Getting Steve’s Attention

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Over the last year, my husband Steve had become a selfish lover. As soon as he would cum, he would pull out, roll over and fall asleep. I needed more and I wanted more. I mentioned my frustration to him, but it fell on deaf ears. I was beginning to get very sexually frustrated, and I needed to get his attention. After a bit of thought, I came up with a perfect solution.

Last Saturday morning, I woke up early, before Steve. I fished through our sex toys and found a cock cage that we play with occasionally. Quickly, I made my way to the bed and snuggled up to Steve. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. I told him that I wanted to play and reached down to his crotch. Steve immediately got hard. My hands fiddled with his package as I told him I was locking him up. Steve cooed sweetly. Within minutes, his snake was caged and locked. The key was placed on a chain around my neck. I told him to get up, he had chores to do, then left him laying there in our bed.

Steve showered and got dressed. He came into the kitchen and rubbed up against me. I slid my hand down between his legs and rubbed his caged tool. I pointed at the dishes in the sink and told them that they wont wash themselves, then turned and left. Soon, I heard the clank of dishes being washed. A bit later Steve appeared before me. I pointed outside and said, “lawn”, then went back to looking at my phone. Steve frowned a bit but turned and went outside. The roar of the mower soon filled the backyard. I waited a while then went to the window to watch Steve mow. He soon caught sight of me.

I wanted Steve to understand sexual frustration. I placed my finger in my mouth and slowly moved it in and out as if I were sucking his cock. Steve stopped dead in his tracks and watched. I then slid my other hand down my leggings and rubbed my clit slowly. Steve grabbed his crotch and adjusted himself. His cock was obviously giving him some trouble. I then waved gently and walked away from the window. By the sounds of the mower, Steve was cutting the grass at hyper speed. Within minutes he was back in front of me, sweaty and looking sexy.

I pointed to the garage and told him that it needed cleaning, then looked back down at my phone. Steve let out a groan but turned and walked towards the garage. Clank, boom, bang was soon heard from the garage. Steve was working quickly. I went into our room and took off my clothes. I put on a tight Lycra ığdır escort top and some tight booty shorts. Needless to say, I was wearing no bra or panties. I made my way to the garage and made my supervisory inspection, making sure to bend down to inspect every corner. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Steve squirming. He had to keep grabbing his crotch to readjust himself. I was beginning to enjoy this.

After about two hours, Steve finished cleaning the garage. When he came into the house, I pointed to the vacuum and told him to get cleaning. However, I wanted him totally naked while he did it and I wanted him to understand his position in our relationship today. I grabbed a sharpie and once he was naked, wrote the word “Ann’s slave” across his chest, then told him to get to work. Steve’s cock strained to remain in the cage. Some of it pushed its way through the metal rings that held it captive. The vacuum whirred to life and Steve got to work. As he did, I sat on the couch and slipped my shorts down and played with my pussy. Steve stopped to looked and I barked out an order to focus on his work. Steve was so tense, every muscle showed through his skin. He was ready to explode, which I knew was not going to happen anytime soon. Another hour passed and another job completed. Bathrooms were next and Steve dutifully got on his hands and knees and cleaned our toilets, stark naked. The house had never been cleaner by the time he finished.

As the day wore on, I ran out of chores for Steve to accomplish, but I was getting hungry. I asked Steve if he wanted to have sex before or after dinner. He chirped a quick “before” in a high-pitched voice. I told him to go lay on our bed and wait for me. He bolted to the bedroom. I let him wait a bit then entered and got undressed. I pulled out my toys and laid them on the bed and placed my phone next to them. I told Steve that he had become a selfish lover and that I was going to now control his sexual releases. His eyes opened wide, and he said, “oh ok”.

I climbed on top of him and straddled his chest. His face was less than a foot from my shaved, tight pussy. I pulled a dildo from my toy bag and slipped it into my mouth. Steve moaned. I sucked it for just a few second to get it wet then placed it between my legs. I asked Steve if that was where he wanted to put his cock. He said yes. I told him it was too bad he was ığdır escort bayan so selfish, then slid my rubber lover into my hole. My eyes rolled back, it felt nice to have my pussy filled. I slowly pumped my friend in and out of me. My eyes opened and looked down at Steve. His eyes were glued to my pussy and its new friend. I told him to look at me. He looked up. I told him that from now on, my pussy would be filled with another cock and not his, and not until he could prove he was a compassionate lover. Steve, began to plead his case, but I told him to be quiet and to do as he was told.

