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Big Dicks

My beloved and I have had a fairly open attitude towards sex in our relationship together. We have understood that we have sexual desires that fall outside of our relationship. So we have made allowances for extracurricular sexual activities.

When seeking sexual encounters with men it is fairly easy. There are many places one can set up profiles and arrange for sexual trysts and men are certainly more open to having sex and nothing but sex (even that can prove difficult).

Finding women who are interested in that type of thing is much more difficult. That, in my honest opinion, is why you will find so many straight men who occasionally engage in sexual activity with other men.

Women want to meet and talk first. It becomes an investment of time that usually does not yield any results as far as sex goes. This is obviously frustrating. Being open to man-to-man sex is sometimes a good solution. But if I am not in the mood for cock…Well…..that’s where escorts come in.

Everything changes when there is money involved. This is something I think applies to everything in life. Sex is no different. It does not mean you cannot find a good sexual experience it just means you have to act accordingly.

When perusing escort ads you have to use common sense. For me vulgar ads are an automatic turn-off. It is important to speak to the lady on the phone and use your common sense. Within thirty seconds of speaking to someone I will usually have enough information to know with whom I am dealing. A lot of these women are very nice but, like with anything, one must look carefully.

If you want to have a good experience you should follow the same rules that you would follow in a non-paying experience. Be kind, polite, well-groomed and clean. Let me put it another way: Treat this like a real date. The only difference is you are guaranteed to get laid. Everything else will be the same. If you’re an asshole she’ll treat you like an asshole. If you are a gentleman she will probably give you a much better service. Why should it be any different? The lady you’re paying is still a human being, not a machine. I have had many experiences with escorts and this approach has served me very well as a lot of these experiences have been very good ones. There is more to sex than just cocks, pussies, asses and tits. That’s what makes sex so hot in the first place.

I called an ad that simply said “Afterwork Secretary”. The woman who answered was very pleasant and seemed quite sane. She said her name was Cassandra. I asked for her physical description. She mentioned she had 40DD breasts. When I heard eryaman bayan escort that I suddenly became very interested in something that I had fantasized about but had not really done at that point in my life. I said (as politely as I could), “If you will pardon my language, but is tit-fucking permitted?”

I thought she might hang up on me right then and there, thinking I was a jerk. She responded quite humorously, “I love tit-fucking!” I made an appointment and knocked on her door twenty-five minutes later.

Let me say that my beloved is an extremely attractive lady but she has rather small breasts. I’ve always liked smaller-chested women as their breasts tend to be nice and firm. Just the same sometimes I want to bury my cock between a nice big pair of hooters. I had had a couple of girlfriends in the past with large chests but none of them would have been open to this activity. I could not imagine either of them lying on her back while I slid my cock between her tits and squirted my come on her. One of them would not even suck my cock no matter how much I ate her pussy….. I had started to get very turned on by some titfucking I had seen in porn. One particular image had stuck in my mind and I had been eager for a good titfuck for some time.

“Cassandra” was not how I pictured her. Still, she was quite attractive sexually. She had an hourglass figure and a nice face and a very nice demeanour (and in reality that is one of the most attractive qualities a woman can have). In fact it is one of the most attractive qualities anybody can have.

Being new to this I allowed her to direct the action. I put the agreed-upon sum on a table and asked if I could take a quick shower. She give me a towel and I got nice and clean. When I came out of the shower she was in her bra and panties. she told me to sit down on a chair. She started to give me a little massage on my neck and arms and legs which is very pleasant and then she said to me, “Now for the breast massage”. She removed her bra and lowered her tits onto my hardening cock. I was in heaven. My cock throbbed between her warm breasts. I asked her if she could lie down on the bed.

She was extremely cooperative and agreeable. I licked and kissed her tits, especially the underside which I consider to be the sexiest part of the breast. I licked and gently sucked on her nipples. I did little circles around them with my tongue. I rubbed my face on them.

And then I straddled her. I put my cock between those luscious tits and begin thrusting slowly between them. They were very wet from my licking. I was in titfuck heaven. escort etimesgut Tit flesh surrounded my cock. It’s much different than a pussy or a mouth and the visual of looking down as I slid back and forth was extremely hot. She was very good-natured and just held her tits the right way so I could enjoy the experience. After a few minutes I put my face back between those tits and licked them to make them nice and slippery for my cock. I could taste a bit of my pre-come that had dribbled on her chest. The taste of my pre come on her chest pointed out just how horny I was.

