Getting More of the Boss Ch. 01

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After those first couple of steamy encounters, Jodi and Bryan cooled things off for a bit. They didn’t want coworkers to become too suspicious, and since he was still married, there was his wife to consider. The weather was warming up and the pool at Jodi’s complex finally opened. She was thankful for a place to go and unwind after a stress-filled day of trying to concentrate on work and not soak her panties with thoughts of what she might do to Bryan next time he came over.

Jodi went in to work and mentioned to Bryan, casually of course, that the pool was open and that she just loved to lay out in her two piece by the pool. She even mentioned how sometimes she went topless, to avoid tan lines and all.

“Would you like to see my tan lines?” Jodi asked him.

Bryan just groaned and looked around. There were too many other people around to risk it right here. He reached across Jodi to pretend to grab something on the shelf, but made sure to give her nipple a sharp pinch as he did.

“I would love to see your tan lines. I’m getting hard just thinking about it. But I can’t right now. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to.”

Jodi simply nodded and walked away. She knew he’d come around. It would just take some planning on her part to get him going. He wanted her, but not as badly as she wanted him to want her. Shortly after their tan line conversation, Jodi, Bryan, and some others were in the break room and as usual, the discussions turned to more adult-themed activities.

“I just love having sex in the shower,” one coworker commented.

Jodi saw her chance and chimed in on the conversation, her eyes meeting Bryan’s as she said:

“I’ve always found sex in and around a pool to be quite exciting. I mean, you’re out in public, with the chance of being caught, plus the water running over your bodies. I don’t think I’ve EVER had a bigger orgasm than when I’m in the pool with someone.”

She licked her lips and gave Bryan a wink that no one else noticed. Her coworkers were laughing and carrying on with the conversation, but Jodi was only concerned with his reaction. His eyes met hers, and she could clearly see the growing bulge in his pants. She smiled again and made her way past her coworkers. She made sure they weren’t looking and when she got to Bryan, she leaned down and gave his cock a long, hard squeeze.

“Sure you don’t have any time to come over? The water’s fine!” She released his cock and went back out ataşehir escort to the floor, leaving him there with a raging hard on and a room full of oblivious women.

That evening Jodi decided to stay in. It was a Friday night but she wasn’t in the mood to hang out with friends or anything. She put on her two-piece and grabbed her towel to go relax by the pool. She was almost out the door when the bell rang. She went over to her sliding door and peeked out. Her crotch immediately got wet. It was Bryan. She quickly buzzed him in and stood at the door, waiting for him. He got to her door and had to suck in his breath at the sight of her silhouetted in the doorway. Her breasts were pushed slightly together and up by the top, and the bottom was barely there either. He licked his lips as his erection was once again visible to anyone around.

“I came over to take you up on that offer to swim.”

Jodi was practically beaming from ear to ear as she grabbed an extra towel and they headed to the pool. Her little plan had worked and she was going to rock his world.

They entered the pool and there was no one else around. Jodi threw the towels down on a chair in the corner and jumped in the water. Bryan was not far behind, and being about a foot taller than Jodi, he caught her in a matter of seconds. He pinned her to the wall and covered her mouth in a strong kiss, his tongue probing her mouth. She kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck. He pressed in to her as the kiss deepened, his still hard cock pressing against her stomach. She broke the kiss first, out of breath from the chase and wanting to tease him a bit more.

“I’ve missed the way you kiss,” she panted and swiftly pushed him back into the water. She swam away before he could come up for air. He chased her down again, this time holding one of her arms with his hand while he kissed her hard. Jodi’s body was responding to his kisses and just the slightest touch of his skin on hers. Her nipples were hard and straining against her top. Bryan took his free hand and brought it to her right breast. He fondled her through the material, squeezing her breast and pinching the nipple while his mouth was still on hers. He deftly pushed away the material and exposed her breast, still pinching and rubbing the nipple. Jodi arched her back in response, pushing her breast into his hand and feeling his cock even harder against her stomach.

