Forbidden Relations

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Karen sat at her table watching Liam slouch at the bar, she stood up smoothed down her dress and inhaled deeply.

For two months now she had been coaxing Liam to come to this night out. Even managed to convince him it would be fun. But now that the night had arrived he had done nothing but sit at the bar drinking what appeared to be shots.

“Hey you!” She cried as cheerfully and casually as she could, “you came.”

“Hi Karen. How are you?”

“I’m doing great. More to the point how’re you? You haven’t got off your seat all night. I thought you were looking forward to tonight?”

“I was, I mean I am, I mean…” Liam sighed, “Tricia and I had a fight, to be honest Karen I’m not really in the mood for a party. Excuse me I’ve got to go to the bathroom.”

Karen felt her heart slump. She knew that Liam was married, and she knew that the fact that he was 40 and 21 years older than her made him completely out of bounds, but god she wanted him. Every time her walked past her in the office her mind raced with all the stuff she wanted to do to him. He wasn’t great looking. Infact he was your average Joe, but there was something about him that drove her wild. Maybe it was the older man fantasy. Or maybe it was the fact that he was married. She had gone out with guys since she was 14. She’d become sexually active by 16, and now that she was 19 she figured maybe she had grown tired of guys her own age. Maybe she just wanted a bit of excitement. The kind of danger seeing a married man would give her.

Karen thought back to the first time they had met. She had been just about to go out for lunch when Julie, one of the partners in the firm had called her name…

“Karen. You going out for lunch?”

“Yeah, why you want something while I’m out?”

“No I just wanted to introduce you to Liam Connor. He’s going to be working for us. I’m just taking him round introducing him to everyone.”

Karen suddenly noticed the tall guy standing next to Julie. What she also noticed was that when she said hi to him and offered her hand he had raised his eyes from her breasts. Karen was used to this. Being the youngest woman working in an office surrounded by middle aged, suit wearing, career driven women men were bound to look at her. What was the term? Eye candy. She wasn’t dumb by any means. But she wasn’t driven by the dream of making it in a “man’s world”. She enjoyed being feminine, and she enjoyed male attention. So she took care of herself, although she didn’t have to work too hard. She had been blessed with a metabolism that allowed her to eat whatever she wanted and not put on any weight. But she still went to the gym 5 nights a week. She had long black wavy hair that framed her face perfectly, and she knew she was considered to be very pretty. But for some reason when she noticed Liam staring at her she got shivers. They had become good friends and apart from his glances at her chest now and again, nothing had ever happened between them. That didn’t stop her fantasising about him though. Karen was a very sexual person. She regularly masturbated and more often than not she thought of Liam whilst her fingers worked her into a climactic frenzy. Last night, while she was lying in bed she had started to think about the party taking place the next night. She imagined how Liam’s eyes would be drawn to her. Taking in every inch of her tightly toned body, which would be easy to do in the dress she had bought especially for this night. She imagined them dancing, Liam holding her so close she could feel his erection pushing against her. As her thoughts became more and more erotic her hands grasped at her breasts.

Her nipples were tight, and almost painfully erect. She played with them for a while. Sucking on her fingers first to moisten them, imagining they were Liam’s tongue flicking them and stroking them. She couldn’t work out how they would escape the party and be alone somewhere. But that was a minor detail, for in her mind now she could feel Liam pushing her dress round her hips. She could feel his hands tracing the crease in her buttocks as he bent her over the sink in a bathroom, kitchen? Didn’t matter. Her own hands were caressing that same line now. Her mind raced forward as she became more worked up, her fingers frantically rubbing her engorged clit. Now he was preparing to take her from behind, she could feel the tip of istanbul escort his cock pressing against her pussy…and then she had came. She’d tried not to; she wanted to imagine the sex. To feel him penetrate her. But she always climaxed too soon.

“Karen? Karen?” His voice brought her back to the present, “You looked miles away. Are you alright? You look a bit flushed.” Karen’s cheeks flushed even more crimson; she had gotten herself really turned on just thinking about last night.

“I’m fine, it’s just a bit hot.”

“I suppose. Look I think I’m going to head.”

“Why?” Said Karen, cringing inside at the whine that she had said that in.

“I told you. Tricia and I had a fight. I really think I should go and apologise.”

She started to panic. Now that she had gotten herself all turned on she wasn’t about to give up now! She tried desperately to think of ways to keep him there while she planned her next move.

“What was the fight about?” She asked, “If I’m not being too intrusive.”

“Ironically it was about tonight. Tricia didn’t want me to come. I invited her along of course, but she didn’t want to go. Then she said she didn’t want me to go without her. We started going round in circles, I said if she felt like that then she should come too. But she said she didn’t feel like it. So I said why should I stay in just because she didn’t want to go out. It just got really stupid after that. Eventually I just stormed out and came here.”

Karen licked her lips. She had found her angle.

