Forbidden Lovers 3

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His voice, his smell, his smile, the way he laughs at his own stupid jokes. He’s so pure and innocent at heart but also a little devil. Terry was so warm and kind to everyone around him. Who wouldn’t fall for him? Girls and guys alike he just had this aura that make you drawn to him and it makes me chuckle about how clueless he was to it. Sitting in history trying to hide my smile and boner as I thought about the guy I loved. Trying my best listen to the new history teacher Mrs.Moore talk about what sparked the civil war, but all i could think about was seeing Terry after school. Greeting me with his smile that would put the sun to shame, then embrace me with a hug so warm it could melt the snow around us in winter.

Sitting there thinking about the person I love. Not paying attention to my surroundings, not realizing I was blushing and laughing to myself the entire time to where the entire classroom was staring at me. “Christopher?” Mrs.Moore said softly calling me. Embarrassed, I pulled my hoodie over my head, while slowly leaning down to rest my head in my arms, hearing a few students laughing at the scene.

Continuing her lesson as I continued entertaining myself in my head. It felt like hours went by when suddenly the loud of the bell signaled us it was time to go home. Standing up and stretching my shirt lifted exposing my abs giving them some air. I looked over and saw a girl watching me in awe. I gave her a playful wink while pulling my shirt down and grabbing my bag leaving her blushing as I made my way out of the classroom.

Walking down the hallways hearing groups of friends laughing and planning to go to the mall after school, or going to their boyfriend’s practice. Luckily, Me nor Terry had practice today. Terry was the school’s Quarterback while I was the school’s star basketball player. So it never surprise us when girls would stare at us, as we walked to class or were sitting together for lunch. I think some would secretly hope we’d sit next to them. Or finding love notes or hearts taped on our lockers at the end of the school days.

I smiled at the thought of girls daydreaming about me or him taking them on dates, or being their first kisses, or even taking their virginities. “If only they knew” I thought to myself smiling as I walked by a couple holding hands. The guy noticed me smiling must have thought it was towards his girlfriend. Giving me the death stare while pulling his girl closer in a hug. The girl obviously take back a bit by the quick action as they quickly made their way into the crowd.

“Wish we were like that” I thought to myself. Being able to claim my love in public. Able to shout to the world how in love I was with my best friend and him yelling it back. It would be nice being able to hold hand while walking down the hall, Or being able to kiss him goodbye when we go our separate ways for class. I found myself blushing thinking about leaving cute little notes in his locker for him to read through his day. Suddenly, I felt a bit of sadness washed over me realizing our current situation, but that quickly went away when some kid ran out the bathroom with tears in his eyes almost knocked me down to get out the building. I looked over and saw the class president Adam Neal smiling with his miss USA grin looking down at his phone. He looked up at me not saying a word..just quickly jammed his phone in his pocket, grabbed his bag and walked down the hall disappearing into the crowd like the couple.

I quietly shrugged to myself then made my way to my locker. It was different from all the others. It was all alone in its own corner, it was a darker shade from all the others. It had a few scratches around it, the paint peeling off a bit revealing a rusty metal underneath, but it was still in pretty good shape. Unlike Terry’s locker who was between the head cheerleader and School’s beauty locker. His fit in with everyone else’s while still standing out. He is only a few lockers down from me but it seems like it was miles away. Finally, reaching out to open my locker I release myself from my thoughts, and noticed the hallway grew quieter only a few echoes of laughter, antalya escort bayan or students sneakers squeaking while rushing up the stairs realizing they left something in their last class, or the grumbling of the janitor about how he hates his job. The crumbling of love notes left in lockers or test papers with failing grades filled my ears. I opened my locker and three different color hearts fell out of them. I bent down and picked each one up I read the biggest one first. It was a light shade of pink with “Chris” on the front of it. I flipped it over and it read, “Will you go out with me? -Sam” “Bold” I thought. Slowly crumbling her feelings in the palm of my hand then placed it in my locker, then looked at remaining two hearts I was holding. It was almost like they were actually beating, waiting for me to accept them not knowing their fate.

I held the next heart to my face it was a dark green with a bit of golden glitter surrounding my name, “Chris” on the cover, upon opening it smelled like roses and hope. My eyes read, “I like you – Anna” I chuckled remembering when she spread the rumor around school that I had a small dick. All because I refused to be her date to the dance last year. Taking joy and pleasure out of slowly ripping her note into confetti, I thought about sprinkling it over her head tomorrow in Science. Picturing the light leaving her eyes while she realizes I’m rejecting her again made me smile. I carefully placed the pieces in my bookbag for tomorrow’s spectacle. Picking up the last heart, I noticed it was a plain old heart made from notebook paper. No imagination or creativity but I liked the simple idea of it. “No need to sugar coat it or make a huge presentation.” I mumbled to myself, starting to read the note. “Chris” in red ink filled up the entire heart, slowly turning it to the other side in the same ink, I saw in tiny letters like they were whispering “I love you – Terry”. My heart was beating out of my chest while I felt new life breathed into me, reading each word carefully over and over again. A smile spread across my face, holding the note in my hand almost over my heart. Almost like I was telling the paper heart, “Yes, you’re the one.” I felt like I could levitate down the hallway to greet my love, when suddenly a warmth embraced me from behind.

