Getting Steve’s Attention Ch. 02

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Adrianna Chechik

Sunday morning, Steve woke up visibly uncomfortable. His normal morning wood was profoundly restricted by the cage I had put on his cock the day before. He rolled over and cuddled with me, clearly, in an effort, to convince me to let him out of prison between his legs. Sadly. for him, I had other ideas. I turned to him and kissed him deeply, then rubbed my hands on his chest. I gave him, all my normal signals that he was about to get lucky. Steve squirmed as his cock continued to try to force its way out. I did my best to get him to the point of near explosion, then turned and hopped out of bed. Steve groaned loudly and called me a “fucking cock tease”. I giggled and went into the bathroom and hopped into the shower.

Steve entered the bathroom for his morning piss. At first, he stood in front of the toilet, as usual, but then realized he would need to sit down to make it work. I looked through the steamy glass and told Steve he looked cute, sitting there like a girl, peeing. Steve looked down between his legs, then back up at me, then flipped me the middle finger. I burst out laughing, then continued my shower.

About an hour later Steve came into the kitchen dressed up in his normal weekend clothes. I slid up to him and threw my arms around him and whispered that he had some errands to run for me. I slipped a list into his pocket, then slapped his ass and told him to get going. Steve dutifully went about his task and left me alone, which is very dangerous. When I am alone, my mind wanders and I find myself thinking of devious shit to do. Today was no different. I was on a mission to get Steve’s undivided attention and in my sick little mind, I was formulating a plan.

I went to the bedroom and put on one of my skimpiest panties, which I then covered with a cute little tennis skirt. It was white, short, and made my ass look incredible. I put on a skin-tight white spandex top and, of course, went bra less. I finished with a pair of ankle high, knit, tennis socks. I looked in the mirror and smiled broadly. I looked hot and I was ready to make the boys cry. I went back out to the kitchen. The sound of a lawn mower filled the room. I looked out and saw my neighbor Marcus mowing his lawn. I stood and watched in awe for quite a while, with my hand down my pants rubbing my swollen clit.

Marcus is a black god. He has muscles from head to toe. When he ığdır escort works in the yard, he goes shirtless. He wears basketball shorts and appears to not wear underwear, as I can always see the shape his massive cock flopping down his left thigh. Steve has always known that I get wet just looking at him. On occasion, when we have been making love, I have whispered that I want to feel Marcus’s cock inside me. Every time, I have done that, Steve has gotten rock hard and has fucked me like and animal, then dumped his load deep inside me. As I watched Marcus’s sweaty body glisten, I decide to set my plan in motion.

I texted Steve and asked him how much longer he was going to be gone. He said he had finished the errands and was 15 minutes from home. Yikes, I thought, I need to get moving. I ran to the bedroom and opened our toy bag. Not long ago, Steve had purchased some lube that looks just like cum. We have done some kinky role play with it a couple times. I pulled out the bottle, pulled down my skirt and panties and squirted a couple shots of cum into the crotch of my panties. Then I pulled them back up. I placed two fingers on my crotch and worked it in a bit. I was now so wet it was as if I had just had sex with three guys. I fished deeper into the bag and found one of my queen of spades temporary tattoos. I had purchase a few to wear when I wanted to fuck with Steve’s mind. I applied the tattoo to my ankle and then pulled my sock up. It did not cover it completely; however, it was just enough to know that I had a tattoo but not know what it was.

Quickly, I ran to the back door, then out to the porch. Marcus was almost finished with his lawn. I waved over to him and got his attention. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked me up and down. He shut off the mower and made his way over to my deck. Marcus asked how he could help me. I told him that I needed to have the two potted trees on my deck moved to the other side and that Steve was not home. Marcus smiled and said that it was a simple task, and he would be happy to do it. He approached the first one, bent over and lifted it without even straining. I pointed to a spot across the deck and told him to put it there. He grabbed the second one and did the same, then dusted his hands together as to signal, the job was done.

