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Before you read this, keep in mind I am typing this as my fiancé and I do it! So if my typing isn’t perfect, sorry! It’s a little hard to think about grammar and punctuation when you’re getting fucked! And if it’s not in quotations, that’s because it’s my thoughts and not my words.

This is incredibly difficult to type. As a challenge, my fiancé asked me to type what is happening. You’re about to read exactly how it feels when I get fucked! You’ll read what he does, my reaction and of course what we say, or think, or moan. And we’re both in for a surprise!

I am on my knees on the floor, facing the bed, my laptop in front of me. I am totally nude, as is my fiancé. I am about 5ft, 38C, big round ass, and caramel-colored skin.

“Sweet enough to eat,” as my fiancé always says. He gets behind me on his knees, and is slowly running his hands over my back and arms.

“Mmm, that feels so good!” I say.

He leans in and finds that one spot on my neck that makes me cringe and begins sucking and licking. I’m squirming, very hard to type.

“Mmm, I can’t type when you do that!” I moan. I can feel him smile on my neck.

His hands slide around to my breasts. He’s got my nipples between his fingers, rolling them, sending me into a wave of pleasure!

“MMMMMM, yeah, ooooh!” More moaning.

My nipples are highly sensitive! Played with just the right way, they can send me into orgasm! My hips are pumping against him as he continues to manipulate my nipples and suckle my neck. I can feel him getting hard.

My man is 7.5 inches long and 1.5 inches around. Not big, but big enough for me! He’s tall, 6’1,” dark skinned, hair such a dark brown it’s nearly black, and so thick, just amazing to run my fingers through. And his eyes, such a deep, rich, chocolate brown. His lips are so warm and wet on my neck. I can feel my pussy getting wet as he rolls my nipples between his fingers.

“Ooooooooo, yeah, please, I need more,” I moan again!

Leaving one hand on my nipple, his other hand makes it’s way down. Using his knees, he spreads my legs. Feeling his fingers on my shaven lips, I shudder. One finger dips in to find my clit.

“OH, oh yeah, yes!” As he rubs me I am grinding against his hand, pleading, “Ooo yeah, baby, more, please, oh god, more!”

I can feel a wave of heat radiate from deep within shooting down to my pussy. I can feel something running down my thigh. Is it his hand? Am I that wet? OH God, I AM that wet! My neck, my nipple and my clit, the 3 areas that can make me cum so hard, so fast!

Suddenly he stops rubbing my clit, “NO, please, I need more,” I all but cry!

Smiling, he stops kissing my neck and comes in for a kiss. WOW! What a kiss. Our tongues twisted, hot and wet, tasting, giving, taking, demanding more. He’s on my neck again. His hand slides closer to my pussy, spreading my lips he rubs his hand up and down, a finger on either side of my clit.

“Oh god, it’s SO hard to type. Please, let me stop. I’m SO wet! Please!” I am begging, I need more, I can’t type!

“You promised, if you stop, so do I!” He grins as he rubs my clit. Shuddering in ecstacy I agree to continue. Please forgive me if my typing is not perfect. He knows exactly how to please me and is amazingly adept at it.

The hand on my clit slides down and a finger slides into my hot, wet box.

“Uuhhh, oh, yeah, oooyeah.” I am moaning, I stop to gather myself so I can type again. I feel his dick pressing into my ass. I stop typing to spread my cheeks so he can slide between them.

“OH yeah! right there!” I am grinding on him, his cockhead pushing on my opening.

“Not yet, I’m not ready,” he tells me. He removes his hand from my breast and getting on the side of me, places it on my ass. Sliding it down towards my pussy, I feel another finger slide in.

I stop and close canlı bahis my eyes, “Ooo, yeah, yeah, oh, just like that,” I am moaning.

He stops. I open my eyes and type again. One finger slides out of my pussy, then slides over my ass. I can feel him rubbing the opening with his finger, wet from my pussy juice. I stop and spread my ass again. He kisses me deeply again and slowly fingers my ass. I break the kiss, out of breath, and type.

