From the Boardroom to the Bedroom

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Amanda Strickland was bored out of her mind. The executive staff meeting was approaching the one hour mark and showed no signs of ending soon. Usually the President and CEO, Bob Palmer, ran a short meeting with a fast moving agenda, but today, for whatever reason, he allowed the meeting to go at a much more leisurely pace. Amanda was Vice President, Legal Counsel and Legal Services for Stratacor International, a diversified corporation involved in developing and manufacturing a wide range of scientific, medical instruments and related products.

Amanda was 33, a graduate of Harvard law and a fast rising executive in the corporate legal profession. Recently Fortune magazine did a short profile on the legal “wunderkind” who had quickly risen to the top of one of the world’s foremost companies in its field. One thing that helped make her a media star was that she was drop-dead gorgeous. Her father was African-American, a retired Army Major General now doing defense consulting, and her mother a Korean-American, also a lawyer. The result of this union gave Amanda rather exotic looks. She was tall, close to 5’11”, had long black hair, skin the color of coffee with cream, almond-shaped eyes with light brown irises and a trim athletic figure with full, firm breasts. She was single and by nature a private and reserved person. So far as anyone knew she did not have a boyfriend or even date very much. She was gracious, friendly and charming. She was also brilliant, impatient, and had a killer instinct regarding legal matters all of which made her a formidable force in the courtroom and the board room.

Amanda let her eyes wander around the room. Most of the other executives looked as bored as she was as Larry Bently, the VP HR, droned on about staffing ratios and salary plans, all necessary and important, but dry as dust. Her gaze lingered on Steven Clark, the VP Sales and Marketing. If Amanda was somewhat of a mystery to her fellow employees, Clark was a total enigma. Outside of his official biography little was known about him and when the work day was done he simply disappeared. He would attend the obligatory company functions and was certainly congenial enough, but at times he seemed to retreat behind an impenetrable wall of silence. He definitely was not the typical back slapping, glad-handing sales person type, but there was no doubt that he was highly effective in his job. Much of the recent success of the company and its rapid growth in both revenue and profits could be attributed to him and his department. As far as Palmer was concerned, he was the fair-haired boy and rumored to be in line to become Chief Operating Officer.

Clark was a strikingly good looking man, about 6’2″ with wide shoulders and the slim waist of an athlete; he had blond hair with a slight reddish tint betraying his Scottish-Irish heritage, blue-green eyes, a fair complexion with a slight tan, rugged features with a square jaw, a nose that looked like it might have been broken at one point and a faint scar near his hairline just above his left eye. He was the kind of man that women are naturally attracted to, not quite movie star handsome, boyish but dangerous looking too. As was Amanda, Steven was single and had never been married. If he dated or had girlfriends he kept that far from the prying eyes of the company.

Someday, Amanda thought, I’d like to push a few of his buttons and see what happens; maybe get a peek behind the wall. God knows I could use a little fun and excitement in my life … and sex. It’s been a long, long dry spell and the sad truth was that the men she met had very little appeal. She also knew that she could be quite intimidating and made her dates nervous. She had the feeling that Steven would not fall into that category.

Steven sensed that Amanda was staring at him, turned to look at her and gave her a subtle wink and a smile. He then rolled his eyes as if to say “get me out of here.” Amanda smiled back conspiratorially and shrugged.

Bently finally concluded his remarks and there being no further business, Palmer adjourned the meeting. Amanda gathered up her notes and tablet computer and headed for the door, almost colliding with Steven. “Sorry, not paying attention,” she said. “Not a problem. I never get in the way of someone so eager to get back to work,” he said with a smile.

“It’s not that I want to get back to work so much as I want to get out of here. That was a long meeting,” she said.

“Not the usual crisp all business approach that Bob takes,” he said. “I guess he liked the quarterly numbers and took a more relaxed tone today.”

“Yes. Your team has really done well. Congratulations.”

“Thanks. But that just raises the bar for the next quarter. Maybe you can help Bob make another acquisition and take the pressure off.”

“We’ve got a few in the pipeline. Not likely to help you in the next few months though,” she said, and headed to the west wing with a wave of her hand.

Steven watched her walk away and thought, world class ass. Maybe someday … but he really had doubts about getting involved with someone in the company, even someone as nice and as attractive as Amanda. It had been a very long time since he had been in a relationship sarıyer escort and was resigned to the fact that, unless he was willing to settle for a purely physical “roll in the hay” hook up it was going to be a while longer. Like Amanda he just hadn’t found anyone he really enjoyed being with long term.

