Fishing with the Neighbor

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My boat slipped almost silently between the broken off remains and the still standing trunks of trees that were submerged when the reservoir was flooded half a century ago. The morning was already getting hot and it was only nine thirty. I deftly maneuvered the aluminum hull between the solid chunks of oak sticking up like fingers from the soft mucky bottom, trying not to bump them and startle the fish hanging suspended along the fat trunks. My fishing partner and I dropped heavy lead head jigs down along the trunks, trying to entice the bigger walleye to feast on the freeze dried minnow hanging on the single hook.

When the water turned just over seventy degrees, the fish changed patterns, no longer as easily located along the channel edges. Many of the bigger fish moved either to the bottom of the channels or to these stump fields, something only a local like me would know. The “professional” tournament fishermen were all out in the main portion of the lake beating the water to a froth for tomorrows tournament, while my partner and I slowly worked our way up the nearly three mile long finger of flooded timber. Most fishermen would avoid this field if they didn’t know that it was still fed by a tributary, creating just enough flow to allow eddies to form around the tree trunks, a perfect place for fish, both small and large to hang effortlessly.

Vanessa and I were after the largest of these, knowing that while we wouldn’t keep one today, a couple twenty plus inch fish would put us in good stead for tomorrow, if we could locate them. Vanessa and I worked well as a team and had been doing so for a bit over two years, since she moved into the house behind ours.

Vanessa was a bit of an unusual person. Half tom-boy, half super-model. Yeah, you heard that right. She looked every bit like a super model, right down to the figure, hair and makeup, but loved to fish, hunt and generally be outdoors. Her mother taught her how to be a lady, and her father taught her to love the outdoors. Unfortunately for her, the man who wooed her into marriage was looking only for the first, not the second. He’s a work-a-holic who needed a good looking wife on his arm and to handle social events and parties, but has little interest in spending time doing things with her that she likes to do.

Unlike her, I’m only an average looking guy, and while my wife and I get along well, she absolutely hates fishing. So with her blessing I started inviting Vanessa to go fishing, which turned into pretty regular trips during the warm months. During the cold winter months we have her over frequently to play games and hang out.

Today though was fishing. Not just any fishing. An all important pre-fish day for the one walleye tournament held on our favorite lake. I’d been fishing this lake all my life and knew it better than a lot of men knew their own wives. Today we were scouting for the tournament tomorrow, intent on finding out just exactly where those lunkers were hiding, what color bait they were attracted to today and hopefully, tomorrow. It was going to be unseasonably hot though. It was only mid morning and it was already into the eighties and the sun was beating down on us with almost no wind to cool us. Vanessa had on a tank top, a pair of micro shorts and little canvas tennis shoes, while I was sweating in a t-shirt and pair of cargo shorts.

Even before I set my rod down and started to pull off my t-shirt, I knew the comment that Vanessa was going to make. It was the same one that she made every time I pulled off my shirt.

“There it is. Wondered how long it’d take,” she said as she dropped her jig down over the side of the boat near a close tree trunk.

“I’ve said it before,” I answered her. “I’m not the one that’s stopping you.”

“I know, I know,” she answered with the shake of her head. We’d had this discussion almost every time I peeled off my shirt, how it was unfair that men could bare their chests and women had to suffer wearing tops of some kind over their breasts. I had always countered that I was equal opportunity, and that if she wanted to strip down, I wasn’t going to stop her. As the day got hotter and she did strip down. She generally had on much less than I did, typically some kind of bikini, while I was stuck in my cargo shorts. Then it was her turn to say that I was always welcome to wear something as skimpy as she had. It was an expected but no less enjoyable exchange for both of us.

I got out of my pedestal seat on the bow platform of my boat and stepped down into the passenger well, digging in a compartment for the bottle of sunscreen. I turned to Vanessa, as I usually did, and asked if she’d mind spraying my back. As she usually did, she agreed. She set her rod down and stepped down from the rear platform seat to stand next to me. She took the bottle and I turned my back, feeling her spray the cold liquid across my back and then rub it around to ensure she’d covered everything thing, including my shoulders and neck.

