Friends First

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It had been a long time since they’d seen each other, and when they did they’d never been alone. There was always friends or significant others around and the boundaries of their friendship were never tested.

Over time their earnest friendship began changing. At first, there were subtle changes that were hard to name. As time passed; however, the changes were more blatant. There were even occasional talks about what would happen if they were ever both unattached at the same time. He’d always told her he’d wait for her to be single, but she’d never believed him……until recently that is.

With all of the changes that had happened, she now believed him. He didn’t say it anymore, though, she just knew it was true. She’d also noticed she thought of him in a different way. He was still her dear friend, but there was always that tease of something more at the edges of their conversations.

Occasionally, when she was alone late at night and her fingers had found the slick folds between her thighs, she found herself wondering what it’d be like to be with him. She would wonder what his fingers would feel like where hers were, or how his mouth would taste. She thought of his face nestled between her legs, and on her sensitive skin. There were more thoughts, deeper thoughts. Thoughts of things she had never known, but was confident he would teach her and show her if he ever had the chance.

Eventually, it happened. They were both single. For so many years it had been such an abstract thought that at first she didn’t know what to think. Then, she dug her heels in and became stubborn. She had decided long ago there was no reason for the two friends not to see each other, but now there really were no barriers and they were going to see each other. They were going to have dinner and enjoy each other’s company in a way that for so long they had been denied.

Without too much of a fight, he agreed that they should partake in such a simple activity. They agreed that it was her turn to make the long drive. He would choose where they went since it was his town.

The day she was to see him, she woke with excitement in her stomach. There was no reason for this other than the thought of seeing her old friend, and she had to admit, the prospect of the things this trip might bring.

She chose her traveling clothes carefully. She didn’t want to greet him looking like a slut, but she wanted to look nice for him when she stepped from her car. She packed an over night bag, not yet sure where she was going to sleep.

As she drove, her excitement grew. She also worried though, what would happen to their friendship if they discovered they weren’t as right together as they’d always talked? It would never be the same, but were the changes that may take place worth the experience? She knew her thoughts were unfounded, and that there was a chance they may do nothing more than visit and enjoy good company. Well, there was always that chance.

When she got there, he met her at the door. There was a friendly hug, but nothing more. He showed her around the house she’d heard so much about, showing her the rooms she’d seen only in pictures so many times.

They sat and talked together for a while. Soon, though it was almost time to leave for dinner. He told her the place he’d chosen was casual, but she could wear what ever she wanted.

She decided to take a chance. She went to her car and retrieved her bag. She went to his bathroom being sure the door was shut tightly behind her. It’d been a long time since she’d dressed for a man who’s taste she didn’t completely know. She slid her stockings up her thighs, made sure her panties were just right, tucked her breasts into her bra so they were high and anadolu yakası escort full. She applied make-up, and fretted over her hair. She couldn’t help but think about what a girl she was being. She carefully donned a top that showed little skin, but showed her curves so well it was obvious what was his for the taking if he so chose. She slid a skirt over her hips, that was short, but not so short she’d be embarrassed to set. Her stockinged feet were slid into heels that were high, but complimented her.

She was holding her breath when she emerged from the bathroom, but the smile on his face told her it was worth his wait. He complimented her and they were on their way.

Their dinner was quiet. They ate well and enjoyed each other’s company. Over dinner they talked about the every day things that they had always shared with each other. They lingered, but not for too long after their meal was over.

They were barely back through his door when it happened. His arm was around her pulling her to him and his mouth was on hers. There was no hesitation in her body’s response to him. They stood there with their bodies pressed together kissing each other. She could feel his body waking pressed against her stomach. He could feel her skin growing hot.

As he pulled away from her, his voice husky with the desires he felt, he asked her if she realized how hard it had been for him to concentrate on the dinner conversation. In response, she reached up wrapping her hand around his neck to pull him to her. She didn’t kiss his mouth though. Her moist lips and tongue grazed the skin of his ear as she slowly made her way down his neck.

He pulled away from her, wanting more comfort for what was to come. He led her deeper into the house. She was willingly following him wanting to feel him against her again. Wanting to feel his skin against hers. When they reached his bedroom, he looked to be sure that she was willing to take the risk. Her response was to run her hungry hand up his chest again.

He led her in front of his expansive four poster bed and stopped. Leaning down, he kissed her again, letting his hands run over her body on top of her cloths. Her hands went to him as of their own will, pulling his shirt from his pants needing to feel the skin beneath.

His hands were mirroring her own. He pulled her blouse over her to feel the flesh. He pulled away from her to slowly pull her top over her head, and stood looking at her for a moment. His fingers ran along the top of her bra followed soon after by his lips on the fullness there.

This was going to be a long slow process of exploration and rising desires.

Her hands went to the buttons on his shirt and began undoing them one by one. He pulled back letting her see what her hands were doing. She started slowly kissing and licking the newly exposed skin as she went. When she reached the last button, she slowly pushed the fabric from his shoulders and began licking and kissing again at his shoulder. Again, working her way down his chest.

While she was doing this, her hands were working the button and zipper of his pants. She sat on the edge of the bend to push his pants to the floor. Once more, her hands and mouth were soon exploring what had just been exposed. She was careful to pay him attention, but not take him fully into her mouth just yet. There was plenty of time for that to come.

When she rose, his hands were at her waist and soon her skirt was piled on the floor. He laid her down on his bed still in her bra, panties and stockings.

He laid her over the bed and began kissing and touching her. He was kissing her exposed flesh from her neck down as his hands touched ataşehir escort and caressed her, cupping her breast and trailing down her stomach.

