out of it. His first spurt went right into my mouth as I let out a loud moan from his friends’ big cock pounding in and out of my cunt. Then I stuck my tongue out and my son jacked off the rest of his cum load onto my tongue. Everyone watched his hot salty cum run down my tongue, into my mouth and then down my throat. I happily swallowed my son’s wad. J.B. and Duane were very excited as they watched me taking my son’s spunk into my mouth. I heard J.B. say “Look at her swallow! I’m gonna give her some of mine to snack on too.”

As soon as Hunter was done my nice big black cock that was in my pussy found a new home, in my mouth. Duane instantly pulled his big cock, slick with my cunt juice, out of pussy and he quickly straddled my face. He got on all fours with his cock pointing directly at my mouth. His father took his place between my legs fucking me with his large cock. “Jack me off you slut!” Duane yelled at me as he looked at me from his position of being on all fours over my head. I grabbed his huge throbbing black cock with both hands and I worked my hands up and down on it; giving him the best hand job ever. I milked his cock like a farmer milking a cows’ utters. I wrapped my lips around his hot prick head and with a few strokes on his rock hard shaft he let go his tasty wad into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed his sticky, hot salty load as fast as he jerked it into my mouth. Duane kept groaning, ‘Oh yeah take it, take it all! That’s it swallow it all!’ I didn’t think he was going to stop cumming he had such a huge wad! It seemed like it was almost ten or eleven spurts of cum before I finally emptied my ebony prick. I could hear his father groaning with lustful delight as he rammed his cock into me over and over again at the same time telling his son to fill my mouth with his spunk.

Duane slowly crawled off of my face and before I knew it Ryan was stroking his cock and blowing his first spurt of cum across my face. His cum shot across my lips and chin as he knelt next to me jacking off and not having a care in the world as to where his cum was landing on me. I closed my eyes and kept my mouth wide open with my tongue hanging out. Ryan kept his cock head and inch or two above my open mouth and just shot his spunk right into it; moaning with approval with each spurt of his cum. J.B. was hammering me like a wild dog telling my son to fill my mouth with cum. “Yeah that’s it! Make your slut of a mom swallow your cum! Fill her fuck’n pretty mouth with cum, she’s a cum slut and wants it all!”

J.B. was ramming his cock in and out of my pussy hard and fast, grunting like some wild animal in heat. I saw him looking from his slick cock to watching my son jacking off in my mouth. I knew he was going to unleash his wad into my mouth as well; sure enough my thought turned out to be correct. Ryan finished up blowing his wad into my petite mouth. He stood up next to Duane and Hunter, the three of them watched J.B. fuck the hell out of me. J.B.’s son now gave his dad words of ‘encouragement’. “Fuck her dad! Fuck Katie, fuck her like you never fucked mom! Come on dad listen to her moan, she is nothing but a blonde cum loving slut. Fuck’n cum in her mouth, she needs more cum to swallow.” I of course also gave J.B. some words of enticement to make him go wild. “Oh yeah J.B. fuck escort bayan me. Fuck me with your nice big black cock. Fuck me like your son did! Come on J.B. fuck me harder…faster…oh yes! Just think of how jealous your crew would be if they saw you, if they knew you were fucking me! Mmm yeah I can feel your cock getting bigger. You must be ready to cum. I want your cum in my mouth! I want to swallow all of your cum.”