She canlı bahis şirketleri handed me the bottle when she was done. “Might as well do mine while we’re stopped fishing,” she said, turning her back to me. It wasn’t unusual for me to return the favor, but usually she had already stripped down to her bikini top and covered her arms and front side first. This time she turned her back and pulled the tank top up and off, holding the green tank top over her chest while exposing her bare back to me.

I quickly sprayed her back and then rubbed the clear liquid around her back, getting all the way down to the small of her back and the waistband of the tiny shorts and working up to her neck and shoulders. I was about to declare it done when she tossed the shirt to the deck in front of her and held both arms out, a clear invitation to go ahead and do her arms. I was about done spraying her arms and getting ready to rub the liquid in when it dawned on me. No strings, no straps. Her bikini top usually had strings or straps across her back and around her neck, but today, there weren’t any. My left hand held the bottle of spray and my right was running up and down her right arm when I realized I could see the whole side of her breast, and it was as bare as her back. I stared at the tanned flesh for long seconds before moving to rub the lotion into her left arm, my dick suddenly hardening in my shorts.

We’d been joking with each other about “stripping down” in the interest of “fairness” but I’d never really thought that anything would come of it. For that matter, nothing had, except that she didn’t have anything on above her waist, even if her back was turned. “Done,” I finally said, expecting her to lean down and pick her shirt back up, maybe giving me another little glimpse of her breast.

“Might as well do the front too,” she said as she turned to face me. I stared at her completely bare chest, her full round C cup breasts, their weight making them hang down slightly and turn the hard nipples slightly upward. Her dark pink areola were slightly oblong shaped, and centered in the middle of small creamy white triangles where the smallest of her bikini tops usually covered. “Well? It’s not like you haven’t seen tits before, right?”

“Uh. Yeah,” I answered, raising the spray bottle and spraying back and forth across her chest and stomach. “Just not yours,” I added, dropping the bottle back onto the storage bin and taking a step back.

“You’re not going to rub it around?” she asked.

“Uhhhh. I guess,” I answered, reaching for her body with both hands. I started at her stomach and rubbed the clear liquid around as I worked my hands up to her tits, rubbing the liquid around each soft orb. Since I married my wife, I’d not touched another set of tits, and my hands shook slightly as I rubbed over and around her hard nipples. My hands, almost with a mind of their own, gave each soft orb a gentle squeeze before rubbing my thumbs across her nipples a few times.

“I said spread it around, not play with my tits,” she said with a scowl. “Did you get into my waistband?”

“Into your waistband?”

“Yeah, of my shorts. I don’t want to get burned because the waistband of my shorts puckered out. You gotta rub right down under the waistband.”

“Oh. Okay,” I answered, feeling like a teenage boy feeling a girl’s body for the first time. My heart was pounding as I lay my hand flat on her stomach and pressed my fingers into the waistband of her shorts, my fingers sliding across her smooth skin.

“Here,” she said, reaching down past my hand to unsnap the waistband of her shorts and pull the short little zipper down part way. My fingers slid down lower, rubbing across her smooth mound. She raised her arms and turned slowly, allowing me to rub my fingers down between her body and the denim shorts waistband. I rubbed across her right hip and then across the top of her round firm butt, my fingers actually bouncing over the crack between her cheeks. She continued to turn, stopping only when she was once again facing me, her hands still over her head. “You have very gentle hands,” she said softly, so softly that I almost didn’t hear her over the pounding of my heart.

“Thanks,” I answered nervously as I withdrew my hand from her shorts.

“You think I should put on my suit now? Or wait until later?”

“I don’t see why you can’t wait. I mean no one is going to see you out here,” I answered, not at all averse to her leaving her tits out on display a while.

“Oh. Okay,” she said, reaching down to her shorts and pulling the zipper the rest of the way down. She pushed the shorts over her butt and let them slide down her legs. She stepped out of them, leaving her completely naked except for the canvas tennis shoes. “I guess you better put some sunblock on my butt then,” she added, turning away from me and bending over slightly to push her full round ass out at me. I could see her reach between her legs and give her pussy a canlı kaçak iddaa soft stroke, freeing her soft inner lips from how they’d been pressed against her body by her shorts. Her lips now protruded sexily, gapping slightly as she waited for me to get the spray and cover her butt. I bent over, getting an even better look at her pussy as I dug the bottle back out. I stood behind her and sprayed her butt before reaching with my right hand to stroke around her tanned cheeks, working my hand lower and lower without complaint. I finally let my fingers slide between her legs and gently stroke her pussy, her ass pushing out at me a little more as my fingers stroked over and around her soft lips.

