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We have been friends since our college days. The six of us have spent countless hours together pursuing our dreams.

We had eventually paired off into couples and just last year Dana and Emily were married. I was Emily’s maid-of-honor and my boyfriend Keith had been Dana’s best man.

Dana had hit it big on the dot COM revolution and cleared a million dollars overnight. By the time he told Keith and Roger the opportunity had dried up.

I landed a pretty good position in an advertising agency and Keith is still looking for his career. He has dreams of being a writer but has been experiencing “writer’s block” for over a year. I am bringing home enough to keep us comfortable in our east side apartment.

Sarah and Roger are also getting by. Roger’s income as a car salesman is erratic and Sarah’s paycheck covers their expenses most months. Sarah is waiting for the big moment when Roger asked the question while Keith and I are in no hurry to tie the knot.

“Do you really want to go tonight?” I asked Keith.

Dana and Emily had invited us to dinner. Dana fancied himself to be somewhat of a chef and liked to show off his culinary skills.

“Yea, its will be a laugh.” Keith answered.

“They just want to show off everything they have.” I complained.

“C’mon, you know we always have fun.” Keith coaxed.

It was true that whenever we got together we ended up having a laugh.

“O.K. But I’m not dressing up.” I gave in.

I tugged the tee shirt I was wearing off over my head and dropped my skirt to the floor. I was standing there wearing only a pair of flowered panties when Keith grabbed me and pulled me over to the bed.

“Keith, we don’t have time!” I giggled.

Keith ignored my protest and pulled my panties off down my legs leaving me naked and receptive.

Keith mounted me and I melted, wrapping my legs around his hips pulling him into me.

We were like rabbits, fucking two or three times every day.

“You casino şirketleri know you want to see Dana don’t you?” Keith said as he drove his cock into my open pussy.

I just smiled knowing Keith’s jealousy of our wealthy friend.

“You would like to fuck him again.” Keith snarled as he drove me harder.

“You know he doesn’t mean any thing to me!” I tried to dismiss the thought.

“Did he make you cum?” Keith persisted.

“You know I always cum.”

Keith talked me into wearing a dress to dinner. With a pussy full of cum I slipped into a floor length bottle green satin gown I had recently bought for my cousin’s wedding.

The dress was strapless showing the tops of my freckled boobs with a side split rising almost up to my thong. It had cost me almost three hundred bucks and none of the group had seen me wearing it.

Dana and Emily’s house is one of those futuristic architect’s dwellings. It is one rambling floor of chrome and glass, “open concept” with the living space divided only by transparent colored glass partitions. From any point in the house you can see what is happening in any of the rooms, including the bedrooms.

Dana greeted us at the door and showed us into the living room where Sarah and Roger were already enjoying drinks having arrived prior to us.

“You look lovely tonight Michelle.” Dana remarked as he took out drink order.

Once he had delivered our cocktails Dana excused himself to return to the kitchen to assist Emily preparing dinner.

Sarah was radiant. The tall Raven hair beauty was always the belle of the ball. Sarah had the classical model’s figure, five foot seven, maybe one hundred and twelve pounds, perky 36B breasts and a tightly rounded ass.

As the evening drew on we all sat at the large glass table and sampled Dana’s Peking Duck while sipping on a delightful chardonnay as we engaged in playful banter. During the conversation the subject of how well we knew our mates come casino firmaları up. All emphatically proclaimed that they had an intimate knowledge their partners.

Do you think you could identify your partner’s body if you were blindfolded?” Keith asked.

Everyone stated that they could.

“How about a wager?” Keith went on.

Keith suggested that we all get naked and blindfolded and each tries to find their partner by touching anywhere except the face or hair.

A loud nervous laugh followed.

As I was considerably shorter than Emily and Sarah it would not be difficult for the guys to identify me. We needed a referee so Keith agreed to oversee the experiment while I entered the mix just to add to the confusion. Each female was sprayed with the same perfume so that would not be a give away.

Emily’s body was the double of Sarah’s except she was a blonde. We all stripped down to our underwear to get one last look before the blindfolds went on.

Once Keith confirmed we were all blindfolded we removed the rest of our clothes.

The first hand touched my vagina. All of us were shaven so there would be no public hair to help identify us. Boldly two fingers entered my pussy. I reached out and took his cock in my hand. Not bad, could be Dana’s?

Another hand found my right breast. I knew the size of my tits would give me away as both Emily and Sarah had 36B whilst mine were 38D’s. The hand lingered nevertheless while fingertips traced the circumference of my large pink aureole.

Keith watched with amusement while Dana finger fucked me and Roger played with my nipple.

Dana left me and found the naked Sarah waiting. His fingers still wet with my juices entered Sarah’s pussy.

Looking back to Roger and me Keith saw we were fucking. We stood together with Roger’s hands full of my ass while his cock ravished my pussy. My hips gyrated as I fucked him in return.

Realizing Emily was being neglected Keith decided güvenilir casino to join in the melee. Quickly undressing he approached the tall blonde.

Keith had wanted to fuck Emily for some time. Partly for revenge for Dana having screwed me but mostly because she was a very desirable piece of ass.

Emily was surprised when Keith took her in his arms and pressed her naked body against his. She did not resist when the head of his hard cock touched her velvet soft labia. Adjusting her stance she allowed him entry.

Keith’s cock felt as if it was meandering down as summer lane as he smoothly slid into his friend’s wife. Emily gasped at the size of the cock filling her.

“Fuck me Keith.” She whispered in his ear.

Roger maneuvered me over to the couch where he could mount me properly. I spread my legs and let him pound my starving pussy with his cock.

The odor of sex filled the air as three couples fucked in wild abandonment. The pretense of a game was forgotten as there were moans of ecstasy escaping from lips experiencing the rapture of raw animal sex.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” I heard Emily cry as Keith brought her to orgasm.

“Oh yes, yes!” Sarah moaned as Dana’s hard cock stirred her wet pussy.

“Make me cum!” I begged Roger.

Keith’s little experiment had developed into an all out orgy where we all experienced what it was like fucking each other’s mates.

Strangely enough there were no after feelings of animosity, just a closer understanding of each other’s sexuality. We all realized from this time on we would be free to couple as friends and to share the beauty of uninhibited orgasms in the exchanging of bodily fluids.

As our new relationships developed it turned out where some were mating with others as frequently as their own partner. Roger is fucking me two or three times a week and Sarah has grown quite fond of Dana’s cock. Yes, Dana and I still fuck occasionally but Keith no longer objects as he is usually dumping his load into Emily at the same time.

Emily has just announced that she is going to stop taking the pill, as she and Dana want to start a family. The slender blonde had become a very popular garden for the guys to plant their seed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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