Good Girl Breaks the Rules

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She booked the same room every time she came into town, in the high rise at the center of the city, with a balcony that overlooked it all and always arrived an afternoon before her visits to local branches, to get herself reacquainted with her room, its view, and him.

They had been hooking up for years now, always making a complete mess of the penthouse, and she hoped this visit would be no different. She walked to the balcony and started to slowly undress, tossing her clothes into the room behind her.

She started with her top, exposing the delicately sheer lingerie she picked up the last time she was in Paris. She ran her fingers across its embroidered flowers, feeling her nipples harden under the attention. She sighed and looked down at the city knowing that the next time she was here–hopefully in just a few minutes–he would be behind her, his hands gripping her hips as her tits swayed and bounced with every thrust.

She bent over slowly as she slid her skirt off of her hips, her fingers tracing every inch of her legs. She gave her ankles a squeeze, pleased at her flexibility, and kicked the skirt off behind her.

Standing there on the balcony in lingerie and heels, she paused, the thrill and fear of being seen almost making her run back into the room. But she didn’t. She unhooked her bra and let it fall, pulling the matching panties down at the same time. It felt good and dangerous to be up here, nude, but feeling the sun on her bare chest made her feel alive and sexy in a way nothing else could.

Well, almost nothing. She giggled a little to herself and walked towards the bathroom, tossing her clothes into the closet, leaving her heels by the front door.

Turning on the water in the shower, she let her hands wander, careful not to break any of their rules. They didn’t cum without the other one knowing, and there was no cumming on nights they were to see each other, without the other one present. She loved the rules. She loved following the rules, she loved telling him every time she came and not being able to, despite desperately wanting to, now. She loved the power they gave each other, a level of control matched only by the pleasure they felt together.

She glanced at the clock – 10:35 – and knew he’d be here soon. She gave herself to the sensations of the shower, feeling every drop hit her body. Her hands moved slowly, gripping and pinching in anticipation. She allowed herself a brief — and allowed — indulgence as her fingers found her soaking pussy. Two fingers alternated circling her clit and dipping in to tease herself with feelings of being filled by him, over and over, tonight. She imagined him bored at work, sitting at his desk and avoiding his coworkers, checking the clock every minute, eager to leave and spend the afternoon with her.

She startled when she heard the door, forgetting for a second that she had left a key for him at the front desk. But she recognized the sound his shoes made on hotel tile and continued showering.

“Hey,” she called in a low voice from the shower.

He didn’t respond, wordlessly moving a chair from the desk into the shower to watch her. She moved a little slower under his watchful eye, every drag of a fingernail sending goosebumps all over her wet body.

He watched as lathered soap fell away from her body with splashes of warm water and gentle hands guiding it away. He watched her touch Rus Escort herself, her fingers with a mind of their own, constantly wandering down to what he knew was wet and ready for him.

But there’d be time for that later. She followed directions best when she was turned on, begging to cum. And he loved to use that to his advantage.

He went to sit on the bed as she finished her shower, waiting for her. She walked out of the steamy bathroom and let her towel drop. She stood before him, watching his eyes as they took her in. He nodded his approval. She bit her lip.

He met her gaze and gestured with two fingers for her to come towards him. She started to walk.

“Not like that,” he said with a sly grin on his face.

She smiled and got down on her hands and knees and started crawling towards him. His eyes fixed on her curves as she moved, watching the way the sweeping curve of her hip met the indent of her waist. He licked his lips as he thought about the way her flesh felt between his teeth and under the grip of his hands, and the way she gave herself over to him every time.

She reached him at the edge of the bed and sat kneeling between his legs, looking up at him, awaiting his next direction. With a look down to his belt, she knew. She started to slowly undress him, starting with his belt. Fumbling a bit for the buckle, she felt his growing bulge and smiled, not daring to touch beyond a graze until she got the appropriate permission. Slowly she unhooked the buckle and pulled the leather through. Their eyes met again, both obviously thinking about the last time; the marks the belt left on her ass, the way she looked laid across his lap, presented for him to enjoy.

She delighted in the exquisite soreness the next day, trying not to blush and squirm as she held meetings with her employees–his bosses and coworkers, and failing every time she met his eyes across the office.

She took immense pleasure in the double life, being in charge and in control during the day, knowing full well she loved to be tamed once the dark settled in. He knew it too and indulged her every whim.

Tossing the belt to the side of the bed, she moved to his shirt. She straddled him as she unbuttoned his shirt one by one, feeling the heat between them rise as she her fingers worked. She pulled the shirt off his shoulders and barely resisted the urge to sink her teeth into his shoulders and chest, claiming him as hers. She ran her fingers over his chest, thrilled by the contrasting textures between the hair on his chest and the soft skin of his muscular shoulders.

He was rock hard underneath her, but she resisted grinding against him, knowing her time would come soon. When she finished with the shirt, she returned to her knees as he dropped his pants to the floor. Her eyes wide and her body soaking with desire, she was desperate to feel his cock in her mouth. To run her tongue down the sides and feel the veins as they pulsed.

He saw her hunger and decided to indulge her early for once, as a treat. He slid his boxers down and sat down on the bed.

“Go,” he said.

She didn’t need further direction. She held her hands behind her back and looked up at him, tongue out, before taking him all the way into her mouth. She held him there, his tip hitting the back of her throat, for a while, proud to be able to Sincan Escort take him all in without gagging.

“Yes,” he said, his hands on the back of her head. She bobbed her head up and down, enthusiastic as a result of his praise. She kept her hands behind her, using only her tongue, lips, and throat to please him. He guided her head and held her in place, her nose pressed against him. Forced to take shallow breaths through her open mouth, spit fell from her mouth onto her tits. She moaned, the pressure of his body against hers making her completely powerless, just the way she liked it.