My ass is very tight. We’ve never gone all the way back there, but I love his finger in it, and his cockhead rubbing on it. It’s so sensitive and feels so “FUCK ME” good! I stop to kiss him again.

Now type..his finger from one hand is slowly fucking my pussy and a finger from the other hand is playing with the opening of my ass. On the bed is the bottle of anal gel that will numb me so it won’t hurt as bad. Removing his fingers from my openings, he opens the bottle and puts a glob on his finger. I stop typing to spread again.

“Ooh, that’s cold!” I jump a bit as he touches me. He rubs it on, then places his other hand on my pussy and slips a finger in again.

“MMM,” I’m moaning.

Adjusting so he can suck on a nipple while I type is not easy. I resort to typing with one hand. Feeling such pleasure, I barely notice that he’s now got his finger about a 1/2 inch in my ass and is circling the opening with it. Now that I feel it, WOW!

“Yeah, baby, put 2 fingers in my pussy, please.” (he does) “Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck my pussy and my ass baby. Oooh yeah, aawwwhh,” I’m in ecstacy!

I’m moaning, I’m grinding into his hands, and I stop typing to enjoy it. Using my free hand I grab his dripping cock and rub the head. He moans. I use my one hand to type slowly all that just happened. I lick the pre-cum off my hand as he watches.

He leans in and whispers, “I want to fuck your ass while you type about it!”

I stop typing in shock! “You can’t be serious!,” I reply.

“Come on, you love it when I finger you, you get off and have the hardest orgasms. Let me, please?” He cajoles.

He’s still fucking my pussy with his fingers, and my ass too, and it feels SO good, “Oh baby, ooo, yeah, like that, yeah, yeah,” I’m moaning and loving the feel of it.

“Mmm, you really want to fuck my ass,” I ask, moaning in pleasure as he fucks away?

“I’m ready to explode just thinking about sliding my dick into that super tight little hole,” he groans in my ear! “I promise to go slow and easy…unless you beg for fast and hard,” he says wickedly. He knows I like to be fucked good and hard in my pussy.

I agree. I won’t be saying if I stop or not anymore, I’ll just type. Makes it easier on you the reader and me the one being fucked!

I’ve still got 3 fingers in my holes, still loving it. As the finger in my ass slides out, so do the ones in my pussy. Grabbing the bottle of gel again, he puts a big glob on 2 fingers. I spread my ass ready for the cold. As he rubs it in, he slides one finger in again, bending it at the knuckle, wiggling it like a worm, back and forth, up and down, as he fucks my ass in and out.

“Oh, oh, yeah baby, oh yeah, yeah, uuhh, uuhh,” I’m moanig, panting.

He pulls out of my ass. Fucks my pussy a few times with his 2 fingers then slides up to rub my clit.

“Aahh, yeah, yeah, oooo, mmmmmmmmm, yes, more!” I’m begging, moaning.

He knows I like it a little on the rough side, not too much, just a little. And he loves to see my round ass shake when he spanks me. I feel the slap, hard and solid on the underside of my ass. I squeal, “Yeah, again, more baby!”

He’s rubbing my clit between 2 fingers as he spanks my ass, slow, hard, loud slaps! After 6 good slaps on each cheek, he dips his fingers back into my pussy. I’m dripping juices down my thighs. His hand slides to my ass, rubbing where he just spanked me.

I spread, bahis siteleri “Please, try me again,” I plead.

Fucking my pussy, he uses the other hand to slowly put in one finger, and fuck my ass. He slides it all the way in (not small hands on my man, long, thick fingers!)

“Yeah, oh yeah, fuck me baby, please,” I cry!

Fucking my ass slowly at first, then faster, I feel him keeping time with both hands, in and out at the same time.

“Oh God, aawwhh, baby, oooohh, aaww, yeah, yeah, more, please, more!” I’m moaning loudly. Begging, pleading.

I feel a second finger slide in, feel a slight burn, “Aawwhh, ooww, no, ooww, please, aaahhh, oooohh, ooooo, mmmmmmmmmmm!”

