First Summer: My First Time

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As he faced me, I glanced down for long enough to see that his cock was starting to extend again. As before, his swimmers held it; stopped it from pointing up and instead made it point straight at me – straight at my crutch

When he pulled me in to kiss me, he leaned forward just enough to bring his lips down to mine; the curve of his body forming a zone of separation between us. Our lips meet, tasted and explored the others. Our tongues tentatively made contact and sought permission to explore further. This was no longer a peck it was a full on pash. Our arms were entwined, but our bodies still had that zone of separation.

My arms pulled him in tighter, forcing him to straighten his body and bend at his neck. The zone of separation was closing. For the second time today I felt that thing between my legs. I’d actually aimed for it – had made sure there was no alternative to a full frontal contact; our bodies parallel, our skins joined from our chests to our thighs. I stood legs slightly apart, making sure nothing blocked its path and reducing my height just enough to bring it firmly against my crutch. At first it was just long enough to make contact. Now it grew, pushing my swimmers deeply into the valley of my crutch, arousing me. Strongly arousing me. I could feel his swimmers tenting against my upper thighs as they tried to accommodate their contents – stretching out to hold his cock like a sheath. I pressed down on it; couldn’t resist the urge to sway back and forth just a little hoping he wouldn’t notice my boldness. It grew some more throbbing up against my crutch.

Where was this heading? I’d only just meet the guy; but I recognised I was beginning to be driven by my arousal. It needed to be satisfied. It needed to be filled. As I became aware of my heart thumping in my chest and a longing in my loin that I couldn’t ignore for the first time in my life, I really needed to have an orgasm; actually felt I wanted to have a fuck.

His knees started to bend; he leaned in toward me more. As his height reduced the pressure came off my crutch so I needed to bend my knees more to restore that glorious contact. Was he directing me to the ground or trying to break contact? It soon became obvious he was directing me to the ground. If I was just teasing, this was going beyond the point where it was safe; even with this guy. But my mind had already surrendered to my body’s demands. I was happy for this to go where it did. I wanted it to go there; now and most importantly with Greg. As we settled to the ground I lay on my back, pulling his head over mine as I kissed him so hard it seemed I was trying to swallow his face.

Immediately I realised I’d made an error in lying on my back. The glorious contact was broken! I suppose when I pulled his head over mine I thought his body would follow. But did I expect him to lie on top of me and just grind our swimmer enclosed crutches together until the material of both of them was wet with my juices and his cum? I was frozen by the uncertainty of whether it would be too brazen for me to move back on my side and push his mast back in to my crutch.

As I processed this thought, his hand started to wander. I loved the feel of his caress as he stroked down my shoulder and along my flank and then tingled as it made first contact with the waist band of my bikini bottom and felt his finger nails run just under the elastic moving toward my spine; curling it over as it went and separating my flesh from the sand underneath as it bulldozed between the two. I tensed my bum muscle as he cupped it in his hands and shivered in anticipation as his fingers wrapped around the back of my outer thigh penetrating toward my groin before sliding further down my thigh for as far as he could reach. I was eagerly awaiting its return journey when the hand disappeared – lost contact with me. In an act of brazenness that even now shocks me I spread my legs apart; more than that I bent the knee of my outer leg and twisted my thighs as far apart as possible. I was trying to put my outer thigh beyond his reach; to make sure if and when his hand returned there was only one place for it to go. Then the hand was back – this time on my inner thigh. It was moving up. It was touching the crutch of my bikini. It stopped for a moment. I felt his fingers push the material up along the length of my slot; exciting me more as I first felt the silky material slide against my already throbbing clit and then felt the gentle pressure of his fingers slide directly against it. Down the fingers went again; I could feel the tips strolling smoothly through the valley of my crutch until they discovered the outline of the cavernous tunnel at its base. The fingers rimmed the opening and explored its shape before pushing the material of my bikini in to the tunnel until the gentle pressure would take it no further. A wetness was rapidly spreading throughout the material separating me from his fingers; turning its texture from a dry silkiness to a moist slippery stimulant. He moved his fingers back up along the slot again; kocaeli escort a finger brushing each side of my clit, they loitered there, moving gently back and forward the pressure slowing increasing. At last, the thing my body had been demanding for the last hour was being satisfied. My clit was getting the attention it had been calling for.