“Can I be honest Liam?” She asked.

“Of course”

“Well, first I’ll order us some drinks, then we can go over to the table over there and talk. It’ll be a bit more private.”

Liam glanced at his watch, “Well, I can’t stay much longer. I really have to get back. She’ll be worried.”

“That’s exactly my point.” They collected their drinks and went and sat in a secluded corner of the room.

“Well, come on. Hit me with your words oh wise one” Liam spoke jauntily, and Karen knew that the alcohol had hit his system. She leaned in closely taking care that her cleavage was on display, and spoke slowly and quietly, causing Liam to lean in closer.

“Well, first of all, I don’t think you have anything to apologise for. You invited Tricia along. She said no. Then she started making unreasonable demands. Stop me if you think I’m over stepping my boundaries Liam. But it sounds to me like your wife doesn’t trust you.”

“Tricia can be a bit possessive I suppose. But she doesn’t realise it sometimes.”

“I can understand that, but it’s not fair on you is it.” Karen lightly put her hand on Liam’s arm and leaned in so close that her lips brushed against his ear,

“I mean, if you give in to her tonight, then she’ll always expect it won’t she? Then you’ll never be able to go out on your own.”

Liam shrugged, “she’s not normally like this. I’m not sure what got into her tonight.

Look Karen, to be honest I don’t even feel in a party mood anymore. I think I’m just going to go home, and face the music in the morning.”

For the second time that night Karen’s heart plummeted, “Why don’t we go somewhere else?” “What do you mean?” asked Liam, “Where?”

“Well,” began Karen slowly and carefully, “All the pubs are about to close, but there’s Hoola just round the corner. It being a hotel, the bar will be open later.”

Liam hesitated, “I don’t know, it’s getting late.”

“Well we won’t stay long, and you can call a taxi from there. Anyway, it’ll mean you’re walking me home. I rented a room there tonight, so I wouldn’t have to get a taxi all the way home. This actually works out cheaper!”

Liam laughed and rubbed her arm causing Karen’s nipples to harden instantly, she looked up at Liam’s face only to notice his eyes on her nipples, which were clearly visible through her dress.

“Alright, you’ve worn me down. I could do with a good drink without all this fun and laughter to go along with it.”

“Great!” Exclaimed Karen. They went and collected the coats and walked the five minutes to the hotel In the bar were dotted a few young city workers, all a little worse for wear. But it was pretty quite.

“Why don’t you go get the drinks and find a table, I just need to nip to the loo”

Liam avcılar escort nodded and wandered over to the bar. As Karen made her way into the ladies, she began to get really excited. She was here in a hotel with Liam! There was no turning back now. She’d have to make her move tonight.

As she closed the cubicle door she realised that his choice of seats would be a good indication of how tonight would end. If he chose a secluded seat that was definitely a good sign. If he sat close to others or the bar, then she may aswell give up there and then. She put the toilet lid down. She didn’t even need to pee; she had just come in to tidy up her make up a little. But now, she was feeling a little randy again. She spread her legs and ran her finger over her clitoris, sending shivers all over her body. She was really wet. Knowing that she could get herself off in a matter of seconds the way she was feeling her fingers slid inside her soaking wet pussy and she began poking herself almost violently. Grabbing her tits tightly she could feel a climax building.

Sliding a third finger inside her aching cunt she cried out as the first wave of orgasm caressed over her body.

As she washed her hands, Karen regarded her appearance in the mirror. Not bad.

She re-applied her lipstick, and, as an after thought she quickly pinched her nipples, revelling at the bonus of being able to watch herself in the mirror. As she pinched she watched, as her nipples grew stiff and erect. Partly from the pinching, but partly from her arousal too. At last satisfied wither appearance she left the bathroom and scanned the bar for Liam. A gasp escaped from her lips as she found him sitting in the most secluded corner of the room. Talking into his mobile phone.

As she sat down and sipped her drink she watched with satisfaction as her gaze was drawn first from her face slowly down, and stop at her nipples, which, due to the excitement were practically bursting through the thin material of her dress. This time she did not look away as his eyes caressed their way back up to her face, and smiled when he met her eyes.

Liam’s voice, distinctly more husky ended the call abruptly, and she noticed with a sense of hope that he then switched his mobile off and put in his coat.

“You took your time,” he said, his voice still filled with the battle between desire and denial, “Sorry” she smiled, and sipped some more of her drink. “Hey, you haven’t even touched your drink”, Liam smiled ruefully and said “Actually it’s my third, you were in there a while!”

“So who was on the phone,” she asked again leaning slightly,

“Tricia,” he smiled, he was now almost drunk.

“Really? Did she want to know when you’d be home”?

Karen asked, longing and dreading the answer, then it came, and she knew the night was going to be hers,

“No I called her to tell her I was going out after the do, and that I would probably just rent a room for the night.”