I giggled like a silly girl, then mentioned how strong ığdır escort bayan he was and how he made it look so simple. He told me it was nothing and that if I ever needing anything else moved, to just call. I made some small talk to kill some time, then offered him some water. He accepted and we made our way into the kitchen. I poured him a glass and handed it to him. I reached down and rubbed my ankle as if I had an itch, purposely to reveal my tattoo. I watched as Marcus’s eyes caught a glimpse of the tattoo. Marcus gave me a knowing smile, then reached down and adjusted his thick snake. I acted as if there was nothing on my ankle and continued to babble on about nothing.

A few minutes later, I heard the garage door opening. I took Marcus by the hand and walked him to the deck door. As Steve entered the room, I thanked Marcus for stopping by, then got up on my toes and gave him a big hug. I made sure to let his sweat soak into my top, I wanted Marcus’s scent all over me. Steve stopped in his tracks and his eyes opened wide. The tattoo caught his eye, and he began to sputter. Marcus said he was happy to help, and he could come over any time I needed things rearranged, he waved at Steve, and left.

Steve looked dumbfounded. He fumbled his way though asking me why Marcus was in our living room, in just shorts, all sweaty. I told Steve that I had a problem that needed immediate attention and that he was not around, so I had Marcus handle it. Steve looked like a caged animal, he jittered and stammered, then asked what problem I had. I coyly got on my tip toes, threw my hands around his neck, and told him it was something that he obviously could not handle. Steve then blurted out, “did you finally fuck him”? I let out a sexy giggle and told him to check.

Steve slid his hand down the front of my panties. His fingers plowed into the cummy, gooey mess between my legs. Steve began to shake as he asked me if that was Marcus’s cum. I responded by telling him if he wanted to know, he would need to check himself.

Steve grabbed me like a possessed animal and bent me over the couch. He yanked my skirt and panties down to my ankles. My sloppy, cum covered pussy looked up at him. He ran his fingers across my labia. It took a moment to realize it was cum lube, but as he did, he told me how hot my pussy looked covered in Marcus’s escort ığdır cum. I asked him if he wanted to fuck the pussy that Marcus had just filled. Steve let out a loud yes. Within seconds, Steve’s pants were at his ankles. Steve grabbed my waist and pushed his caged cock against my pussy. I could feel the warm steel part my pussy lips but go no further. He pushed and squirmed to no avail, then begged me to release him. I told him he did not deserve it yet, only Marcus deserved my tight hole.

Steve flipped me over and threw me on the couch and mounted me. He rubbed his cage on my wet pussy back and forth like someone humping his date for the first time. I taunted him by telling him how big Marcus was and how good his muscular body felt on top of me. I asked him if he could smell Marcus’s warm musky scent all over my body. Steve’s mouth and tongue explored my breasts and neck, all the while taking deep breaths, soaking in Marcus’s sweaty scent. Steve desperately tried to get whatever sensation he could from my cummy wetness. I told him how I had been fucking Marcus for months and that he, as my husband, had been getting sloppy seconds without knowing. That comment set him off. Steve let out a low growl, then shook a bit and then fell upon me breathing heavily. I gave him a moment, then asked him why he stopped.

Steve rolled over onto the couch and looked down. His caged penis had produced a small bead of cum that sat on the tip of his penis like a cherry, on a dish of ice cream. His balls were red and swollen and his penis twitched inside the cage. He then let out a guttural, “ARGH”. I asked him what was wrong. He turned to me and said that he had gotten so excited rubbing on me and thinking of Marcus fucking me that he had a ruined orgasm. He wanted to blow his load so badly, but the cage was not allowing his cock to get hard, so when his balls began to pump cum, it just oozed out as a little bead of goo. He did not get the mental/sexual release, no amazing orgasmic high, no, just a physical release and not much of one at that rate either. He said he was still fucking horny and super frustrated.

I reached down and scooped the little bead of cum from the tip of his cock with my finger, then told him to open his mouth. I slid it across his tongue and whispered that Marcus saw my tattoo and that the next cum he would taste would be Marcus’s dripping from my pussy. Steve let out a huge groan and told me I was the biggest cock tease he had ever known and that he loved that about me. He then asked me to unlock him. I coyly looked at him as I got off the couch and said, “why would I do that when I have Marcus to service me”?

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