J.B. was panting like a dog in heat then he pulled his cock out of my pussy. “You want my cum you slut! Open your fucking mouth!” I opened wide and J.B. squatted over my head, stroking his prick and aiming his prick head right at my mouth. With several strokes and a loud groan a huge stream of white cum shot out his long cock right into my mouth, coating my tongue. “Take that Katie!” he yelled at me as he stroked his black shaft over and over again spurting out more and more cum. Some of his wad landed on my chin but most found its target. Then he got down on his knees, placing my head between them as he shoved his cock into my mouth. “Suck it dry! That’s it Katie suck it!” I held his shaft as I worked my mouth up and down it sucking like a vacuum cleaner. Another small spurt of his seed shot out as I sucked and licked his prick clean. When I was done he stood up still standing over me he looked at the boys whose cocks were still semi erect. “Well now what do we do with Katie?” My sons spoke up and said they should suck on my tits and eat me out until they were all hard again then fuck me until they cum. As I laid there it really turned me on listening to my sons, J.B and his son talk about me as if I was just their sex toy. Deep down I loved being treated like fuck toy, a horny cum loving slut. Duane and J.B. took the first turns at my pussy as my sons took their time licking and sucking away on my tits. I squirmed all over the blanket moaning and squealing like a little girl as Duane and his dad lapped away at my very wet pussy.

They both took their time each one getting me off once. They both loved making me squeal and loved watching me wiggle and writhe around on the blanket as they took turns licking me to an orgasm. They also enjoyed watching my sons sucking away on my tits and licking my large very erect nipples. I must have looked like the biggest slut ever as I let my sons pleasure my tits while their friend and his dad lapped at my pussy. After they each had their fun eating me out J.B. got my son’s attention; “Would you guys like to take a taste of your mom’s pussy?” They both let out an enthusiastic ‘yeah’.

Quickly all four guys’ switched places; my sons taking turns eating me out and Duane and his dad started playing with my tits and nipples. Ryan licked me to another orgasm as his brother kept playing with my clit with his finger. It was very apparent that my guys were ready to go again judging by their raging erections. Duane suddenly stopped playing with one of my tits and mounted my body. He slapped down his eleven inch prick between my tits. His father stopped sucking on my other tit, knelt there watching his son. “Fuck, her tits look so much better with a nice black cock between them.” Duane said. His dad then added, “Let’s see what they would like getting fucked by a black dick.” Duane began to slowly fuck my tits with his huge piece of meat. His cock was so long in comparison to my petite body that when he had the base of his cock against my tits his prick head could easily go into my mouth so he could fuck my tits and have me suck his cock all at the same time.

He of course pointed this out as he told me to open my mouth, I did as he asked and he took some time to slowly fuck my tits having me keep my mouth open with my tongue out so he could fuck my mouth too. His dad really liked this, judging by all the sexual words of encouragement he was giving his son while slowly stroking his own prick. Then J.B. moved closer to my face and he began to slap his cock against the side of my face, wiping his pre cum on my cheek. After a few minutes Duane asked his dad if he wanted to take a turn fucking my tits. J.B. said ‘of course’ and he took his sons place straddling my body and slowly fucking my tits now. He held my tits against his prick by pinching my nipples. I came so loudly I thought people could hear me for miles. My nipples are so sensitive so between him pinching them, my tits getting fucked; which I loved and my sons eating me out I could not hold back my orgasm. “Fuck Katie. I would love to cum all over your tits but I right now if I had a choice I would rather blow my cum into your cunt or ass.” J.B. turned around looking at my sons, “Hey are you two ready to fuck your mom?” Hunter who was lapping up my sweet orgasm from my pussy lips didn’t’ say a word. I saw him sit up and then a moment latter I felt his cock sliding into my cunt. J.B. smiled and got off of me. He stood up and told his son and Ryan to stand next to him; he just wanted to watch me getting fucked by my son.

I felt so slutty being on display like that, having my older son, his friend and his friend’s dad; a man who I worked with, watching and listening to me getting fucked hard by my other son. Both Hunter and I moaned away for moment after passion filled moment. Hunter was very horny as he did not last too long, maybe five minutes at most. “Oh mom…mom…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum!” Hunter started to say. Without any hesitation I groaned back at him as beads of sweat were rolling down my body, “Oh yes baby do it! Cum for me, cum for you mom! Cum in my pussy, I want you feel you cum inside of me.” His pace quickened to an almost frenzied like speed. “That’s it baby, cum for me, cum for mommy!” He let out a loud grunt and I felt him erupt inside of me. Each hard thrust brought another spurt of his hot spunk out of his prick and into my cunt. Duane loved it! He loved watching a mom and her son engaged in such forbidden union. His dad loved it too! He kept say, “That’s it! Fuck her! Fuck that slut! Fill her cunt with cum!” Hunter didn’t take too long to unleash his full wad. As soon as he was done he pulled his prick out of me and looked at his brother, “Your turn to fuck mom.” Ryan got down on his knees and yelled at me to flip over and get on all fours.