I worked my hand free from between our bodies and felt for his cock, now lying still encased in its captive speedos like a fallen tree across the front of my bikini bottoms. As I first touched it, I felt a surge of power rush through it and like a tug boat ripping away its mooring lines it forced itself into an upright position. Wrapping my hand around the material encasing it and gently massaging the contents I brought my thumb over its head and found droplets of slimy fluids there which acted as a lubricant as I stroked the head.

The arousal caused by his fingers was already building when I felt his thumb reach over the top of my bikini waist and the back of the knuckle slide down my bare skin, dragging the front of my bikini with it. Down, slowly down the knuckle went until reaching the head of the valley, it rolled over the edge and in to it; loitering on and playing with that throbbing demanding thing that had been distorting my judgement since I first laid eyes on Greg. A little moan escaped me, the reassurance it gave to Greg being rewarded with a doubling up of the pleasure. His other fingers had walked the path back down to the tunnel and were already pushing the material of my bikini inside it.

The moans continued to escape my body. They weren’t forced or put on, it just seemed my body wanted to vocalise the pleasure it was feeling; rising in volume with the intensity of the pleasure. If nothing more it encouraged Greg and gave him a pretty good idea of what was working. It was only later that I was struck by what a noisy love-maker I was.

During all this our lips had never parted. Even as I moaned it had seemed as if I had breathed my sighs of pleasure in to his mouth. Now he pulled away from the hold I had on his head. He kissed my cheek, my necks, my shoulder. His head continued down, kissing the skin of my upper chest. Now he was over the bikini top, his lips caressing the flesh of my breast underneath. They found my nipple and a shot of pleasure passed through me as his lips massaged the bikini top against it and I felt it engorge in to his mouth. Then he nuzzled across the top of the breast until his lips found the edge of the bikini top, letting him slide his tongue underneath; pushing the material aside as it sought direct contact with my nipple.

After his tongue had raised the nipple to its full height, he pulled his head away again, kissing down in to my neck. Then his head was back in to my field of vision, the loose end of the neck tie of my bikini top in his mouth. As he moved his head back I felt the knot resist him and then give way; surrendering as I had to Greg’s irresistible force. The top string went slack and an extra sense of excitement went through me as Greg used his lips to peel both sides of the top off me and expose the breasts underneath.

I felt the fingers of his right hand disappear from my crutch and knew what would follow. Where our hips meet, I felt the side knot of my bikini bottom resist a pull and then surrender its tension. A moment later the knot on the other side offered futile resistance before its existence was also extinguished as Greg’s deft hands slid the front of my bikini bottoms down between my thighs; the back of his wrist sliding sensuously down my slot as he did so. My heart leapt as it sunk in that for the first time in my life I had been undressed by a guy; was lying on my back totally naked in his presence.

The flesh of his fingers circled the rim of my already wet vagina; one entered it and pushed against its front wall. He was moving it up and down – increasing the pressure as he went. It was delightful, but nothing compared to what the thumb over my clit was doing to me. Now there was a second finger inside, I sensed this one was bent; the finger- tip stroking even more firmly on the front wall. It was certainly a nice feeling and as the pressure built, I felt some of the sensations I’d read about; but still it was that thumb on my clit that was bringing my climax closer. Pulling his fingers out of my vagina and sliding them sensuously up along my slot, he gave more attention to my clit. Inside me the pressure of my impending orgasm was building.

He’d brought his head next to mine and I heard him whisper “would you like me to make love to you?” I panicked. What’s the answer? I should have known by now. “I think so”, “I’m not sure” “YES”. Instead I heard myself actually say “The only problem is I’m still a virgin”. My brain screamed out at my “what do you mean by that?” Of course, what I meant was, “I’m nervous, uncertain, a little bit scared of being hurt; but I’m aroused as hell and ready to explode and want you in me”. I sensed his hesitation, before he replied “why don’t we kocaeli escort bayan just take it easy and see how things work out?”