Chapter 2

Friday, 8:00 p.m. Amanda looked out of her window on the eighteenth floor of the Stratacor headquarters building in west Bloomington, Minnesota. Late September and it was already getting dark. Clouds had been rolling in all afternoon and the forecast called for thunderstorms this evening. It had been a long day and an even longer week. The workload was crushing, with so many deals and contracts closing and a major union negotiation underway. Amanda was exhausted and looked forward to a drink, some dinner and a hot bath, maybe a good book too.

As she walked down the darkened corridor to the elevators she was surprised to see light spilling from the open door of Steven Clark’s office at the end of the other hallway. On an impulse she walked toward his office and tapped lightly on his door. He looked up in surprise and smiled when he saw Amanda. “I thought I was the only drudge left here tonight,” he said.

“I had to clean up a few loose ends and didn’t realize how late it was,” Amanda said. “What are you doing here so late a Friday night? I thought you’d be long gone by now.”

“Much the same as you, I guess. Had some stuff come in from the west coast and I didn’t want to put it off until Monday or have to come in on Saturday either,” he said. As he was talking he looked at Amanda appraisingly. Even at the end of a long day she still looked terrific. She wore a black silk jacket and skirt, hemmed a few inches above the knee, short enough to show off her long, toned legs, but long enough for the office. Under the jacket was a white silk blouse that revealed a little cleavage, not enough to be distracting, but enough to hint at the full breasts underneath. Around her neck was a single gold chain that matched her earrings. She must have touched up her makeup before leaving her office since her deep red lips looked fresh with lipstick. Steve felt a little twitch in his loins. Down boy, he muttered to himself.

While Steven gave her the once-over Amanda did the same. Steven was in his shirtsleeves with the cuffs rolled up over powerful forearms. His tie was still pulled up and neatly knotted under the spread collar of his light blue shirt. There was light stubble on his jaw. He must have shaved very early this morning, Amanda thought. He still looked like a hunk in spite of the long hours he’d just put in.

“Well, I’m getting out of here,” Amanda said as she turned to go.

“Wait. I’m leaving too and was going to go down to Findlay’s for a drink and a bite to eat. Would you like to join me?” He said.

“Yes. I’d like that. Thanks for inviting me. I think we earned one or two adult beverages,” she said.

Steve rolled down his sleeves and was fumbling with his cufflinks, trying to get them in. “I like wearing French cuffs but sometimes these are a real pain,” he said.

“Let me help you with them,” Amanda said and took the cufflinks from him. Standing close to him, Steve could smell her perfume. Something very light and very expensive. God she smells good, he thought.

Amanda deftly inserted the cufflinks, Steve put on his suit coat and they headed for the elevator.

Findlay’s is on the ground floor of the Stratacor office building and was a popular spot for power lunches and dinners and attracted a crowd after working hours as well. It had the feel of an old time club with dark wood paneling, discrete lighting and very private booths where conversations could not easily be overheard. The food was very good and the drinks even better.

When Steve and Amanda entered they noticed it was crowded, typical for a Friday night, with singles trying to hook up and some couples meeting after work for dinner. David, the front-of-the-house manager, greeted them, “Mr. Clark, Miss Strickland, so nice to see you again. Are you here for dinner or just drinks?” As senior executives of the company that brought so much business to the restaurant, Steven and Amanda were treated with deference.

“I think we’ll need some food and definitely a few cocktails as well,” Steve said, looking to Amanda for confirmation. Amanda nodded in agreement and added, “The bar looks a bit crowded and noisy and I for one would like a little peace and quiet. Maybe a booth, David, if one is available.”

Findlay’s always tried to keep a booth in reserve in case one of their gold standard customers showed up unexpectedly. Bob Palmer had a habit of doing that and they wanted to stay on his good side. Whatever business they may have lost by holding a table open was more than made up for by the generous Palmer. Steve and Amanda fit the gold standard profile and were escorted to a quiet booth in the corner of the dining room. “Ahmad will be your wait person tonight,” David said as he handed them menus. “I’ll leave the wine list on the table and you two can fight over it.”

Ahmad was there immediately esenyurt escort followed by a server with water and a basket of hot rolls. Steve greeted him in flawless Farsi and Ahmad replied in the same language and then switched to English. “It looks like you two had a long day. Can I start you with a drink?”