“Feel how wet you are for me,” he demanded. Her fingers moved down and inside her. She was soaked. She dripped on her fingers as she indulged–only a little–at his command.

“So wet,” she moaned, her mouth still around his cock. He groaned and pulled his cock out of her wanting mouth.

“Keep going,” he stroked his cock lazily as she obeyed.

She moved slowly, spreading her knees wide and arching her back slightly. Her fingers made small, light circles on her clit as he watched her. She varied her pressure and speed, moaning every time they made eye contact. It felt so good to finally allow herself a small reprieve and knowing he was watching her every move made her even hotter.

“Stand up,” he said suddenly. She nodded, looking up at him with desperate wanting in her eyes. Just like he liked it.

Normally he liked to take his time, making her beg and wait for it, but the hunger in her eyes was too much. He needed her, now.

She stood, waiting, breath heavy and tits heaving. He rose. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her into him, his mouth finding hers, and then her neck, collarbones, and shoulders. He groaned into her mouth as he guided her to the balcony.

She hoped they’d do this again.

He stood behind her, presenting her to the city. His hands wandered all over her curves, gripping and pinching, his hard cock pressed against her ass. She wanted him inside her so badly. His hand found her clit and he rubbed, mirroring the circles she made, but with more pressure. She spread her legs to accommodate his hand, his cock slipping between her legs. He felt the heat and wetness pouring from her pussy, but sat there, focused on her.

He loved the way her ass felt against him, how she melted when he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close. She longed to be consumed by him, to lose herself in his desire, and he loved to oblige.

He felt her body tense and tighten as she got closer. He stopped.

“You didn’t ask,” he reminded her, in a throaty whisper, his hand lightly slapping her clit.

“Fuck,” she moaned. “I’m sorry, can I?”

“Can you what?”

“Please. Can. I. Cum?” She asked between shallow breaths, begging her body to hold out until he said yes.

He sped up without answering. She bit the inside of her lip to distract herself, wanting to be good for him but knowing she was going to fail. She tasted blood in her mouth as her body erupted, cumming loudly for anyone who may have been watching or listening from below.

“Oh fuck, I’m sorry,” she said, her body twitching as she came. He felt her pussy squeeze and tighten, coating his cock in her.

“You know you’re not supposed to do that,” he said, pulling his hand away. “Inside.” She walked in, disappointed Sıhhiye Escort in herself but eager to experience his punishments.

He sat down on the bed.

“Maybe I should just finish myself, since you can’t seem to follow directions,” he said sternly, stroking his still-hard cock.

She shook her head no.

“Okay, make it up to me,” he moved to rest his head on the headboard, his arms resting by his sides.

That was all the encouragement she needed.

Eager to make him happy, she climbed between his legs and moved to put his cock in her mouth again.

“We’ve already done that, try again, or you’ll pay for your disobedience in a way you won’t like so much,” he warned.

She climbed on top of him kissing him forcefully before moving her lips to his beard, his ear, his neck, and his shoulders. As she straightened up, he grabbed her tits with both hands and bit down on her right nipple, just enough to remind her who was in charge. She lowered herself onto his waiting cock and paused as he thrust into her, luxuriating in the pressure and mounting tension of their bodies together, both aching to move. She moved her hips in a circle and put his hands on her ass. He dug his fingernails in and then slapped. Hard enough to leave a mark. She lifted herself up, almost pulling him completely out, before letting her ass drop heavily on his thighs. He moaned, she continued, her body bouncing on his hard cock. She moved between grinding on him and bouncing quickly, letting his hands and moans guide her movements. He slapped her ass again, breaking her out of her rhythm. He looked at the floor.

She got down on her knees again, mouth open and eyes wide, waiting. Fucking him made her so hot, she couldn’t wait to cum again. She hoped he’d let her soon.

He stood over her, stroking his cock. She grabbed her tits and squeezed them together, presenting herself like a canvas waiting for an artist.

His hand moved faster up and down his cock. His eyes narrowed and he grunted as he came, painting her face and chest with the fruits of her labor.

“Fuck,” he said, breathing heavily.

She used her fingers to collect the cum from her face and moved it into her mouth, tongue circling her cum-coated fingers. He moaned again.

“Did you like that?” He said, sitting back down.

“Yes,” she nodded enthusiastically.

“Show me,” he leaned back against the headboard, his hand running through his hair before resting at the back of his head.

“Yes,” she said, climbing onto the edge of the bed, and laying down, her pussy facing him. He watched her hand as it raced to her clit, desperate for release. He leaned forward and put two, then three, fingers inside her, watching her groan and twist and flex, his cum still splattered all over her tits as she continued. Her pussy tightened around his fingers, she was about to cum. He added a fourth finger, his devilish grin meeting a look of pleased surprise on her face.

He felt amazing. She loved feeling his fingers fill and stretch her, knowing she’d be sore again tomorrow. He fucked her with his hand, his fingers filling and stretching her. Her pussy tightened around his fingers as she bucked and moaned, finally cumming, harder than she ever had before. He let her breathing soften before pulling his hand out of her. He looked at his hand, noticing that she was all over him, and had dripped all the way down to his elbow. He licked the top of his hand before putting his fingers in her mouth. She sucked and cleaned them eagerly, loving the taste of herself.

“Good girl,” he said. “You’ve made up for this mistake, but do it again and the punishment won’t be so…pleasurable.”

She nodded, her mouth happily full.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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