Steve looked crestfallen. As I penetrated myself, I grabbed a vibrator from my bag and teased my swollen clit. Soon, I could feel the telltale signs of an orgasm brewing between my legs. Little electric shocks began deep inside me, then my body stiffened. My vagina gripped my rubber lover like a vise. The walls of my pussy pulsed rhythmically as I then exploded into orgasm. My legs tightened their grip around Steve’s chest as I shoved the dildo as deep as it would go. I dropped the vibrator as I came but instead grabbed Steve’s chest and dug my nails deep into his skin. Steve grimaced in pain but said nothing. It took me a bit to come down, but once I did, I slid the dildo from my very wet hole, then moved myself up to straddle Steve’s face.

My hands grabbed his hair, and I forced his face into my wetness. I barked out a command to clean me up. Steve’s tongue instantly got to work. My body was still tingling from my orgasm and his warm tongue only prolonged the pleasure. I ground my crotch hard on his face as I pulled his hair to ensure his complete compliance. Steve needed to understand that my pleasure was paramount, and it was his job to ensure that I had the pleasure I deserved and required.

Steve’s amazing tongue worked its magic and soon I was having another amazing orgasm. This time, directly onto his face. My pussy gushed its thick nectar all over his face and into his mouth. He struggled to breathe, but I held him there until I was done.

I released his hair and propped myself up a bit and looked down. Steve looked like he had been beaten up. His hair was a mess, and his face was covered in my sexual juices. I asked him if he wanted to cum and he let out a pathetic, “please”. I explained that my pussy was off limits for a while and that he could cum but escort ığdır not inside me. He moaned, then protested. I put my finger on his lips to quiet him. I told him that my pleasure was now his focus and that his pleasure was not even secondary, no in fact his pleasure was now optional. At my desire, not his. Steve squirmed and complained to no avail.

I asked him if he was ready to cum and he said yes. I told him that he had two minutes to cum and that I was going to time him. If he did not cum in two minutes, he would not be able to cum again until I said so. He responded with, “yes ma’am.” I slid my body down and straddled his legs. I grabbed my phone and my vibrator. I turn on the vibe and picked up his caged cock with the other hand. I explained that as soon as I hit the timer on my phone, I was going to rub the vibrator on his caged cock. He had two minutes to cum. If the timer buzzed beforehand, he was going to be denied an orgasm. I asked him if he understood. He shook his head.

I pressed the timer and began to attack his caged penis. Steve squirmed on the bed. The skin of his cock pushed out of every hole in the cage. His cock wanted to be fully erect but was being forcefully confined because of his selfishness. The timer ticked off the seconds. A soft female voice called out the time at 90 seconds, then again at 60. I looked down at Steve and asked him if he was man enough to cum. Steve howled a painful, YES! The voice called out 30 seconds. Steve’s hips thrusted skyward. His whole body was shaking. He was close. The voice then called out 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. My phone chimed. I dropped his caged cock and stopped the vibrations. Steve let out a guttural scream, the yelled not to stop. I looked down at him and said, “sucks for you, no orgasm for you, baby.” Steve’s whole body shook as he whimpered like a baby.

I climbed off him and made my way to the bathroom to clean up. I purposely took my time. I wanted Steve to contemplate what just happened. Once I was cleaned up, I made my way back to the bed and climbed in next to Steve. He immediately cuddled me. I could feel his body still shaking. His warm hands caressed my body and soon his lips were kissing my neck. He was trying extremely hard to reverse his unfortunate condition. I let him try his best before I spun around and kissed him back. My hand slid down between his legs and grabbed his imprisoned package. As I did, I looked him in the eyes and told him that his cock was now mine and that only I would decide when and if it would cum. That decision would be based solely on what type of lover I found him to be. I asked him if he understood. He whispered, “yes mistress.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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