Steve ordered a single malt scotch with a little ice and Amanda a vodka martini straight up with an olive, specifying Chopin vodka. As they studied the menu Amanda asked, “What language was that?”

“Farsi. Ahmed is Iranian and I think he likes to hear his native language once in a while,” Steve replied.

“Impressive. Where did you learn that?”

“Here and there. I’ve traveled a bit,” he said and then changed the subject. “I’m not so sure I’m in the mood for a big meal. What do you think about grazing the appetizer list? They’ve got some good ones here.”

“Excellent idea. Let’s start with oysters.”

Ahmed came back with their drinks and they ordered a dozen oysters each, chef’s choice, to start and an assortment of other appetizers. They clinked glasses to toast the end of the day and the beginning of the weekend and took generous sips. As they waited for their food they talked about business, getting caught up on the doings of their respective departments.

Ahmed brought two platters of oysters along with a selection of mignonettes and asked if they wanted another drink. Steve was surprised that his glass was empty so soon and ordered another scotch. Amanda followed suit and ordered her second martini.

Talk suspended while they worked their way through the oysters and their second drinks. As they sucked down the last of the bivalves Amanda thought that this might be a good opportunity to find out more about the mysterious Mr. Clark.

“So you were in the Army before you came to work at Stratacor?” she asked.

“Yes. I was on active duty for a few years,” he replied. “Right out of college.”

“I’m an Army brat. My Dad was in the Army too, a career officer.”

“Strickland. You wouldn’t by any chance be General Josiah Strickland’s daughter?”

“Yup. He’s my Dad.”

“Well I’ll be darned. I never made the connection.”

“Do you know him?” she asked.

“Only by reputation. I’ve never had the honor of meeting him or serving under him. He’s quite a legend in special operations.”

“Yeah. A legend in his own mind as he likes to say,” Amanda replied.

“So is he retired now?”

“Yes, consulting with some defense and security companies, sits on several boards. I think he misses the action though.”

“It can be addictive, but there comes a time when you have to get out, that maybe you pushed your luck as far as it will go.”

“Is that what happened to you?”

“Something like that. So you must have bounced around when you were a kid.”

“Oh yeah. Too many schools to count. I didn’t really settle down until college. At least I was there for four years and then three years of law school. It was kind of nice. Why did you decide to go into the Army?”

“I couldn’t think of anything better to do,” he said with a laugh. “My mother, father, sister and brother are all doctors and I guess they expected me to go to medical school, but I’d seen enough of their life to know it wasn’t for me. I had some ROTC in college and thought it would be a good adventure before I had to settle down.”

“And are you settled down?”

“More or less. I’m still in the reserves, but I think it’s unlikely I will be called up again. I had too many deployments and they know I’d resign for good if they started up with that again.”

“Where were you?”

“The usual, Iraq, Afghanistan, and few other delightful places. I was in the Rangers so we got some messy stuff handed to us.”

“You sound like my Dad. I guess he was a little crazy in his younger days. Thank God he’s out of that now.”

“Why did you decide to become a lawyer?” he asked.

“My Mom is a lawyer and I’ve always admired her. She went to Yale law, actually knows Bill and Hilary Clinton, but I was stubborn and had to go my own way so I went to Harvard. Really pissed my Mom off,” she said with a smile.

“Well you must be good at it. Palmer doesn’t suffer fools lightly and he sure wouldn’t have recruited you if he didn’t respect your work.”

“Thank you. It’s a good fit at Stratacor. I don’t know how much longer I’ll want to do this, but I like it for now.”

More food appeared and several plates covered the table. Steve and Amanda sampled them all. Steve was working on his fourth drink and Amanda on her third. Steve said he usually didn’t drink this much, but the scotch was going down smoothly with the food. Amanda said she was already two over her limit, but what the hell, no work tomorrow.

All during the meal a quiet intimacy was building and she could see Steven studying her with more than passing interest. On her part she could feel stirrings within her that had been absent for quite some time. He sure is a handsome devil, she thought. One part of her warned to be careful and another part wanted to drag him off to bed.

They decided to skip dessert and Steven paid the avrupa yakası escort check. “You owe me lunch,” he said with a grin. Outside of the restaurant in the building lobby they could see lightning flashes and hear thunder. It was just starting to rain and it looked like it would be heavy.

