Getting Off On Mel

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I’m wired and I can’t sleep. Typically an hour of wonderful sex will knock me out, but instead I’m lying here awake. I poke my friend in the side and tell him to wake up. He stirs from his slumber and asks me why. “Go turn on your computer for me, I can’t sleep, I’ll just play online for awhile until I’m tired” I tell him.

He reluctantly crawls out of bed and walks into the next room, flips on the light switch and then turns on the computer. He types in his password, kisses me and then returns to his comfortable bed. Within moments I can hear him lightly snoring. He’s a fairly light sleeper so I close the office door most of the way. Then I snuggle my butt into his chair and start to surf.

I head to my favorite posting board, looking for some interesting topics. I figure maybe a good debate will wear me out. But all I find is thread after thread about sex, or the lack of it. As always, there are at least five with links to porn in them. I usually don’t bother with those, but I’m bored, so tonight I start clicking and watching. This is not such a good idea because now I’m horny again.

What to do?

I can’t wake him up, I know how rough his week has been and that he needs his sleep. I’m lucky he let me come over in the first place and I’m not about to risk loosing the chance to visit the following weekend. That’s when I open up a blank word document and I start to type. I’ve written erotic stories in the past, but never after having had great sex. It’s always been when kaynarca escort I haven’t gotten any in a long time.

An hour later I’ve got six pages of pure smut. I read it through a couple of times and perform the needed edits. It’s one of my better pieces. Only trouble is, writing it has put me at a whole new level of desire. Reading it a few times has about put me over the edge. I’m starting to wonder if waking the man in the next room up by simply climbing on top of him isn’t such a bad idea.

No, I won’t. I can prove I’ve got some sort of self control. This means that I can’t go to bed now though. If I crawl in next to him I will not be able to keep my hands to myself. I start to spin the chair around in frustration. As I do I can see all of the interesting things he keeps on the shelves and desks of his computer room.

There’s a plethora of toys. Mostly star wars figurines, some hot wheels cars, various video game characters I vaguely recognize and a few warriors from Mad Max. I pluck one of the little cars off of the bookshelf and start to roll it across the desk. Up and over the keyboard, around the mouse, jumping it over a notebook and then it careens off of the edge like an out of control driver in a car chase scene from a movie.

I grab another one, a red one this time, only instead of having it race across the desk, I roll it along my left arm. Down into the palm of my hand as it spins out, only to regain control again and race back up towards my elbow. orhanlı escort Further north it journeys until it reaches my shoulder, and then it takes a turn and heads south until it reaches the hills. Up and over the mountain the little car goes, but then it hits a speed bump at the top. I jumped a little from the tickle when I ran the car across my nipple. Onward it travels, down and around my bellybutton, back up to the other breast.

Next thing I know the little vehicle is racing along my hip and heading for my thigh. It hits my knee and then flies into the air, landing on the floor not all that far from the first careless driver.

This time I take two of them and they chase each other over my skin. First one following the other, but then the second car passes the first and then brakes hard, turning the car to its side and blocking off the path of the other. The first car goes into reverse and travels backwards while the second car chases it. The first car is careless and falls between my legs. The second car tries to stop, but it’s too late and follows the first car.

The sensation of those tiny wheels rolling across my crotch is pretty interesting. I pick up one of the toys and start to roll it around down between my legs. I can’t help but giggle. I take another look around the room, what other fun things can I play with.

Luke. I always thought Luke was rather unattractive, but his figurine isn’t too bad. I think he actually looks a little better as a tepeören escort plastic doll. I snatch him from his place and have him attack the cars. He kicks them, hits them and then finally picks them up one at a time and throws them to the floor. Great, thanks Luke, now what are you going to do? He’s going to fight Vader of course. Now Darth Vader is in my hand and the two of them wage a mighty battle. I bet they never thought that they’d have to fight across a human body. Hard feet trample all over me, warring against each other for the chance to have me.

Luke takes a mighty swing at his father and sends him tumbling. Luke thinks he’s won, but he’s really lost because now Vader is right between my thighs. I start to move my hips, enjoying the feel of that helmet placed in such an unnatural spot. I toss Skywalker away and continue to grind myself onto the face of his father.

But it’s not enough. I need some stimulation. There’s another car, a little bigger than the others. At first I thought it was too big, but I notice now that it’s battery operated. Turn on the switch, and the wheels spin. The tires even have traction.

Now I’ve got the dark side beneath me and an MR2’s wheels just barely touching my clit as they spin. The tire tread is just enough to create pleasant friction. It’s just what I needed. I lean my head back and let the car work for me while I work the face of Luke Skywalker’s daddy.

Then I realize that I’m no longer alone. I grudgingly open my eyes and glance at the doorway. My lover is standing there looking at me and the pile of his toys around my feet.

“Having fun?” he wants to know.

“A little” I reply.

“Anything I can help you with?” he asks.

“Hand over Mad Max.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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