It hurts, but the hurt isn’t too bad. It’s actually starting to feel, really good, oh god! uummm, I’m gonna cum!

“Baby, I’m gonna cum, oh god, oh oh oh” I’m panting, moaning. He’s fucking 4 fingers into me, 2 in my pussy and 2 in my ass, oh god I’m so full!

“Yeah, cum baby, cum. you like that don’t you, you like your ass fucked fast and hard. cum baby, cum while I fuck your ass!” He’s talking dirty to me, egging me on.

I can’t take it, the feel, the words, oh god, “OH GOD! fuck yeah, oh yea!” I cum, feeling my juices erupt from my pussy, I’m shuddering, I can’t stop. WOW! OH WOW! He’s still fucking me! Oh GOD! He’s putting a third finger in my ass! oh god! And a third in my pussy!

“Stop, oh god! stop, please!” Holy shit that hurts! Oh god, oh fuck! I’m still cumming, I can’t stop, the pain, the pleasure, oh god! It’s so good, I need more! I gotta feel his dick in my ass, oh god I have to be fucked!

“No, I’m not stopping, keep cumming,” he tells me.

He rubs my clit to get me close again, “I gotta stretch your ass so my dick will fit. You need more talk? Want me to tell you how tight your little ass is? huh, wanna hear how I’m gonna stretch it with my big dick?” He slides his fingers back into my pussy.

“Oooohhh, yeah, ooooooooo, uuuuhhhh, yeah, fuck me, oh fuck me, aaawwwwhh, ooww, oh, faster, yeah, fuck my pussy hard and fast, please!” I’m begging, pleading, moaning.

Getting behind me, I feel him between my legs. I spread my ass and wait. He keeps fucking my ass with his fingers. It feels SO fucking good!

His hand that was in my pussy is holding his dick, as he pulls his fingers out of my ass, he slides his dick in.

“OOOOOohhhhh, yeah, yeah, fuck me baby, fuck my ass! Faster, baby, hard deep fucks!” Where the hell did that come from?! Oh man does that feel good, I’m getting fucked up the ass for the first time and I love it! OH WOW! Yeah!

“Harder! Fuck my ass hard, slamm into me! NOW!”

He starts pumping faster, harder, oh god, it hurts, it feels good, it’s so wierd! I suddenly spy my toy on the bed. Hhmmm…

I grab my dildo that’s on the bed and hand it to my fiancé. Slowing down his strokes, he reaches around and he slides my toy over my clit.

“MMMM,” now that feels good! Now it slides up my pussy…now my toy is 8 inches long and 2 inches wide, it’s my big blue! It stretches me everytime. I’m SO wet, and so hot. He get’s it in all the way, the balls rubing my clit. OH MY GOD! I’m SO sore, so full, oh god!

“Oh my god, oh yeah, oh god baby it hurts, it’s so big, oh god! oh yeah, fuck my ass, my pussy, yeah, yeah, I’m so close!” I’m cumming, screaming, “Yeah, oh, oh, oh, yeah, uh, fuck me, fuck me!”

My ass is full of 7 inches and my pussy has 8…oh god, I’ve got 15 inches of dick in me! And I’m being stretched 3.5 inches! Holy Shit! And I’m fucking loving it! OH YEAH! yeah, uh, oh, oh, oh no, I feel it, I’m ready to cum again!

“AAWWwhhh, yeah, oh, oh, oh, faster, fuck me hard! I’m cumming now, fuck me hard,” I’m screaming into my orgasm!

“Yeah, cum for me baby, fuck my dick with your ass, squeeze me, oh yeah, uuunnngghhhh, oh fuck, here bahis şirketleri I come, oohhhhhh,uuunnnnhngghhghgh!” He’s groaning, almost yelling as he shoots cum up my ass!

OH god, he just exploded in my ass! WOW! Hot, sticky cum in my ass. Oh wow! OW! He’s pulling out. He’s still fucking my pussy with the toy, oh god, here comes another one,

“Yeah, oh yeah, oh oh oh, fuck I’m cumming again!”