“I’m really buzzed and shouldn’t drive. I think I’ll crash on the office sofa for a few hours. Let me walk you to your car. Are you OK to drive?” he said.

“Oh sure. I live at Lake Point. It’s only a mile from here. If it wasn’t raining I’d walk,” she said. And then, on impulse, “I hate to think of you alone in the empty offices. Why don’t you come with me and I’ll make a pot of coffee. I’m sure you’ll be a lot more comfortable and then when you feel up to it you can head for home. I can bring you back here to get your car.”

He thought for a moment and said, “It is more appealing than the office sofa. Thank you. I could use a cup of coffee or two.”

They got into Amanda’s two year old Mercedes and she drove carefully though the downpour and parked in the underground garage of the condo. Her apartment was on the ninth floor and they rode the elevator up in silence. He looks tired or half loaded, Amanda thought as Steven leaned against the elevator wall. I must look like hell too.

Amanda had a three bedroom condo that was tastefully and professionally decorated. One bedroom was used as an office and the other as a guest room. Amanda occupied the master bedroom suite. One wall of the large living room was glass and afforded a view of the lakes and woods in the nearby nature preserve. There was a formal dining room, a breakfast nook and a spacious kitchen with a commercial grade stove, an island with a counter and Cambria quartzite countertops. I wonder if it’s for show or Amanda really cooks here thought Steve.

She took his coat and hung it in the entryway closet, along with his tie that he pulled off. He slipped his cufflinks into the suit coat pocket and rolled up his sleeves again. Amanda lit the gas fireplace and told him make himself comfortable while she put the coffee on.

After the coffee started brewing Amanda excused herself and went into her bedroom, hung up her jacket and slipped out of her high heels. She checked her appearance in the bathroom mirror. I guess this is as good as it gets, she thought, putting on a touch of lipstick. How far can I push this, she wondered?

Back in the kitchen she asked, “Do you take cream or sugar?”

“Black is just fine,” he said.

She poured two mugs and joined Steve by the windows. The only light came from the kitchen and the fire, so the apartment was dark, giving them a good view of the storm, which was now raging in full cry. Lightning flashed across the sky revealing wind-whipped trees and rain cascaded down the windows almost obscuring the view. Amanda stood close to him as they both sipped their coffee in silence.

Steven turned to look at the beautiful woman he was now alone with. Even without her high heels Amanda was tall enough for him to look almost directly into her eyes. She looked back at him, her lips slightly parted, lightning from the storm flickering in her eyes and her head tilted up expectantly. Amanda watched him as he seemed to make up his mind and put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. She relaxed and leaned into him. He could feel her warmth and the slight pressure from her breast on his arm.

After a few minutes he said, “Nice view.”

“Yes,” she whispered. “Quite a storm.”

“I meant you,” he said, turning to look at her again. “You are a very beautiful woman, but I guess you hear that all the time.”

“Not really,” she said. “And never from you.”

Again he paused, as if making a decision and then he leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. She responded, prolonging the kiss. Steve took the cup of coffee from Amanda and set it on the window ledge along with his cup. He gathered her into his arms and kissed her again. She put her arms around him and held him tightly thinking that he was hard and muscular, almost like hugging a bag of rocks. He was strong, but gentle, holding her close. The kiss went on and on as they explored each other with their tongues. Amanda could feel her knees getting weak as she sagged against him, crushing her breasts to his chest. He put his hand behind her head and kissed her neck and face and lips again. She was breathing heavier now, holding him tighter and feeling the unmistakable hardness of an erect cock pushing against her. Warmth flooded her body and she could sense growing moisture between her legs.

She relaxed her hold on him and stepped back to look into his eyes and saw longing and desire. He reached for her and began unbuttoning her blouse. She reached up under his arms and began doing the same with his shirt. He pulled her blouse up out of the waistband of her skirt and finished undoing the buttons and then parted her blouse to show her white silk bra barely containing her full, ripe breasts. Steve finished unbuttoning his shirt, took it off and then pulled his t-shirt over his head. While he was doing this Amanda took off her blouse and unsnapped her bra, freeing her breasts. Her brown nipples were hard and stood out from the lighter brown aureoles. He looked at her, admiring her naked torso and tits as they swayed slightly with her movement. She took in his muscular body, tapering to a narrow waist and could feel the wetness growing in her crotch. My god I think I might cum just looking at him she thought.

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