Get It Girl: Coming to an End

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Alice March

Author’s note: I would strongly suggest reading Get It Girl: parts I and II first.


How had a simple call for a plumber to fix a leaky pipe turn into this girl’s tongue caressing mine? And now she wanted to “show me something” and asked me to follow her? What else could I do? Helplessly, I followed Mia as she strode confidently out of the bathroom. She turned left and walked straight into my workout room.

“Oops, wrong room. Oh, well, we can make do.” She turned and grabbed my other hand, and backed onto my treadmill, pulling me with her. She gave me another one of her irresistible winks as she transferred my left hand to her left hand, so she was holding both wrists in one tight grip. Every nerve sung as I felt her quiet strength. She casually twisted around to look at the buttons and then stabbed one. The belt started moving and she calmly stepped onto the sides, letting the belt turn between her legs.

“Hey!” I said, laughing and trying to get off.

“Nope. Walk.”

Her grip was strong enough to prevent me from stepping off the slowly moving treadmill, and she had pulled me up so the arms kept me from moving to the side. When I tried to put my feet on the edges beside hers, Mia lifted her right leg and gently but firmly shoved mine off, one at a time.

“Walk, girl,” she whispered in my ear, her breath warm on my flushed cheek. So I gave in and walked. Feeling that I was submitting, Mia placed my hands on the arms of the treadmill, reaching behind her so my body was close to hers. It felt strange to be walking and moving in front of her strong, still figure. Her body shifted imperceptibly and suddenly I was pressed up against her. My arms automatically grabbed at her casino şirketleri for balance and she let me move into her as she leaned back against the control board.

She cupped my ass with both hands and effortlessly lifted me until my feet barely grazed the belt. My feet tried for the side again, but a nudge of her hip let me know that was unacceptable, so I began walking again – tiptoeing, since she was holding me tight and high into her toned body. Her hands squeezed each ass cheek in time as my legs moved slowly. Her stillness was mesmerizing. I am usually the one who takes control – the dominant lover – so Mia’s silent insistence on my obedience was titillating.

She leaned down and rested her cheek next to mine. Our bodies were pressed together so tightly, I could feel her heart beating. Or was that mine? Just as I was wondering this, she reached down, grabbed me behind both knees, and with one sure motion, wrapped my legs around her waist.

“Damn,” she whispered. “I should have taken your pants off first.”

And then before I could breathe, she had slammed the emergency button, the belt stopped, and she had me laid flat on my back on the treadmill. My button and zipper took her less than half a second to undo and then she grabbed both legs at the ankles and my jeans were flying through the air. I waited in anticipation for my Wonder Woman undies to follow, but she didn’t take them off.

She slid her arms under my knees and effortlessly lifted my legs to her shoulders. And then winked at me again as she hooked the crotch of my panties with her left index finger and touched my aching clit with her tongue. She took me fully into her mouth, sucking gently and using her lips to apply casino firmaları just the right amount of pressure to ease my throbbing need. Her tongue massaged the underside of my clit and her right hand reached up and cupped my breast.

Mia had clearly done this before, because she knew exactly which buttons to push. Flicking my nipple in time with her tongue flicking my clit, she moaned as she worked. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in closer. Nose buried in my pussy, Mia glanced up at me and winked again. Damn her. I decided this was enough of lying here – I’m no Pillow Princess – but just as I was about to sit up and take control, her right arm slid down, around my thigh, and she penetrated me with two fingers.

I cried out and lay back. She never stopped attending to my clit, but somehow was massaging it with her upper lip while her tongue lapped my ever-increasing flow of wetness. I could hear her fingers sloshing in and out of my pussy. And then, as if she wasn’t working hard enough, her left arm slid around my thigh.

Her middle finger took one dip into my pussy to wet itself, and then found my asshole and pressed. She wiggled the tip in just a bit and gave a muffled laugh as my ass involuntarily tightened around it. Her finger made a lazy, beckoning motion and convinced my asshole to relax, and then she was pushing her finger in even farther, and suddenly I was seeing stars.

There are three kinds of orgasms, you know – clitoral, G-spot, and anal. And Mia was giving me all three at once. Her right arm was pummeling my pussy, and she had added a third finger, so I was stretched and filled completely. Her tongue and lips worked my clit and her left index was knuckle-deep in my güvenilir casino ass. My orgasms rocked me so hard I thought I might actually pass out. I had to gasp for breath in between waves of ecstasy. Mia handled me expertly, using her elbows to keep my legs from curling up.

Finally, slowly, the world stopped spinning and I lay there panting, even though I hadn’t done a thing but cum like a mad woman. I got myself together enough to look down at Mia. She was resting between my legs, her head on my lower stomach and her arms still draped around my thighs. Her hair was a wreck, thanks to my hands being all over it.

I felt the redness on my face turn from orgasm-flush to embarrassment. What had I done? In my defense, when I called the plumber, I was expecting a man, not a female plumber. Especially not this female plumber with holes in her jeans and an ass to die for. And that wink. And those teeth. And her hair.

“Hey,” she whispered. My eyes guiltily found hers and she held my gaze and then slowly winked one more time. “I really enjoyed that.” She ran her tongue slowly around her lips, making sure I knew she was tasting me again. Mia reached up and took my hand and squeezed it.

“I…” I started to apologize, but her reproachful look stopped me before I even got the second word out.

“Look, I have to roll. I’m actually quite late to my next job,” she said, never breaking eye contact. “But I would love to come back after I’m done.” She raised one eyebrow questioningly.

“I would like that,” I managed.

I walked her to the door, where she gave me a friendly hug. Damn, I thought. I fucked it up. I’ll never see this girl again. She started down the steps, hesitated, and then turned and ran back up the steps. My hand was still on the door, but she slammed it, grabbed me, pressed me against the door, and gave me a proper kiss. Our tongues wrestled happily and then Mia pulled away, gave me a huge grin, and was gone.

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