As soon as I got on my hands and knees he slammed his prick into my tight wet pussy and began to jack hammer me. His balls slapped against me as his wild hard fast thrusts brought them up hitting me hard. He kept this up for a few minutes and then he suddenly slowed down, and then stopped. Everyone looked at him as I did too looking over my shoulder at him. “Why did you stop honey? Fuck me, please fuck me.” He got this wicked smile on his face, “I just wanted to get my cock coated real good with your cunt juice mom.” He pulled his cock out of my cunt and pressed it against my ass cheeks. Then his cock burrowed between them finding its way to my asshole and his shaft went all the way into my tight asshole. Ryan then grabbed my blonde hair with one hand pulling my head back he grabbed my waist with his other hand. J.B. went wild, “Oh yeah that’s it! Fuck your slutty mom up her ass! Look at her loving it! Check out that look on her face, she loves getting fucked in the ass!”

J.B was so right; I did love getting fucked up the ass especially when it is by my sons. My three voyeurs watched me on all antalya escort fours, watched my tits bouncing back and forth as Ryan kept sliding his cock in and out of my ass. “Do you like that mom? Huh? Do you like getting fucked up the ass?” my son asked me. “Oh yes Ryan. I love having your cock inside of my ass.” I looked over my shoulder at my son. “Fuck me Ryan. Fuck me good. Fuck your mom’s nice ass.” I smiled at him after saying my last remark. I learned that it turned my sons on more when I would point out that I was their mom while they were fucking me. Ryan suddenly let go of my hair and grabbed onto my ass cheeks with a vise like grip. I felt his cock stiffen even more and I knew he was going to cum. Looking at Duane, J.B. and Hunter I moaned “Oh yes, Ryan is going to cum. My son is going to cum in my ass.” Duane and J.B. started to slowly stroke their pricks as they both began to tell Ryan to cum in my ass.

Then my son groaned ‘oh shit mom, I’m cumming’. A moment later I felt a warm surge of wetness in my ass. I could feel each spurt of his seed erupting out of his cock. One spurt then another spurt then my son pulled his cock out of my ass as he did that he hissed at me, turn your head mom and watch. I looked over my shoulder as my son pulled his prick out of my ass. I figured he was going to jack off across my ass cheeks, something he would do a lot. Ryan told me that there was something about seeing his cum on his mom’s ass that stirred up his deep down incestuous desires. My son did something different this time. He pressed his prick between my ass cheeks and began to just fuck them. His cock head kept just above the top part of my ass crack. With a few fucking strokes the rest of his wad shot out of swollen red cock head. His spunk spurted out and landed on my tattoo I had on the small of my back. Duane yelled out, “Yeah hit the target. Cover it with cum!” I loved feeling his hot sticky cum landing on my naked skin and I loved watching it run all over my tattoo. Unfortunately he did not have much of wad left so he was quickly done with his art work but it was enough for all of us to enjoy.

He stood up and looked at Duane and his dad. “Ok which one of you is next?” J.B. glanced at his son for a moment then at me. “Well Katie does have work to do so we better hurry up.” Then with a wicked a grin he turned to his son and whispered something. Duane then said ‘Oh fuck yeah dad that sounds great!’ Duane quickly laid down on his back on the blanket. His eleven inch prick stood straight up in the air. He held it by the base and told me get up on it. “Come on Katie, I want to watch you fucking ride my cock.” I straddled his prick and then eased myself down on his huge long shaft. I nearly screamed as his piece of meat buried itself deep inside of my tight cunt. I took in as much as I could and then I leaned forward, placing my hands on either side of his head. I slowly began to fuck his prick. My tits hung down low enough to continuously brush across his face as I fucked up and down on his shaft. I felt Duane’s tongue on my tits, licking my erect nipples each time they ran across his face.

