First Night With Maggie

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This last summer my friend and I moved into a house together to save on rent. In order to make it possible we brought in a third roommate, Maggie. Maggie was a friend of my other roommate and I had never met her before the day that we moved in together. That day she moved in I tried to be disinterested because she was going to be my roommate but when I saw her I knew that it was going to be hard.

Maggie was short and shapely with beautiful long blonde hair. She dressed rather conservatively but we had a pool in the backyard and I soon saw her in a bikini. I spent many of the first days in that house mystified by her. We got along well. She was as smart as she was beautiful but best of all she was well…playful. I had resigned to her being my roommate and neither one of us needed the headache that can come from this kind of get together but most of all she didn’t seem very interested in me. But thankfully, I was wrong.

I had been away for a few days and returned to find no one home and a note on the refrigerator. My roommate, his girlfriend and Maggie were at the local bar and told me to come by when I got home. I got to the bar and sat down next to Maggie and ordered drink. When she turned around and saw me she hugged me and gave me a big kiss. They were all hammered so I just caulked it up to being blitzed.

She looked great. She was wearing jeans and little spaghetti strapped shirt. Her hair was in pigtails and she was obviously in a happy mood.

It was very loud and you couldn’t hear anyone over the music. We had to talk into each other’s ear; her hot breath tickled me as her words past through her lips. Even though she was shouting I could barley understand her but she kept resting her hand on my knee, istanbul rus escort squeezing gently for emphasis. It was like a dream the signals were unmistakable. She asked me if I wanted to go for late night swim and by the size of my erection she knew I was up for it. My roommate was planning on spending the night at his girlfriend’s, so we said our goodbyes and left, wondering if they could sense our mutual attraction.

We got home and walked out to the pool. Things started to feel awkward but Maggie soon broke the ice.

“Lets go skinny dipping!”

She slid out of her jeans and then her with her back to me she took off her shirt and bra and dove into the pool. I was down to my boxers in a second and I dove in after her. We swam around the pool for a minute as our bodies got acclimated to the water. I then swam up behind her and turned her towards me. That was our first real kiss together. I swam her up to the wall and pinned her in the corner. Without a word we were making out. Her legs wrapped around my waist, her arm around my neck. I quickly kissed my way down to her breast. They were as beautiful as I had imagined. Although they were not large they were big for her small frame.

I took he nipple between my teeth and pushed my hips up towards her so that she could feel my erection. She let out a sigh and pushed me towards the steps. She was now kissing my chest and moving down my stomach. She pushed me up so that I was now sitting on the pools edge and reached down and slid off my boxers. My erection was huge and she grabbed hold of it. She began to slowly kiss and lick my member, stroking the shaft and biting down on the head. Soon she wrapped her lips around kadıköy escort me and quickly brought me to culmination. Her eyes scanned me playfully from the water as she sank below and swam to the other side. I lay there relaxing for a moment but quickly revived and dove back in. She was floating on her back and I came up under her and carried her back towards the steps.

Her childish giggles betrayed her maturity. I lifter he up onto the side of pool and returned the favor. Her soaked panties rolled down her thighs and I could see beads of water glisten off her trimmed hair. She tasted like chlorine and flowers. I slipped my tongue between her legs and began deliberately lapping at her clitoris, slowly first and then with more speed, occasionally stopping to gently bite down on her button. My tongue darted in and out of her vagina and I could taste her pleasure. Her moans, which begun soft and sporadically, become deep, and intensified. She started to grab my hair so I quickened the pace and soon she began to let out soft cries as her fluids gushed down across my lips. She pushed me back and lay down as the orgasms reverberated through her. I dunked my head under the water and basked in the glow. When I arouse, she was gone.

I got out of the pool and felt a little awkward so I put my boxers back on and sat down on a lawn chair. I closed my eyes for a second and then opened them to find Maggie looking down at me. She had put on lingerie and held condoms in her hand. Her nipples stood out of a small silk top that barely contained her breast. Her white lace panties were already damp. She sat down on my lap and started kissing me. She reached down and whispered in my ear, as she played kartal escort with the condom in her fingers.

“Lets go to bed, I really need you inside of me!”

I jumped up and lifter her in my arms. We both laughed as I carried her into her bedroom. She was biting my shoulder when I playfully threw her onto her bed. She rolled over on her belly and raised her ass in the air. I pulled down her panties and threw them in the corner. Her ass was gorgeous; I can’t believe I have heard her complain about it to her girlfriends. I slid out of my boxers and began to kiss her ass. Maggie moaned into the pillow when I pulled in behind her and rubbed my newly reformed erection over her butt. She reached back with the condoms and I tore one off, as I massaged her back. My dick accidentally rubbed up against her as I put it on. I spread her cheeks and felt her vagina; she was moist and ready and I slowly slid it inside of her.

Just a little at a time, until I was deep inside of her. She began to moan, softly at first, then loudly as she gasped for air. We rocked back and forth as she pushed he ass back to feel the most of me. I wanted to look at her face so I tenderly flipped her over and reentered her. Her eyes were already glazed as we stared into each other. As we continued to fuck I reached down to kiss her breasts and she rapped her legs around my back. I then took her legs and pushed them back to her chest. I now had the greatest angle towards her clitoris. She moaned for a while and the proceeded to bit down on my shoulder as she came. Then I came. Our sweaty bodies and winded breaths echoed throughout the room as we fell down in to each other’s arms.

As I caught my breath I laughed and told her how I had barley spoken to her the whole night and that led to us having sex. Maggie rolled over on top of me, tossed off he teeny silk top and placed another condom in my hand.

“Don’t start now.”

Maggie and I only had sex a few more times but every time it was an adventure. Maybe I’ll tell you about the others some time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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