What he couldn’t have known was that it was too late for me to take it easy. The approaching orgasm had taken control; that’s where my brain and body were totally focused. Perhaps what I really meant was “in theory yes, but there’s not time now”. It might have been more special to have him in me first, but things were already on automatic, like an atom bomb counting down to an explosion and there was no cut off switch.

My orgasm washed over me like a tidal wave. The pleasure was more intense than anything I had experienced in my life. I knew something of an involuntarily loud groan escaped as without even thinking about it, I found myself clamping his hand in to my crutch with mine, trying to maintain pressure on my genitals, while I thrust my hips skyward. I was trying to push myself hard against my lover; but that’s not where he was. Mind numbingly pleasurable contraction followed contraction. At first I couldn’t move from my hip arched position, but as the first waves passed, I threw myself over on to Greg, straddled his cock with my vulva and as the remaining contractions rolled through my groin, pushed our genitals together as hard as I could, pushing my tongue deeply in to his mouth for good measure. Finally a series of pleasurable shivers passed through my whole body. Then I was spent; draped over his body as limp as a blanket, my face buried in the towel next to his head. His hand was stroking my hair in the most lovely gentle fashion while his cock was still rock hard against my genitals. He had just given me the most wonderful introduction to sex and yet was not making any move to demand his turn. Maybe he would, but he was being incredibly patient.

I had already decided I had not finished my introduction to carnal pleasures today. I could have justified just jerking him off, but I was still very aroused and had made my mind up. Absent his objection I wanted to lose my virginity to him here and now. As my strength returned, I sat up on him, my naked crutch still straddling the erection contained by his swimmers. Reaching over his head, I deliberately planted my breasts in his face as I fiddled around ferretting what I needed from the purse in my bag, then I sat back upright and repositioned my body over his upper thighs. Apart from the new experience, there was 20 years of curiosity that I wanted to satisfy, so I wanted to have a good look at everything as I proceeded. Looking down I saw his erection straining the fabric of his swimmers. The material was stretched so tight that every vein, every undulation, every aspect of its shape was transparent to me. The shaft had separated the balls; so that each one sat there along-side the shaft like a mini ping pong ball had been pushed down his speedos. The tip had extended itself well over the waist of his swimmers; the swimmers encasing it like a sheath and a small droplet of fluid was emerging from the end. I stroked my fingers gently along the shaft and felt a surge of power erupt through it. The shaft jerked upward, stretching the material further; threatening to burst itself out of its prison.

I slid my fingers down under the waist band, looking for the drawstring knot, found it and pulled the knot free. Stretching the waist band, I lifted it up over the tip of his cock and peeled the swimmers back down to reveal the whole shaft. He lifted his butt up to let me drop the swimmers down around his thighs. I wanted to examine this mysterious object. While staring at it, examining its shape and size, I stroked my fingers along the shaft again and was rewarded by another surge and upward jerk as I watched the tip of it swell up. I didn’t know how he compared to other guys, but thought it looked enormous; was surprised it would fit within my body. Bending down, I used my tongue to lick the full length of the shaft before kissing the head of it. While still bent over him, I opened the condom packet and rolled it down the shaft. That done I sat back upright as he reached up and around my back to pull away the remnants of my bikini top still held on by the lower band.

The moment had come. Pulling the shaft upright, I lifted myself up on my knees and repositioned myself over the tip, guiding it towards my vagina. His hands were on my hips, supporting and reassuring me. Lining it up, I gently lowered myself to the shaft. I was nervous, but highly aroused. Slowly, ever so slowly, I brought my weight down on the shaft making it penetrate in to me. Initially it met no resistance; I was lubricated and open. Then I felt it pushing aside my body as it delved deeper, opening me up as it progressed. It hurt just a little for a moment, more a stretching sensation than a sharp pain or feeling of tearing and with that a sense of being filled up by it. I pushed down deeper and deeper until I found myself forcing my pubis down on to his, looking to bring my clit in to contact with him.