“I love you” softly entered my left ear followed by something soft touching my cheek. It was only for a second but the sensation stayed on my cheek like my brain was processing it to make it last forever. Strong arms wrapped around me holding me in place surrounding me in warmth making me drowsy. “I missed you” the voice said, feeling the softness of his cheek brush against mine feeling his heart beating as fast as mine. I could barely tell who’s was beating the fastest at this point. I opened my mouth to say something when the moment was shattered almost like my heart, we heard the laughter and clicking of heels walking our way. The warmth was quickly replaced with an freezing gush of air leaving me shivering a little. I turned to meet Terry’s eyes they glowed with anger as the two girls turned the corner and saw us.

Two dirty blonde girls one had her hair pinned up wore heavy makeup that wasn’t really blended well. Her shirt was tight enough to see her ribcage with two imprints of nipple piercings sticking out. I almost gagged at the sight. “who lets their teenage daughter out dressed like this?” I thought as I glared over to the girl beside her, she had really stiff curls, almost as if you reached out to touch one it would crumble like a potato chip. She had lighter style of makeup, which fit her enough to avoid her stick like body. You’d swear she was fourteen if it wasn’t for the makeup or heels that looked like she stole them out of her mom’s closet. The smell of her cheap perfume brought tears to my eyes, it reeked of lavender and desperation.

The girl with the stiff curls looked at me like a piece of meat. A wild animal ready to pounce their prey while her friend looked towards Terry with pure lust. My blood started to boil. “He’s mine…” I whispered to myself. The girl with the nipple piercings turned escort bayan her attention towards me, trying to figure out what I mumbled. They started moving closer, when suddenly we all heard in a deep angry voice almost as if satan himself appeared behind us. “What are you kids still doing in the building!” turning whiter than a sheet I turned and saw, It was the janitor. A grouchy old man with a sharp looking beard looked down at us with cold dark eyes.

Before The girls ran off while I turned around a bit stunned. “Sorry, sir we just forgot a few books we’ll get out of your hair in a second.” Terry smiled grabbing a book out my locker then closing it. “You better.” He growled at us staring. Terry quickly pushed me from behind heading us to the opposite direction where the girls ran. Past the janitor who kept glaring at us till we got out of his sight.

Terry pushed me behind a stairwell. There were scribblings of curse words, “ ____ is a bitch.”, gum stuck on the rails, loose and crumbled papers, and a few condom wrappers stuck in the creases where light poured out. Feeling warm breath hit my cheek, turning my head slightly I was greeted by soft lips. A cool sensation filled my body and mind as I silently thanked the heavens for creating such a beautiful man. Enjoying him creasing my face as his fingers softly tangled themselves in my hair, feeling his erection pressed against mine harder as the space between us grew thinner and thinner. His tongue slowly entering my mouth, letting out a moan slowly giving in to the heat my erection was pulsing out wanting to be taken immediately. Suddenly, the moment was shattered hearing footsteps coming down the empty stairwell. Both Terry and I froze, pulled out of our daze as the footsteps stopped at the bottom of our stairwell. “So glad school is done with these fucking kids.” The thick voice mumbled. Maybe one of the teacher’s I thought hearing them fumble a bit in their pockets and the sound of a lighter flicking and the back door opening loudly and slamming back closed. Only the smell of a cigarette and a spoiled moment lingered in the again empty stairwell.

“Come on let’s head to my place before we really get caught.” Terry grumbled picking up his bag and heading out the same back door. With me a few feet behind him.

Finally, getting off school property Terry seemed back to his old self cracking jokes and talking about his classes. “Most of them were okay, fell asleep in Chem though. Had a really nice dream.” He yawned stretching. “Oh?” I smiled a bit. “Mhm. You were in it.” he whispered in my ear before suddenly pulling away at the sound of his mom’s voice in the distance. “Hi sweetheart!” A high pitched voice shouted as we approached the drive thru. Terry’s mom was a short woman, I could see where he got his looks from him and his mother could be twins almost. “Hi Chris it’s nice to see you again! How’s your mom doing?” she smiled at me with a big Tv smile as she came closer to us with her car keys. “Hi Mrs. Peterson. She’s alright.” I smiled back. “That’s good to hear. I hope to see her at our next book club meeting.” She turned her attention to her son. “Terry, i’m going to go pick your father up from the airport we’ll be back in a few hours okay?” She asked. “Okay mom, oh is it okay if Chris spends the night? I know it’s a school night but we have a huge project due and I wanted to–” she stopped him. “As long as Chris mom is okay with it go ahead.” she smiled getting into her car waving at us as we headed inside.