I would have stood there and played with her pussy all day if she hadn’t moved, straightening up and turning to face me, her completely shaved mound and pussy on full display. “You’re not going to let this part get burned, are you?” she asked, raising her hands over her head again and stepping her feet apart slightly.

“Uh. No,” I mumbled, spraying one swipe across her bare mound and then pressing my palm against it to rub the liquid around. I stroked my fingers down between her legs and rubbed her pussy from the front as well, letting my middle finger dip between her lips a few times.

“Your turn,” she said, lowering her arms and reaching for the bottle of spray.

“My turn?”

“Of course. That was always the thing, wasn’t it? We got to wear so little and you didn’t? Well, now’s your chance to wear exactly what I am,” she whispered, stepping closer to me until her hard nipples practically brushed against my chest. “Unless you’re bashful or something,” she added as the fingers of her left hand unsnapped my shorts. I felt the zipper slide down, my shorts sliding down part way as she unzipped the zipper. She gently pushed the waistband of my shorts and they slid down my legs to pool around my ankles. I heard the spray bottle drop to the deck and then felt her hands on my hips, pushing my boxer briefs down my hips. She slowly sank in front of me until she was on her knees, my rock hard dick pointing straight at her face. She looked up and grinned at me. “You going to help me take these off your legs or are you gonna shuffle around the boat all day?”

“Oh,” I answered stupidly, lifting first one foot and then the other to let her take my shorts and underwear off over my shoes. She picked up the bottle of spray and then stood in front of me again.

“Turn around,” she said quietly. “We don’t want you to end up with a burned bum, do we?”

“Definitely not!” I answered, imaging how I’d explain to my wife that I had a sunburned ass. I felt her spray the sunblock on my butt and then rub it around, covering not only my butt but down my thighs as far as the shorts had covered.

“Okay. Other side,” she said softly.

“I can do this part,” I said nervously as she reached for my hard dick.

“Uh uh. I’ll do it,” she said, spraying the rigid pole in her hand and then spraying around the base of my dick and my thighs. She tossed the bottle into the bin and then stroked my dick with one hand, while rubbing around my balls with her other.

“Oh god,” I groaned as her strokes teased my dick, driving my sudden level of excitement higher.

“That feel good?” she cooed softly, stepping closer so that her left breast pressed against my chest and one side of her pressed to my side. Her hand slid along the length of my shaft, her palm running over my head each time she stroked to the end, twisting slightly as she stroked back toward the base of my shaft again. Her other hand gently teased and toyed with my balls, making it harder and harder to stand still.

“You keep doing that and you’re gonna make me come,” I groaned, moving my arm around her body, pulling her tighter to me. I slipped my hand around her side far enough to feel the side of her breast with my fingers as she continued to stroke me.

“I think that’s maybe the idea, isn’t it?”

“Is it?”

“I think so,” she answered. I let my arm fall down from her side and slip under her ass and then between her legs, teasing the tip of my middle finger around and slightly into the entrance to her depths. “If you promise to be a good boy, I’ll make it easier for you to do that,” she whispered.

“Uh huh,” I answered, breathlessly, wondering just how l was managing to keep from coming. She let go and turned around, sitting on the front deck and laying back. She pushed her knees apart to completely expose her pussy to me.

“Come here,” she coaxed, holding her hands out. I stepped towards her and she guided me to step over her and then turn around. “Down,” she coaxed, helping me to kneel down over her, facing her pussy. “Now we can both see what we’re doing,” she said as she grasped my cock again and started to slowly stroke it. I stared at her completely bare pussy for several seconds before leaning my face down to gently kiss her wet soft lips. “Oh yesssss,” canlı kaçak bahis she hissed softly, giving my dick an appreciative squeeze. I teased her lips with my tongue, quickly finding her clit as she pushed her legs even further apart. I gently licked and flicked her soft pussy and hard clit while she stroked my hips, both of us rocking our hips in time with the other’s strokes. I wrapped one arm around her tight and drew a moan from her as I pushed a finger deep into her hot wet pussy.

