Firsts: Chelsea’s story

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I too would say that my purest connection to pleasure doesn’t come from my first experiences which were quite bad and should best be forgotten. The one I remember the most was first time I truly felt the heat of another, I was nearly twenty.

After losing my virginity, I never let anybody get even remotely close, even a hug from someone to aggressive was too much for me. Yet I still managed to have a regular boyfriend who was okay with my space issues. He was very patient, and after a while I could even sleep in his arms for a whole night. One of my friends had gone off to the city for university, during reading weeks I would house sit for her while she went off to spend some of her scholarship money doing research. It gave me access to a top floor loft apartment just outside the city. It was a welcome change from the basement apartment I lived in but it was stiflingly hot.

My boyfriend had driven me downtown and stayed for a weekend sleepover. We dined in a little pub by the park and perhaps it was the beer or the sauna my friend called a bedroom but we couldn’t sleep. We moved out to the balcony with our sleeping bags in the cool air under the stars. He drifted off almost immediately but I just stayed awake watching wispy clouds drift across the black sky while my fingers explored his body, the hard canlı bahis corners over bone, the muscles, the way his butt curled back in, I remember them all. I loved the firmness of his chest, the way the muscles ran across his ribs and the ridges where they finished up. The way his brown nipples would stiffen when my fingers traced their edges.

It still makes me tingle now thinking about them and I can see it all when I close my eyes.

There was a patch to the right and above his heart, a place that whenever I came close, would give him an erection. The longer I would tease it, the harder it got. Pull away, and he would fade away. I had found his weak spot. The more I explored, the more I wanted him to wake up, but he wouldn’t. I whispered and blew in his ear, he did not move. I ran my nails along his ribs, not even a jump. All it did was make me want him more, finally I could take it no longer and used his little secret spot to conjure up another erection and then mounted him.

As I sat up, the sleeping bag pulled away from him and the cold air brought him awake slowly. His arms lifted and his hands began to explore my body. Above my rib cage on the left side under my shoulder he found my weak spot. I shuddered and let out a big sigh, the wildness rose up in me and I could not turn it off my animal bahis siteleri side. His arms held me in place and we became one in our motions.

We were both so distracted that we failed to notice the rain until it was too late. Big drops came down like lead and the cool drops navigated my steamy body. They stung as they hit and left little trails of sensations in their wake, some even pooled between us. I leaned back and dug my hands into his chest as I rocked him back and forth inside of me, it was amazing the way we fit together and the pools of water that splashed as I slammed back into him. He told me later that the rooftop patio even began to move.

I could have stayed lost in that moment forever but the rain had other ideas. It tuned into bullets and we had no cover. My rhythm was off and feeling a change he took me and spun me around until I landed in the last dry spot of the sleeping bag.

The smells were amazing and his body was so tight, his butt was clenched as he pressed inside of me. I remember wanting to dig my nails into every part of him but he was trying to use his head and body as an umbrella for my face so that we could look into each other’s eyes. When they locked together, I was done for, they were so soft and loving, it was if my body was in some far away place when I came. bahis şirketleri It started inside my hips and spread out in waves, all the while I was looking into his blue eyes. The numbness went on until I could feel a wave of molten heat, it took me a few seconds to realize he was coming inside of me and the feeling of it was like nothing I could ever have imagined. This time it didn’t feel like I should push away, I wanted him closer then I panicked for a moment because he wasn’t wearing anything but the feeling was so good, there was no way I could fight it. His weight was starting to press down on me as his butt released but I held him there, spreading his butt cheeks open, he let out a huge groan that echoed through me.

I squirmed and squeezed underneath him until a huge wave of blissfulness came over me, calling me into a deep sleep. His body collapsed atop me and I managed to rotate him off me enough that we were still locked together. He was still pulsing inside of me and he drew my chest into his, my head coming to rest just below his. He swept back my hair and kissed me, his breath was like pure heat. The waves kept washing through me and ran from the base of my spine up through my chest and neck and ended up in all corners of my brain.

Before I fell asleep, I remember watching the steam rise from our sleeping bag and just breathing that smell of sex. Half my body was his and I embraced half of his, it made my chest burn and our hearts beat so strongly that I am surprised either of us could fall asleep.

The End

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