“So you gonna call your mom?” Terry laughed closing and locking the door behind him as he grabbed me from behind. “No she’s going to be working night shift she wouldn’t even notice i’m gone.” leaning into his embrace letting my tongue softly glide on my lips before turning around to give him a soft kiss. But he stopped me, “Come let’s go watch a movie in my room.” He chuckled letting go of me and heading down the hallway to his room. Leaving me cold and a bit disappointed I followed him into a dark room. “Babe?” I whispered stepping further into the room. The door closed leaving the only hope of light gone, only peeking out of the antalya escort creaks on the edges. I jumped feeling hands move up my stomach to my chest. “mmmm” a voice moaned a bit. “what happened to wanting to see a movie?” I smirked to myself the hands stopped pulling off of me.

A lamp turned on it and a shirtless Terry appeared looking for something in the drawer. Standing up pulling out a remote he turned on his tv and a random show came out. “Happy?” he smiled tossing the remote on a chair then shoved my bag off my shoulder pulling me into a long deserved kiss. Terry’s hands slowly moving up my body unbuttoning my shirt exposing my chest to his warm then pulled me into his lap his hard dick pressed against me as I shivered a bit in pleasure. “You’ve been hard since we were in school maybe we should relieve some of that don’t you think?” He whispered kissing my ear unbuckling my belt, unbuttoning and unzipping down my jeans. Slowly pulling my pants down just enough to expose my pulsing cock leaking precum everywhere. Gripping it tightly without hesitant started jerking me off making my body jerk from the sudden sensation. “fuck babe” I mumbled moving with his hand moaning. I closed my eyes clinging to Terry my moans filling his ears and room.

Suddenly stopping pulling me off his lap leaving my dick pulsing and wanting more. Terry stood up taking off his pants showing his hard dick, “You’re so selfish.” He smiled a bit blushing. Sitting up I pulled him towards the bed, I crawled back into his lap kicking off my jeans. Pressing my dick against his and started jerking us both off hard. Terry moaned pulling my hand off my dick and replaced it with his jerking me off as I did him. “fuck…ah..” I moaned closing my eyes moving my hand with his. “It feels so good….” Moaning biting my lip. Feeling warm fingers slip between my cheeks and circle around my hole deepening my pleasure even more. Before fully invading my ass. “mmm…” Muffling my moans as my dick and ass were being consumed in pleasure. Terry’s hand moved faster than ever on my dick as did mine. Humping his hand as he did mine both of our gasps and moans filled each other’s ears. “…cumming…” he gasped as his dick pulsed in my hand more. “me too..” I groaned riding his fingers faster panting like a animal in heat wanting to feel the blissful release i’ve been craving all day. “..shit..” Terry moaned as load after load exploded out of his cock covering our stomach and hands. Terry keep moving his hands determined to share his moment with me as I felt my own cumming pulling him in a kiss to quiet my almost scream as my dick twitched violently covering our hands leaving my body almost limp. Breaking the kiss as we both gasping softly for air. Looking into each other’s eyes smiling. “fuck..i love you..” Terry said mid-gasping as he pushed me on the bed kissing me.

My face was red hot even more after hearing that, then Terry reached under his pillow pulling out a condom. He tore it with his mouth then slid it on his dick. “Want me to show you how much i love you?” he grinned lifting my legs and pushing them against my chest pressing his dick against my hole. Nodding spreading my ass for him. Slowly we watched inch by inch of his cock entering my hungry ass as pleasure consumed both of us. “Mm so tight babe” he moaned fully sinking into me. “ah…so deep and thick” I groaned as he started moving feeling every inch pulling out then slam deep into me again. “fuck!” I yelped as he smirked doing it again the slowly devolved a nice rhyme. “mmm that’s it take all of it” Terry groaned thrusting faster and harder into me wearing my hole out. My dick bouncing against my stomach twitching. Terry pulled himself closer to me and his dick went deeper as Terry thrusted in faster and faster letting his instinct take him over growling and panting like an animal fucking his prey. “fuck my dick feels so fucking good in your ass i never wanna stop.” he growled as my dick pulsed and twitched more. Terry’s thrusted even deeper and he pulled me even closer feeling his dick twitch as his nails sank deep into my thighs. “Fuck i’m cumming!” He growled. Feeling my cock feel like it was going to explode itself. I heard the door swing open and that’s when we both froze at the sound of a high pitched voice screaming. “TERRANCE PETERSON WHAT IN GOD’S NAME ARE YOU TWO DOING??”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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