First Encounters

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Hey everyone, I’m bi and this is my first man-on-man story. It is based on a bit of real experience and a lot of fantasy about that. It is part one of what I hope will be a multi-part series. Let me know what you all think.

Obviously, this is a story that involves man on man action. If you are under the age of eighteen, or if this is illegal for you to view in your country, please refrain from doing so. Otherwise, enjoy.


The locker room was deserted, save for the attendant who looked up with frightened eyes at the foreigner that had just walked in. Much to his surprise, he spoke Mandarin just fine and quickly sorted him out with a locker. The foreigner quickly disrobed, put on sandals, and grabbed a hand towel before wandering into the bathing area stark naked.

Jim looked around and wondered where Clive was. He had sent him a message saying he had arrived earlier. After looking around, he heard a brusque voice echo around the room.

“Hello laowai!”

“Fancy meeting you here Mr. Clive.”

Jim walked into the nearest shower stall and cleaned himself before going into the bath. Always a little self-concious of his average dick on his not so average body, he spent an extra minute “washing” his piece into a more relaxed and impressive looking specimen. As he waded to the bath, Clive looked at him; first at his face, then down lower. They had seen each other naked plenty of times before, so it didn’t bother either of them.

“Here comes the cold cock without a turtleneck!” stated Clive in reference to Jims circumcised sex.

“Well, I guess your being in the water explains the yeasty-cheesyness casino şirketleri of the pool.” Shot back Jim.

They chatted for a few minutes in the hot water as their voices echoed across the otherwise empty room. Eventually, a silence broke out between them in a strange discomfort that they had never felt.

Jim pondered on the awkward feeling before realizing just what it was. Jim broke the silence with a bad joke.

“Our numbers are a bit short for a circle jerk, guess we’ll just have to settle for a dutch rudder.” He quipped.

“Not gonna lie, I was wanking around a bit before you showed up. You know, hot water, public place devoid of people. It’s kind of hot.”

“I could seriously go for a wank myself.”

“Fuck it.” Said Clive as Jim watched him put his hand on his underwater cock and tugged away.

“It’s one of the few things I haven’t done, this; jerking off with another guy. I’ve always kind of thought it could be fun. Guess I’ll join in.” Jim said with a shaky confidence in his voice.

They spent the next few minutes sitting quite close to each other fooling around. At one point, Clive repositioned himself and his leg briefly made contact with Jim.

“Wow there buddy, I know neither of us have banged anyone lately, but this back-fanny isn’t open for you.”

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to. That being said, it did feel kind of nice to have some flesh on flesh contact.”

“Well, I wont deny that. Would it be weird if we sat a little closer together?” suggested Jim.

“It’s just us here, so why the fuck not.”

They edged closer and closer until they rubbed casino firmaları against each other. The spark that suddenly ignited made Clive swell up to full erectness. They continued to jerk off while rubbing each others legs together. The feeling was wondrously sensual and it tapped into something deep within the two of them.

“Clive. This is going to sound weird bu-“

“This is already weird, go for it.”

“I’ve always wondered what an uncut cock felt like to hold. I’ve always been quite curious to see what a full foreskin feels like. Could I give a tug or two just to see what it’s like?”

“Just one or two, but only if I get a feel of your cut up one as well. Not sure how you Americans do it.”

Jim reached over first. He knew Clive had a big dick, but it felt so much bigger than he had ever thought it could be. He grabbed the foreskin tightly and tugged up and down. He was astonished by how much movement there was. He could jack off the entire shaft using just the loose foreskin.

Clive reached over next and took Jim into his hand. Jims dick was certainly smaller than his own, but still a fine specimen. It felt weirdly smooth and alien to him as he tugged on it. He couldn’t get as full of a motion on it as he could with his own.

They quickly discussed what they had just felt. The differences were substantial, but they both rather enjoyed getting to feel one. They went back to taking care of themselves.

A moment later, Jim reached his left hand out and placed it on Clives chest. He moved it around slowly and could feel the trembling breath coming in and out of Clives lungs. Clive quickly güvenilir casino reciprocated and put his hand on Jims leg and moved it back and forth. They stared at each other for a moment as their breath heaved. Jim lowered his hand down and grabbed Clive between the legs. He started to pull and it didn’t take more than a minute for Clive to slide his hand along the inside of Jims thigh and take hold of his cock.

They continued like this for another minute or two. Clive managed to say,

“I’m close man, I could pop any moment.”

“I want to see it. Here, get out of the pool, straddle the rim.”

“Clive did as he was told and dropped each leg over the edge of the elevated pool. He leaned hiself back on his elbows.

Jim did nuch the same, but leaned forward as he sped up his jerking. It didn’t take long before Clives body began to convulse. In that perfect moment, Jim felt his friends cock swell with his seed before bursting out and splashing into the pool, onto the rim, all over Clives chest, and onto Jims hand. After the last of it was pulled out, Clive grabbed Jim by the neck and pulled him onto his face. They made out for a moment before Clive pushed Jim back onto the rim and returned the favor.

Less than a minute later, Jim blew. Clive could feel the jizz on his friends cock and realized how nice it all glistened off of the cock devoid of a foreskin. He eventually leaned forward and hovered over Jim before lowering himself down and meeting with his lips. They lay this way for a few minutes as their bodies relaxed once more.

The sudden sound of chatter coming from the locker room area reminded them of where they were. They rolled off each other and into the pool to hide their still present erections. By the time they had splashed the cum off of themselves, their two friends wandered into the pool area bullock naked and greeted them.

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