Bryan avcılar escort released her arm while still holding onto her breast. With his other hand he now pulled her head back by the hair, exposing her throat. His mouth left hers and began a trail of kisses down the edge of her jaw and then her throat. He lifted her up slightly so that she was standing on the edging that ran around the bottom of the pool. This gave him access to her lovely breasts without having to turn in any strange direction. He continued his trail of kisses down her neck and onto her chest, stopping at her breast and licking around the nipple without actually taking it into his mouth. She moaned slightly and arched her back, encouraging him to continue. He continued to tease her by just licking around her nipple and placing gentle kisses on every inch of her breast. He lifted the other one out of the material and began to give it the same treatment. Jodi was moaning almost continually now, begging him to do more. He had pity on her and finally sucked a nipple into his mouth, nibbling on it slightly. Despite being in the pool, Jodi could feel herself getting wetter and wetter with each minute of teasing. She wanted him inside her and it had to be now.

She reached between them and began stroking his cock. It was already straining against the material of his suit and Jodi quivered with the memories of how good it felt inside of her. He moaned against her breast as she slowly jacked him off. His hands were now working their way to her pussy, barely covered by the bottom of her suit now that she was so aroused. He had no problem slipping a finger under the material to find her clit and begin teasing her. She moaned at his touch and leaned her head back, arching even more of her breast into his mouth.

Jodi sat back up and put her mouth to Bryan’s ear.

“Now. I want you now.”

He pulled back from her breast and looked at her with a smile. He undid the fly on his suit and pulled his cock out. Jodi took it in her hand again and stroked him, loving the feel of it and wanting to feel it inside her again. Bryan pulled the crotch of her suit aside and then wrapped an arm around her waist to pull her towards him. Leaning back on the side of the pool, she wrapped her legs around him and his cock found its way into her pussy. They both moaned together at the feeling and after a moment, Bryan grabbed her hips and began fucking her pussy.

“I’ve avrupa yakası escort missed your tight pussy, Jodi. It feels so good.”

Jodi could just moan in reply as he continued to pump his cock in and out of her pussy. She leaned up and wrapped her arms around his neck and locked her legs around his waist. He grabbed her hips and moved her up and down on his cock. Her head rested on his shoulder and she was moaning constantly now, her pussy getting that familiar tingle of impending orgasm. He knew she was close and picked up his pace, eager to send her over the edge for the first of many orgasms for the evening.

He pumped her pussy even harder now, feeling it tighten around his cock with every thrust. Suddenly Jodi stiffened and then buried her head in his shoulder to muffle her scream.

“Oh….God….Bryan…fuck me….I’m cumming so hard.”

Bryan didn’t stop until her orgasm subsided. She lifted her head up and gave him a deep, passionate kiss, their tongues dancing together. He was still inside her and he pumped in and out slowly as they kissed. Jodi broke off the kiss and looked at him.

“Follow me.”

They got out of the pool and headed to one of the lounge chairs. Jodi told him to lay down on the chair. He was barely seated before she was on him, his cock buried deep in her mouth. Bryan let out a long, low moan. She was good at this, no doubt about it. She took him all the way in her mouth, her tongue teasing him the whole way down. One of her hands reached around to fondle his balls, massaging each one in turn. Then her mouth was on his balls, sucking and licking each one. Bryan couldn’t take it much longer. He lifted her mouth off his cock.

“I need to be inside you. I want to cum with you,” he whispered lustfully.

Jodi needed no other invitation. She climbed on top of him and straddled him. His cock easily found her wet, steamy pussy and she began to ride him. He took a hand and began fingering her clit, wanting to get her off hard and fast since he wasn’t going to last much longer. Jodi arched her back and rode him harder, the finger on her clit sending sensations through her body. She felt him pump faster and his breathing begin to get shallower and she knew he was going to cum. Without warning, her body began to quiver and her second orgasm of the evening was upon her. She found herself crying out as he came inside her, pushing her to an even more intense orgasm.

As their orgasms subsided, Jodi collapsed on top of Bryan, his softening cock still inside her. He planted small kisses on her cheek and neck. When she had sufficiently recovered, Jodi stood up on somewhat wobbly legs, Bryan’s cum running down her thigh.

“I think maybe we should take this inside,” she said.

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