Fun In The Woods

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You are walking through the woods near your home. It’s about eleven o’clock at night and it’s pretty dark. You are on your way home from a friend’s party, and decided to take a short cut through the woods rather than walking through the rough areas of town. A rustling noise to your right attracts your attention.

Heading over in the direction of the rustling, you find an old, abandoned child’s play area. Sitting on the slide, hunched over, is a girl, about your age, wrapped up in a knee-length coat. On closer inspection she appears to be shivering. Without a second thought, you move closer and sit down next to her. When you drape you own coat over her shoulders, she looks up, tears in her eyes. “Thanks,” she manages to murmur.

“Are you alright?” you ask. She shakes her head and explains that she’s been out with a group of friends who left her as a practical joke. She’s now cold, lost and tired.

She looks over at you with puppy-dog eyes and nods.

“Can you help me?” she asks. You nod as she sinks into your arms. You look down at her and notice she is wearing a very tight metallic blue bikini, and nothing else. She sees you looking and blushes. “My so-called ‘friends’ thought it would be funny to leave me here in this.” she said. You smile.

“It looks good on you,” you say.

“You think so?” she asks. “I wear it to make me feel sexy – I like the feel of tight nylon on my chest and pussy.”

You grin. “I bet they like you to wear it too.”

A mischievous glint appears in her eyes as she leans close to you and whispers: “Do you want me? Do you want to fuck me? Please fuck me. I need it.” You smile and nod gently. She moves close to your face and kisses you. The kiss seems to go on forever, but soon she breaks it and leads you over to the slide.

Once there, you ask: “How do you want it?” She smiles as she sits on the slide, opens her legs to expose the moist material of the bikini bottom, and reclines.

“You choose.” she murmurs.

As she lies back on the slide, her arms above her head, you kneel down küçükçekmece escort between her legs, and move very close to her crotch. You start to stroke the sodden material of the bikini bottom, sending the equivalent of electric sparks straight into her cunt. She groans, straining against the material. You stroke the insides of her thighs, teasing her gently. Your hands move to her stomach and trace snaking patterns across it. You put your head right up to her crotch and grasp the bikini with your teeth. Gently pulling back, you expose her raging cunt to the night air. An immense musty smell fills the air as you reveal her neatly trimmed pussy. Pulling off her bikini bottoms, followed by the top, you slowly dip your tongue into her hole, circling her lips, and flicking her clit. She sits up, and pushes your head into her bush, and you nearly lose control. You can hear nothing except her regular, heavy breathing and gentle moans. You can smell nothing except the overpowering scent of her soaking wet cunt. You can taste only her sweet fuck juices pouring out of her in gallons, straight into your mouth. Her voice comes to your ears, laboured and in heavy moans: “I…want…. you….”

With some effort, you push her back onto the slide and turn yourself around so that your crotch is over her face. She pulls off your jeans in a frenzy and sucks your erect cock into her waiting mouth. The sensation feels so good that you nearly lose the concentration on what you are doing. Slipping your tongue into her dripping cunt, you time the thrusts with the sucking motion on your dick. One of your fingers slips into her cunt and pushes against her clit. This speeds her up, and soon both of you are lost in a fantastically erotic ’69’ position. She grinds her pussy in your face, her screams of delight muffled by your cock, and cums, hard. The cum seeps from her cunt into your waiting mouth, where you eagerly lap it up. You are not far behind, and soon you shoot your spunk down her throat. You can just make out the words she kurtköy escort is saying: “Ng! Ng! Ng! Give it to me, baby! Give me your cum!” Eager to oblige, you pump her full. After nearly a minute of constant orgasm, you both sit up. She’s panting and wiping the dribbles of cum off her pussy. She looks at you with eyes full of lust, and says three words…”Fuck me. Please.”

Pushing her down onto the slide, you kiss her nipples, move up to her neck, her ears and finally her mouth. You can taste the remnants of your cum there, which makes the sensation even better. As you are about to push into her, she rolls you both off, onto the floor, with her on top. You don’t argue, as you are too involved in the kiss to care. She slides down you and impales herself on your cock. At this angle, the sensation is very good, with pressure in all the right places. Still kissing, you wrap your legs round her hips and begin to thrust into her. She starts to reciprocate this, and soon you are both writhing on the floor, thrusting with each other. She leans against you, squeezing your dick in her cunt, trying to milk it of it’s cum. You hold on to it for a few seconds before giving it to her – hard and fast – filling her up with your sweet spunk. She groans through the kiss and covers your cock in her sticky fuck juice as she cums hard. Looking into your eyes, she asks: “Can we do it again. I really need this. Please.”

Saying nothing, you ease round her until you are sitting on her crotch, and she is lying on the floor in front of you. Pulling you down to her, she locks in another kiss and spreads her legs, but you break off. Grinning at her, you gently ease her onto her right hand side, and lift her left leg. Pressing close to her back, you guide your cock into her pussy from the back, rather than the front. She sighs as it goes in, and relaxes. Wrapping your arms round her, you knead her tits and nipples in time with your thrusts. Soon, you are lost inside her again. You are vaguely aware of your left hand sliding down to her fanny maltepe escort and pushing in with your dick. This addition causes her to groan suddenly, but she soon quietens and begins to writhe about in happiness. Your fingers find her clit, and squeeze it as your cock pumps in and out. Suddenly, your hand and dick become very wet as she cums – quietly for a change. This sensual, rather than violent, orgasm surprises you and you cum too, your spunk mixing with hers. You feel her hand massage your cock, and take up some of the spunk mixture to her mouth. She breaks away from you, and turns over. “Not bad,” she says, “but I can do better.”

You smile at her as she pulls you up, then leads you to some climbing bars, and gently sits you down on the edge of a platform. Coming up close to you, she opens your legs, and pushes her hot, wet cunt down onto you. She pushes you back onto the platform and kneels up onto it. Kneeling each side of your hips, she pushes down onto you very slowly. You hands slide up to her tits and begin to tweak her nipples. Her head rolls back in pleasure as her hands reach up above you and grasp a bar in the frame. She pulls herself up as she slides off you, giving you an odd feeling on your dick. Your hands leave her tits and grasp a bar directly above you. As she slides onto you, you pull up, effectively thrusting into her from your shoulders rather than your hips. This strange way of having sex is impossible to keep up for long, and soon you both return to embracing each other. Sitting you up, she wraps her legs around you and bounces up and down on your cock. This sitting-down style of fucking is feeling good, but your feet find the floor, you stand up with her clasped around you, and stagger over to a nearby wall.

The wall gives you something to push against, as you begin to screw her with fresh enthusiasm. She begins to squeal gently as she bounces down onto your dick. Soon, you are both lost in each other and a world of lust. You are the first to cum, hard into her. After the first few squirts, she cums too, covering your pubic hairs and cock in her warm, sweet and tasty cum. The orgasms seem to go on for hours, but it is really about two or so minutes. You break apart, and she falls to the floor, all strength gone. Re-dressing, you lend her your coat and you both go back to your house where you sleep off the events of the night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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