I trailed my tongue down her belly, kissing and licking her stomach. I pulled her panties to the side and softly licked her pussy. I licked it passionately like it was my girlfriend’s. I wanted to make her feel as good as she had just made me feel. She was a very sexually responsive woman. I sensually tongued her pussy lips and clit. I removed her panties, put my hands on the backs of her thighs and pushed her knees a bit against her chest and dove my tongue deep inside her cunt. I wanted to worship this sex goddess. She was moaning and my face was covered with pussy juice

I turned her over on her stomach and straddled her big ass cheeks. I asked her if it would be all right if I licked her asshole. To my surprise she said, “yes”.

I spread her cheeks and went to work on

her ass. I licked up and down her crack dragging my tongue over her sexy hole. I circled it with my tongue and then poked my tongue softly inside. Then I mounted her butt cheeks and fucked them just like I had fucked her tits. I have always loved rubbing my cock between sexy ass cheeks. They were nice and warm just like her tits. My cock was dripping precum like crazy and I simply had to fuck this hot woman.

I told her, “I would really like to fuck you”. she smiled and put a condom on my cock using her mouth. She sucked me through the condom while cupping my balls softly. I enjoyed her blowjob for a minute or two and then I got between her legs and started licking her pussy again. I licked it until it was very wet. Then I mounted her missionary style and put my cock inside. She started moaning softly and passionately. I buried my cock all the way and ground the base of my cock against her clit. We moaned together and I really had to control myself. As much as I wanted to come at that moment I wanted to come between her tits even more. I gently pumped her for quite some time, keeping myself close to orgasm but not coming.

I held my face next to hers. I would have loved to make out with her while we were elvankent escort fucking but she wouldn’t kiss (which was understandable). Still, I could lick her ears and neck and even her tits while I was fucking her. At one point our faces were pretty close and I looked at her. She looked quite pretty and I told her so.

I just wanted to keep fucking her all night long but at one point she very politely mentioned to me that my hour was coming to an end. She said “You are able to control yourself more than most men so I don’t usually have to tell them.” I laughed to myself thinking about how many times I nearly ejaculated on her tits or in her pussy.

I asked her if I could come between her tits. She said okay as long as I didn’t get any come in her hair or on her face. I removed the condom and licked between her tits using my saliva to make them slippery for my cock and one last moment of pleasure. I mounted her chest and slowly thrust back and forth treasuring every second of titfuck pleasure. I was thrusting fully forward, the base of my cock and balls resting on her tits while the head of my cock poked out close to her face. This was the hottest part of the titfuck. I continued slowly until I felt my orgasm building slowly, only this time I didn’t hold back. I positioned a Kleenex in front of my cock while fucking her tits and started to shoot wave after wave after wave of hot come into it. It was so amazing! Her tits massaged the underside of my cock while I continued to orgasm. The sexual energy I released was fantastic. Even after I came I rested my cock and balls on her tits while I told her that her service was worth every penny and more.

After I quickly washed up and got dressed we talked for a couple of minutes. I really enjoyed talking to her. Her name was really Andrea and she worked as a secretary in real life. That is why her ad said “Afterwork Secretary”. I asked her if having a lot of cleavage helped her out a lot in life. She was refreshingly honest and said, “You bet it does!” She had also mentioned when I called her that her breasts were all-natural. At the time I didn’t think much of it but later on I realized just how important that is for a good titfuck. Surgical implants do not feel warm and spongy like the natural version. They feel unusually rigid and are pretty much unresponsive. From what I understand a lot of nerve endings are destroyed for breast augmentation to be possible. There are some things that only nature can provide. I can only hope that women will stop maiming themselves for something which is all appearance but numbs them as far sensation goes.

As I left she gave me a kiss on the cheek. I pulled her close, gave her a hug and thanked her for a wonderful time. I would have liked to see her again but did not have the funds available so it was the only time that we met. I hope she’s okay wherever she is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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