Bringing myself down to lie along his body with izmit escort my legs outside his, I avoided tightening my pelvic floor muscles until I got the hang of this new experience. I slowly started working his cock, moving my body back and forth; bringing my clit to hard contact with his pubis on every downstroke and rubbing my nipples along his chest; his hands covering my bum cheeks encouraging my movements. I was surprised how quickly I was moving toward a second climax. Exploring further I tightened my pelvic floor muscles. When the initial tightening increased my pleasure, I tightened some more. Almost immediately, he came; groaning as he thrust hard in to me in a series of rhythmic movement; lifting his hips with each movement and exploring deeper in to my body than I thought possible. I tried to use the thrusts to bring me to my second climax but couldn’t make it. His body went completely limp under me and I again set my head down alongside his, enjoying the stroking of my hair that movement attracted.

Contrary to what I thought happened, he didn’t quickly subside. His erection continued to fill me; he just occasionally moving it pleasurably back and forth. One part of my just wanted to lay here on top of him, experiencing this wonderful sensation of having another person deep inside your body; of being joined as a single entity. But another part was still hungry. It yearned to burst into an animalistic sexual display, thrusting down on him to find that second unfinished climax, even though I sensed that whatever remained of his erection was a hollow shell of its former self; unlikely to satisfy my needs. I suppressed the animal spirit.

As he did eventually start to subside, he rolled both of us on to our sides and reached over the back of my leg; I guessed to make sure the condom came out with him. We were no longer one, but he pulled me back toward him and for a while we just lay there naked, holding each other tightly. What was it about this guy that was stirring such passion within me? It was like a switch had been turned on in my head. When I had woken up this morning, boys, sex, the whole things had been little more than a vaguely desired concept. Now I felt like some sex fiend. Is this what makes so many guys such complete assholes towards girls; a desperate need to give in to their carnal needs? I had just had what seemed from my limited perspective to be completely mind blowing sex, and yet I still wanted more, yearned for more, was actually thinking of going for more.

And yet, the rational side of my brain was trying to fight back. Uncertainty, even a degree of guilt or maybe it was fear. What was he thinking now? What did he think about what had just happened? Did he think less of me? I gave voice to my concerns “You know Greg, I was a virgin. It’s just my mum always insisted I carry a condom; you know, just in case.” He hesitated for a moment, rolled over on top of me, looked straight in to my eyes and washed away my worries “Karen, it hadn’t even occurred to me to doubt you. What we just shared was the most wonderful mind blowing experience. At this moment, I think I’m the luckiest guy in the whole world. And I think you’ve got an incredibly smart mum and she has the most fantastic daughter” and then kissed me gently on my lips. I felt a surge of arousal as I pulled him back to my lips and gave him a deeply penetrating tongue kiss. Then for a moment he just lay on top of me, his head down beside mine; each of us to their own thoughts. “What happens now?” I wondered.

“It’s starting to warm up a bit. What’s say we go for a swim?” He was right about it being warm, in more ways than one, but I was more than a little hot and sweaty after our activities. Short of rolling him back over and continuing our carnal activities, it was a good next step. “Good idea”.

He got off me, removed the condom and pulled his swimmers back up off his thighs. Then he offered me a hand to sit up. Ferreting around for the bits of my bikini, I found the bottoms underneath where I was sitting. It surprised me that I actually felt quite comfortable being naked in front of him and wasn’t really in any hurry to cover up. At my own pace, I re-tied the side strings and slipped them on. Looking in my bag, I extracted the sunscreen. “I think the sun’s starting to get a bit of a burn to it, would you mind creaming me”. Handing him the sunscreen, I turned my back toward him, still sitting. When he finished my back I turned around; inviting him to do the front too and arching my chest out enough to give my still bare breasts some unavoidable prominence. Indeed, I made sure it was probably the most through creaming I’d ever had. I enjoyed the caress of his hands as he applied the cream, especially as he unashameably applied it almost up to the nipples and right up to the waist and leg bands of my bikini bottoms; brushing my crutch as he did so. If my arousal had subsided a bit, it was coming back with a vengeance. I stood up to do his upper body, then knelt down in front of him – my face only a short distance in front of his swimmers, while I creamed his lower stomach and upper thighs. Deliberately trying to tease him up a little, I did my own share of ‘careless brushing’ in areas no cream was intended for and got a pleasing result.

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