When he had consumed all of her exposed flesh he reached behind her to unclasp her bra. As he pulled it away from her, her erect aching nipples were exposed. He swooped down on them without a moment’s hesitation and a moan escaped her throat. She could feel his engorged manhood pressed against her, hot and throbbing and this excited her even more.

Slowly, he pulled away standing before her. He told her to lay face down on the bed. She wasn’t sure what he was doing, but did as she was told without hesitation. He disappeared from her sight for a moment and came to be with her on his bed.

She heard him opening a bottle and setting it down. When he touched her, warm oil was spread across her skin. Slowly his big hands kneaded and massaged the oil into her neck and back. When he reached the swell of her bottom he went back to her shoulders and repeated the routine with her arms. After her last finger had been massaged, he slowly dragged the tips of his fingers up her arm and down her back to begin again massaging at her butt. Meticulously, he worked every inch of skin from her hips to her ankles only bushing her swollen lips with the back of his fingers on his way by.

When he was done with her back, he told her to roll over where he started the same slow process on her front. He teased her erect nipples and cupped her breasts on his way by. Again, as he passed her swollen red lips his fingers grazed by, but nothing more. This time; though, on his way back up her thighs, he moved to massage her mound. At first, he teased only the outside lips, but as her response becomes more heated, so do his fingers. As his fingers entered her, he could feel her wetness running down his fingers. He needed a taste and so bent down to lap at her bud with the tip of his tongue.

She pulled away. She had to. If she would have laid there any longer, she would have lost all control. She wouldn’t have been able to share with him a pleasure similar to that he had just given her.

She told him it was his turn to be relaxed. She asked, openly looking at his long hard cock, if he would be able to comfortably lay on his stomach for her. He said he would find a way, and rolled over.

She repeated the entire process that he had just performed on her for him. Occasionally, she would let her fingers linger or she would brush her lips against his flesh. Once or twice, she bent and drew her nipples across what was obviously sensitive skin, much to both of their pleasure. Just as he had, she only momentarily teased the soft tender sack of skin that would have been so easily taken into her hungry lips. Finally, it was time for him to roll over, his throbbing cock springing free once more. Again, she began at his neck massaging, kissing, teasing his flesh.

While she was working his flesh, she debated if she should bring him pleasure with her oily hands or her mouth. Both options held great pleasure for both of them, but she decided her hands would have to wait. She was hungry for him.

She crawled to kneel between his legs. She could hear his breathing and anticipation of what was to come. She leaned down and slowly licked a line from the bottom of his fleshy sack to the base of his throbbing cock, hearing a low moan escape from deep within his throat. She slowly and deliberately licked every millimeter of that fleshy area. She sucked first one side of him into her mouth to roll across her tongue then the other. She caught sight of a clear drop of his fluids beginning to drip from the head of his cock. She needed to have the taste of it in ümraniye escort her mouth. She licked a line from where she was up the underside of his cock to the slit in the tip, savoring the taste of him on her tongue. She wanted badly swallow him into her and feel her mouth full of him, but wanted more to bring him the slow pleasure that she knew he had been so long without. She began slowly licking in ever widening circles around his head. Slowly and deliberately, she engulfed his head with her lips and mouth still making ever widening circles with her tongue. She could sense and hear the pleasure he was experiencing and this fueled her fire even more. Her body was swollen and aching to feel him, but she wasn’t ready to take him inside of her just yet. Carefully observing what spots brought him the most pleasure, she took more and more of him into her mouth until she could no longer swirl her tongue around him and had to begin lapping the underside as she worked her mouth up and down in long arduous strokes. With each stroke she took more of him into her, but she was still hungry for more. She could taste his juices flowing into her mouth and this excited her even more.

She began spinning around never loosing contact between them. She did this not as a request for him to bring her the same type of pleasure, but rather to bring him deeper into her. She had a need to take him deeply down her throat for both of their pleasure. She came to rest astride him and began working him ever deeper into her mouth. She felt him lap at the juices that were flowing freely from her and at the top of several strokes a moan escaped her. She was tempted to raise her head and enjoy his pleasures, but didn’t. He was bringing her closer and closer to climax, and she was taking him even deeper into her throat. Their hunger burned between them like a fire raging. Finally, she reached his base. All of him was buried deep in her throat and she held him there for a few long seconds before working her way back up. Her strokes were now long and deep as he worked her ever closer to climax. As she felt the waves beginning to take over her body, she swallowed him completely once more. She held him in her throat letting her screams be silenced by his rigid manhood until the orgasm began to subside and she had to gasp for air.

Her orgasm only served to ignite her desire to have him inside of her. She raised her head and removed herself from his mouth to turn so she was once again facing him. Looking unblinkingly at him, she ever so slowly slid down onto him until there was no space left between them. She sat there with him throbbing deep inside of her for what seemed like a very long time. She began rocking her hips forward and back gently and slowly, feeling him pressing against her walls and hitting her most sensitive spots. His hands moved to cup her breasts rolling her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs as he did. Her slow rocking motions evolved into long full strokes as he was touching and playing with her body. She was rocking her hips to just the right angle at the bottom of every stroke, and her thrusts were coming harder and faster with each passing minute. His hands came to rest on her hips to help her in her efforts.

Mercifully, he rolled her onto her back and picked up where she had left off. Her legs were wrapped around him and she was loosing her self control. Her body soon began to shudder, but he did not stop or even slow his pace. Even though this was their first time together he knew what was to come and that if he slowed his pace even a little that she would be left hanging and unable to finish. Finally, the shuddering gave way to full spasms as her orgasm over took her, her screams of pleasure came from deep within. With this, his self control also left him. He erupted and spasmed deep inside her. Even in the white void of her pleasure she could feel the hot spurts and hear his guttural moans.

Momentarily satisfied, and wrecked from their arduous activity, they collapsed next to each other and drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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