“And are you going to?” her breaths were coming short and fast now, she had fantasized about this scenario for so long,

“Well, I might,” he replied uncertainly, Karen decided to not too jump in just yet. Half the fun of sex was the games before hand.

“Good. Well now at least there’s no need to hurry our night.”

“Actually,” he replied, “there is. I just heard last orders.”

“Oh? Damn I thought it would stay open late…I have an idea. It just so happens there’s a mini bar upstairs in my room. We can go up there and continue our chat.” She paused, “That is, if you want to.”

Liam thought for a minute. Karen actually thought he might refuse, but then he said,

“That sounds like fun.”

“Come on in” Karen said, as she leant against the door, holding it open for him. “Mini bars in the corner.” As he walked past his chest brushed her nipples, she inhaled gently, but not quietly enough, as Liam paused for just a second looked at her, and walked past.

“So what’s your poison?” He asked laying out the glasses. “Oh whatever you’re having.” Karen replied as she sat on the edge of the bed. There were no chairs in the room, she noticed thankfully. That was one obstacle she wouldn’t have to pass. Liam sat down beside her and for a moment there was an awkward silence. “Here let me take your coat.” Offered Karen. Now that she had got him şirinevler escort here, she was beginning to feel a little nervous. As he started to take it off, Karen took the opportunity to help him, by slipping it off his shoulders. Running her hands slowly down his arms. She put it over her own on the hanger. When she turned around she gasped. He had been standing right behind her. Their bodies were now only inches apart. His hands lay on the back of her neck and slowly started stroking down her shoulders. In doing so he slipped the straps of her dress onto her arms,

“Are you sure you want to –” Liam interrupted “Shhh”

He bent his head and started kissing the side of her neck, light butterfly kisses that made her body shiver. “Turn around” he murmured quietly. She did as he had asked and he slowly pulled the zip of her dress down. It slid to the floor. She had never felt more turned on than she did at this very minute. Then she felt his mouth on the small of her back. Kissing from her shoulder blades to the base of her spine. His hands gently held her waist as he turned her to face him. He licked her up and down with his hungry eyes, taking in her long slender legs, her toned stomach, and her firm breasts. His eyes looked desperate with hunger;

“Your beautiful”

Slowly, and with trembling fingers she unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall to the ground. He just stood there as she started to circle his nipples with her tongue but she could see the bulge in his trousers growing and straining against the fabric.

She knelt before him, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers freeing his aching cock. With her fantasy coming to life she was growing bolder,

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” She purred,

“Oh God yes,” he growled back,

She smiled and softly wrapped her hand round his throbbing dick. She could see a bead of pre cum forming on the tip,

“Can I lick it off?”

He couldn’t even answer he just groaned as she ran her tongue over the very tip of his erection.

“You like that baby? You want some more”

This time Karen didn’t wait for answer; she opened her mouth and slid the entire length of his cock into her mouth. Deep throating someone is a talent which requires much practise. But once it’s been mastered it is always well received. As it was tonight with Liam. He gripped her head in his hands and started thrusting himself in and out of her mouth. Karen was getting so hot she knew she wouldn’t last much longer without getting some satisfaction herself. So after a while she stopped and stood up in front of him again.

“Undress me”.

Liam obliged without protest, he undid her bra without any trouble, then got down on his knees, wrapped his fingers under her thong and pulled it off. There was no gentleness in this movement, and Karen knew she would have to submit to him soon. Soon, but not yet. She was about to utter another command but her breath was taken away, and all that came out was a slow deep moan. Liam had put his mouth on her hot pussy.

She could feel his tongue probing inside her lips, tentatively at first. Then with more and more passion. So much so that her knees give way beneath her and she toppled onto the bed behind her. He didn’t give her time to collect herself he just pulled her legs apart and replaced his mouth again. She felt his mouth gently sucking on her tender clitoris, making her grip the bed covers in her fists. Whilst his fingers thrust in and out of her.

With the little breath she could muster she cried out,

“No more, I can’t stand any more.”

“Do you want it?” He demanded, “Tell me how much you want it.”

“Oh god, please. Please fuck me Liam! Fuck me now.”

Just like in her fantasies she felt the tip of his cock pushing at her entrance. But this time as she came the dream didn’t stop. She felt her pussy stretch to accommodate him, felt herself being entered. All she could do was throw her head back in ecstasy.

Then he was in her. His whole length was inside her. Filling her. All the previous lust and hunger had disappeared. For a moment Liam held himself poised above her.

Looking at her. His hand came up and he stroked her face,

“You’re so beautiful.” He murmured then he leant down and kissed her. On the mouth. They had gotten naked, they had explored each other’s bodies, but this was the first time they had ever kissed. The passion pushed Karen over the edge for the second time that night. She felt her pussy contract and massage Liam’s cock which was still throbbing inside her.

Once she was finished, he whispered in her ear,

“Turn over, on all fours.” The lust was back in his voice.

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