I closed my eyes to fully loose myself in the sensations this long black cock was giving to me and to my pussy. As soon as I did that J.B. moved around behind me and while I was moaning like a good slut he hunched down and I felt his cock penetrating deep into my tight asshole. My eyes shot open as I let out a loud scream of pain and delight. I never experienced two big cocks inside of me at the same time, especially not like this. Duane wrapped his arms around me pulling me close to him, burying his face between my tits. He went wild licking and sucking all over my tits. He did his best to rock his hips to fuck me while I rocked up and down his cock and his dads. J.B. however just went wild fucking my ass with his cock. His large balls hung down and made a very nice slapping noise as they smacked against my taint over and over again.

As J.B. fucked me like a wild dog he spoke to my sons. “You boys like watching your mom getting fucked by two black guys?” I looked up at them as they responded yes. He took a few more thrusts with his prick before speaking to my sons again. “You boys are so fucking lucky to have a hot mom you can fuck anytime you want.” J.B. fucked my ass for a few minutes more, my sons enjoying every moment of it too. “Watch this boys, I’m gonna fill your mom’s ass with my cum.” He rammed his long cock into my asshole once more and unleashed his wad of sticky seed. It only took him a couple of thrusts of his prick and he was done but it felt so good and sounded great as he grunted and talked pure filth to me as he shot his wad in me. Then J.B. pulled out and yanked me up by my hair. He told me to sit up and ride his son’s cock until he came as well.

I bounced up and down on Duane’s rigid cock. Screaming away as his long shaft impaled me over and over again. My tits put on a great show bouncing around in the sunlight. I lost myself in the sex scene I was putting on as I fucked myself and Duane to our pleasure filled climax. “Oh god yes…oh yes…oh yes…your cock feels so good inside of me! Please cum…please cum in me!” I keep moaning that as I dug my finger nails into Duane’s chest. His cock stiffened to its full length and he yelled out ‘oh yes you fucking slut!’ Duane grabbed my tits as he unleashed his wad. He groan over and over again as his spunk pumped from his cock deep inside of pussy. I closed my eyes groaning as I felt my cunt tightened up on his prick and my own orgasm hit. My sons cheered Duane on to keep fucking me and blowing his wad inside of me; I heard them say, “That’s it Duane fill our mom up! Make her moan like a slut!” We both let out loud groans as our mutual orgasms subsided.

I rolled off of Duane and laid there for a few moments panting away like dog. Duane stood up as my sons and J.B. gathered around me in a small partial circle. Duane looked at my sons; “You guys weren’t fucking kidding when you said you had the best fuck ever. If Katie was my mom I would fuck her every day!” My son’s responded by saying “That’s what we try to do, fuck her at least once a day.” Then they all gave each other high five’s before walking over to put their clothes back on. I stood up and J.B. walked up to me grabbing my arm lightly. “You know Katie I was thinking as I was cumming in your ass. Since you made me call in a crew from out of state and you are making them work on the weekend to finish up a job. I think you should stop by and give them a personal thank you; that is if you don’t want me to tell anyone about your incestuous relationship with your sons.” He then gave me a very wicked smile. I knew what he had in mind; he wanted me to get gang banged by his crew of all black guys. I thought for a moment, I glanced at my sons then back at J.B.

“Well first of all. You know your son has thoughts about his mom, your wife.” He smirked, “Yeah I know, who wouldn’t.” “Well since I let your son fuck me I think my sons should get to fuck your wife, maybe your son too.” J.B. glanced at them then back at me, he moved closer to my ear. “Well she has wanted to spice up our sex life. I think getting fucked by two white teenagers would be fun for her. I think my wife would be curious about our son.” We both nodded in agreement and I said fine I would stop by and thank his crew on Saturday. He added he would be there too. We then parted ways, my sons, Duane and J.B. left and I got dressed then went about the rest of my business for the day.

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