“Yeah baby, do it, cum again, fuck this cock, fuck it hard!” He speaks into my ear, then suckles my neck as he keeps pumping it in and out, faster, harder.

As I’m still riding the wave of that cum, he pulls out my toy and starts to put it in my ass!

“NO, please, it’s too big, please, no!” I’m begging, pleading, I know it’ll hurt!

He puts more gel on it and gets the head in my ass as I spread. It’s not so bad, cold, sting, stretch, awh, the head is in. ooohhh, it feels nice, oh yeah, yeah,

“Yeah baby, slow, yeah, that feels good.”

“Good, I’ll go slow, but your gonna fuck the whole toy baby, I know you can do it. That ass was made for fucking! Big round caramel globes, perfect for spanking! Yeah, I think you need another spanking, you like ass fucking so much. You’re a bad girl, you need a spanking!”

The head of big blue is in my ass. Another inch goes in, then slides out all the way. I’m empty. *SLAP*!

“OAWH!” I jump and squeeze my ass tight! *SLAP*! on the other cheek. He checks my pussy with his fingers, it’s soaked!

“I told you you’re a bad girl, you loved those slaps so much you’re pussy’s dripping! Now let’s fuck you with big blue! He’ll fix you right up. You won’t be able to fuck for a week!”

He puts big blue in my ass that I just squeezed shut. It hurts, it stings, mmmm, oh, it’s getting better, slow, yeah, ooh yeah.

“Yeah, fuck me, go slow baby, but fuck me, I want it so bad!” I feel the toy moving in, deeper, slowly. An inch at a time, deeper, deeper, oh god it’s so big! It’s filling me so full! He pushes it deeper. Soon all 8 inches are in and the balls are on my pussy. He leaves it there, doesn’t move it. Oh god, oh, oh, oh, no, no, no. I feel another wave of pleasure begin from deep within me, it’s shooting into my pussy, and into my ass!

“Oooohhh, yeah, I’m cumming, oh god, oh god, aawwhh, uunh, uuhh, uuhh, please, please, oh god, please!” I’m begging! Why? What do I want.

“Ready to feel it move baby? Wanna be fucked,” he asks me?

“Oh god yes! PLEASE! Fuck me! NOW!!!!”

I feel it start to move. He slides it out just barely then pushes it back in deep, then out a bit more, then in deep again. A few more times, and now it’s half way out and all the way in. He’s rubbing my clit with his fingers. OH YEAH! oh, yes, here I cum again!

“Baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming again, oh, yeah, yeah, uh, uh, uh,” I’m panting, shuddering. Finally he’s fucking me faster and harder. All the way out, all the way in! My juices are dripping down my leg.

I’m screaming, “Fuck, yeah, fuck me, baby, fuck me, yes, yes, oh yeah, oh, uh, uh, again, I’m cumming again! Aaahhhh, ahh, uuhh, uhh!” I’m shuddering, my legs feel like jelly, shaking. He still pumps away, slowly slowing down, oh man, oh wow.

As he pulls big blue from my ass I’m ready to collapse. NO, now what! OH GOD, he’s eating my pussy, he’s licking my clit, I look down and see him, watching me. His hot breath, hotter tongue. I can’t take it!

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM, oh yeah, yeah, ooooooooo yyyeeaahh! OH, again, oh my god, again! Uh, uh, uh” Panting, weak, oh god, no more!

Getting behind me, my fiancé aims his dick at my well soaked pussy and slips in and fucks me good and hard til he cums. I can’t type anymore, too weak, need rest.

***WOW, I fucked her good! She’s passed out on the floor, my cum dripping out of her pussy and her ass! Her nipples are red from all my pinching, and they’re still hard. This dare was a good thing! I finally got to fuck her ass! And MAN what an ass! SO TIGHT! But I stretched it Good! She’ll be sore for a week! Hope you enjoyed it, I sure as hell did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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