Freesias And Violets

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There is something very different about your apartment as you walk through your front door and close it on the cold night.

Th scent of freesias and violets carries on the air, drifting slowly towards you. You breathe in deeply, closing your eyes and savouring the fragrant mix that you have come to know so well since my arrival. You leave your coat and bag on the chair by the door and a smile plays at the corner of your mouth as you hear the distant sound of running water.

You amble slowly up the hall feeling suddenly light headed as the tension of your day begins to leave your weary body. You undo the top buttons of your shirt and stand outside the partially closed bathroom door. You nudge it open with your hand, kicking your shoes and socks off as you enter. Immediately you are rewarded with the welcoming warmth of candlelight playing on the rising steam you see wafting up from the bubbly water. You are at once hypnotised by the slow tumble of the water as it hits the bubbles and splashes back up. The flames of the candles I have lining the bath edge are dancing for you. The ceiling and walls provide the stage for their sensual performance. The air is moist and the steam beads on your upper lip as you venture further into this haven I have created for us. Your shirt drops to the floor and becomes but a memory when you spy the Chardonnay and ice bucket I have laid out for us. You stand transfixed by the flickering flames reflected in the two wine glasses that keep vigil over the water from their station at the bath edge. You are vaguely aware of Jewel’s soft lilt floating to you from the lounge and although Spirit has been in your CD collection for some months now you would almost swear you are hearing her for the first time.

You are brought out of your trance by the gentle bakırköy escort caress of my fingertips on your naked stomach as I steal up behind you and kiss the back of your neck so softly you are not sure it happened at all. In my touch, as my fingers trace delicate lines up and down the skin I have come to know so well, you are suddenly aware of my depth of feeling for you. My concern for your well being, my respect for your spirit, my faith in you, all this and more is conveyed through my touch. For this one brief moment in time you are given a view into my heart, my soul and there you are most welcome to dwell. My erect nipples against your back are the first clue I give you that I stand naked behind you. Your head falls back against mine and for a moment I lose myself in the scent of your skin.

Your hands come up to hold mine against your chest before you bring each of them in turn upto your mouth. You surprise me by opening my palms and licking them with your clever tongue. There is a jolt of electricity that shoots through my body without warning and the softest of moans escapes my lips.

I turn you around slowly in my arms and draw your body tightly against mine. Skin on skin My Darling as I remove the rest of your day from you and discard it as I would anything else that threatened this moment for us. My lips caress your shoulders as you bring your hands up to cup my naked buttocks. My tongue flicks out to taste you and my legs open to take your thigh between them. I lose myself to sensation as you bring your denimed knee higher, to rub softly against my swollen clitoris. You allow the tension to build in me for a while longer before removing your knee and breaking our embrace. You laugh aloud at the fleeting look of disappointment you see flash beşiktaş escort behind my eyes before planting a chaste kiss on my cheek. “Soon” you whisper into my hair.

The disappointment of a moment before is gone and I smile up at you before walking to the edge of the bath and sitting down. I reach for the taps and stop the flow of water. Your eyes follow the movement of my body, the swell of my hips, the swing of my breasts, the caress of my hair on my shoulders and nipples. I dip my hand in the water and my fingers fan out as I stir them up and down the length of the bath. My light brown pubic hair, made moist by the rising steam and my own juices hides from view the lips and clitoris you know to be so swollen now. The light brown nipples which are known so well to your tongue and lips stand erect for you. I seem so focused on the swirl of the water and at once you realise that, like the dancing flames of the candles, I too am performing for you. You are immediately aware that I like your eyes on my full breasts, my flat stomach. Not for the first time you smile at my wantonness. I look up at you then and spy your smile. Our eyes lock for a moment and I hold our stare for longer than you intended before whispering softly “Soon is not good enough.”

With that I reach for the ice box. Picking out one ice cube I stretch out the full length of my body along the edge of the bath. With one foot on the floor for balance and one hand on the bath edge I trace the ice cube up my burning body and allow it to cool in my naval before moving it up over my stomach and ribs. I don’t stop its assent until I reach my nipples. I circle them each in turn until they harden like bullets. When I am happy they will stay hard for you I start the ice cube back down my body beylikdüzü escort until it is nestled in my pubic hair. I look at you then with a very mischievous look in my eye before bringing the ice cube lower until it is tracing the line of my bare lips. I open my legs wider on the bath and floor and with my feet supporting my weight I lift my buttocks into the air while at the same time pushing the ice cube deep inside me.

What little control you had is gone after seeing my erotic play. In two quick strides you are in front of me. Your fully erect cock directly in front of my face. I reach for your belt buckle and release you from the prison of your jeans. When you are completely naked I reach my hands up to cup your buttocks. I plant soft kisses on your hips, in your pubic hair, your inner thigh, always teasing. My tongue flicks out to caress your testicles, softly at first then more firmly. I take first one then the other into my mouth, sucking them deeply yet very very gently past my lips. My tongue dances on them before tracing a line up and down your erect shaft. Finally I reach my target as your hands tangle in my hair, your hips buck against my face. I suck first the head of your cock hard while the tip of my tongue stabs your eye again and again. You hips start a drilling movement as my tongue speeds up and swirls around and around you while my fingertips caress your testicles very softly.

I feel a throb in your cock as your movements become more erratic. My mouth is open wide now and I allow you to set the pace. Your hands rest on the sides of my face. Your fingers trace the hollow of my cheeks as I suck you hard….harder. Your soft moans drive me crazy as your thrusts lose their earlier precision. I didn’t want you to come now but it is too late to stop. You pour your juice in hot spurts down my throat while the flames dance on your chest. Long long minutes go by and still our breathing is laboured. I reach for your hands and pull you down towards me.

Our bodies slip and slide against each other as we make our way down down down into the warm bubbles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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