Graduation Day Ch. 03

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I realize this is a shorter chapter, and I apologise… I’m planning for a huge Chapter Four, trust me. Another chapter on the tame side, but I’ve said from the beginning that its all going down in Chapter Four. Oh yeah, sorry about the cliffhanger. Try to enjoy. =]

Jacen awoke on his bed to the sound of loud knocking on the door of his dorm room. He groaned, and sat up, rubbing his eyes. ‘It’s 11 in the evening… Luke must have forgot his key.’ he thought to himself. Luke was Jacen’s roommate, and one of the most forgetful people he had ever met. Jacen got up and stumbled over to the door, half asleep. When he opened the door, however, he was suddenly wide awake.

In front of him was one of the most attractive girls on campus, Jacen knew. If Barbie was a legitimate person with and even bigger chest and skanky-er clothes, then that was her. Her name was Maggie, and she was a fling of Luke’s. She was a majorette for the marching band, and it was no shock that Luke had managed to pick her up, given his new-found ladies’ man status. What Jacen didn’t know, is why she was here. He suddenly realized that he was clad in only his boxers, and was standing with the door wide open.

“Shit!” he cursed, grabbing a pair of jeans from the dresser next to the door and covering himself.

Maggie giggled. “It’s ok, stud. It’s not like I haven’t seen a man in underwear before.” She grinned, and leaned against the doorframe, which caused her already short shirt to raise up a bit, revealing what appeared to be a very tan, and VERY toned stomach.

Jacen swallowed, and realized he was staring. He shook his quickly, and looked back up at Maggie, his eyes bostancı escort bayan narrowing. ‘She isn’t here for me… and even if she was, I wouldn’t do anything anyway.’ he reminded himself.

“Can I help you?” he asked in a monotone, refusing to be manipulated by this female. God knew that was the story of his life for the last eight years of his life. The funny thing was, the last female to do that to him hadn’t even known he’d existed until Graduation night, where he had professed his love to her in front of the entire town.

Maggie didn’t seem put off at all by his tone. She actually seemed to enjoy it. “Maybe you can help me.” she said playfully, giving Jacen a sensuous wink. “Luke is spending the night in my room, and he asked me to get him a change of clothes from you.” she said, smiling a perfect smile at him.

Jacen nodded. It was perfectly like Luke to ask his fling to do things for him, but it was shocking that he had the nerve to do that to a senior, much less Maggie, one of the most beautiful girls in the school.

Jacen headed over to Luke’s closet and grabbed him a change of clothes, and packed it into a small bag that was sitting near the closet. Luke had done this sort of thing a few times, so Jacen had just started leaving old grocery bags by his closet for occasions such as this.

“Nice butt!” he heard Maggie call out from the doorway. Jacen blushed, realizing that he wasn’t covering himself with the pants. He stood up and headed over to the door, handing her the bag.

Maggie smiled the perfect seductress’ smile, and leaned in close to Jacen, her shirt falling open a bit more. ‘Is it just me, ümraniye escort or did she open her shirt two more buttons since I last looked?’ Jacen thought to himself, trying his best to keep his eyes locked on her face.

Maggie’s lips flicked against his ear as she whispered “I wish you would come back to my dorm with me… it could be a lot of fun, the three of us.” she purred, giving the outer edge of his ear a lick for extra effect.

Jacen shivered. He was hard as a rock, and the material on his boxers was completely tented. She had on some intoxicating perfume, and her cleavage was lightly brushing against his bare chest. As if that wasn’t enough, she hooked the thumb on her right hand inside Jacen’s boxer line, slightly sagging that side. That little touch nearly made Jacen give in. He wasn’t a complete virgin, although he had been in love with Erin for 8 years. He had lost control of himself at a graduation party during his senior year and had received a blowjob. It had been a mind-blowing experience for him, but he had resolved that until he had received closure on the Erin situation, nothing like that would ever happen again.

Jacen moved his head away from hers, and stepped back. He saw the look of surprise in her eyes, and felt somewhat bad for her. ‘Probably doesn’t get rejected much.’ he thought to himself.

“Goodnight, Maggie.” he said, closing the door behind him.


Maggie was definitely not used to not getting her way. The fact that Luke’s roommate had shut the door on her offer was definitely irritating. ‘What a prude.’ she though to herself, turning and walking down the hallway towards the elevator. Alright, kartal escort the threesome thing may have been a bit strong, he was a freshman after all, but even freshmen had jumped at that chance with her.

She smiled, thinking about a certain freshman stud waiting for her back in her dorm. ‘I’ll be more than satisfied tonight.’ she thought to herself, feeling herself grow wet from the thought of the steamy sex her and Luke would have.

Maggie punched the button for the elevator, and didn’t have to wait long. An attractive (‘but not as hot as me’ she reassured herself quickly) redhead stepped off and headed down the hallway. Maggie paid her little mind, and stepped into the elevator.


Erin’s mind was too preoccupied to notice the majorette get onto the elevator after her. She was still unsure of her plan, but she knew that it was necessary. She had to do this.

She held an envelope in her left hand, and it was on this envelope that her entire plan hinged on. She needed this to work. ‘There is no other alternative.’ she thought.

She checked the room number, and slid the envelope underneath the door. She paused for a moment, then knocked loudly on the door three times. She turned and hurried down the hallway, hoping the elevator got to the floor before he turned and looked…


Jacen practically growled when somebody knocked on his door. “Sleeping must be illegal on this campus.” he said aloud. He stood up and walked over to the door, checking the peephole to see if it was Maggie. He couldn’t see her. In fact, he couldn’t see anyone.

He opened the door and looked both ways. Nobody was in sight. ‘Ding-dong-ditching was always my least favorite prank,’ he thought. Jacen went to close the door, when he stepped on a piece of paper.

Jacen bent down to examine it. An envelope, addressed to him. ‘Weird.’ he thought. He opened it up, and began to read…

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