I felt her push my hip up and then her hot mouth engulfed my engorged mushroom head. “Oh fuck,” I groaned as she swirled her tongue around my head, hitting all the right places one last time. I just couldn’t hold back any longer, even though she was fulfilling a fantasy I’d had of her ever since we met. My body bucked uncontrollably, pumping a massive gush of cum into her mouth. I groaned into her pussy, pushing a second finger into her pussy as she squeezed and sucked my cock, my body unleashing shot after shot into her. When my head cleared I concentrated on her clit, licking and flicking it wildly while pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy, her hips lifting and squirming as she pulled my dick from her mouth and lay under me panting.

“OHHHHH FUCK!” she cried loudly as her climax washed over her, her body trembling and shaking beneath me. I held myself over her, gently teasing her clit and licking and kissing her soft pussy for a minute or two before slowly pulling myself off of her. I crawled off the deck and sat down in the passenger well on one of the seats, looking at her naked body laying on the deck. I was glad that she’d made me come and my dick was deflating, or I’d have had a hard time not crawling back over her and stuffing it into her pussy. “You know, you’re pretty good at that,” she panted as she lay there.

“Glad you think so.”

“I know so. I wasn’t expecting that. I was just going to jack you off and then you started playing with my pussy.”

“Well, you surprised me when you started playing with me. Hell, for that matter, you surprised me when you turned around bare chested.”

“Yeah. Well. Surprised me too. I was just going to let you do my back and then put my swimsuit top on.”

“So why?”

“I don’t know. We’ve always joked about making it fair and all, I just thought, well, if we were both naked, it’d be fair right? Then I looked at your cock and started thinking about how it’d feel in my hand, and then I started thinking about how it’d feel in my pussy. I decided I better do something before we got that far, so I figured I’d jack you off. You couldn’t fuck me if you had a soft cock.”

I chuckled softly. “No. I couldn’t.”

“So, should we go back to fishing?”

“Like this?”

“Why not? Like you said, no one can see us back here,” she said as she pushed herself up to her elbows. “Unless you’re too embarrassed and want to get dressed again.”

“Not me. If you can stay naked, I can.”

“Trust me, staying naked isn’t a problem for me,” she said with a soft laugh before holding a hand out toward me. I got up from the chair and reached for her hand, pulling her up to stand in front of me. “I have a little confession. Not even my husband knows this, but when I was in college sometimes I’d make ends meet by working as a stripper.”

“Well, you sure have the body for it,” I said appreciatively as she slipped between my arms and pressed her tits to my chest. She lifted herself on her toes to bring her lips to mine and gave me a long, slow wet kiss. “You sure got the lips for it too,” I breathed quietly as we stood with our arms wrapped around each other.

“That was just to say thank you, for being… special,” she said before releasing me and stepping back as I loosened my arms from around her. Without another word, she sidestepped me and climbed back on the rear platform and picked up her rod.

I followed suit and we were soon back to fishing, dropping out baits down the stumps and bringing in a number of fish, though not the big lunkers we were hoping for. I couldn’t help but stare at her tits each time she leaned forward, the soft mounds wiggling and swinging freely, the sight making my cock harden again. “How about some shade for a few minutes. I’m getting a bit warm,” she said as she lay down her rod and stood up.

“Sure,” I answered, looking towards the shoreline and finding a number of trees hanging over the water. I turned the electric trolling motor towards them and pressed the pedal, turning my back on her as I steered the boat around the stumps toward the shallow shoreline. I heard her step behind me as I let off the pedal, allowing the boat to coast towards the shoreline.

She stepped around to my side and then swung one leg over me, settling on my lap, facing me, her legs spread over and around me. She reached her hands down to my rigid cock and gently teased it with her fingers, her pussy only a couple short inches from it. “Someone’s got a hardon again.”

“Yeah. Staring at your tits will do that,” I said, trying to joke off how horny I was.

“You want me to cover them up?”

“Not hardly,” I answered with a chuckle. “Took me long enough to get you to show ’em, why would I want you to cover ’em?”

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